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  1. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Is it true each individual pack from year 2 (excepting the DC promos, of course) has its own Battle Arena, or is it just each new franchise? Are there really 23 Battle Arenas, or "just" 16?
  2. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Huh. Well, that is not quite the payoff for two+ years of wondering I was hoping for... but thanks for answering. :)
  3. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    There's a question I've been asking on and off for over two years now, and I haven't been able to find an answer anywhere, even on Google: And... (bolding for emphasis, twice) And I'm not the only one who wants to know: (Somebody did at least respond to Ashnflash's question, but only with a different question about using a toy pad from one system on another console...) And once again... So... anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? (Oooh, Ferris Bueller's Day Off might've made a fun Level Pack... :p :D ) One more time, for the folks in the back... So, anyway... what does happen with multiple Toy Pads on a single console? It seems preposterous that this still wouldn't be known, more than two years on, but as far as I can tell, no human being in history has ever tried it...
  4. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I think DC Comics has a better claim to being the only Year 1 franchise brought back for Year 2 (via the two promos). Over here, the Back to the Future and Doctor Who Level Packs are still relatively easy to find, and commonly clearanced to half their MSRP. Perhaps availability varies by region? Well... I'd be leery of reading too much into that. LEGO Dimensions utilizes a number of properties that have either a single Ideas set outside the range of packs for this game, or no other LEGO releases at all. I know we'd dearly love a full-blown Doctor Who theme with numerous sets, a Minifigures series, etc., but if it were going to happen I think we'd have heard about it while the Ideas set was still widely, readily available. It certainly isn't the first licensed entertainment property to get an official LEGO treatment that just scratches the surface of what could be done with it, and I'm sure it won't be the last. Alas.
  5. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    They started doing those already, I thought. I picked up Gimli and Eris from there a couple weeks ago or so, and they were 2 for $5 then.
  6. _____________________________________ As for what set(s) I think would be good candidates for reissue, one obvious example to me would be the LEGO Ideas Curiosity Rover. The original had ridiculously limited availability, being sold only online, not in stores, and with two production runs that yielded two exceedingly brief windows of availability, each just days long, a few months apart. It's also not a very large set, and what's more, it doesn't really have a lot of "special" parts - no printed elements, and most of the parts are in common colors, and probably regularly in the factory inventories. LEGO could probably easily whip up a new batch without having to do much more than set up a production line for packing together the parts assortment and printing the boxes and manuals. I'd personally welcome that reissue. But I don't know if they'd bother with that particular set.
  7. Goodness, I hope so. Well, not collectors, but there's a big difference between collectors and investors. I fully get the desire to make money by selling discontinued sets at a premium on the secondary market - in fact, I recently decided to do that myself with some sets of lower interest to me, in order to allow me to buy the new UCS Millennium Falcon - but I don't think it's necessarily good for the greater overall LEGO fandom, particularly the kids who still make up the overwhelming majority of LEGO lovers. I think the overwhelming majority of interest in the big old sets is still from the people who love to have and build and display (and play with?) them, as opposed to people who see them purely as investments. Heck, it has to be that way, even for the investors - after all, the investors have to have someone to sell to other than other investors, or there's no market. I'm sitting on a ton of unopened sets from the last 15 years - mostly not large ones, but still, and they do include a few large ones - and honestly, I'm not really terribly concerned about their aftermarket value. The only thing that concerns me is the enjoyment I'll get from them; my biggest fear concerning their value is whether or not I'd be able to replace them all if I lost them to fire or theft or something. LEGO still is going to retain a ton of secondary market value; it hopefully just won't be insane, and we'll hopefully see less of things like thefts of LEGO from stores and homes, using LEGO for money laundering, etc. I truly do feel for anyone who recently shelled out big money for the original Taj Mahal (though my sympathy is tempered by the fact anyone who can drop $2000 for a LEGO set originally sold for $300 is already better off than most people in this world). But for anyone who bought one and has been sitting on it for the last nine years? Why? They still have a fine, lovely set that's still worth what they paid for it (and a bit more) on the secondary market, and alternately they can still enjoy building it instead of selling it. But they haven't truly "lost" any money - you can't lose what you never had, and if someone bought Taj Mahal for $300 in 2008 and just kept it around all this time, they never had the $2000+ they might have gotten for it if they'd sold it. And it's not like they bought a set and its value actually decreased. As noted, I do plan to sell some sets shortly that have increased in value on the secondary market, but even though it wouldn't benefit me personally as much as the present reality, I'd honestly be happy for those sets' fans if they were still widely available at retail, even though it would mean I'd make far less from them than I think I'm going to.
  8. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    FWIW, one article I've read indicates they actually did in fact plan to release more packs for Year 1 franchises in Year 3, and at least one of them would have been a Doctor Who pack with Missy. If that's the case, LEGODalekbuster523, I know on the one hand it stings terribly that it was apparently in the works and didn't happen. OTOH, at least you have the satisfaction of knowing that all those times in this thread you asked for more packs for Y1 themes in general and Doctor Who in particular, and others told you there's no way they'd ever want to do more Y1 packs, you were actually right about them surely wanting to do more with those properties.
  9. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Has anyone ever determined what happens if one connects two Toy Pads to the same system? To be honest, I doubt it. Unfortunately, I suspect the game may actually have been losing money, and if not, at the very least it surely wasn't very profitable, or they'd have kept releasing material for it. And if the game hadn't made a decent profit in two years of availability, it seems unlikely a third year of new releases would suddenly turn it into the cash cow they'd surely hoped for all along. At least the game did come out rather than being cancelled outright (i.e., never having been released at all), and got dozens of packs from some fantastic licenses and themes, some of which we'll likely never see in any other official LEGO thing. There's still a lot to be glad about with this game, and I think for many of us, there's still a lot left of it to play - I know there is for me, anyway. I now have 22 packs for it, featuring 24 different playable character figures, from 13 different entertainment franchises and LEGO themes, and I plan to keep going.
  10. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    It's that, but it also pertains to Ideas, inasmuch as it concerns acceptable content for Ideas projects.
  11. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    True! But not as many as for Christmas (and the content of all of what sets there are is quite secular).
  12. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Thanks for the tip! As far as I can tell, none of the packs have really begun to climb in price on the secondary market yet, and lots of them are widely available discounted heavily, so it actually seems like a great time to jump in right now, despite the recent discontinuation announcement. That said... bizarrely, it seems the packs that are hardest to find, at least in my area, are the Ninjago ones. One would think that with so many packs produced for that theme, plenty would still be everywhere, but most stores I've checked out lately either still have tons of them at full price (Toys 'R' Us) or apparently clearanced all the Ninjago packs a while ago and sold out (most other places), while they still have plenty of all the other Year 1 stuff. Ninjago is therefore one of the only two Year 1 themes I don't have anything from yet (the other being Midway Arcade, since I haven't gotten that Level Pack yet). I did recently see the Sensei Wu and Lloyd Fun Packs at a local Target, but they were still $11.99 or so, and I know they're out there somewhere on clearance, so I'm holding out for better prices (had the game not been confirmed as discontinued, I'd probably be more open to buying stuff at full price so as to better support it, but since we're past the point at which it can be saved, I'm just trying to get the best deals I can, so I can better afford it all).
  13. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Perhaps, but even if kids get toys at Chanukah to anywhere nearly the same extent as other kids do at Christmas, I did say "most" holidays. If Christmas toy-giving excess is matched or exceeded by fewer than half of all other holidays, I think my statement remains entirely true, and I don't think there's a case to be made that New Years' Day, Presidents Day, Boxing Day, Día de Muertos, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Easter, Halloween, Columbus / Indigenous Peoples Day, Cinco de Mayo, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Life Day, Captain Picard Day, etc. are routinely observed with toy blessings rivaling those we see at Christmas.
  14. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Because most other holidays' secular traditions don't revolve around giving children toys the way Christmas traditions do. For lots of families with kids in LEGO's core target age range, Christmas is practically all about toys.
  15. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Just confirmed both in-store and on the website that the Lloyd Fun Pack promo is available with both the PS4 and XBoxOne Starter Packs, but no others - it's for the two current top-of-the-line systems only. My local Target still has some PS4 Starters with the Supergirl promo as well as others with Lloyd, and still others with none at all.