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  1. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I think it's at least partly because the size and piece count of the Ship in a Bottle project was not as central a part of the concept as that of the Addams Family house. They also didn't downsize the Ship in a Bottle from project to set nearly as drastically as the difference between the earlier and current Addams Family house projects - the final Ship in a Bottle set may be a bit smaller than the submitted project, but it's not less than half the piece count of the original, as is the case with the two Addams Family projects.
  2. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Ah, okay!
  3. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Well, huh. Is there anyone here who plays it on multiple platforms?
  4. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Perhaps, but I did point out things that you or others might not have realized (and had you not found it a "tldr" post, you might have realized it wasn't a rant, just a set of observations). That said, looking back I do see my post was much longer than it needed to be. Perhaps I'll go back and pare it down later.
  5. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    It's not exactly the same project (nor is either project merely a mod of the Haunted House). It is a very similar project, and one by the same submitter - essentially a pared-down version of the earlier submission - but a critical difference is that the version (s)he originally submitted had over 7,000 pieces, while the current one has fewer than 3,000, in accord with the new rules. It is entirely reasonable to think that a version of the famous house with under 3000 pieces might be approved when one with over 7000 was not. The size / piece count of the original submission was clearly a factor in its rejection, and obviously a different take on the same subject matter that uses far fewer parts has a much better chance - no guarantee, of course, but better than before. There is no rule against submitting projects of the same subject matter as previous projects that have been reviewed and declined. Different projects can receive different evaluations, even they share the same subject matter. Different piece counts are just one reason a project might possibly be approved when a previous model of the same subject was declined; another might be the time of review. For example, consider the Lone Ranger issue Faefrost mentioned above in his response to Digger of Bricks. A while back, when LEGO still let us know why projects were declined, there was a lovely Modular Western Town project that was declined because it unfortunately conflicted with the terms of LEGO's license for their then-upcoming Lone Ranger theme (though of course the project submitter didn't know that at the time of submission). From what we understand, their license prevented them from offering any other Western sets or themes at the same time they'd be offering the Lone Ranger sets, meaning not just that particular project (which was also unrealistically large anyway), but any other "old West"-style project that had the misfortune to enter review at that time would be automatically declined on those grounds even before being evaluated on other factors - but since their Lone Ranger license is no longer active, the same thing wouldn't happen now, and other Western projects submitted now might have a chance when they wouldn't have then. They might even permit the exact same Modular Western Town project to be resubmitted (if it weren't so big that they'd now reject it right off the bat for being over 3000 pieces). In other words, just because an Addams Family house project was reviewed and rejected once doesn't mean there's zero chance they'll ever approve one in the future, and it certainly doesn't mean no one can ever submit a project of that subject matter again. (Though it's not exactly the same situation, it is worth noting that they have in fact at least once approved a project based on a particular licensed property even after declining a previous project based on the same property. Some years ago they reviewed and rejected an Adventure Time project, and then the year before last they approved a different, later one. It's true that the two projects were quite different - the first was for a build of an iconic structure seen in the show, at either minifigure scale or a smaller, Architecture-like scale, while the second one that got approved was for a set of larger-than-minifigures brick-built figures, similar to Miniland figures. But it does illustrate that a project based on a licensed theme can have a chance even when they've previously rejected projects based on that theme.)
  6. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Thanks for the info! I guess this game is a space hog both on the hard drive and on the shelf. _________________________________________ I picked up a few more packs the other day, including my first Story Pack (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them). I now have all but fifteen packs (2 Story, 2 Level, 3 Team, and 8 Fun), and have nearly completed a set of all of Year One - the Lloyd Fun Pack is the only one I still need from the first year. I'm kind of amazed by it, but I think I'm actually going to get a complete collection of this particular LEGO theme (not counting all the different platforms' versions of the Starter Pack, just at least one of each figure and build).
  7. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    This is very much me. I was going there daily, or close to daily, for a long time, but I've been mostly inactive on Ideas for a while now. There's a number of websites I frequent at various times, but it seems like I have the energy to regularly keep up with only some of them in any one given period, so I go through phases where I visit a particular site regularly, followed by periods where I leave it alone for months, and I cycle various sites into and out of my daily habits. Then I start to return to them months later, while temporarily abandoning others. In the case of LEGO Ideas, it means my user history shows I was going there constantly for a while, supporting projects, leaving comments, etc., but then just kind of fell away from it, and have gone back only sporadically since. But I do plan to become a regular participant again, especially since I plan to submit my own projects eventually. And yeah, I'm really looking forward to seeing the TRON and Voltron projects.
  8. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    How large is a full install of the game with all Story, Level, etc. Packs on the PS4?
  9. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    At long last, after amassing dozens of add-on packs, I've finally acquired the actual game itself - a PS4 Starter Pack, complete with Supergirl promo. I also have picked up a few other packs recently, and now have all the Year One stuff except the Sensei Wu and Lloyd Fun Packs (well, those and the Starters for the other four platforms ), plus the Supergirl and Green Arrow promos, the Mission: Impossible Level Pack, the Gremlins Team Pack, and the LEGO City Undercover and The LEGO Batman Movie Fun Packs. Now I just need 21 more packs (and a PS4)...
  10. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    The Green Arrow promo arrived today. Huzzah! "Just" 28 packs to go, now, including the Supergirl promo and a Starter Pack (counting them as two packs, though of course I hope/plan to get them together in one purchase).
  11. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I don't have any of the "regular" Scooby-Doo! sets. I'd like to have them, but unfortunately my limited funds just don't cover everything I'd like, and they're lower priorities than sets from many other themes (as well as various non-LEGO concerns). Good to know! Perhaps there are tricks and tweaks one can do to minimize glitchiness and maximize performance.
  12. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Quite possibly. They do reject the majority of projects that reach review, after all. However, we don't know exactly why they declined the Red Arrows BAE Hawk. The association with contemporary military stuff is certainly a possibility, but they've done similar planes before; indeed, it's possible it was declined for being too much like stuff they've already done (or are doing), rather than being something they absolutely don't do.
  13. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    BTW, I know the first packs were released over two years ago now (and in fact, it's now nearly three years since we got our first look at them), but incredibly, I don't think anyone has mentioned yet (not in this thread, anyway) that in the box artwork for the Benny Fun Pack, the Classic Space emblem on his chest is backwards (!). Presumably the actual original art is right, and just got flipped for the packaging and no one in the marketing graphics department caught the error that flip introduced. I think the fact he's floating upside-down kept people from noticing it right away, but I can't believe no one noticed it for over two years...
  14. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I have certainly gotten that impression. I think that unfortunately, the Wii U just doesn't handle more than the Starter Pack and a handful of additional levels, Adventure Worlds and Battle Arenas very well. My guess (with the caveat that I haven't played the Wii U and don't personally have any knowledge of its limitations) is that Wii U players are fine with the Starter Pack and packs for a few additional franchises beyond DC, The LEGO Movie, and The Lord of the Rings (and can go to town getting all the characters they want for that small handful of themes), but any time they add anything that actually adds to the total game environment to run around in, it tends to cause a few more problems, and the issues multiply rapidly as one adds more and more new worlds. Apparently (again, this is me guessing based on what I've read, but I admit I'm the farthest thing from an expert), Wii U players should just pick whatever handful of themes they like most, and then use packs for only those themes. I think that's probably what most average gamers do anyway, but of course some of us would like to get everything (both for gameplay and for the physical LEGO) and 100% the game, and unfortunately the Wii U is just not a good system to do that on.
  15. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Ugh, sorry to hear it. What platform are you playing on? Sorry to hear that, too. I didn't realize what country you were in when I posted, and I don't know what pack availability is like in other countries (or even in other parts of the US, for that matter). I hope you can still snag the Scooby Team. I'm in the opposite boat from you - I have the Scooby-Doo Team Pack for LEGO Dimensions, but none of the other, "regular" sets for Scooby-Doo, and now they're tough to find, alas. Of the four Team Packs from Year One, the Jurassic World one is the most plentiful in the areas I've been able to shop in, then the Scooby-Doo! one, then the DC one - that one's pretty rare around here, now, but not quite impossible to find yet - and then finally the Ninjago one, which I haven't seen anywhere in quite a while. Online searching revealed there's at least one copy at a GameStop a bit more than an hour's drive away from me; fortunately it appears they'll ship it to a GameStop closer to me, where I can pick it up. Also, while (hopefully) taking care of that Ninjago Team Pack today, I also finally acquired the Ghostbusters Stay-Puft Fun Pack and the Gremlins Team Pack. This brings the number of character figures I have - not counting ones I'm waiting on, just ones I now have in hand - to 38, just over half of the total 75. I'm getting there!