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  1. Sorry to bump this topic but I have done more research on the topic and I have found a way to tell the 1948 version and the 1998 version apart. In the last post I mentioned that you can see a stamp from the printing company in the bottom of some klodser sets and not others. While looking at some photos of klodser sets I noticed that most of the perfect condition klodser sets did not have this stamp. It also makes sense that way back when the original sets were produced, LEGO would probably have used a different printing company to print their paperwork (this theory can be proved by looking at old LEGO catalogs which will have a marking of where it was printed.). Then if you think about it, in 1998 LEGO was a big enough company that they would have probably started to print their own paperwork. If you go to the link in my first post you can see a photo marked 1998 version, you will not see a stamp from the printing company but if you scroll down to the other photos you can see a small mark near the bottom of the instructions. Well, I have probably bored you with this lengthy explanation but I think it is important to share this because many sellers will sell there block set as the 1948 version and I want to make sure that there is a way to tell the two apart for people that may want to buy one in the future.
  2. Collector245

    Back of the Box Builds!

    I will not be of much help to you then as I work with much older sets. I bet that many other members will though.
  3. Collector245

    Back of the Box Builds!

    Hi, What years were the sets produced with ideas on the back of the box. I know they did that for a long time but I was wondering which years you wanted in particular.
  4. Collector245

    Ideas for new City sets

    @pooda You are always coming up with so many great ideas for city that I would never even think of! For example the driving school and the recycling center. I would love to see those be sets one day.
  5. Collector245


    Goodbye @pooda! I will miss hearing your good ideas for the city theme!
  6. Collector245

    MOC City Pizza Restaurant

    Can't wait to see it!
  7. Collector245

    MOC City Pizza Restaurant

    Looks cool! Maybe you should consider adding places for people to sit while eating.
  8. Collector245

    LEGO history, to the Moon... and back

    I am not sure that there is an inventory anywhere. Since it was a glued model it was never available to the general public. Hopefully @LEGO Historian can post here. He is the one who wrote the guide so he is definitely the best one to ask.
  9. Collector245

    LEGO history, to the Moon... and back

    Thank you @Toastie for pointing that out. I must have missed it when I read the first post. @ToyInTheAttic You have a retailer display model. These were used in stores to help promote Lego products. I do not know too much about these but I know that @LEGO Historian knows a good amount about vintage Lego like this. He even wrote a whole collectors guide. Hopefully he can contribute and give you more detail about just what you have.
  10. Collector245

    LEGO history, to the Moon... and back

    Wow! That is huge! I am still wondering if it is glued though. That would help me figure out just what you have.
  11. Collector245

    LEGO history, to the Moon... and back

    @ToyInTheAttic Yes those are the pictures that I saw too. Do you have pictures of yours? Is yours in a box? Does it have instructions? Is it glued? I do not know of a set like this so if it is glued that means it was a model used for display in stores and it would make sense. If it is in a box or has instructions I am very curious because I have never heard of anything like this. Could you please post pictures because that would help me figure out just what you have.
  12. Collector245

    Hello to all the Lego fans of this colorful community!

    Welcome to Eurobricks! I am also a fan of vintage Lego (an earlier time period though). I have responded to your topic. I hope I am able to help.
  13. Collector245

    LEGO history, to the Moon... and back

    I think I found it in my copy of that idea book. Did you find this in a box? Is it glued together?
  14. Collector245

    Is This Factory Sealed With Tape?

    @jclark50 Yes these look real. It was a good idea to check though. I have gotten a set that looked sealed and it turned out to be used when I opened it. It is really surprising to see the trouble that people go to to make sets look sealed.
  15. Collector245

    What is the best way to get tape off LEGO boxes?

    @MAB Your technique worked very well. I was able to get the tape off with only little to no damage to the box. Thanks for your help.