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Found 11 results

  1. Well, the first poster for The Lego Movie 2 has officially been unveiled. Now, it could be just me, but those proportions don't look look like that of a minifigure. They seem far more reminiscent of a mini-doll. I'm also noticing that several of the main characters are getting appearance changes - Wyldstyle has new goggles molded into her hair, as well as what looks like a scarf and bow combination, while Batman has shoulder pads that look like they're made out of car wheels, and . . I have no idea what's going on with Unikitty. Also, Metalbeard look so like he's completely differently built; more streamlined and less bulky, so that'll be cool to see. I hear we're getting our first trailer tomorrow. Hopefully we'll find out whether mini-dolls are indeed the antagonists then.
  2. Here is my review on 70849 Wyld-Mayhem Star Fighter. THE GOOD: Excellent Minifigures. Love this Rex's face and they also include 2 hairs for Emmet. Some interest designs on the spaceship and I personally like the colour scheme. The bomber feature is excellent and interesting way to build it. THE NOT SO GOOD: Large stickers on a curved piece. (Easy to mess up with shaky hands) The price is about $10~$15 (NZD) too high at RRP. Limited availability in asia-pacific region. I really like this set in the end. The actual product is way better than in the photo. Yes, it's a bit overpriced but because I really like the minifigures & the bomber feature, these justified it for me. This is also a spaceship that is very different compared to common planes and spaceship builds you get from other theme. However, this set is not widely available in AUS & NZ (only from with limited availability), so if you live down under like me and really want to get hold of this, be quick. The other 2 sets from this wave are already sold out for quite a while. Overall, I will still recommend this set to fans of LEGO MOVIE or anyone looking for something different.
  3. I had a ton of fun on this alt build! It's a redux of the classic 1987 Stardefender 200 from the Futuron series. I used only a single copy of the new Lego Movie 2 set 70849-1: Wyld-Mayhem Star Fighter. Behold the StarryFriender 200: I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I was able to keep the same overall design with a central sloping canopy, dual forward mandible guns, and detachable side pods. Obviously the name is a gag; the set has many "Friends" colors. The pods are about as small as they can be while still fitting a minifig. I don't think I had the pieces to make them any bigger! The rear is a little busy. I decided to use the colorful curvy pieces there for some visual interest. This is a Systar ship after all. I used the small cones as thrusters like the original Stardefender 200. Thanks for looking!
  4. Here is my video review on 70848 Systar Party Crew: THE GOOD: Stardust Benny! Can't believe they actually made it. Unikitty boa scarf, seriously I now wonder why the left out the cape for the wedding ver. Batman. Printed keyboard tiles! THE NOT SO GOOD: The speaker is a bit lame especially given just one. For people in Australia and NZ, this is pretty hard to get. This is actually a great character pack! Stardust benny itself worth the money! And this set is actually good value. On top of that you also get 2 printed keyboard tiles! Unikitty boa scarf is great too, it's unbelievably soft! (LEGO, please give us the cape for the wedding Batman!) . I actually like the dance floor too. Other accessories are kinda miss but parts are always useful. Recommend this to everyone!
  5. Finally got hold of this set and here is my video review: THE GOOD: The Sparkle Babies! Of Course! Too adorable to not like. Great alternate faces for Lucy and Emmet! Good price! Printed Everything is Awesome piece! THE NOT SO GOOD: The side build and feature is a bit underwhelming. Would like to use the clear take out cup style (the bubble tea cup from NINJAGO MOVIE CMF) instead of current brick built ones. Overall, I think this is a great minifigure pack. At this price ($18 NZD), you get 2 sparkle babies is just ridiculous in my opinion given recent price hike. (The sewer babies cost $25 NZD with less interest build) . Totally recommended to everyone especially if you are a fan of the LEGO baby figure. It's a bit of a hassle to find this set though if you are living in NZ or AUS because rumours say this set will not be available in retail stores. You have to get it from LEGO stores or shop@home (listed out of stock within a day) .
  6. A bunch of us have seen the movie already during last week’s early screening, yet everyone who hasn’t seen it yet has to wait until at least February 8th, and in some cases a bit longer given their countries’ local releases (never mind individual circumstances that may keep folks from seeing the movie at earliest opportunity). I therefore thought it might be good to have a dedicated thread for a little while in which everyone here who’s seen it can discuss it to their hearts’ content, with no fear of spoiling it for those still waiting. Perhaps after a while (after it goes to video, say), the thread could be merged with the main thread to unite all discussion in a single thread, and in the meantime both the have-seens and the haven’t-seens can discuss it at length without the one group ruining it for the other. Mods, does that sound good for you?
  7. Finally got my copy of this polybag, Star-stuck emmet! And here is my video review. THE GOOD: Exclusive facial expression for Emmet and The Star. Interesting opening and closing mechanism in such a small build. THE BAD: Availability ... either you get it via the game promotion or have to source it from Brinklink or Ebay. The build while interesting it's not very good to look at so more likely to become part of my parts inventory. Overall, this is one of the better polybags with exclusives elements and interesting build. Again, the only negative would be the availability of the set.
  8. Hello everyone, Here is my video review on 70824 Introducing Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi. In my opinion the brick built banana is the highlight. It is well designed and surprisingly not easy to slip =P Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi also comes with 2 builds. It's interesting and mostly relied on CLASSICS style build. As a bonus you get a few extra characters like General Mayhem, Lucy and Susan. Overall I totally recommend this set if you like the Banana (Banarnar) and this is a cheap way to get General Mayhem as well. If any improvement needed, I think it would be nice if they include a hooded Lucy and an extra build for Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi but then it will be hard to keep the price down I guess.
  9. I just wanted to share some things I built using 1-2 copies of the new Lego Movie sets with Classic Space pieces. I think it's neat to show what can be done with just a couple copies of these sets. They're good parts packs in my opinion. FYI using only parts from multiple copies of one set to build something is called a "multibuild". What I've done here is mix both of the new sets in some cases which is maybe not a true multibuild but I think it makes sense to mix the two Classic Space sets. The first thing I tried was a simple alt build of Emmet and Benny's Fixit Shop (70821). Nothing special but sorta fun: Then I set a goal to recreate some older sets, or at least see how close I could get to the original. The first I tried was Mobile Rocket Transport. I used only two copies of 70821. The parts were perfect to get a very similar look to the original. I thought I could improve the rocket and crew a bit by adding one copy of Benny's Space Squad to the above. I was able to add a removable satellite to the rocket like the original and make a better looking (IMO) radar dish. Next up is Space Supply Station. I used two copies each of 70821 and 70841. Obviously the color scheme is 1978 space not 1983 space but I don't care about that. I tried to recreate the double windscreen, double radar dish, double space scooters, and two rovers. I have one other old set I want to try to recreate if I can get around to it. Anyone else have alt builds or multibuilds of these sets?
  10. I've recently acquired the SDCC-exclusive Apocalypseburg Unikitty for a comparatively reasonable price on bricklink and decided to post a short review on here since apparently there hasn't been one up to now (search function please don't fail me now!). Usually, I just skip the SDCC exclusive minifigs as most sensible people do (one day, they'll all be MINE though). The only current exception are the movie related ones, I simply lack the force of will to resist those Luckily, they're on the "cheap" end of the SDCC exclusives most of the time... Without further ado, let's take a look at the packaging: As with the SDCC Unikitty from 2014, the parts are neatly sealed in a bag that for some reason doesn't contain any replacement parts (not that I'd need those, they'd be as common as angry comments in a random youtube video's comment section ). Speaking of angry: I dig the artwork on the back of the packaging even though a lot of the space is taken up by the copyright and trademark info. It has to on there somewhere, I guess, or the IP owners might get really upset I think it's also quite humorous how the packaging refers to the two facial expressions as "angry" and "rage". Quite fitting though, as shall be revealed... Those are some angry facial expressions, alright. If you thought previous versions were angry, you haven't seen these Looks almost like me whenever of my cats "helps" me with assembling a LEGO set or whenever I open the latest newspaper The "set" if you can call it that (technically, you can?) didn't include any instructions, but I managed to build it nonetheless, haven't felt so proud of myself in a long time </obviously obvious sarcasm>. The build was like any version of Unikitty except for the not-so-subtle arrow on the side which is attached with a bracket and a modified 1x1 plate (both in reddish brown). As was discussed in the LEGO Movie 2 thread back when the figure was first revealed, the neck is still attached the old way instead of how it's done in the Unikitty! sets. No big issue though, it's not like you would ever in a billion years let a kid play with this... which gets sadder the more I think about that. On a angrier happier note, the new spiked tail piece looks superb and is very neatly printed, can't wait to see if it gets used in similar creative fashions as the first one was. In order to show off compare the two SDCC Unikitty versions, I also took a shot of them next to one another: And finally, here's a picture of the whole happy angry family: In conclusion, I really appreciate this version of Unikitty with its unique prints and the new spiked tail which will surely make at least one if not multiple appearances in the LEGO Movie 2 sets. Too bad this is an exclusive since these two expressions are really cool to have and I can't imagine the other expressions included in the set version(s) being as good as these. Let's hope I'm wrong... or get angry
  11. http://www.huffingto..._n_5124829.html Great news! It really pleases me to hear they're addressing could-be-better representation of women the first movie arguably had. :3 So, just for fun, what pre-existing LEGO characters would you like to see in the next LEGO Movie? Here are some of my ideas: (More of) Wonder Woman Fabuland Representatives (like Bonnie Bunny, it'll be funny to see whether they 'count' or not) Ann Lee and the Vampyre/Zombie Brides from Monster Fighters CM's Cheerleader and the (for some reason controversial?) Female Scientist Simpsons Representatives Have fun!