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Found 8 results

  1. We have been enjoying controlling our Lego Battle Bots with SBRICK. Team battles are really fun. I can control two bots with my iPhone using a MFI gamepad for one, and the iPhone for the other. Before I buy a second gamepad to control three bots, has anyone used multiple gamepads with the iPhone SBRICK app?
  2. DavideSacra

    [MOC] History of Apple

    Hi guys, check out my History of Apple. I reproduced the most iconic computers and devices and the most important moments for Apple. I hope you will like it. Cover2 by Davide Sacramati, on Flickr descr1 by Davide Sacramati, on Flickr H by Davide Sacramati, on Flickr You can see the full project on Lego Ideas:
  3. While my previous post from 2 weeks ago didn't get any love, I think hope this one just might. I've had a lot of progress on my SBrick framework (ELI5: it's a piece of code that let me write my own apps for the SBrick instead of using the official app) and I now support most of the features I wanted to (including some limited Wedo distance sensor support). The only thing that annoyed me was using the touch screen for control, so I decided to write a quick app to bridge between a real gamepad an the SBrick. Some details for those who care: The gamepad is a 8Bitdo SNES30 connected to my iPhone 6s in iCade mode (any iCade gamepad will work). The iPhone then translated the key presses to SBrick commands and also adds some sounds effects for fun (using the iPhone as a speaker). Both the gamepad and SBrick are using bluetooth of course. Let me know if you have any questions :)
  4. Hi all I'd like to present a viewer for LDR/MPD files on Apple devices. The idea is to open files which are already present on device in Dropbox, Google Drive, email and so on. App allows to view model from different angles, zoom, rotate or "disassemble" it to view internals. Line to iTunes Opinions and/or complains are welcomed
  5. (FOR IPHONE 5) Hi! I wanted to share my Iphone holder with you! To the parts to build it are pretty cheap, they are around 5$-10$. Rebrickable has the LDVeiw file and instructions. CLICK HERE TO GET IT! If you get the LDVeiw file (I recommend you do after the instructions ) You will notice that the colors are weird. The red axles are where you can put the wheels on to make it mobile. The blue lift-arms are where you can extend it for bigger phones, like a Samsung Galaxy. You can also build a spacer to put in for IPhones under 5. Taking out the yellow pins from the bottom will let the spacers lose, then the stand will be wobbly.
  6. This is my custom device dock that can hold both my iPod touch and my Windows Phone at once--hence the name iWin. Tap or click any picture to enlarge it. In the front, there are two arms that ratchet down to prevent the device in the lower dock from tipping over when in a vertical orientation. In the rear, there is a knob that can adjust the angle of the iWin's rear frame. All 4 wheels can be unlocked (by pulling out the black bushing pins) for rolling around, or locked in place to act as rubber feet. The iWin can lean back very far, but there are a couple of angled TECHNIC beams that prevent the iWin from collapsing under the weight of any devices it is holding. Those beams also restrict the maximum vertical angle of the iWin. From left to right: iWin holding my Windows Phone (a Nokia Lumia 920 for those interested), iWin holding my 5th-gen iPod touch with an official LEGO case, and iWin holding both of my devices. All of the above pictures (except for the one in which the iWin is leaning back--I used my Lumia 920's own camera for that picture) were taken using a GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition camera that I won in a sweepstakes. LXF File (current version) LXF File (old prototype, version 1) LXF File (old prototype, version 2) Brickshelf Gallery Bonus: I made a special stand for my iPod touch that attaches to its LEGO case. (These pictures were also taken with the 920's own camera.)
  7. We saw there are a few ways to control your NXT with an iPhone out there, but none of them really focus on something specific. We figured remote control cars are always fun, no matter the age, so we thought let's build a car from this set and see how can we drive it. The touch feature of the smartphone came in handy in creating a touch pad for controlling the car just like using a console joystick. And of course the built in accelerometer is another feature that we tought might be interesting to use: drive the car by moving the phone through the air. The third remote we tought about is more like a basic programming interface: build the track for the car piece by piece, set the speed and then use commands such as play/pause/goto to drive on the circuit. Whe have 3 models now, two of wich are a normal car and a tank built from the standard set. And although the normal car has realistic steering with slightly different angle front wheels turning, the rear wheels slide in turns(they do have to obey to the laws of physics :) ). So we read about this cool differential piece found in several Technic sets that allow the rear wheels to run at different speeds when turning and created the third model using this piece. It now runs soo smooth in turns :). Then we thought it would be cool to add some upgrades, such as detect obstacles and through balls so we created a ball gun, a catapult and a proximity sensor option. So the RoboRemote app was born :) and it is now in the App Store. We tested it and we liked it, but we are really curious what you think about it.The puzzle drive remote is free so please leave any comments about it. The building and installation instructions, and videos of the remote in action are found on our website