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  1. Collector245

    Lego inheritance

    Hello! Do you have any idea of what sets are in this collection? If you sort it into sets you will be able to get a lot more for it.
  2. Collector245

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    That sounds good! :)
  3. Collector245

    Helps identify these pieces Lego HO

    @gryphus Most of the items in your picture are Lego. The bikes that are not circled and the police men are Lego. The police men would have come in set 1271 or 271 and the bikes would have come in set 1270 or 270. The bikes that you circled are not Lego and the gas pumps you circled are not Lego.
  4. Collector245

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Cool! If you need help finding the value and rarity of the 50's bricks you found, I might be able to help.
  5. Collector245

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    The brick you are asking about is from the 1950s. It would have come in a small parts pack of named beams (set 1224). This brick is quite rare! Nice find!
  6. Collector245

    Problem With 1x1 Bricks

    That would make sense. I have also had 1x1 plates crack. I assume that is because if the same reason @dr_spock mentioned.
  7. Collector245

    Problem With 1x1 Bricks

    @MAB You rarely see them crack unless you look. Loosing clutch power is a result of cracking. The bricks you have that loose clutch power may be cracked.
  8. Collector245

    Problem With 1x1 Bricks

    @RoddyMac I have experienced it most with the color tan. What colors have you heard are more prone to it?
  9. Collector245

    Problem With 1x1 Bricks

    I have recently noticed a problem with 1x1 bricks. They tend to crack and loose clutch power! Even if they have only been used once! Has anybody else experienced this problem or a problem like this? I am curious to know!
  10. Collector245

    How do I create a signature?

    @LuxorV Thanks for the help!
  11. I was wondering how to create a signature. I can not find any topics on it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Collector245

    Which truck will you pick (only one) 60182 or 60254??

    I think I would pick the 60182.
  13. Sorry to bump this topic but I have done more research on the topic and I have found a way to tell the 1948 version and the 1998 version apart. In the last post I mentioned that you can see a stamp from the printing company in the bottom of some klodser sets and not others. While looking at some photos of klodser sets I noticed that most of the perfect condition klodser sets did not have this stamp. It also makes sense that way back when the original sets were produced, LEGO would probably have used a different printing company to print their paperwork (this theory can be proved by looking at old LEGO catalogs which will have a marking of where it was printed.). Then if you think about it, in 1998 LEGO was a big enough company that they would have probably started to print their own paperwork. If you go to the link in my first post you can see a photo marked 1998 version, you will not see a stamp from the printing company but if you scroll down to the other photos you can see a small mark near the bottom of the instructions. Well, I have probably bored you with this lengthy explanation but I think it is important to share this because many sellers will sell there block set as the 1948 version and I want to make sure that there is a way to tell the two apart for people that may want to buy one in the future.
  14. Collector245

    Back of the Box Builds!

    I will not be of much help to you then as I work with much older sets. I bet that many other members will though.
  15. Collector245

    Back of the Box Builds!

    Hi, What years were the sets produced with ideas on the back of the box. I know they did that for a long time but I was wondering which years you wanted in particular.