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Found 11 results

  1. Masked Builder

    Review: LEGO Ideas #007 Exosuit

    Firstly, a HUGE thank you to LEGO for sending me this wonderful set, and to Eurobricks for letting me do this review. When I first heard this was going to be a set, designed by Mark Stafford no less, I was super excited to see what he would do for us. When the wonderful promo video was posted last week, it looked better than I had hoped. Set Information: Name: Exosuit Set Number: 21109 Pieces: 321 Price: $34.99 Ages: 12+ Minifigs: 2 Theme: LEGO Ideas Year of Release: 2014 Brickset Flickr Set Box: The front of the box has a moon background, along with what appears to be a space base. (Though possibly the space ship where the Exosuit was discovered) It also features the Exosuit logo, and the LEGO Ideas logo. Let me say now that I was surprised at how small the box was. There is very little extra room in this box. The back shows an alternate image for the set as well as the names for the astronauts; Pete and Yve. Along the left hand side, there's a small blurb about how the LEGO Ideas program works. And the 1:1 image is of Pete our first Classic Green Spaceman! Contents: There were four bags in the box, along with two loose pieces. I'm naming this printed tile the "Mark Stafford." I just love the print so much. Can you believe this is my first one??? The new plant bowls are pretty neat too. And here are our extra parts. The number of extra parts surprised me actually. Manual: The front of the manual has the same image as the box. It also shows the sheer number of languages that this manual is printed with. Seriously, it's a lot. And note that this manual is bound nicely like the Architecture theme. The first page goes into detail about the making of the set, this page also shows some classic space sets. The second page has more details about the making of the set as well as Mark and Pete. The next four tell the back story that, I assume, Pete created for the model, accompanied by some lovely pictures. The manual is printed in black and I had no problems with coloring. Every few pages, there is a small picture and some text describing all of the parts that are on the Exosuit. One of the last pages goes much more into detail about the LEGO Ideas process. We have a new WIN! image! I think this minifigure looks much more like an AFOL. Minifigures: Here we have Pete and Yve! They're your typical neo-classic space men. There's really not a whole lot to Class Spacemen. No back print, or double sided heads. The Build: After the minifigures you build the turtle. It's great to see one of Pete's more popular MOCs in a LEGO set. Then the little stand thingy. And lastly you get to the suit! First you build the body Then the legs. And lastly the arms. Then your Exo Suit is complete! Finished Model: And the completed set! I was expecting just the suit, but I won't say no to one of Pete's turtle bots as well as an extra astronaut. The turtle just looks great. Mark threw just enough silver parts in to make it look mechanical. The only problem I have is the guns aren't big enough. I'm not sure what to call this other than a play feature; because that's all it adds to the set. For how simple it is, I think it looks pretty damn good. Front view. Wow, it just looks SO good! The greebling is perfect, the color blocking is good, and Mark did a great job hiding the various Technic/Bionicle parts the make up the joints. Side view. I think this is the worst possible view for this set. You can see all of the connecting bits. And the back. It's obviously not supposed to be viewed from behind, but I think it doesn't actually look too bad. Were you starting to wonder where this was? It's just such a sweet piece and I actually didn't have any before now. Most of the greebeling is here; so here's a close up of the wonderful work Mark did with this. It is very flexible, allowing for wonderful poses like this one. I'm going to have a lot of fun with this guy. Took a little balancing, but I did manage to pose this way too. The hands work quite well, he has no problem holding the barrels. This is the closest thing I have to a LEGO mecha built right now. Wow that Ent is big. Conclusion: Have I mentioned how much I love this set? I can't imagine what else I would add to this to make it better. It's just that good. The greebling is excellent, the pose-ability is great, and it just looks awesome. I think this would make a great discussion pieces on ones desk at work. Great job Mark, Pete, and the LEGO team! I already planning on getting a second. Ratings: Playability: 8/10 For what it is, it's pretty sturdy and I can see a child playing with this. Design: 7/10 I took a few points off here because it isn't exactly like Pete's original model, but it's still great. Price: 10/10 $35 seems perfect for this set. Minifigures: 9/10 I am just in love with the Green Classic Spacemen. Parts: 8/10 This set not only gives you a great main model, but it's an excellent parts pack too. Total: 42/50 "When is it my turn?!" Like this review? Want to learn how to make good reviews? Then join the Reviewers Academy!
  2. This is what broke my builder's block last month. Then I looked at the rules again and it wasn't eligible because it wasn't from the movies of The Clone Wars. However, I'm still quite happy with this MOC, I'm most proud of the fact that the wings actually open! Flickr Set Facebook January 2013
  3. Masked Builder

    [MOC] ISV Atalaya

    I bet some of you thought I had forgotten about LEGO. Well this proves you wrong. Spent about six hours building this over two days. I've really been wanting to build a nice spaceship after seeing all of the nice STG fighters. It's quite sturdy, and I've had some great swoosh sessions. Also my entry for the Part Challenge. Forward flare shamelessly stolen from Ochre Jelly. Flickr Set June 2014
  4. Mission Log: The rebels picked the wrong day to mess with us. We blew up one of their ships and are pushing them back. Time to make them pay for trying to free their scummy friends.
  5. My most recent MOC, really please with it. I am so ready for the movie!
  6. Masked Builder

    [MOC] Rohan Attack

    I built this almost a year ago, I think in July. The pictures have been sitting on my camera since then. This scene is one of my favorites from the movies, I really like how it looks. At the time, this was the extent of my LotR minifigure collection, hence why I built it. Flickr Set Facebook
  7. Masked Builder

    [MOC] Batspeeder

    Okay so admittedly, these pictures aren't the best. I usually won't upload them in this state. However, I took this apart before I looked at the pictures so this is what I've got. Anyways, I built this over a year ago when I first got the new Batman sets, and I'm still quite happy with it. April 2013 Flickr Set Facebook
  8. Masked Builder

    [MOC] YK-150 GARC

    The last GARC I built a few months ago. Very happy with this one. Very satisfied with the shaping, and colors. April 2013 Flickr Set Facebook
  9. Masked Builder

    [MOC] V-22 Rager

    Every teen wants the new V-22 Rager. The sleek and compact design allows for excellent travel distance. With VTOL technology, the Rager is the newest and safest vehicle in our line. With three landing struts, it lands and is very stable. The V-22 is electric, and a charging station is included as a stock item. Every anxious parent wants to keep tabs on their child and the onboard tracking device allows them to do that. The V-22 comes standard with a receiver built into the charging station. My sig-fig posing with the V-22 Rager. I've always thought propeller VTOL vehicles were cool. So why not make a near future one for the MocAthalon? So that's what I did. I tried to design something that was a mix between a sports-car and and dual-rotating propeller helicopter. I am really pleased with the way the nose of the vehicle turned out, has a good "sports-car" feel to it. Built for the Alternate Mode of Transportation category of the MocAthalon. And yes, I did write it like an ad. March 2013 Flickr Set Facebook
  10. Masked Builder

    [MOC] Halo 4 1:1 Scale Magnum

    I considered for quite a few days whether I really wanted to step into Nick's area of expertise. Then I decided I'd go for it. Four days later this is the result. I'm quite happy with it. And while a functioning one would be sweet, I'd have to start from scratch to even try to do that. 8.5 Inches long. 19. An elegant moc for a more civilized age. Replicate any science-fiction object or device from a favorite movie, video game, or other media in life-size scale. Attention to detail matters here! Click here for reload and melee/strength test video. Flickr Set Facebook
  11. Masked Builder

    MOC: Mayan Temple

    Well, this was going to be my entry for my MOCoff with Flare. But he backed out two or three days before the deadline, so I won by default. I'm quite happy with how the MOC came out, and yes it is supposed to only be viewed from the one side. Flickr Set Facebook