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  1. Captain Becker

    [MOD] Renegade runner

    Now that is a cute little cannon! Might we see how its made? Like part it out?
  2. Captain Becker

    [MOD] Renegade runner

    Great little MOC! For the cannons Id say the latter one, maby change the muzzle for a fez piece as well? Other than that! Looking good, that rigging tho aint doing it for me as its non lego
  3. Captain Becker

    [MOC] The Duel

    Looking good, but what piece did you use the arms? Definetly not the regular arm.
  4. Captain Becker

    Interchangeable Hat Wig

    Thanks for the Credit, though Originally this was made by Plain Bear which whom I got the idea myself. And yes, my soul cries when cruelty to Lego┬┤s is done, but I feel like that the end result is worth it at the end. Maby. Captain Charles J. Becker
  5. Captain Becker

    [MOC] A Letter Arrives At Camp

    Great build! Love the fall colors on this one.
  6. Captain Becker

    [MOC] Pirate Ship 'Medusa'

    I like it! Great ship, strong Jackdaw vibes from AC4
  7. Captain Becker

    [MOC] ca. 1650s 54-gun pirate 4th-rate 'Rode Dageraad'

    Are you planning on releasing the file or instuructions for her at some point? Would love to build her whit real Legos!
  8. Captain Becker

    Period Imperial Heads

    Well just use Bricklink and see what heads works for you best, also you can mix different coloured heads if you want to. Cant really give specifics as what works for you, might not work for somebody else. Taste differences
  9. Captain Becker

    Period Imperial Heads

    Only critism I have is those Non lego hats...... Other than that, they look great! I only preserve those type of heads for officers, as I like personally my troops have clean shave. of course I have some stubbles in there to make it so that the soldier didnt get to shave that morning, for one reason or another. ANd yes, they will be scoulded by their superiors, just as it would have been in that time period.
  10. Captain Becker

    [MOC] Sloop in the Black Seas Barracuda Style

    Such a cute little thing! Well done!
  11. Captain Becker

    [MOC] ca. 1650s 54-gun pirate 4th-rate 'Rode Dageraad'

    Absolutely incredible!
  12. Captain Becker


    I personally use them on my Cavalry units, main officers and such. Regulars just white, and NCO`s just a shoe version of the legs where only the "Foot" has black printing.
  13. Captain Becker

    [moc] HMS Indefatigable (1784)

    I love it! Really good shapes! Only thing that bgs me slighty is the fake gunports beneath the stern gallery, also the black blob just looks a bit weird, so I`d change that maby. But other than that, Im really enjoying what I see here
  14. Captain Becker

    [MOC] Lonesome George

    Those Slugs make a really, REALLY good palm leaves, might be borrowing this!
  15. Captain Becker

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    Thats actually pretty good! Very well done! Only thing I would maby change is Charles Vane`s fave, it dosen quite seem to fit in. And I dont mean because his face is more reddish that the rest of the fig. But other than this. Fantastic looking figs