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  1. luckjes112

    [MOC] Modernized Sabre Island You should do a modern remake of this set. I'm planning to myself, but I doubt it'd be as great as this.
  2. luckjes112

    [Retro MOC] Market By The Wall

    In fact, none of the lxf files seem to be working anymore...
  3. luckjes112

    [Retro MOC] Market By The Wall

    Yeah, essentially I've been trying to replace the brick built solution with an actual raised baseplate since they are available in and I have an unused one lying around. This is taking a lot of work. Also trying to recreate this market set since the LXF file seems broken.
  4. luckjes112

    [Retro MOC] Market By The Wall

    I've been trying to gather as much as I can and I do have the LXF files. There's this one MOC called 'the wharf' that I'm struggling to recreate. I forget if it's yours.
  5. luckjes112

    [Retro MOC] Market By The Wall

    I kinda wanna make some similar things. I really want to make a large Crusaders theme city. I've been gathering other MOC's but I have yet to make my own (yet). I've made a few Pirates MOCs.
  6. luckjes112

    [Retro MOC] Market By The Wall

    I dunno if you will read this, but I love these retro MOCs. Are you planning on uploading them to Bricklink's Studio?
  7. I wanna turn the main tower on Vampyre Castle into a Clock Tower. I don't wanna make huge modifications, just have a clock face, maybe a few gears inside, a decent looking tower etc. I never liked the Moonstone Device. It's barely functional, looks poorly thought out and just looks ugly. Instead I wanna turn this into something akin to Castlevania's castle. Forgive my terrible English. I am one tired boy.
  8. luckjes112

    Lego 7946 Kingdoms Castle - Modified

    I have a similar baseplate. What did you do on the interior? I wanna make something similar.
  9. luckjes112

    I'm trying to make this Lego Discord I found more popular.

    Understood! I simply hoped to be able to actually chat with people.
  10. luckjes112

    I'm trying to make this Lego Discord I found more popular.

    There's an online chat program named Discord. You can make your own chatroom about different topics. I found this Lego themed one, and it's fairly empty. I hope to ad some users.
  11. I hope there's not some rule against advertising I glanced over. I hope to make this place a bit more popular, so I'll have more people to talk with LEGO about!