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  1. Minxter

    Eurodina - Day 13

    Last vote Vote: Lord Arjay / Ari jay And Fugazi, if you´re a townie you´re just helping scum by killing me since I´m a townie.
  2. Thanks for letting me play Zepher! I´m going to australia tomorrow and will be back the 12th of january so no more Eurodina for me! Townies you can make it without me I hope. Minxter
  3. Minxter

    Eurodina - Day 12

    You got to admit it´s weird that the mafia havn´t killed him yet. I trust him , but still..
  4. Minxter

    Eurodina - Day 12

    Hmm. Walter is a bit suspicious. If he can investigate ( he might be lying, what do we know ) why havn´t the mafia killed him yet I mean isn´t a investigator dangerous for them? Mr.Bricks
  5. Minxter

    Eurodina - Day 12

    And I trust you! Vote: Roncanator / Ron Canter
  6. Minxter

    Eurodina - Day 11

    So 2 dead after this day! Looks like I missed a lot during my sickness. vote: Horace Leg / The legonater Feels like the only thing to do. Minxter
  7. Ím ill now so I dont know if I can be on the computer much since it might get worse. Hopefully I can join at late day 11. Minxter
  8. Minxter

    Eurodina - Day 10

    Atleast we´re trying to get mafia.. Unvote: Thomas Bricks/Minxter Vote: Sean/ Sok117
  9. Minxter

    Eurodina - Day 10

    Smart move! Well maybe I will go in your footsteps. Nothing will happen. Nobody will get convicted since we havn´t got one that feels like scum! And everybody will vote for someone to be safe. Yes this is pathetic. Vote:Thomas Bricks/Minxter
  10. Minxter

    Eurodina - Day 10

    This is a tricky situation! I don´t know who to vote for yet.. Minxter
  11. Zepher on day 10 you missed a space. You wrote :She was aRonzini. Just a heads up
  12. Minxter

    Eurodina - Day 10

    3 townies and 1 mafia member! If we keep up like this we´ll be dead in no-time! The mayor has got my trust but who is against him? That person should be investigated! Thomas Bricks/minxter
  13. Minxter

    Eurodina - Day 9

    Following Stash list: Vote: Alice Nutter/Alice
  14. Minxter

    Eurodina - Day 7

    Are you saying that if stash dies the scum lose protection! THat seems good! Vote:Stash Minxter
  15. Minxter

    Eurodina - Day 6

    Hopefully Stash is right but if he isn´t he´ll pay for it tomorrow! Vote: Sandy / Sandy Quest