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  1. I would like to strip naked because these are my quarters and I can do what I please here. I'll take a shower while I'm at it.
  2. I touch a lot of things. I'll also vote to search my quarters.
  3. I've been drinking alone for hours. Forgive me while I *hic* catch up.
  4. "Thanks for the reassurance as most of us write with our feet. "
  5. "Let's think about it, kids. Ezra didn't kill Alfie and shut the drive down. He was working with someone. As he was trying to escape, the drive was shut down. We have to assume that's how a trunk hit him on the head, or whatever. Otherwise, he shut the drive down to kill Alfie and then escape...but then somebody hit him on the head to take him out. We can't have it both ways. Whatever Ezra did, one of us is working with him. Let's go. Grace Jones, you have the authority to make every cabin a crime scene. Let's start searching."
  6. "Let's go to a room that has some clues. Let's start digging through everyone's belongings. We can start with my room."
  7. I already explained it. Days ago.
  8. I'd like to check the cushions of all the chairs. If there's nothing of any note I'd like to stack the chairs in a pyramid and play Cleopatra.
  9. I'd like to tip every book forward a few degrees to see if any open a secret passage.
  10. "Definitely." Gabriella goes to Engineering to push the ship closer to safety limits.
  11. Gabriella hands the teapot shard and the bag of evidence from her underwear to Grace Jones. "Here's some other evidence we found."
  12. I would like to take the FABULAND wrench. I'd like to open all of the drawers and look inside.
  13. "Let's check out housekeeping/storage"
  14. "His fingerprints match those on the murder weapon. Come on. How daft are ya?"