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Found 7 results

  1. We have been enjoying controlling our Lego Battle Bots with SBRICK. Team battles are really fun. I can control two bots with my iPhone using a MFI gamepad for one, and the iPhone for the other. Before I buy a second gamepad to control three bots, has anyone used multiple gamepads with the iPhone SBRICK app?
  2. "El Toro" is a much-loved heavyweight battle bot. Here is a video showing "El Toro" in battle with Lancelot and Empire Builder: As you can see, "El Toro's" main weapon is the dual lifting forks. Speed and power of the forks is essential for effective battle. Recently, I've been upgrading their power, and have added elastics to the back side of the gear tracks. The elastics store power on the downward return cycle for added flipping power. However, they easily exceed the resistance of the two XL motors, and the forks drift up off the floor. I need some kind of braking mechanism that holds the forks in place when the XL motors stop moving. What ideas do the experts on Eurobricks have?
  3. Hey guys, I am finally reporting some progress on my TC11 bot build. I have been following the contest very closely since it was announced. I started building the day it started and I finally have a solid start to a bot. I have rebuild and taken apart 5 bots so far, they all had something I did not like about them, a lot of the problems were probably because I was rushing into the build. Anyway, lets talk about the bot I wanted to get an idea of some bot ideas, so I decided to watch a bunch of YouTube videos of all kinds of battle bots, I found a lot of really cool and interesting concepts used. When I think of battle bot, I think of the bots that flip opponents and spinners. They both have their pros and cons, but I decided to go with a spinning bot and hopefully not one that self destructs. I decided to lightly base my bot off of the "Son of Whyachi" battle bot. I thought it looked interesting. after doing some research on the bot, I found out that the bot had an interesting drive system known as walking or shuffling, I might try this after the bot is done, but I do not want to run out of time trying to big this concept. For my bot I had some main focuses: durable effective weapon (focusing on one bigger one instead of multiple little ones) Easy to control (Sbrick coming in the mail, the IR receivers were not responsive enough) Compact As I said, I have built 5 other bots so far, I know what works for this and what does not. And like I said, I am not going for a prefect replica of the "son of whyachi" bot, just the concept of the top spinner. So here is a picture of what I have so far, it is not much as of right now, but I wanted to start a topic for motivation to keep building. The main weapon is powered by 8 L motors with the central gearing using tires. Originally I was using gears, but not having a clutch gear was not a good idea and adding the clutch gear did not give enough of a "punch", everything just kind of stopped. With using tires, I am able to have that "punch". You might be saying 8 L motors might be overkill, sure it might be, but it works very effectively. For the drive on my bot, I am going to be using tracks. I was going to use wheels but I had some trouble using them on my other bots, so when I tried tracks, they seemed to work out a lot better. Also building the battery box inside of the tracks helps free up some space on my bot. Just to give you an idea of how compact what I have is, here is a picture. It is a 15 x 15 square. I had the tracks on, and that will come out to a 30 x 30 square. So I have 15L to still mess around with. The link to my bricksafe is below if you want to check out my failed attempted bots. As always, comments and questions are always welcomed. More progress to come soon, hopefully. Name to come later
  4. Howdy ya'll Technic folk! I want to present my latest creation, a replica of my favorite battle bot, Son of Whyachi, the rookie which became the Heavyweight Champion of BattleBots back in 2001. It's not built to scale, but I wanted to keep as much details as I can, like the overall shape of the bot and it's rotor, color scheme, internals and abilities. By example, the 3-arm rotor is driven by a single RC motor, but using a tri-star configuration: 24 tooth gear with clutch -> 3 x 8 tooth gears -> 24 tooth gear. If you want to read more on the real thing, go on their official site, it rocks: So, let's see the stats: Category: B (IR) Weight: 1.800 g Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 18 studs Signature Move: 3 arm rotor with hammers Drive: 6 M motors (one/wheel) Drive Speed: Fast Steering: skid steer Rotor Speed: 750 RPM Rotor Diameter: 45 studs Rotor Motor: RC/buggy (5292) Rotor Weight: 180 g Rotor Material: ABS Design Time: 1 Week Build Time: 2 weeks But enough talk, here are the photos and video: Sorry for the low video quality, I accidentally filmed in 480p and I do not have time to re-shoot everything. Enjoy! If you want to see more, head up to my album on Flickr: Thanks for your attention, eagerly awaiting to know your opinion and comments.
  5. Hi all! Yesterday at 2 AM (technically it was today already) I finished my entry for the Battle Bots contest. My creation is Devil's Tongue, a wheeled vehicle with a flipper arm. Initially I intended to have spinning drums in the front for the flipping function, hence the name, inspired from Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun: I don't have the demonstration video yet (I hope I'm still on schedule by making it today when I get back from work). Anyway, I can present two WIP videos and a photo of the final product. It's a four-wheel drive vehicle, capable of driving inverted. I wanted to use PP wheels for their grip and weight to make it hard to push and flip, plus their diameter to make more room to fit stuff while keeping the inverted drive ability. However, I found out they're too heavy and grippy for the XL motors (one per pair of wheels) to drive and steer, so I had to resort to Unimog wheels. Here's the test I made with the PP wheels: I wanted to have a fast-acting flipper instead of a slow lifter, so I decided to have it spring-loaded. It uses four of the hardest short springs. To pull the arm down, I built a mechanism that winds a winch when its motor turns in one direction, and disengages it when it turns in the other. Here's a test of the flipper attached to the winch mechanism: After including the armour to avoid being stuck if flipped onto its side, it reaches exactly 45 studs in width and a little less in length. Also, as I have both my SBricks occupied in other MOCs, as well for symmetry, I used two PF IR receivers. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and to ensure line-of-sight reception, the receivers and the battery box are exposed on the rear. I guess it's a matter of never turning my back to the adversary! Here's the photo of the finished product. Astronaut not part of the crew, present for scale only. Later today I intend to make a video and take better pictures. I'm not sure about its performance and battle-worthiness, but at least (IMHO) it looks cool and functional! Whaddayathink?
  6. Initial Design: Flipper armed battle bots are winning designs. I stated by designing a variable geometry flipper that maximized the available dimensions. I wanted to insert a photo here, but the forum is limiting my size to 20kb???? Battle Trials: After getting the initial design built, we battled Lancelot against other winning designs I had built. This exposed many weaknesses which I then addressed. One primary weakness was the compression strut distributing the load of the flipper arm to the front wheels. When it was loaded in tension, the pins would pop out. I discovered that I could press a flick missile pin inside the regular pin, locking it in place from withdrawal. The battle format we use is a Lego Sumo Contest: push your opponents outside a circle by any means possible. it's simple and really fun. We use a four foot circle for 1v1, and a six foot circle for 3-way and team battles. Invite: Bring your Battle Bot to next year's Bricks Cascade convention in Portland Oregon, February 2018. Final Build: Lancelot Category: A SBrick Signature Move: Power Tilt Drive: 4 XL Motors Control: Skid Steer Weapon: Variable Geometry Flipper powered by 4 XL Motors Flipper armed robots are consistent winners. See how much fun it is to Power Tilt the competition with Lancelot in the video below. This heavy 2.55 kg bot can flip far more than its own weight. The forks have substantial down pressure - ramming a zero ground clearance bot will pierce the forks underneath it. Fast flipping action and speedy maneuverability enable a skilled driver to Power Tilt rotary weapon bots before their weapons come up to speed. The system block construction is rigid and indestructible.
  7. Hey all, I present to you my TC11 entry in progress It is called Fire Fighter because it has fire stickers on it It has tracks for easy drive and steering The blades at the side are for defend and as weapon. (I won't tell my signature move as it isn't build yet.) This vehicle is 45 studs long, 29 studs wide(without blades) and about 16 studs high. As for the discussion about the size, I find my vehicle quite big. So 45x45x45 is big enough to me