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    Other than than stating the obvious, I like to draw, play Team Fortress 2, and cook. I plan to become a graphic designer eventually.


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  1. MrTools

    Various Minifigs for sale

    I could go 12 for all the crazy bionicle guys and2 for a pirate if that sounds good Oh noes, i just realized you are in isreal D: I dont think i will be able to ship that far with the time i have, sorry.
  2. MrTools

    Team Fortress 2 anyone?

    Well this may be my last project for a while, but i have plans drawn out for the whole first stage, or at least this whole points area (red spawn and all that
  3. MrTools

    Various Minifigs for sale

    Heh, I'd rather it go to someone who wants it more (i enjoy my HP mini figs but most like her wound up just being for display)And in the end im that much more out of debt
  4. MrTools

    Various Minifigs for sale

    Ah Belatrix well she is in brand new condition i put her together and thats it, What would your offer be? And sorry about that, skipped a word while reading Well how about the robot and bellatrix for $12? (bah getting myself confused)
  5. MrTools

    Various Minifigs for sale

    Depends on where i will be shipping it to, where are you located
  6. MrTools

    Various Minifigs for sale

    14 sound alright?
  7. Been gone from the forums for a while, so i thought i would show yu wht i have been up to Lego wise. So for any of you who are familiar with Team Fortress 2 you will recognize this. Planning on the whole building with LEDs inside. For those of you who don't know here is a reference picture Thanks for stopping by
  8. MrTools

    Various Minifigs for sale

    I would like to take trades but I'm in debt and have to put that before working on my other projects. Han is 4 and 10 for both han and the taun taun (but like i said willing to negotiate)And on flickr the robots marked 8 (about the same as bricklink prices
  9. Yes its me again , i've been gone for quite sometime. I have been working on a large scale model (will probably be my last) As well as getting into prop making. Lateley i have found myself in debt and at a bad time too . Anyways, i have gotten some minifigs and parts together in hopes to get some money) I would prefer to sell them in the US to keep shipping prices low Here is my curret selection of goods (may have more to come) I have checked bricklink to try to price fair as well but the prices are negotiable So come have a look if you are interested by clicking Here Thank you On a little side note its kinda funny how i left a citizen and just returned a knight with this post SOLD -Taun Taun -Riddler PENDING -Batman
  10. MrTools

    I'm Leaving! I'm Coming Back! Do it all HERE.

    Hey everyone, just thought i would say i might be out for a while, im working on school things (stage crew and my graphic arts classes) As well as that Halloween is coming up, to i am going to be quite buisy for a while. So untill i get caught up with all that hand get some more free time back you wont be hearing much from me. See you all soon, Cole (P.S. sorry about any spelling problems, i am using my school issued laptop and the keyboard is realy messed up. Im'm going to have to get someone to look at that for me )
  11. This is great, now i have a chance to get one of the Mexican Band members!
  12. Dang everybody beat me to the comment, NO COMMENT FOR ME!

  13. MrTools

    Steam Gaming Thread

    I will have to check my requests, i havent checked in a while As for the Eurobricks group, I think that would be a great idea. EDIT: Oh i see you already made the group, i will join later when i get home.