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  1. Collector245

    Unknown LEGO Sets...

    Thank you for the information. I really appreciate it I have enjoyed your collectors guide.
  2. Collector245

    Unknown LEGO Sets...

    Hello, I recently acquired a 1956-1957 German wooden box set and I have a few questions about it. On my box there is only space for one sliding lid but all the information I can find on these sets says there should be space for 2 sliding lids. The back of my lid is blank but there should be a town plan board on the back. Any information on this set would be greatly appreciated. I can send you pictures by email if that would help. Thank You, William
  3. Collector245

    Hi. My name is Max and i have some questions :)

    Hello Max, I had the same problem with private message. It says you need to have 10 posts in order to send or receive private messages. I am glad you haven't forgotten about me. In terms of how the deal would work, once we agree on a price I would advance you the funds for the item plus shipping via Paypal, Apple pay or another payment method that works for you. Good luck with verifying the set I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, William
  4. Collector245

    Hi. My name is Max and i have some questions :)

    Hello Max, Following up on my earlier post, have you given any more thought on selling this set. Please let me know. You can private message me if you prefer. Thank you, William
  5. Collector245

    Hello from Dan, UK

    Hello and welcome to Eurobricks!
  6. Collector245

    Hi everybody

    Hello and welcome to Eurobricks!
  7. Collector245

    BrickJonas just arrived!

    Welcome to Eurobricks!
  8. Collector245

    Hello from the U.S!

    Hello and Welcome to Eurobricks!
  9. Collector245

    Hi There

    Welcome to Eurobricks!
  10. Collector245


    Welcome to Eurobricks! Which classic sets are you building?
  11. Collector245

    Hello from Spain!

    Welcome to Eurobricks!
  12. Collector245

    Hi. My name is Max and i have some questions :)

    Hello Max, That is something like what I had in mind. Except the 2x2 bricks in the middle of the set should be done like the ones behind the baseplate Also the 2x4 bricks should be checkerboarded but in groups of two bricks.
  13. Collector245

    Hi. My name is Max and i have some questions :)

    Hi Max, The bricks in the set should be in a checkerboard pattern. If that helps and the extra 2x2 bricks might just fit in the box. Also you should try putting some behind the baseplate. If you do the checkerboard pattern will you please post pictures! I would love to see it. Also I you living in Sweden is not a deciding factor I am still interested. Regards, William Hi Max Sorry I forgot to post this but the checkerboard pattern can be challenging and if you need help just ask me or look up photos of Lego ABB 700-2. Please note that not all photos have the right checkerboard pattern as they are almost all different. Regards, William
  14. Collector245

    Hi. My name is Max and i have some questions :)

    Hello Max, I have some answers for you! You have come across a very rare Swedish set! and it is something good. The bricks I am not sure are authentic because around this time there was a clone of Automatic Binding Bricks being made by Geas at the same time called Prima. If you have the box I think some of the bricks must be authentic but I am not sure. I would trust the manual on how complete the set is. This set is worth a good amount of money especially in its condition. I am not sure where you should sell this but I live in the US and would be interested in buying it! Regards, William