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Found 6 results

  1. A bunch of us have seen the movie already during last week’s early screening, yet everyone who hasn’t seen it yet has to wait until at least February 8th, and in some cases a bit longer given their countries’ local releases (never mind individual circumstances that may keep folks from seeing the movie at earliest opportunity). I therefore thought it might be good to have a dedicated thread for a little while in which everyone here who’s seen it can discuss it to their hearts’ content, with no fear of spoiling it for those still waiting. Perhaps after a while (after it goes to video, say), the thread could be merged with the main thread to unite all discussion in a single thread, and in the meantime both the have-seens and the haven’t-seens can discuss it at length without the one group ruining it for the other. Mods, does that sound good for you?
  2. Hey! Check out my Lego Boeing 737-600! Working: aileron, rudder, elevator, control column RC: flaps, slats, spoilers, landing gear, thrust reverser Length: 110 cm Wingspan: 125 cm Height: 40 cm Weight: 2,8 kg Video here:
  3. Okay, this is something different. If anyone remembers, 42000 was leaked on Ebay a couple of months before the set was actually released. Well, something similar has happened. I was browsing on Ebay earlier today, and I came across an auction for a lot of Lego Technic vehicles that the seller claimed to be prototypes for the 2017 lineup. This is given credence due to the fact that pretty much every model had some parts in colors that are not currently available, or have new pieces. At this point in time, it is unknown how this fellow got his hands on them, whether they were stolen, or sent to him by mistake. I downloaded the pictures, because the auction was taken down not 10 minutes after I checked it out. My phone is out of batteries, and is not really useable while charging, so I can't upload pictures quite yet, so for now, have some descriptions. The auction consisted of four vehicles, which I will detail below. #1, Forklift. The first vehicle was a forklift, maybe a little bit bigger than the one Mahjqa recently posted, but the machine is yellow, and all functions appear to be manual. The lifting of the forks seems to be done by using the 1x11 pneumatic cylinders, but on this model the cylinders are black, and not yellow. There also appears to be a pneumatic tank piece on the back, standing in for a propane tank. I can't tell if this is a new piece or not, it does appear to be a bit smaller than the old tank, and appears to be light bluish gray. There is also a black pump beside the tank, probably the same one used on 42053. Also in the picture was a pallet made out of tan plates, with some kind of brick built equipment on top. Functions are unknown for sure, but it has at least 3 valves, so it has to have at least steering, fork raising, and fork tilt. The second model is much, much larger, being a six wheeled motor grader, again in yellow. It is a medium set, but the cab is small, indicating it is meant to be large. There is a mix of black and yellow pneumatic cylinders, and the blade appears to be made out of some kind of new curved part, like the 3x11 curved panel, but like 4 or 5 studs wide. The tires also appear to be new, like the tires on the Unimog, but smaller.There also appears to be a PF battery box on the back, just ahead of where the engine would be, so there is probably a motorized compressor in there somewhere. There is also a large number of valves, at least three on each side, so there are therefore at least six functions. There also appear to be two knobs on the cab, possibly for front axle and articulated steering. The third model is... Well, I'm not quite sure what it is. It appears to be some kind of spaceplane, given that it what appear to be rocket boosters, although it does not resemble any current spacecraft. What we probably have here is something like 42038, where the set looks plausible, but ultimately is a nonesuch. The set is almost but not quite like a B-1 Lancer,, with a long nose, and swept wings. At the rear are three engines, which are side by side in a row, and above them a split tail. I'm not sure if the engine bell nozzles are new parts or not, but they appear to be new. The model is black and white, and is the only one out of the lot with any stickers, which look rather crude. Under the cockpit is "Orion", and under the tail fin "42067", which we can presume is the set's number. There appear to be new parts that act as the payload bay doors, although sadly the seller did not open them. As for functions, there are two yellow levers on either side, just behind the cockpit, function unknown, as well as a bevel gear on each side, which might connect to a switch. Just in front of the tail is a joystick, similar to 42025, with another yellow lever ahead of that, which might control the rudder. The set appears to be roughly on the level of 42025, but may have some pneumatic functions, as there are some hoses protruding out the underside. All of these models had some weird areas that looked like they came apart due to rough handling. In addition, this set has the new L shaped panels in white, just behind the cockpit. As well, the model has some new panels in the nose, of uncertain dimensions. The final model was by far the biggest, and is the only one that I can definitively identify, a Gottwald AK-912 crane. It has ten axles, using the wheels of 42009, and is quite big. It had no stickers, but was in the yellow and black colors of Shcmidbauer, one of the companies that operated the real crane. Unfortunately, the seller did not know how to put the model together, so the lattice boom and the outriggers were set to the side. The lattice booms appear to use some kind of new part, a beam with holes offset 90 degrees from each other, to make the sides and allow the diagonal beams to connect. Those parts appeared to be rather rough, possible 3D printed? This model was the only one to be flipped on its side, allowing the underside to be seen. It had 4 differentials on it, allowing an accurate number of wheels to be driven, but oddly, the wheel hubs appear to be new, almost but not quite like the 42000 hubs. Those parts appeared to be 3D printed as well, but the actual shape is kind of hard to discern. This model, unlike the rest, has no pneumatics, but there is definitely a PF battery box in the superstructure, just ahead of the first winch. The outriggers are interesting, as they use mini linear actuators, and it seems that at the base of the outrigger is some kind of spline piece to connect to the main truck. Well, that's all for now, let's hope my phone charges, so that I can give you some pictures. In case you haven't guessed by now, April Fools!!!!
  4. SPOILER WARNING FOR UNITE THE MAGIC Now that's out of the way... I recently got Skyra's Castle on sale and started putting it together today and noticed on the sticker a picture of who I assume is Emily's Grandmother as an Elf with Skyra (the two were friends afterall) This got me thinking about making a custom figure of Emily's Grandmother and/or seeing if anyone else has had the same idea. Thus far the only minidolls I have are the ones from the Elves sets so I would need to Brick-Link the parts and I wondered if anyone had any suggestions? I have attached a cropped version of the sticker below. So far I figure I can probably just use Emily's head and possibly torso as it has the pendant on it (perhaps the 2016 Torso will work better as it doesn't have the stripes), though possibly replacing the arms as from the picture it seems the Grandmother Elf is wearing a top with long sleeves. I'm sure there's a leg piece suitable from Friends or Elves but the biggest issue I can see is her hair. I've no idea if there is a suitable hairpiece and I'm guessing I would need to try and add ears myself using modelling putty? Anyway sorry that became a bit of me thinking out loud heehee but as I say any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I'll update this post when/if I make progress on this project :) ~ Xaran Edit: Hmm I guess could work as a purist solution for the hair, though it's red rather than brown (like Emily's hair) but it's a dark red which isn't a million miles away from brown... of course it would still need ears. Now idealy to get the massive ponytail thing going on from the pic some combination of a hairpiece with the piece use for Macy's plume (from Nexo Knights) would work nicely :D
  5. Chilly_Productions

    Goodbye Star Wars Forum

    I am leaving the LEGO Star Wars forum due to spoilers, I haven't heard any yet, but I'm still being careful. Are you taking a break from the Star Wars forum as well?
  6. niteangel

    MOC - Airborne Rally Group

    Hi everyone, it has been some time since I posted here. Finally I managed to complete this MOC. When I first saw 60025, I thought it was too sloppy and modified it to make the Octan Audi R18 LMP. Here with 60027, the same appeared to me. Monster truck? The truck was too weak too, so how about something even more interesting? Airborne Spoilers is now a rally group, let's take a look! Indeed it is quite long! Let's first look at the support jeep! "Hey man, don't take the tools again without letting me know!" "C'mon!" The back of the jeep. It is based on the nice fire captain car, but one layer of brick raised. You know rally tracks are all bumpy and sandy... Second is the truck. It is not just a trailer truck, but also a truck with a little lifting crane! The arm is perfect for maintenance and repair of the rally cars, but seriously it cannot do something too heavy, but these guys say "enough for now"! The final car is of course the rally star, the rally truck! The 6-wheel machine has no problem at all racing through the dessert or wet swamp area. I was planning to put on a lot of sponsor stickers, but I believe it is better to leave it this way... what do you think? "Hey don't move yet! Something to fix at the hood still!" "I can't wait, quick!" Well, the star racer is probably too excited, and the rally truck is not enough for him. He also has his rally bike! Gosh, he is too hyperactive! When the race is over, when the guys are all packed up, someone probably smells it... "a race going on here?" An overview of my MOC based on 60025 and 60027. All my racing crews are here! :) Let me know what you think!