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Found 5 results

  1. I'm pretty slow builder, but I've been busy several months now building this two models at the same time. Used to be a huge fan of Peugeot for many years and upon my research I found there are not so much of Peugeots build in LEGO! Especially, knowing how everyone like B-group rally cars. So decision was made to build the Peugeot I like the most - 205 Turbo 16 (T16). White model is Rally version (so called Evolution, not the initial version). Yellow model was used in Pikes Peaks, which uses some extra huge spoilers. Both models were built featuring as much as possible details you can do in Technic, without utilising any PF. The main features to mention: "Brick built" 4 cylinder in-line engine. double wishbone suspension on all wheels 4 wheel drive with central differential No differentials on each axle (thanks to Thirdwig for idea I found in your Audi) Opening hood, doors (lockable) and engine cover Switching from tarmac/asphalt setup to gravel is quite easy - you just need to use different attachment point for spring on a wishbone. Gravel-ready version is 2 studs higher with 62.4 wheels. Rally model features spare wheel under the hood and fuel filling places. First challenge was to built a hood of brick instead of liftarms so it could close while keeping the wheel inside. Other "brick" based challenge was the front and back with grills and lights. This was nightmare! Engine bay includes engine (how obvious!), exhaust system with turbo, intercooler and air filter. "Most important picture" not that important. All shafts are hidden inside the body, as in real car. The part I'm mostly proud of. It is a free form (in terms of Technic) but still sturdy enough to keep its form while operating an keeping removed from body. Oh, and I love that HUGE spoiler. Full roll cage is present as well. Pikes Peak version is one-sitter, while rally version has two seats. This tiny half pin keeps the door closed! More pictures on Flickr. I'm looking further to create a Dakar version too! not sure if white or yellow one thou. Stickers and building instructions for one of the models is something still in consideration. Hope you like it too!
  2. The War Department "Austerity" 2-10-0 is a type of steam heavy freight locomotive that was introduced in WWII in 1943. It was designed by R.A. Riddles, the same man who latter went on to design the British Railways 9F 2-10-0 type. I've backdated my 1950's 9F type into this 1940's Austerity class by removing the side smoke deflectors and changing around some small features here and there. As most of this engine still existed as-built from my previous 9F build from 2014 (that itself was inspired by @ScotNick's model of Thomas and Friends' 9F-type engine Murdoch) or so, I just needed to get wheels, a tender draw-bar connector, pistons / side-rods, and the little bit of parts to convert it to a Austerity type. The tender has "BR" printed on it in 1 x 1 tiles, standing for British Railways, as this engine was placed into service with the newly nationalized rail network after service with the War Department during WWII (around early 1948). However, it still is carrying it's War-time grayscale color scheme at this point in the early 1950's, lending to it's nickname the "Gray Ghost". The cab of the engine, with firebox in the middle. In the real world, the Austerity 2-10-0 class engine was designed and built during the Second World War as an British export locomotive, with some going as far away as Greece, the Netherlands, or Syria, while a few stayed in the UK to be worked by the War Department, and later, British Railways. All but three of the ones from the UK (of which one was owned by the Longmoor Military Railway) survived mass scrapping in 1962 and were preserved, while a fourth was brought back from the Netherlands and also survives. (There are also a few derelict versions in Greece, while a museum in the Netherlands has an engine as well, albeit in much better condition than the Greek locos.) All credit for the BR plank wagon model seen in the picture above goes to @Pdaitabird, who designed them. See here for an awesome step-by-step tutorial by the original builder of the BR plank wagon. Original design by Flickr user Fireglo450 in 2013, revised by me in 2020. See here for the original inspirational model. Here we see the whole gravel train at an "on-it's-side" view for maximum viewing. This train is destined for the Gravel loading facility where it will be loaded with crushed stone for either rail ballast or concrete works projects elsewhere in the country. As usual, comments, questions, and complaints are always welcome!
  3. This model was inspired from this set-733 like MOC by @AFOL7777. I turned it into a railroad-served industrial track ballast loading facility to have the crane load dark bluish gray 1 x 1 round bricks into the crane's bucket. Then you can drop them into train hopper's when they arrive with the pull of a sliding plate. You may have noticed I had to extend the height of the model 1 brick, to allow for Diesel 10 to fit underneath, as he is the primary engine to work the ballast facility. (His claw made him too tall, but it's okay now.) The tan tile parts under the crane are the pull pins to make the coal fall into the hopper cars. Inside of the crane with "controls" for the bucket motors and the crane itself, which travels along some narrow-gauge tracks and can swing from side to side. In reality, the "hand of god" method is used to make the crane move, with a rope extending to the roof of the crane cabin which I can wind and unwind to load and unload the ballast into the train cars. The office of the owner of the ballast operations. The reason for the odd footprint is the factory MOC I made earlier this year resulted in a base-plate piece (dimensions 16 x 48 studs) that I was looking to use somewhere.... enter into the picture this model, and now I've nearly solved that little issue. This 6 wide BR "Warship"class with hydraulic claw (AKA Diesel 10) model has been heavily modified by me from a old Class 37 file by LazarusBricks to have new removable roof sections for the cabs with seats for figures and cab controls. As you can see, I chose to leave off the face to keep the engine more in line with the rest of my locomotives. Diesel 10 works the ballast facility most of the time, so I included him here. I'm going to have my Diesel 10 model pull 6 of these coal cars plus a brake van inspired by the 1980's 12v era red/ yellow sets to my gravel facility. The 12v era model and Diesel 10 are already built, and the plank wagons are on order as of 1/11/2020. NOTE: All credit for the six dark grey wagon models seen in the picture above goes to @Pdaitabird, who designed them. See here on Flickr for the awesome tutorial by him for the construction of the BR plank wagon. BUILDERS NOTES: The ballast facility is now done, but the trucks to be filled with the crushed rocks are not (yet). More pictures to come soon!
  4. Hi guys! As I told you before I was working on a gravel plant from lego that I designed in LDD. I ordered the bricks from bricklink and I started building. The model needs some more modifications before it will be fully running without cranking it by hand. The conveyor: - At the first tests, there was a problem with the belt. It wouldn't take the shape of the V-rollers. I made a few changes to the design and now it's working properly. First prototype: New design: The jaw crusher: A hopper for the material that is too small for the jaw crusher: A couple videos: Thanks for your tips guys!
  5. Hi there! I was wondering if there are people here who have experience with building conveyor belts from lego? I'm making a design for a crushing and screening plant. It will use crumbled biscuits as material. I already built a model in LDD, but I'm not really satisfied with the design of the conveyor belts. It's necessary to have a curved belt, so there will be no material that falls of the conveyor. I made another design for a conveyor, but it uses a lot of parts and I'm not sure if this will work. Thanks guys!