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  1. Captain Becker

    Pirates Forum design

    Oh I miss the old forum skin as well.... Hopefully we get something pirate themed back, be it old or new desing.
  2. Captain Becker

    [OL - FB] The Yacht Majestic

    Oh She`s a true beaty! A ship to my taste as well. Fair winds and calm seas! Yours truly: Captain Charles J. Becker
  3. Captain Becker

    Queen Catherine's Revenge

    For such a small vessel, Id say you did a great job capturing the look and the feel. One thing just bugs me a bit as a Lego purist, I can see some non-Lego parts used on the minifigs there. But shes a great vessel anyway! Fair winds and calm seas! Yours truly: Captain Charles J. Becker
  4. Captain Becker

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    I hereby welcome you Jonah to our great nation of Oleon. May the winds favor you and ods be merciful upon your jorney. Fair winds and calm seas! Yours truly: Captain Charles J. Becker
  5. Captain Becker

    [OL-FB] An old two-decker

    She┬┤s a beaty! Youve managed to capture the galleon style well and made it eve better by adding a second gundeck on her. Anyone would be proud to own her, she may be old, but she still kicks like a mule Captain Becker
  6. Captain Becker

    Ship Build Off #1; Captain Green Hair needs YOU!

    Beautiful vessels all of them, Piercing flame: Beautiful brickbuilt hull. Tuna King, simple lines and interesting color choise. The Tit: Nice desing and great build overall. But the vote goes for the Tribute! Maybe its the colors and maybe its the two masted design which remind me a lot of HMS Ontario.... But I just cant stop but to adore Her. I would buy Her right away if it only was possible.....
  7. Seriously KB? I mean youve got a whole navy on your dockyard at this moment it seems. So I wonder when you are going to release them so to speak.... Captain Genaro: Thats looking mighty fantastic! Cant wait to see Her finished. Legostone: Any idea of whats that ship in the plans? I really like Her lines.....
  8. Captain Becker

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Heres a video of it as well, And I can already tell that im not going to get this set.... Why? Well, prototype or finished model, I dont like it simply and I dont see that this would be worth over 200 euros.... But I will wait for the reviews and other stuff when this is actually released. Here the link.
  9. Captain Becker

    Redcoats vs bluecoats

    I reckon this has been discussed earlier in another topic. However, I used to think that this was the case, but now im more open minded so that I dont just narrow it down that the Blues are automatically the french and the Reds as the British. Although I have built an army of 700 POTC Redcoat officers to represent one of the regiments of the British Army, (I have just forgotten the name of it, maby ill look it up).
  10. Well I surely did not expect to see the next MRCA so soon... And once again great reading, Maxim: No doubt! Fair winds and calm seas! Captain Charles J. Becker
  11. Captain Becker

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    if youre talking about the movie trailer, dead men tells no tales. Its already out there, been a long time
  12. Captain Becker

    The Empire of Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome to BoBs, and to our glorious nation Brandon Stark! Dont worry, im pretty much inactive as well but looking forward to change all that as well. And also! BD congratulations for the title! Edit: It seems I need a new keyboard....
  13. Captain Becker

    [ESL] 5LA Victoria

    Well this little beauty sure didn't take too much time before launching. And still it has become a beautiful schooner whit great color choices both on the hull and on the sails. I hope she shall have a long and peaceful service ahead! Fair winds and calm seas! Captain Charles J Becker
  14. Captain Becker

    [OL - FB] Centurion, Audacieuse and Vigilante

    I agree whit you on that Captain Braunsfeld. He never stops to amaze. Once agai just gorgeous ships there KB; Especially the brig, the color scheme and the details reminds me a lot of Swan class ships from the British Royal Navy. Ok, back to those pictures now! Fair winds and calm seas! Captain Charles J. Becker
  15. Captain Becker

    [SR] The Pink Lady (2A)

    Very well executed small little sloop there! And its free! Now who wouldnt want a small and agile little sloop? The colors do match well together indeed Fair winds and Calm seas! Captain Charles J. Becker