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  1. jngunsw

    Toy Fair 2007!

    thx heaps ^^ love the photos for new sets
  2. jngunsw

    Imperial Light Assault Droid - Final Version

    thx.... i really like the Droid
  3. jngunsw

    why is this fireboat so expensive?

    OMG the buy did pay for it.... (he got the positive feedback from the seller ) ^^"" i wish there r more buyers like this
  4. jngunsw

    Port (7994) Pic Review

    thx for the review ^^ this is a much improved version of seaport.... the ship is bigger... it can float.... the crane is more realistic...... the only thing is .... there should be more cargos.... n the port perhaps should be a bit longer for the ship
  5. jngunsw

    Transport Container (7992) Pic Review

    if the cargo is too heavy... does that mean the little fellow will be sandwiched? ^^ nice review btw thx ^^
  6. jngunsw

    Review: 7785 Batman - Arkham Asylum

    v v detailed review ^^ thx heaps...... the new robin looks so cool.... at first i thought he was a bad guy ^^"" 8/10 for me...... just a touch below the bat-crave....
  7. jngunsw

    Train Station (7997) Pic Review

    thx for the review n pics ^^ this set is not a must-hv for me.... but it's nice to hv it ^^ Edit: Don't quote the entire post if you don't quote anything from it.
  8. jngunsw

    2 new Batman sets in 2007

    can't wait to see the photos
  9. jngunsw

    REVIEW: 7993 Gas Station

    thx for the review really ^^ a bit disappointed with this set to be honest.... the car wash part is fine..... but everything else is soso why would a petrol station hv roofs that can open? u hv those in Europe? i hv never seen one in Asia or Down Under Edit by *yoda* : tks for stopping to quote the entire post ;-)
  10. jngunsw

    Lego Smuggling

    imagine they confiscate all that cos u didn't pay for the custom duty ~~"""
  11. jngunsw

    Garbage Truck (7991) Pic Review

    best garbage truck ever ^^ a must for any city thx for the review btw... esp the idea where u can load two bins at one go ^^ Edit: Don't quote the entire post if you don't quote anything from it.
  12. jngunsw

    Review: 3829 Avatar - Fire Nation Ship

    thx for the review ^^ though this is not my type of boat ^^ .... it's worth the $ i guess with the no of bricks
  13. jngunsw

    Take a look at this beautiful city

    thx it's real impressive.... i wish i hv space for one of those towns
  14. jngunsw

    Spiderman 3 MOC's!

    thx mate.... the sandman is no easy to mk.... n u did a fine job.... i esp like the last photos whereby ppl got tied up ^^ 8/10 from me ^^
  15. jngunsw

    Cement Mixer (7990) Pic Review

    thx mate.... super review.... it's a v good set... s must for the city... it's more realistic than the old city theme ^^