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  1. Hinckley

    MAfia - Sign Ups

    1. Yes, a little. 2. Mostly-ish? 3. Obituaries
  2. Hinckley

    LEGO Masters Reality TV show in the US

    They contacted me as the owner of Brickworld and I said I'd post it here too. There are a ton of people there. They may not have remembered a comment they made on a Classic Space post a month ago. Do you have a point?
  3. The casting directors of LEGO Masters US contacted Eurobricks to get the word out that they’re looking for applicants. Discuss it and check out more in this topic!
  4. Hi everyone! The casting directors contacted Eurobricks to get the word out that they’re looking for applicants. https://www.legomasters.tv/
  5. You weren't dumb. We were just all clearly on different wavelengths. You said you were pretty busy and almost didn't sign up. I assumed part of your frustration came from lack of time to really concentrate on the game. I'm glad you're not upset with the tantrum I threw at your expense.
  6. Thank God... @Trekkie99 @KotZ @jimmynick @Chromeknight I'm so so so so so so sorry we didn't lynch McCoy on Day One. I can barely fathom how this game went knowing now what we know now. FFS... @Umbra-Manis Wow. Nice job skating through. Go @CMP and @Khscarymovie4! It was nice being in a Town block with you, out in the open, wearing blinders to McCoy...for five days. @Bob Excellent jobs hosting. This is one of the most enjoyable games I've played. Way to plow forward with a super simple concept. We'll talk about night phases in no night phase games later... Great interludes and humor. Clean your bricks, man. I have to run but I have more thoughts to share later.
  7. Working on the engine has taken precedence over the last couple of days. I intended to actually analyze McCoy a bit, but consider the amount of time he has invested in his defense makes me feel like I don't need to invest much time into looking at the case. I'm only posting out of habit. Too long has passed since I said anything, so I thought I'd come vomit my thoughts out there. I really really really hope there is no Day Seven.
  8. Vote: Dr McCoy (Umbra-Manis)
  9. So, Mr. Townie, you don't care to fight for the Town and look for any Scumminess among the three of us? Just rolling over? I could see how this would be the Town move for this game, but is that really your Town game or are you trying to mimic the Townies who have gone before you?
  10. Have we ever seen her lynched? I only remember two games with her and she was night-killed in both. I may have played many, so apologies, Uhura, but I wasn't super aware of her playing style until Ragnarok 3. So is Spock, and Kyle, and Chekov... I'm dealing with a work emergency and I leave town on Wednesday through next Monday, so I'm already doing my due diligence on you two. I really hope it doesn't come to that and McCoy is our last Romulan. Because I think we're solidly agreed, we're lynching McCoy today. And then, if there's a Day Seven, congratulations to whichever one of you has the wool pulled over my eyes. I'm going to research the origin of that phrase...
  11. As Uhura pointed out yesterday, Sulu did not vote for McCoy on Day One. As she also predicted, in this setup, Scum would not vote for each other unless hard pressed to do so. Now, at least, we can look at Uhura's analysis, sparse as it may be, and know it was coming from a place of truth...and an odd sense of spite. I'm fascinated to see who McCoy will vote for today.
  12. Then why didn't she put up a fight? I know the writers didn't write her well but I thought she would fight if wrongly accused? No wonder this show got cancelled. McCoy, you did an amazing job, but I think your time is finally up and the dead board is probably super annoyed that you're still in the game. I still don't find you that Scummy. Has a Scum ever survived three possible lynches on consecutive game days?