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  1. mrklaw

    MOD/MOC: Big Ben extension

    sorry for the ultra late reply! Does this pic help?
  2. mrklaw

    MOD/MOC: Big Ben extension

    No, how big is that? Looks good. It is mostly from pieces in the Big Ben set itself, and adapting the build techniques the main model uses. So lots of 1x1 bricks with studs on the faces (2 and 4) and lots of tan grilles and 1x1 bricks. If you build the main big ben set you'll get a decent feel for what you'd need.
  3. mrklaw

    R2-D2 mid size with building instructions

    Wow, looks beautiful. Do you have any pics sitting next to the UCS for scale?
  4. mrklaw

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    10xxx would suggest UCS, but 99 euro isn't much different from the current X-Wing RRP, so perhaps a playset with support staff and loading gantry etc?
  5. mrklaw

    2013 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Does anyone know when the new small sets are due in the UK? I'd like to get Emma's karate class (41002) as a present for my wife who takes karate classes herself. I think they are on the US lego store website, but nothing in the UK yet. At chance of them by Christmas?
  6. mrklaw

    [REVIEW] 9396 The Big Helicopter

    seems fiddly with the battery box switch being used to control direction. Also they don't seem to have synchronised the actions - eg when the battery box is in the right direction to lower the gear, it raises the cargo door. Personally I'd prefer if one direction on the battery box was 'down' for gear/door/winch, and the other direction was 'up' - less confusion. Even better would have been for them to include instructions on how to put a simple up/down switch somewhere on the body.
  7. mrklaw

    Swoosh... Lego workspace

    My brain is having trouble comprehending the awesome in this pic. So many different scales. I love nanoblocks too, might try something like this
  8. mrklaw

    UK Sales

    cheers! missed it first time, grabbed it now.
  9. mrklaw

    Review: 10228 Haunted House

    I'm surprised they didn't do the detachable floors for this. Other than the modulars, the Friends sets and creator houses use a similar method to let you get to different parts of the house, or reconfigure the layout. This hinged approach is cute, but not ideal if you plan to place your set in a scene - only works on a hard floor/surface.
  10. mrklaw

    UK Sales

    gone already. Had it in my basket but was out of stock before I could checkout. Up to £55 from toy barn or somewhere now. boo.
  11. Hi, Yes, Dozer is still available and I'll ship to the US. Shipping would be about £30 though (might be a bit less if you don't need the box). Call it $250 delivered
  12. mrklaw

    New Dino Theme Idea

    My problem with the Dino themes is that the dinos need to be big, and they are all practically one piece. That makes them -expensive - not very interesting to build I'd actually like to see a hero factory approach to this. Give us actual recognisable dinosaurs that we build. That way we can have them bigger,NBC articulated and kids can role play to their hearts content.
  13. mrklaw

    LEGO Team GB Minifigures Discussion

    If you can find a nearby John Lewis they should still have some, as they have a mini Olympics section in-store. My local one had gb minifigs in that section and in the Lego section
  14. Hi Andy, Thanks for the sale - should be with you tomorrow, enjoy. Only 8275 still for sale now