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    Lego, custom minifigures, Harry Potter themed minifigs, Marvel movies (Loki, Captain America, Black Widow), writing, reading, fanfiction, science fiction books...

    I've never been a Lego purist. When I was a kid my Lego bricks partied with the other toys. That means that Breyer horses, action figures, Lego, erector sets, plastic zoo animals, home-made shoebox houses, and dollhouse miniatures all hung out together.

    As an adult, I play pretty much the same way. As long as everybody is having fun, it's all good.


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  1. Cloveapple

    [QUESTION] Modifying Colors of Pieces

    I've successfully dyed Lego using RIT dye. However, the formula for RIT dye changed a few years back and no longer works well on Lego. So, if you are using the classic RIT powder in a box, it needs to be the older formula. (If you Google RIT and disc golf, you'll find message boards with the golfers bemoaning the change, because they used to use RIT to dye their discs and then it suddenly quit working. A couple other hobbies had similar experiences when the dye changed.) (edited to add: I did not use acetone, just RIT and boiling hot water. However the Fifty Shades of Bley guy appears to be using the newer, changed-formula RIT, so maybe the acetone is necessary with the new formula.)
  2. Cloveapple

    Study with LEGO

    How old are these students? Are they university students? (I know you said it was a university study, but I remember participating in a university study as a young kid.) I think their ages might change how much they can build with a 15-20 minutes limit on building. Also, how important is it that they be able to finish the whole set in 15-20 minutes? Would it be okay if some was left undone?
  3. Cloveapple

    paint match for light flesh?

    Hee, Hee. It's okay. I very much appreciate the help, even if it's not new info. I'm leery of color matching that starts with RGB light-illuminated computer screen colors and then tries to translate it to a physical color scheme (such as CMYK, Pantone, or RAL). There are ways to do it, but there's all kinds of things that can go wrong with jumping from computer colors to physical ones. I'm running a fever right now, so I won't try to spout a bunch of color theory I only half remember from school, but when I told a custom paint mixing place that the starting place for my request was an RGB color, the very first thing they said was that they couldn't guarantee the color would be what I expected. All of that said. It looks like the RGB is the best I have to go by. So, I'll probably try two or three of the closest colors. If I have any success, I'll be sure to post it on the color database thread. :-)
  4. Cloveapple

    What do you do with your Lego?

    There is no way I can choose just one answer. I make MOC minifigs and mod existing minifigs. I make dioramas to photograph (though those are only partially Lego). I am using minifigs in my first photo comic. Then, another big chunk of my Lego are at work for clients to play with. (And sometimes I get to play with them.)
  5. Cloveapple

    Hail our new overlords!

    Eeep! Um, er, I mean, Yes! All Hail Lord DisneyTM! Celebrate I love DisneyTM! Day!
  6. Cloveapple

    James Bond

    I'm enjoying watching this series grow.
  7. I'm just checking if anybody has tried a paint or mix of paints that worked well for light flesh. Big plus if it's a brand available in the US. Edited to add: I don't have model painting experience. I've successfully altered minifig parts by dying them or cutting them, but I haven't painted them. That means I'm likely to make newbie mistakes, so any tips would be welcome. I have a couple balding heads from the grandfather collectable minifig. I intend to dye them orange to get the hair orange. (I've tested this on other ABS hair.) Then, I assume I'll need some sort of primer/foundation to cover the orange (which I'd need anyway over the yellow). Then the light-flesh toned paint goes on the skin area.
  8. Cloveapple

    Idea from funny shirt

    I'm guessing that the original picture illustrated the slang phrase that somebody has their head up their ***. The Lego version looks more like somebody with their head attatched to their leg.
  9. Cloveapple

    [Review] RBC Tabard and Balaclava

    The link in your signature is giving me an error message.
  10. I did cut away hair as deeply as I could without having the whole thing fracture. (You could actually see through some spots in the little trenches I'd dug, before I filled them with chemically melted light flesh Lego.) I agree totally agree that this is a comb over, and *if* it had worked I had hoped it would look like a comb over used to hide a bald spot. I'd be ok with any type of balding, red-haired look. The books don't give an exact description, so I've got some room to experiment with different balding looks. This is the third approach I've tried, and obviously I'm not there yet.
  11. "Doesn't look good" is a rather kind understatement! I hesitated to post the picture, but I figured seeing what could go wrong might be useful to somebody else. The "paint" was as thick as I could get it and still apply it. I wonder if there is always a very slight color bleed when using acetone, and the contrast between the two colors just makes it more obvious? It also might be worse because I was filling in a groove I'd cut instead of painting up on top of the surface. That might slow the evaporation of acetone and cause more color blending. I think the idea of painting it white first might do the trick.
  12. It's a bit of a mess right now. At least I don't think this version works. It's an attempt at Arthur Weasley's balding hairstyle from the Harry Potter books. It ought to be an exact color match for his face, but it doesn't look it. (Plus it just looks messy.) I'm definitely going to try the melted Lego approach again, but for this hair I might have to go another route.
  13. Light Nougat (commonly called Light Flesh) Santa's flesh delta creative acrylic paint almost exact match according to FlamingBrickfilms on matte
  14. Cloveapple

    Controversial LEGO YouTubers

    The first three Star Wars movies were rated PG. Many many children saw Carrie Fisher wearing the original costume. I don't think any of us were scarred for life. Of course, if you think Star Wars is too much for kids, I'll certainly respect your opinion. (Kids vary in what they can handle, and parents vary in how they approach parenting.) However, if you do think Star Wars itself is okay for kids, then I don't understand objecting to kids seeing the costume. How is a you tube video of a woman in a revealing outfit more scandalous than a movie that shows the same outfit?
  15. Cloveapple

    How do you prevent the dreaded "giant bucket of random legos"

    But does it suck the fun out of the experience *for her* If it doesn't upset her then it's a nonissue. I see I commented too soon. Is this only a problem when she builds pre-made sets, or does it also make her unhappy when she builds free form?