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  1. Lego catalog cover error?

    I noticed. I made it my FB status on October 11th.
  2. A quick comment on spam

    We have security measures in place. Some spam will still get through. Such is life. We thank you for your patience.
  3. In the Fall theme?? @samurai-turtle because I'm looking at your post now in my phone and that doesn't overlap.
  4. @samurai-turtle I think I fixed the pagination issue. How does it look on your device?
  5. It's might have not might of. Thank you for pointing this out. I see what you're talking about now. The "reason for editing" is going to have to stay at that line–height. As for the pagination overlapping with the "posted by" I am working on that one. I'll let you know when I think I have it fixed so you can check it. Thank you!
  6. So, the Fall theme is the newest. SciFi and Technic themes wouldn't include the fixes that I added yesterday. Please let us know what theme you are viewing when you see these problems so we know which one needs to be edited. Thank you! And taking and posting screen caps, if at all possible, would be very helpful.
  7. @makoy I think I got it. How does it look on your device now?
  8. Thanks for the demonstration and the fix. I'll take a look at that.
  9. Thanks for the feedback, everybody. Much appreciated.
  10. Great photography and writing, Darkdragon and KotZ. This game has been entertaining to follow along. Great production values and interesting game play.
  11. "Badges" and messages

    As this has been answered with a link to the existing topic, I will lock this.
  12. Yes, thank you. That is exactly what I meant when I said Way to not read my mind.
  13. I didn't think the mobile version was that bad. Is it the profile color blocks? Or what are you seeing that you don't like and please specify which forum you are in when you notice it.
  14. Our latest software update really messed with our themes. We're working on fixing some of these stranger changes. We appreciate your patience while we try to figure out where all the weird little changes popped up. Thank you!