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Found 6 results

  1. Rules of the Topic (Please read these guidelines before posting) [*]Any Lego LDD "tricks" (NOT standard functions) are welcome to post in this topic. [*]Please take a look if your trick duplicate or not. [*]Please start your title with [bold] LDD Trick #??, ?? is last trick number + 1. [*]Tricks tutorial can be any form, video or picture (800x600 max). [*]LXF sample files (link) are welcome.
  2. PC spec: Old i7_3630qm ram8GB latop + external GPU gtx 1060 6GB, all max setting ie: AF16x, AA8x supersample. 1. Best view with YouTube and set to 4K 2160p 60fps full screen: (4k monitor or TV) 2. Best view with YouTube and set to 4K 2160p 30fps full screen: (4k monitor or TV) Lego LDD + Mecabricks + in 4K 2160p 60fps max setting, LDD all 3000+ bricks in one palette 4k screen shots: Lego LDD + Mecabricks + in 4K 2160p 60fps max setting, LDD all 3000+ bricks in one paletteego LDD + Mecabricks + in 4K 2160p 60fps max setting, LDD all 3000+ bricks in one palette
  3. I have created a brief example of how to manipulate "floating objects" in LDD on flickr here: Enjoy!
  4. bobbrick999

    The Illusionist

    Hi I would like to share my moc any thoughts or opinions will be appreciated.
  5. MikroMan

    [MOC] Skater Vignette

    Due to a more relaxed atmosphere during holidays, I was able to bust out my LEGO collection after almost a year of inactivity. While current MOCs are not presentation-ready, I've been meaning to share some of my old vignettes. Hereby presenting Grinding Skater Vignette, with CMF Skater Boy doing his favourite railing grind trick. C&Cs welcome!
  6. Template Lxf: Decal template Quick demo build Delete template by color and export to 1st lxfml then undo undelete , but place one template outside the scene. (for make sure both lxfml to include needed bricks and decals) Delete all brick but template by color invert Move all templates in place Delete all template guide bricks _change color _export to 2nd lxfml Use ldd2povray to convert (do not render yet) 1st.lxfml and 2nd.lxfml (do NOT use part position variances) Then open 1st.ini 1st.pov 2nd.pov in POv-ray. Drag select and copy 2nd.pov's bricks part: bricks part sample: ldd_3039(array[2]{23,0},array[1]{86666},array[1][12]{{0,0,-1,-0.31106442213058472,0.95038872957229614,0,0.95038890838623047,0.31106436252593994,0,1.8326966762542725,0.73403692245483398,-1.2000001668930054}}) ldd_3039(array[2]{23,0},array[1]{86666},array[1][12]{{0,-0.99999988079071045,0,0.31106433272361755,0,0.95038890838623047,-0.95038878917694092,0,0.31106439232826233,2.9673032760620117,1.2000994682312012,1.5340409278869629}}) ldd_3039(array[2]{23,0},array[1]{86666},array[1][12]{{1,0,0,0,0.95038890838623047,-0.31106442213058472,0,0.31106442213058472,0.95038890838623047,-0.39999976754188538,0.73404121398925781,0.23269671201705933}}) ldd_3039(array[2]{23,0},array[1]{86666},array[1][12]{{0,0,1,0.31106439232826233,0.95038884878158569,0,-0.95038878917694092,0.31106439232826233,0,-1.8326966762542725,0.73404121398925781,-1.9999997615814209}}) ldd_3039(array[2]{23,0},array[1]{86666},array[1][12]{{0,1,0,-0.95038890838623047,0,-0.31106439232826233,-0.31106442213058472,0,0.95038884878158569,-2.334040641784668,0.40020030736923218,-4.5673031806945801}}) ldd_3039(array[2]{23,0},array[1]{86666},array[1][12]{{-1,0,0,0,0.95038878917694092,0.31106442213058472,0,0.31106439232826233,-0.95038890838623047,0.39999973773956299,0.73403787612915039,-3.4326968193054199}}) ldd_3039(array[2]{23,0},array[1]{86666},array[1][12]{{0,-0.99999994039535522,0,0.31106436252593994,0,0.95038890838623047,-0.95038884878158569,0,0.31106439232826233,-3.432697057723999,1.1999962329864502,4.8940415382385254}}) Then paste it into end of 1st.pov Then render the 1st.ini Copy 2nd lxfml 's brick to 1st and render Using same method can make these: HAN by Nachapon S., on Flickr Darth by Nachapon S., on Flickr sw gold by Nachapon S., on Flickr