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  1. What is your favorite Lego Theme?

    (Classic) Space, Adventurers, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, LEGO Ideas, LEGO Dimensions, Minifigures, Mindstorms, The LEGO Movie / LEGO Cinematic Universe (LEGO Batman, Ninjago, etc movies), LEGO Universe, Winter Village...
  2. What franchise should Lego do next?

    Tom Baker holds a special place in my Whovian heart as well. I think they can do the TARDIS more than once, just as Hogwarts, the Millennium Falcon, the Batcave, etc. have all been done multiple times. The TARDIS is particularly fitting for this treatment, since while the exterior changes little, the interior changes quite a bit. There’s also Bessie, various UNIT and Dalek things, and so on. Obviously there’s no way Doctor Who will ever be a huge theme à la Star Wars, but there’s certainly room for more than what they’ve done. If nothing else, I can easily imagine them doing Brickheadz. Sure, but by that standard, hardly any LEGO ever sells well, since most mass-market sets get discounted at some point or another.
  3. Why hasn't Johnny Thunder come back?

    Agreed, that would have been awesome. Well, that’s pretty much what they did with the previous Indy theme... and with Toy Story, and even with Star Wars for that matter (and also with The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, if one considers them as one big “Middle-Earth” theme). Each of those was a classic entertainment franchise that had been around for years without ever having had LEGO sets, and for which LEGO used the occasion of new installments years after the previous ones to launch new themes based on them. In each case, they started with a launchwave, released months before the new movie, consisting of sets based on the previous installments, and followed it with a “new movie wave” consisting of sets from the new release. Some licensed themes they’ve handled differently, but this seems to be a frequent approach of theirs (and other toy companies as well, I believe).
  4. Why hasn't Johnny Thunder come back?

    I actually don’t see why we can’t consider Pharaoh’s Quest a de facto Adventurers subtheme itself. While Johnny Thunder isn’t in it, the name “Jake Raines” was clearly chosen as a sly reference to the character names from the original theme, and it could easily be considered just another set of characters from the same universe. The general milieu is pretty much the same as in the original, Egypt-focused Adventurers line. _______________________ Of course, it’s likely LEGO Indiana Jones will return when the character hits the big screen again in a couple years. I certainly hope so...
  5. Why hasn't Johnny Thunder come back?

    The City subthemes appear to reflect not only real-world exploration, but very contemporary stylings of it, while Johnny Thunder and his adventures are more Indiana Jones-esque, not only in the more fantastical story elements, but also in their temporal setting; they harken back to a different era, when much less of the world was known (at least to the western world). Johnny isn’t really connected to the Arctic and Jungle City subthemes the same way. I think Dino was also, while obviously fantastical, more rooted in contemporary times (and contemporaneously-set science fiction and fantasy) than the more romanticized era of Indy’s “high adventure years” or Johnny’s prior exploits - more Jurassic Park than The Lost World (the latter meaning the Doyle story or its movie adaptation rather than the sequel to the former). Pharaoh’s Quest, though, is much more a Johnny Thunder sort of milieu, and he would make sense there - but indeed, he had a spiritual heir in Jake Raines. Even the character names in Pharaoh’s Quest seem to reference the earlier Adventurers lines, enough that I for one like to consider it kind of an extension of them.
  6. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I meant to follow up on this earlier, but let it slip. But anyway, they’ve done three of the interviews for this batch now (with the first back on Monday, April 30th, and the others following a week apart), and have... two left to go, since three of the remaining projects are by a single contributor (!). If they maintain the usual pattern of interviews a week apart and then reveal the review results a week after the final interview, that would put the review results announcement on Monday, June 4, two weeks and a day after this post. So... just a couple weeks to go! And unlike with most of the reviews (especially this far before the announcement), this time we already know at least one project has been approved. I’m guessing it’ll be the Pop-Up Book, and I’m also hoping for more than one. Note that RobenAnne has not one, not two, but three of his lovely maritime coastal buildings in this review, the most projects any one Ideas submitter has ever had in a single batch. Since the presence of multiple similar projects in a review can be considered by LEGO to be an indicator of particular interest in the subject matter, I’d say it’s not entirely out of the question that we get one more of his projects approved, to complement the Old Fishing Store (just so long as that earlier set has sold well). There’s no telling and no guarantee, obviously, but with three in a single review, I think this is the best opportunity and likeliest chance there’ll ever be for a companion piece to the OFS to be approved.
  7. What franchise should Lego do next?

    I’ll second (third, fourth, fifth?) Trollhunters and Star Trek. I’ll also agree Doctor Who should have more of a theme than an Ideas set and a small number of LEGO Dimensions packs, and add that the same is true of Adventure Time. Same with Back to the Future, for that matter - but that is indeed getting at least one new set. Perhaps we can look forward to Adventure Time and Doctor Who BrickHeadz? For extant but dormant full-blown themes, Indiana Jones is at the top of my list. I think it actually has a strong chance of returning in 2020 when the franchise gets its next screen installment; the others here are less certain, but you never know... Oh, and I do also think Sesame Street and The Muppets would be great, as well.
  8. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I think it depends on the show. Certainly anything tied to, say, the MCU Netflix stuff is adult-focused, but I think things like the current Supergirl and Flash series can have stuff for kids. But I don’t know what’s actually out there. Hmmm... not there for me either (on the home page, anyway). But it’s only one of five projects officially currently In Review that don’t show up, along with the Boat House Diner, LEGO Mystery Science Theater 3000, the Acclamator Class Assault Ship, and I am Amelia Earhart. I’m not sure, but I think it’s just a matter of there being seventeen projects currently in review while the review carousel on the home page maxes out at twelve.
  9. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    With the MCU, the movies are much higher profile than the TV shows, and a bigger priority for LEGO to do sets from them. And with there now being three MCU movies a year, LEGO is hard-pressed to even fully cover the movies, never mind all the shows.
  10. The Flinstones (LEGO ideas)

    I’m a much bigger fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 than I am of The Flintstones, and as such I’d much rather see the former project approved as a set, but I acknowledge MST3K is more of a niche-appeal franchise than the mass-appeal Flintstones. I also think that while The Flintstones could benefit from special new molds à la The Simpsons, Andrew Clark’s beautiful project elegantly demonstrates how well the characters can work with conventional minifigures for the humans and a brick build for Dino. The MST3K project’s creator has done about as outstanding a job of representing the characters in LEGO using extant parts as I suspect is possible, but the limitations of non-custom parts mean Crow (and to a lesser extent, Tom, but mostly Crow) is just really, really tough to nail with any detail at minifigure scale - either he’s going to be so simplified as to be tough to recognize, or he’s going to be wildly oversized compared to the other characters. But LEGO does have some extraordinarily talented builders who could hopefully prove me wrong on that. Even if not, and the set wound up with a much-oversized Crow, I’d still love it if it looked as good as this still does. But I just don’t think it’ll happen. The Flintstones is more likely, and while I’m not as crazy about the franchise, I do think the creator has done a sterling job of recreating the show in brick, and deserves all the recognition. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing that project approved.
  11. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Well, keep in mind the decision isn’t entirely in LEGO’s hands when it comes to a licensed project.
  12. Just 2017? Jeez, I think there are multiple retired sets that I wish I'd gotten from every single year I've been alive. Heck, there are multiple retired sets that I did get that I wish I'd gotten more copies of. I have a ton of regrets from LEGO Ideas, Castle, and various licensed themes in particular, but since this is the City forum I'll just briefly focus on a few City regrets. I wish I'd gotten the Legends reissues of Breezeway Café and Main Street, the Town Plan, all the modulars I don't have (I possess only Palace Cinema), the Horizon Express, the Community Workers minifigure packs, all the My Own Train stuff, and far too many others to mention them all, even without getting to stuff released in my dark ages.
  13. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The immensely talented JKBrickworks, the same builder who gave us the Maze, whose Pop-Up Book collaboration with Grant_Davis is currently in review, and who previously had the Particle Accelerator considered, actually submitted a lovely da Vinci Flying Machine a while back. It would have made a marvelous set, but shockingly expired with only 785 supporters. I think too few people noticed it, or perhaps didn’t realize from the thumbnail it was more than a static sculpture; it really must be seen in action in the video to be fully appreciated. I hope he resubmits it.
  14. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Yeah, I noticed that (and apologies for the late reply!). I’ll try to get that taken care of. Photobucket used to be really useful for me, but obviously isn’t any longer. Granted, that’s because I’m not a paying user, but I can’t help it - I need all my money for LEGO!!! Anyway, I’ll try to fix that in the near future. I need to set up accounts on those other services anyway...
  15. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I’m inclined to agree.