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  1. Captain Becker

    HMS Surprise

    And now youre just showing off arent you? No more Diital masterpieces, but also now whit real bricks! Im in love this this, truly am Captain Becker
  2. Captain Becker

    Galley, La Capitana, Chapmann plate LVIII no.18

    And once again, what a absolut masterpiece Anders. Just the sheer amount of detail is enough to drop my sword at your feet. I envy your PC capabilities to make something like this! Calm seas and Fair winds! Captain Becker
  3. Captain Becker

    Skuldelev Ships

    Mein Gott! You have done it once again Anders, they look absolutly magnificent! Now just put some Norse men on them and youre good to go! Captain Becker
  4. Captain Becker

    [MOC] Sabre Island

    Beatifu little outpostI must say, great work! Captain Charles J. Becker
  5. Captain Becker

    New Ship for 2019

    Shes a real beauty Captain, take good care of Her! Captain Becker
  6. Captain Becker

    110 gun sized ship masts

    Well, personally I think 4x4 round is just a bit too large for a mast, and 2x2 is simply just too thin. Here we run into the problem of not havin 3x3 round bricks. However, I have seen some people usin tile pillars as masts for the larger ships, and it uses SNOT techniques. Heres a link to a Lego Desinger video, hope this helps giving you some ideas of how you could do it. EDIT: Here is second part, and the technique I recommend to try Captain Becker
  7. Captain Becker

    LEGO Scooby-Doo Blowout Beach Bash--nice Pirate easter eggs

    Intresting trailer indeed. The ship reminds me a lot of the PotC QAR infact, it has similiar shape to it
  8. Captain Becker

    Adequate Excursions Pirate Island

    There seems to be something funny about your pictures. Cant hang upside down much longer..... Im not a bat!
  9. Captain Becker

    Classic Pirates animated - IT'S HERE!

    Oh this was excellent and hilarious! Really good animations!
  10. Captain Becker

    A quick comment on spam

    Took me a bit off guard, but more than happy to do it in order to prevent spamming
  11. Captain Becker

    Working Rudder Design

    Simply by using a lightsaber blade, 4L bar:{"iconly":0} Its pushed inside the steering wheel, and it has that black gear which then starts to rotate all the others. I have not tried this myself though, as I am afraid of harming my beloved Lego pieces. It could be that the bar has been modified somehow to attach it better, or glued onto the steering wheel. But what I can tell, it just simply pushed in between the pin slot in the steering wheel. I must dig this further. EDIT: Also it might be that he i using a different kindof steering wheel as thee are two kinds of them. One whit a solid pin, and one whit the slotted pin like this:{"color":88,"iconly":0} I think it miust be the slotted pin one that he is using as I cant see how a 4L lightsaberr bar would fir into a solid pin one. EDIT2: Just tested it whit both of the steering wheels. You need the slotted one to make this type of gear steering mechanism to work. Cant fidnd any othe methods to make a geared steering atm.
  12. Captain Becker

    Working Rudder Design

    Well, gear working rudder mechanism has been done before in some MOCs before, but its much simpler if you just went the traditional and realistic way to just attaching a piece of string and do it that way instead. I can tr and look out for the gear mechanism methods a bit and see if I can find them again for you Captain Becker EDIT: Here we go, a quick google job usually helps
  13. Captain Becker

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Also the new HP wands can be used as a drummer sticks.
  14. Captain Becker

    MOC - French Sloop

    This is a great looking vessel, especially that cannon desing is very clever! For your first ship, this is looking like a promising start of a great looking fleet. Sincely yours: Captain Charles J. Becker
  15. Captain Becker

    Pirates Forum design

    Oh I miss the old forum skin as well.... Hopefully we get something pirate themed back, be it old or new desing.