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Found 5 results

  1. I really like this set, and even it has IMO a great gearbox, one of the first things I was thinking of after completing the build, was how to make it RC. I guess most of the six functions are straight forward, but operation of the claw is obviously more tricky. I tried to figure out if it was possible to operate the claw by the hoist string. I realized that it is possible to transfer motion to a pulley in the claw simply by pulling the string on one side of the pulley, and letting out on the other side. The claw should then in theory be kept at the same level, and the motion transfered to the pulley could be used to drive the m-LA. To achieve this, I have used two reels, each of them connected to the ouputs of a subtractor (geared down 1:3 with Z12 and Z36 double bevel gears). If using tracked vehicle implementation of a subtractor as a reference, the "drive" part is done with a M motor driving a worm gear that in turn drives a Z8 spur gear. The "turn" part is done by a XL motor, directly driving the differential housings. I probably could use a L motor as well, thus avoid the coasting of the XL. The string I have used, is simple string for packing purposes. I guess it is better (and more puristic) to use the thick LEGO string, as it looks better, is more solid and no twisting. Problem is, can I get a thick LEGO string that is long enough? Please don't judge from the aesthetics, the main goal for me at this stage was to demonstrate the idea, and I have not put a lot of effort in the looks, or making it compact. Link to video: Here is my own judge for the idea: Pros: IMO it looks more clean than a hanging motor with it's supplying wires. Both hoisting and claw operation may be done simultaneously. Able to operate two functions with a simple string. Adding mechanical complexity to the model, something I like. Cons: The torque delivered to the m-LA is limited, so the grip of the claw is not very strong. It should be apx. equal amount of string on both reals, to achieve claw operation without changing the level of the claw. Claw operation is depending on friction between the string and the claw pulley. If the the claw is resting on the ground or the object it should lift, it will not work. Probably not real-life-like implementation of claw operation. Another idea I have, still not tested, is to convert the hoist string into a closed loop. the claw implementation is the same, with a pulley driving the m-LA. On the tip of the boom, there is a pulley, driven by cross axles from the super structure (the reason for location on the tip of the boom is to reduce length of the string, and number of pulleys, to reduce friction). The hoist may then be done by two pulleys pulled along the boom, towards the super structure. One of the advantages of this implementation, if it works, is that "Con #2" above is eliminated. I don't know if this description makes sense to you, I will try to test this version also. Main problem is, how to make a long, closed loop of LEGO string, without any bumps. I appreciate any feedback, including cons. And I also hope to inspire some of you to come up with a better solution. PS: Somebody who knows how to embed a "visual" youtube link, like most of the others do (I didn't figure out)?
  2. Hello everyone, as i didn't see any Mods topic for this set, i decided to start it myself, and to start, i would like to share with you the LDD file for the official set (not sure if there was one already), there are some parts missing and some pieces are not fully connected (could i have used developer mode to solve this? yes, but for some reason i decided just to place apart the pieces i couldn't fit in), here is the model: Missing parts: -x4 24118 Panels in Dark Purple (Brick-built and grouped in the model) -x11 6167281 (I didn't add any substitute) -x1 6187734 (The rope) LDD file: And next is my modifications for this set so far, the first thing that i wanted to do was to put wheels and tires, and because this is an snow-themed set, i decided to put tumbler tires, and i knew that these tires didn't look good in those very wide axles, with these tires the vehicle would look silly, but after narrowing the axle a little bit, i think it is looking like an authentic snow expedition vehicle (it even looks like an JLTV from the sides), i also changed some colors, but is just a test (the model is still WIP): The goal is XL-Motor for drive, Servo Motor for steering and M or L-Motor for the winch (and possibly some lights): I hope you like it, i will try to make more improvements, and i am looking forward to see more modifications by any other member, have happy modding.
  3. One thing that bothers me is that when the hatch fully opens, I have to turn the switch back to neutral position, or else the fans will stop spinning. So in step 14, I replace the clutch gear with the normal 24z gear: while in step 20 I use two clutch gears instead. I tested this out and found out that the clutch gear on the wheel retraction side was too weak that it slips before moving the wheel. The clutch gear on the VTOL side does slip too just not as often. So totally NOT recommend this MOD.
  4. So I've been feeling down lately about my builds lately. No matter what I do I can't seem to make my builds any better. My pirate ships turn out super blocky, my space ships look like flying boxes. I can't make a lab scene for the life of me. And then I see builders like @Bob De Quatre, @Ayrlego, and @Henjin_Quilones who produce absolutely FANTASTIC builds, (sorry to call you out guys, but all of you are great) And I desperately want to be like them. Maybe it's simple envy, but I really admire their work, and wish I could be even half as good as a builder as any of them. So really what I'm asking is how do I become a better builder? Do I order more parts on bricklink so I don't have to scrounge as much? Do I actually learn how to use LDD? Take more time when I build? Use less parts? Any suggestions are welcome
  5. Hello star wars lego people. Proxy here, first post. I've been collecting the star wars sets for a couple years now. I have a bad habit of buy two of each set to see if I can combine them into an improved version of the set. My latest run was at the Mos Eisely Cantina. Using two Cantina sets, along with some left over parts from my advanced Jabba's Palace, I made the follow improvements. I'm not 100% complete and satisfied with it yet, but its a good start. I wanted to keep the same feel as the original set, and not build something insanely accurate to the movies. I feel this still holds onto the heart of a lego set. Exterior Front entrance with Stormtrooper patrol 20140823_153120 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Stormtrooper patrol 20140823_153135 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Front view of the Cantina's side 20140823_153323 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Rear view of the Cantina's Side 20140823_153306 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Rear entrance 20140823_153254 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Interior Set still folds open as originally designed 20140823_153426 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Improved bar 20140823_153646 by artisanproxy, on Flickr I used the face from the Rancor handler for the bartender 20140823_153623 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Background characters on new wall (Bossk is totally getting a lap dance) 20140823_153557 by artisanproxy, on Flickr The band has been filled out to 20140823_153542 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Wall Tops Removed The side wall ceilings are removable for playability 20140823_153755 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Side view with ceilings removed 20140823_153811 by artisanproxy, on Flickr Top down view 20140823_153747 by artisanproxy, on Flickr I have advanced versions of some other sets I can post as well.