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  1. Thank you. It is a pity I will be too late to see this amazing buildings in person.
  2. @DK_Titan When exactly in Aarchus? I will be there arround 20th Jun traveling to Norway and I can't find anything labeled 'KLODFEST' in Aarchus.
  3. Subix

    MOC Dragon mountain

    Wonderfull foliage.
  4. Ursuilne Church of the Holy Trinity was built back in 1718 in Ljubljana. It stands at the top of the Kongres square. Due to major earthquake in 1895 it had to be renovated in 1930 but it was not significanly changed and kept it Baroque style facade. I tried to reproduse it as acurate as possible. I did some slight color variation dute to bricks I have. Major challange was double cross at the top to keep it thinn. A car wrench and Batman weapon was a fix for that. Also there is illegal joint used to attach diagonal placed fence with three 1x1 round bricks. Side ones are for a margin bended inwards to be placed between studs of bottom plate. Not visible in photos.
  5. Keep up, we are with you!
  6. Subix

    MOC Sorting bricks

    Sorting parts is the dark side of bricks. On your vignette it looks fun!
  7. Subix

    [MOC] Byblios

    Impressive texture!
  8. Subix

    [MOC] Nuclear Building

    Well done!
  9. Subix


    Very good building! I realy do love roof patterns. Only stained glass windows design do not pair with above rounded windows.
  10. Subix

    Celje Hall

    There is no interior. Only support structure and cross beams to back wall.
  11. Subix

    Celje Hall

    Celje Hall was built in 1906. It is a landmark of Celje city and I tried to reproduce it in bricks for its 110 anveirsary. More pics at: Original:
  12. Subix

    Dracula Castle

    Lovely castel. I like 'hanging' little tower the most.
  13. Subix


    Clever part usage for keys.
  14. Subix

    MOC Mirror Lake Cottage

    Great job with the round base. House is splendid!