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  1. It IS a Z-95, but it’s Bode Akuna’s
  2. I was gonna say Cal Kestis but just realized he would kind of fit with the droideka since he fights them in Jedi: Survivor, so he would probably be in a different set if they include him. Maybe Saw Gerrera? Those two are on my wishlist but since they’re including Legends characters, I honestly have no clue who we could expect.
  3. NeutralNoodle

    DC Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Agreed, I would love to see some classic JL and Teen Titans figures with a few their villains with that level of printing and dual-molding. Cyborg and Sinestro from the CMF gave us a good taste of what that could look like.
  4. NeutralNoodle

    DC Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Depressing indeed but at least Brick Clicker gave us a piece count and price for the BTAS Gotham City Skyline recently… so that’s something.
  5. NeutralNoodle

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I could see us getting a new comic-based Deadpool in a Spider-Man or Wolverine set next year
  6. I don’t think so. Aside from possibly Rex, the TSS designs haven’t been a good indicator of what the physical minifigs would end up looking like, as evidenced by Commander Cody, Yavin IV Luke, and Kuiil.
  7. I’m expecting the Ahsoka and Sabine figs to be excellent since IIRC they will both have arm printing, and if Sabine‘s appearance is the same as the Rebels finale then that should be a beautiful fig. If Rex in the UCS Venator is indeed the TSS version, then that should be a great fig too.
  8. That would have been an excellent idea. It’s basically what they did with Obi-Wan last year (giving us an updated version of his starfighter from previous media alongside the new sets for his show).
  9. Same for me, along with Jedi: Fallen Order/Survivor. Unfortunately they each only have one set. We really need a Cal Kestis minifigure.
  10. Rex may have leaked. It’s basically the same as the TSS one.
  11. I don’t have a problem with Palps using that hairpiece, nor the color. It’s not that far off from how he looks in Episode III.
  12. I decided I probably won’t buy any Mando S3 sets after that finale so I finally pulled the trigger on Ambush on Ferrix. God I hope we get sets for Andor S2.
  13. NeutralNoodle

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    It looks like this suit Cool to get a comic variant instead of another MCU variant
  14. Imagine if Cad Bane and Todo 360 end up in a foil pack.
  15. NeutralNoodle

    DC Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    It’s not. I wouldn’t have thought it was real for that either, but the torso is actually different. You can tell because the lightning bolt on the Flash symbol has two rungs instead of three, like Wally’s symbol as opposed to Barry’s. Yeah, I can see that now too. That settles it.