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  1. Why is it that virtual builds aren't allowed? I have long since moved out of the family home where the LEGO is kept, and would love to give this competition a try. I have a few lego parts lying about but not enough to build anything cool for the contest. Is there any particular reason why virtual building was banned from contests in the first place? As long as I don't specify any parts in colours that do not exist, it should be fine, right? Cheers
  2. EvilEnderman

    [TC12] Truck Truck Boom Boom

    Thanks guys, glad to hear it! The gear ratio is 1:2.084, according to sariel's calculator I had to gear it down quite a bit, as I don't have a very powerful battery box, and this motor is very power hungry. It can still get up to quite a bit of speed, I'll put in a little video once I get it finished, showing it's capability.
  3. EvilEnderman

    [TC12] Formula De Vil

    That looks awesome! The colour scheme really suits it!
  4. Hi all, I decided to have a go at this competition as it seemed like a laugh, and I had a lot of fun making what I currently have. My idea was to make a vehicle and strap a massive great machine gun sort of thing on it, and sticking it on the back of a truck seems like the perfect idea, right? But a truck with a machine gun on it's own would be rather boring, so I decided to give it adjustable pneumatic suspension, for those tricky bits of terrain it might encounter, and of course slam it right to the ground for that street cred. It's powered by a buggy motor, so it's pretty fast on flat surfaces. Mode 1, extremely low for maximum speed Mode 2, maximum height for off roading purposes! Of course, being hydraulic, the suspension can be at whatever height you want, but this is to prove the point. Now, my favourite part of this suspension is that it acts like the sort you'd find on one of those lowrider cars, and as such, it can pull off crazy moves like this, just for showing off purposes. The truck cab as it stands is still a work in progress, I'm not quite as good at aesthetics as I am at designing the technic part, so bear with me in that department! Here you can see the mechanism, it works with the pneumatic ram, and springs in order to give the desired effect. Tyre omitted for clarity. Apologies for the poor pictures, It's the fault of the camera. For the machine gun which I talk about, this is still all in my mind, however, I want to utilise some form of spinning disc mechanism and accelerate a plate or a technic beam at high velocity that way, but I will keep you all posted on that side of development Hope you all like it! -Ender
  5. EvilEnderman

    [HELP Buggy Motor Battery

    Well, I tested it with the lego battery pack afterwards and no cigar - it smelled like a blown capacitor or something. There was definitely some smoke emanating from where I connected it up, probably burnt the plastic. The battery is designed for use in one of these, and it's a pretty powerful little car. Perhaps it's just too much for the humble lego receiver to handle! -ender
  6. EvilEnderman

    [HELP Buggy Motor Battery

    I tried connecting that battery to one of my older receivers (the wire had a bad connection to the brick connector thing), and I think it must have fried it. it didn't seem to work anymore. I have one more left, but I daren't try it again in case the same happens! Is it because it's the v1 receiver or does that have nothing to do with it? -ender
  7. EvilEnderman

    [HELP Buggy Motor Battery

    ahh, I see, i'll give it a shot. Thanks for your help guys!!
  8. EvilEnderman

    [HELP Buggy Motor Battery

    Ah, I see, that's good to know! My batteries were pretty cheap (came in a 100 pack) - so that's worth looking into As far as using that NiMH is concerned, will that work in place of the battery pack without destroying the receiver? (means I don't have to go out and buy better AA batteries) Thanks guys!
  9. EvilEnderman

    [HELP Buggy Motor Battery

    Hi rm8, thanks for replying! I already own that NiMH plazma battery since I own a few RC cars. I only own this lego pack: , and the light grey and red variant from the buggy motor set (both seem to have the same issue) that lego Lipo is very expensive. The sBrick is very cool, but again, a bit too much to spend at the moment. Is that thermo overload protection why it won't work? If I connected the lipo to a receiver, would that still be in place? Also, what does "shunting it" mean? Sorry for all the questions, i'm not very knowledgeable on stuff like this Thanks for your reply -ender
  10. Hi guys, I admitted defeat on TC10 since my chassis won't allow me to connect any real bodywork to it (I know I give up too easy), so instead I decided that I wanted to try and reverse engineer gsia16's citroen saxo rally car! However, with the regular 9v non rechargeable battery pack, the motor will go for a short amount of time and then just slow down or stop completely, inching forward a millimeter at a time and straining the battery. I wanted to ask if this is the fault of the battery box not giving enough power, or the motor just being "old" (it's part of the 8287 set) I've searched around but can't find an answer (perhaps im not using the right search terms or something) anyways, if it is the battery, could I use a 7.2v NiMH from a RC car? (for example one of these) if so, that could provide a lot more power to it (more than the 9v lego pack could) and make for an interesting ride, provided it won't fry the receiver (that's my other worry about it) What do you guys think? would the buggy motor get a new lease of life, and would it still be able to power an M motor for steering? Thanks, -ender
  11. EvilEnderman

    [TC10] FlightSim

    Literally the coolest thing ever. My mind hurts thinking about it... Nice one man!
  12. EvilEnderman

    [TC10] Willard Faction Lowrider

    you'd need some sort of motor operating the switch and one operating the pump for a convincing bounce All i'm aiming for on this is to just raise and lower the suspension sort of thing
  13. EvilEnderman

    [TC10] Willard Faction Lowrider

    I'm talking about the lowrider cars with hydraulics that raise and lower the car, and allow it to "bounce" so to speak"
  14. Hi guys, has been a while since I visited here, but wanted to try this contest out. I plan to do the Willard Faction (Similar to the buick GNX) from GTA V. (Image below) I've come up with an idea for the hydraulics which allows a significant amount of lift, as well as there to be suspension involved. Here's a potato quality video to show you what I mean. Ignore the ugly yellow wheels, if the project gets far enough i'll BrickLink some! Hope you guys like it! -ender
  15. EvilEnderman

    Let's build a Jeep Wrangler together

    They're frictionless, so to allow switching between different rings on gearboxes with higher gears. You could just use a 4l axle with some bushings on the ends, both will work fine