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  1. Blondie-Wan

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I guess what I’m thinking is “what kind of change”? I suspect the big jump in the number of things hitting the 10k goal (and doing so quickly) lately is principally a side effect of the current pandemic, so they might want to effect changes that can be reversed once the situation is over. Also, I’d hope it would be something along the lines of just approving more projects each time around and allocating more production time to Ideas sets, as opposed to simply declining a larger percentage.
  2. Blondie-Wan

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    How so?
  3. Blondie-Wan

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Yep - the Southwest airliner. I was just coming to note that myself (that the batch is now 16 projects).
  4. Blondie-Wan

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The Second Review batch will close a bit earlier than that; the cutoffs for the batches are on specific dates, rather than whenever the previous batches finish their reviews (since the reviews typically take a little longer than the four months that the batches take to fill up, this means that immediately after a batch closes there’s typically an overlap period of a few weeks or so when two batches are in review at the same time - the one that just entered review and the one that’s nearly done). I don’t know the exact date and time (though it should be on the Ideas site somewhere), but the Second 2020 Review batch should close sometime around the beginning of September, not the end. Even so, it’ll still be huge - heck, at fifteen it’s already larger than any batch ever except for the last one, and there are still about two months left for it to gather more projects.
  5. Blondie-Wan

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    But surely selling one or two sets to such people is better than selling them no sets. _____________________________________ There are now 14 projects in the Second 2020 Review batch already, and it’s still June! How many will there be by the time the batch closes at the end of August / beginning of September?
  6. Blondie-Wan

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Yep. With how the whole Ideas program has grown, as well as the general state of affairs in the world, they might have to either allot more production capacity to Ideas sets, or start applying even tougher selection criteria to which ideas they approve. Otherwise, they could find the queue of Approved Ideas stretching out longer and longer.
  7. Blondie-Wan

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I think the burden of proof ought to lie on whoever suggested the Typewriter took the place of some other project in the first place. And sure, there may not be ironclad, incontestable proof, but our whole understanding of how Ideas works lends credence to the statement to which you were responding. Prior to the first time TLG selected two projects from a single review, there was a common (mis)perception that each review was essentially a contest with one “winner”, even though the Ideas team had always held out the possibility multiple things could be approved from a single review, and that if they were they’d be queued for production. Since then we’ve had several reviews in which two (or more!) things were approved at once, as well as multiple reviews in which nothing was approved. They’ve also had multiple projects held beyond their original reviews for further consideration. All this strongly indicates - doesn’t prove, no, but strongly supports the idea - that they’re not trying to hit some specific target number of approvals each time, but are instead simply evaluating each idea on its own and whether it’s something they’re able to do and can make a business case for. Whether one particular project meets their criteria doesn’t affect whether another one does, and if they’d declined the typewriter it doesn’t mean that some other project would have been instead. There have been multiple occasions where they haven’t approved anything. As MAB notes, approving this many projects at once (three) is pretty unusual anyway; it’s actually only the second time it’s happened. I find it extremely unlikely that if one of these three projects hadn’t existed, they’d have approved a different one in its place.
  8. Blondie-Wan

    Cataloging the LEGO licenses

    Update: added Home Alone (!) and Seinfeld (!!!), per today’s LEGO Ideas Review results announcement.
  9. Blondie-Wan

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Sure, but even if it’s popular “only” in the US, given the size of the US that can still mean a lot. Look again at the figures in the article I linked and quoted - Netflix paid over half a billion dollars for the rights to stream the show for five years. There’s a reason for that. They don’t shell out that kind of money for the streaming rights for just any old show... Of course, that still doesn’t mean it’s a particularly natural brand fit for LEGO... but in a world in which there have been official LEGO products for The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, Gremlins, James Bond, Friends, and Stranger Things, a Seinfeld set doesn’t seem as bizarre as it once would have.
  10. Blondie-Wan

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Wow, a lot of folks here are really clueless about just what a huge show Seinfeld was. I’m not a fan myself, but it was a massive hit, and is still a big deal even today - enough that Netflix recently paid “far more than” $500 million for the streaming rights. I can understand being perplexed by the selection on a brand-fit basis, as Seinfeld isn’t really a kids’ show, but in terms of pure popularity it’s one of the biggest American TV shows in history.
  11. Blondie-Wan

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Overlapping or similar subject matter might prevent an entire theme, but for a single set I don’t think it’d be much of an issue.
  12. Blondie-Wan

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I’m assuming this was intended as a joke.
  13. Blondie-Wan

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I have no doubt LEGO evaluates data on just such matters for every Ideas project that reaches review. My personal impression is that Community definitely doesn’t have the broad mainstream popularity of Friends or The Big Bang Theory, but that a much higher percentage of its viewers are the sorts of devoted fans of the show that would (do) buy merchandise like LEGO sets. I honestly don’t know whether it’d do better or worse than those other sets (for that matter, I’m really not in a position to judge whether those others have done well or not, since it’s not like I see LEGO’s sales data). I will say, though, that I think Community is a better brand fit for LEGO than either Friends or The Big Bang Theory, which frankly both really surprised me when they were announced. Honestly, none of the three is exactly something that screams “LEGO needs to do this!” to me, but Community is (IMO) cleverer and more offbeat while at the same time more heartfelt and sincere, in ways that feel to me like it would be a better match for both the humor and heart of LEGO (alongside the imagination and creativity). Yeah, Harmon has by his own admission been guilty of a number of such things, like no small number of people both in and out of Hollywood. FWIW, he later made a lengthy admission of and apology for his behavior on his podcast and the writer, Megan Ganz, accepted what she called a master class in how to apologize, and forgave him; I imagine LEGO surely considers matters like that in their evaluations as well. From what I understand of it (and given the histories of some of the other people behind things they’ve licensed), I don’t think it’s something that would prevent them from doing it, but one never knows (of course, if it’s declined, we almost certainly will never know whether it’s for a specific reason, or if they just decided the project just doesn’t have that compelling factor that makes this one of the things they should approve out of all the many worthwhile ideas that cross their desks).
  14. Blondie-Wan

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I’m not sure how that’s a “fake” support. Isn’t that how most support for projects works - at least for ones based on licensed pop-culture properties? For LEGO, part of the whole appeal of doing an Ideas set for something like The Big Bang Theory or Yellow Submarine is the fact people who aren’t necessarily fans of LEGO but who are fans of that show or of the Beatles might buy the set; for LEGO, it means they have a chance to sell sets to people who don’t normally buy them. That’s true for lots of Ideas projects, perhaps even most of them. In order to get support, any Ideas creator needs to reach out beyond just LEGO fandom; they need to get supports from people interested in whatever thing is being represented in the project. That means all those space projects get their support not just from LEGO fans but also space enthusiasts. Projects based on TV shows get support from not just LEGO fans but also fans of those shows. And so on. That’s an inherent part of how the whole thing works. Yes, that does mean an awful lot of the people supporting projects on Ideas are folks who just sign up to support one specific project that’s relevant to their interests, and then never return. That doesn’t mean their support is “fake”; it’s just part of how Ideas works.
  15. Blondie-Wan

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I think you misunderstand my point. I was merely pointing out Community is not something super-obscure. Having said that, I do have to take issue with some of what you’ve said here. You appear to be using “classy” and “classic” interchangeably. Friends and The Big Bang Theory are indeed both older than Community, and it could be argued they’re classics of television, but neither is really classy. Moreover, if it’s truly about years, as you say, you should be aware Community came out in 2009, so it’s over a decade old already. That’s still younger than Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Friends, Doctor Who, The Flintstones, Yellow Submarine, and Mickey Mouse / “Steamboat Willie”, to be sure. On the other hand, it’s older than Adventure Time. It’s older than WALL•E was when it got its Ideas set. It’s older than Minecraft. And as a matter of fact, it’s several years older now than The Big Bang Theory was when it got its set. If you’re arguing that The Big Bang Theory deserved its LEGO set on the basis of the show being a well-established classic, that actually supports the idea that Community deserves to be a set rather than refuting it. The Big Bang Theory was seven years old when its Ideas set was approved, and still a little less than eight by the time the set was released. Community on the other hand is now already over ten years old. None of this is to say they definitely will or won’t approve a Community set. I’m just saying the age of the show isn’t really important. What’s important is how popular the show remains, and whether its fans are interested in merchandise for it.