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    Space Police (The original, not II or III.)
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    Lamborghini Urus ST-X & Huracán Super Trofeo EVO

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    Classic (and post-classic) Space, Speed Champions, Superheroes (especially Marvel), with the occasional Creator or Ninjago set


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  1. Stepwise

    [MOC] Music Hall - Concert room with orchestra

    This is cool. Nice job on the pianos, too. Is the current stage setup permanent, or are you going to swap it around every so often? Have you thought about floor panels on the stage? It looks like your foyer and other floors are smooth, so would it be possible to put studs in the stage where they're needed for a specific display, and then a smooth stage everywhere else? All the different minifigs give you a great chance for some fun sight-gags, too. Statler and Waldorf are right where they belong.
  2. Stepwise


    I like how the nose reminds me of the 2336p35 from the Mobile Command Trailer and the Cosmic Fleet Voyager. Different color pattern, but somehow it feels like it's 'implying' that shape.
  3. Stepwise

    [moc] Autumn in NY

    Feels like the opening scene in a movie. Nice job with everything you built and with how you set up the pictures.
  4. Thanks for posting these - it's really fun to dig through and see what you've built.
  5. Stepwise

    [CaTC] Detection

    This is fun. The house (and the piano) and the bridge are great on their own, but adding in some some Sherlock and some Clue makes it even better. Some sort of collectable "game/story cards" that went along with the set could be fun, too, but whoever owns Clue might raise an eyebrow at the idea.
  6. Stepwise

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    I keep telling myself it's too expensive and that I don't have the space. But at $65 or $75 . . . Hmm. . .
  7. Stepwise

    Updating Your MCU Minifigures

    I really like the WWII Cap and motorcycle - that's great. I haven't played around with one of these - is there a way to mount his shield up front?
  8. Stepwise

    Doomsday Chair for MODOK minifigure

    I have that Modok - and this is fun. Nice job.
  9. Stepwise

    [MOC] Star Trek Ep. 1 The Man Trap

    I like it. Good choice on the faces and hairpieces, and I like how you played around with the tan/brown shades. (It's been forever since I watched this, so I don't remember the opening scene, but I'm guessing there's a dead red-shirt around the corner somewhere.)
  10. Stepwise

    10302 Optimus Prime Rumors

    Mine is here - building it little by little. I do have a question, though - this board is a little more formal about what types of posts go in each forum than the other one that I hang out on. Is this going to be the thread where people post pictures of what they've built, or will that end up in a separate thread?
  11. Stepwise

    [MOC] The Motherlode

    Fun scene, cool techniques - I like the upside-down octagon canopy on the communication tower. Hits all the feel-good nostalgia buttons, too. Nice job.
  12. Stepwise

    RES-Q sets reimagined

    This is a fun series overall. The little telehandler looks like a fun little set all on it's own, too. Nice job.
  13. Stepwise

    [MOC] Soundwave Transformers G1

    This is amazing - I'm seriously impressed. I'm so out of my depth when it comes to engineering and design on this scale. Is this a case where you have to basically use existing pieces to create your own large-scale hinges and joints?
  14. Stepwise

    "future metropolis"

    This is cool. Are those custom stickers, or things you painted? (Or just from sets that I haven't noticed and should have?)
  15. Stepwise

    [MOC] Hell mech & Tiger mech

    Me, casually scrolling down the front page for the first time in a few days. Hey that's fun. Cool. Gets to this - "Wow!" Nice job!