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  1. Comrade_funny

    [LDD] HMS Saber

    Hello, thanks for the positive feedback and recommendations for HMS Saber. I'm no sailor and don't know much about ships, however I have begun to take an interest in the Age of Sail and the Napoleonic Wars so I guess that could very well change. @kurigan I took your advice and began a second iteration of the ship, I slightly elevated the bow sprit and added a top mast. I also removed the long boat or landing craft, and replaced it with two crates, I figured on a physical model the cannons would fit better. Speaking of the cannons and armaments, I updated the cannons which were greatly inspired by @Elusys Ra Arwal and added puckle guns (I believe that is what they're called). @Professor Thaum You asked for more pictures of the hull so I tried my best to get three good angles of the ship. With out further ado here is the HMS Saber 2.0 Here is the updated cannon. Again thank you all for the feedback, I'll speak to you all again soon. Comrade
  2. Comrade_funny

    [LDD] HMS Saber

    Hello all, I'm currently working on a brig... I haven't been able to build it out yet irl, but I have made substantial progress over around 2-3 hour on Here she is, The HMS Saber. I used inspiration from various Lego ships on flickr and the forum as well as the real brig USS Niagara. I'm very pleased with how it has turned out so far, as this is my very first ship ever. But I'm still looking to improve, I'd be very happy if you could leave some feedback and criticism. Thanks, Comrade
  3. Comrade_funny

    Starting from scratch.

    Hey everyone, thanks for the advice! This sure is a welcoming community. I now have more of a sense in the direction that I'll go and I'll definitely be around the forums. Hopefully you'll see the progress that I make. Thanks again, Comrade.
  4. Comrade_funny

    Starting from scratch.

    I think I would most want to build mocs the most while also building a little bit of an army. I'm not opposed to sets, but I get more joy being able to create something from scratch with little to no instructions. I guess I just need to get inspiration and experiment. Thank you
  5. Comrade_funny

    Starting from scratch.

    Hello all, I've decided to branch off into a new theme and I chose pirates and colonial troops (I was inspired mainly by Ayrlego's flickr page).I just need some help, I have absolutely no clue where to start and I don't want to start aimlessly dropping tons of money on bricklink to build a collection only to realize I've brought the wrong stuff or worse yet lose interest. Where should I begin, what should I look for, and what are some other places to get inspiration for mocs such as islands and ships. Thank you, Comrade
  6. Comrade_funny

    Faction: The Imperial Triumvirate (TT)

    Lieutenant Zev Cata requesting to join the Triumvirate. (Returning to lego after years of not building, so my flickr is pretty empty and I'm regaining a lot of skills.)