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  1. Look at these two statements from Jack and just guess what I was screaming at the Town from beyond the grave. Aaaw, thank you! I felt like this has been my worst game in recent memory. Not as bad as Bloodbrick, but not great, at all. I remember thinking Tariq J was Scum because he had zero interest in achieving a lynch, but forgot about it because I was focused on my Jack Sassy / jimmynick meatshield theory. Now that it's over, @Jack Sassy , were you trying to pin Fred's death on me with the cat hair comment? That was some poisoned toast action right there, if so.
  2. Great job, Tariq J and Jack Sassy. I don't think the Town had many chances to get ahead. Lynching jimmynick would've only put us out of our misery earlier.
  3. I'm suspecting a potential meatshield situation here. I'll go ahead and Vote: Joyce (jimmynick) If Joyce turns up Scum, I'd imagine the above exchange could almost guarantee us that Susan is also Scum. I wouldn't be too upset without a lynch, however, since we're finally seeing some activity that we'd be able to analyze tomorrow. If we don't lynch and the Mafia kills, we'll be 3:2 (or 4:1) tomorrow. Funny thing is, if there is just one Mafia, we'll never win if we don't lynch someone. It doesn't appear we have a vigilante. Our only hope is to lynch. Perhaps we'll actually get it done tomorrow? Note: Ash is not interested in achieving a lynch. This is concerning. Is he protecting someone? Ash, you don't seem to have solid enough reasons to suspect me to spread the vote out further during the latter third of the Day. Your statement is still suspicious. Nor is it even accurate: I don't even associate the cat hair with Fred. You don't even associate the cat hair with Fred. Going out of your way to associate me with Fred is suspect. You can say words about the dead every day, I do the same. But rarely do I associate a living player with a reason for disliking that person, unless I have information I received during the Night which would implicate that person. It still reads like an attempt to associate me with Fred's death. And now you and Susan are engaging in what seems like a staged suspicion of each other culminating in your view that you're positive Susan is Scum. Seems painfully like a ploy to be seen as the Towniest of cat-hair-covered-Town by being positive about Joyce being Scum when she gets lynched and flips Scum. If she gets lynched, since we can't seem to get it together here on Main Street...in Maintown, Maine, USA.
  4. Ugh. Looking over Susan's posts, I'd been leaning towards voting for her. But Joyce is voting for her. Now I'm turn. Maybe they're our Scum team? For there being so few of us, the vote sure is spread out. That's not looking hopeful for a lynch. We need to try to take action. Even if we end up losing it today, we have to make our best effort. So, I'll just sit here and agonize over who to vote for. I've been using drinking whiskey as a euphemism for working, but now I think I'm actually going to have a whiskey.
  5. The only people who should be 100% on anyone would be the Scum or an investigator. Nobody should be 100% on anybody, just based on their gut. I also did not receive a top hat or any other items on Night Two.
  6. While there could be just one Scum, there's definitely not three. I'm only sure there aren't three. I highly doubt there would be just one, although it's possible. If there were more, we wouldn't be here today. So there are only two choices: two or one. I strongly believe it's two.
  7. Can you elaborate on why in such a small game a Day One lynch hurts the Town? I understand the theory, I just want to hear it in your words. What about two Days without a lynch? Thoughts on that? This seems like you wanted to blatantly accuse Al of fishing but didn't want to get too aggressive. Al clearly wasn't fishing, we now know. How come you never followed up with him on this? If you were thinking Susan and Joyce could be a Scum team, why vote for Ash? And is that different? In my experience, he barely blips the post count. The chance of us not getting a lynch correct is always high. Are we supposed to coast through the game with, "Welp, we don't seem to have any Night Action results. Guess we'll just die slowly. Whatevs." At this point, you could've voted for Fred or Geoff to "spread the vote out." Why did you choose Geoff? Then what would he be fishing for? If you really thought it seemed that way, why would you write it off so quickly? Are you familiar with Al's gameplay? But, also there are times where it's gone right. What was your point here? Who's fishing now? And yet, I did go back. And I also explained why I no longer thought it a big deal. And what worries you about the top hat? Afraid it might actually be a one-shot investigation? "So, I'll vote for my Scum buddy." Another one who likes to point out fishing but give no opinion on it. I'm sure both Joyce and Ash would've jumped right on a bandwagon if anybody else dug into Al's "fishing." "I only have opinions others have. That's the easiest place for me to hide, since I know who the Scum are." Right. More of this. I actually agree with you, although you once again pointed out a concern and then took it no further. I Susan just a noob or is she shielding her Scumminess with noobiness. One more whiskey, to go, please. Ash doing what? I meant to clarify this yesterday.
  8. Strange that doing nothing isn't getting us anywhere. OK, If we mis-lynch, the Mafia kills one of us tonight and the game ends at parity with them winning. We need to get everyone talking because right now we have nothing to work on. I think we were starting to get somewhere analyzing Joyce's behavior. What is everyone else thinking. We have the least to work on than any other game I've played in recent memory. I'm having trouble even figuring out where to start, seeing as there hasn't been a lot of activity. How can we change that?
  9. I know, right? There's just absolutely nothing else to go on right now. I'm still stuck on Susan's comments about the cat hair. That seems the most suspect to me. But also weird that Joyce was so quick to jump in on it, too. There really is not a lot going on and we'll be running out of time rapidly if something doesn't change soon. At this rate, there may be a ton of penalty votes if the Day ends and all of these people haven't voted.
  10. No. Apparently, it does nothing. It is just a top hat. Oh, shit. What? That really flew. I've been drinking a lot of whiskey and lost track of time. I really have nothing solid to go on. Just a bunch of metagaming. Ron is too helpful. Susan is a noob. Ash is characteristically inactive. Now, I suspect Joyce and Geoff just because I haven't suspected them yet. Who else is there? I suppose for now I'll Vote: Zepher (Ron) because he's being aggressively active which could be overdoing trying to appear helpful when he's really killing us off at night. I wouldn't encourage anybody to vote along with me, unless they feel strongly compelled to do so. Two days without a lynch is not good for us, but judging by the inactivity here, the Mafia could steamroll us and we'd have no idea what was going on. You know, I may change my vote actually... let me go check some stuff.
  11. Lowest hanging fruit: least active. Possibly the least helpful. Also, obviously, possibly Mafia. My analysis shows that Fred was relatively active and one of the ones talking about the number of potential Scum. It was you! You started it. You're pinging me like mad, son.
  12. Like you said, it may be nothing. What Susan said is much more interesting. I'm also very busy getting drunk on Joyce's whiskey. @jimmynick Kindly put your character name in your fucking signature, please. And pour me another. You, Ron, are still pinging me with your hyper-helpfulness. "Everybody talk so I can catch you!" But, that also may be a really good strategy from an earnest Townie. *hic* that I happen to agree with, anyway. There is really not enough activity for us to learn anything currently. I suppose I've had enough whiskey for the day and will go back and look over the very few posts that were made yesterday. I suspect Fred was killed as the Mafia found him inactive enough to avoid being protected or watched, and perhaps even laying low to protect his operative status, ie had a night action, which I sincerely hope wasn't the case. If we lost an investigator on Night One, that's very bad luck! Did. Any. one. Else. Re. ceive. A. Top. Hat. Last. Night?
  13. It came off, to me, as an amateur way to cast suspicion on someone. The cat hair is an inside joke. It felt like you were trying to attribute a motive to me for killing Fred. Are you new at this? Am I wasting my time nit-picking a new player? My feeling was, reading your post the first time, that you were trying to see if anybody else would pick up on blaming me for Fred's death, cuz cat hair. If you were a n00B scum, you may think this was a way to get a Townie lynched. Anybody else receive a top hat last night?