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    <p> At the moment its City, mosty trains, but also Technic.  </p> <p> Recent set is catgo terminal  </p>

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  1. yohai71

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    At last a set to go along with this, which has been somewhat "lonely" :
  2. yohai71

    ( MOC ) Red-Light-District ( edited / remodeled )

    I think it's great, so many details and really a very original build. As for offending anyone- after all, we are ADULT fans of Lego, no?... :)
  3. I also have both kits- I actually prefer the European style of 60098's engine, but I must say 60052 has much better play features, plus you get two switch-points with the kit. Best to get them both...
  4. yohai71

    New basement layout

    Sweet Jesus, I need this kind of setup (layout AND trains) in my life. Very nice.
  5. yohai71

    Long Trains.... Show 'm !

    That Russian fire train deserves a thread of its own. Great work!
  6. yohai71

    Fun fun fun for everyone !

    The amount of creativity running through this diorama is unbelievable. Absolutely great work.
  7. yohai71

    MOC: Trolleybus

    This is absolutely great work! And it's also nice to see that the bus design is not compromised- it looks very real. Is it going to the Wien westbahnhof, by any chance?... ;-)
  8. yohai71

    1947 Chevy COE

    Sweet! Well done. I love the axes at the front.
  9. yohai71

    MOC 5 stud cars by Labaznik

    Very very nice. That beige model reminds me of a Renault 16: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/da/Renault_16_TS_001.JPG
  10. yohai71

    [MOC] Octopus Modular Japanese Restaurant

    This MOC doesn't fall short than any other official Lego kit. In fact, I'd say it's much better. Great work! I especially like the colors combo.
  11. yohai71

    MOC - The Blue Chain

    What a great MOC. As always, it's the little details that make it what it is. I really like the flood lights that point to the band, and the chains that hang over the colorful windows- they are almost invisible.
  12. Thanks again for all your comments. As for the spare parts' box, I assume (like someone said above) you get it depending on the country you've bought the kit in. In my case, I got the Hot Rod on Ebay from this Korean seller. The price was right for me, and shipping was free.
  13. yohai71

    ERF E12 Skip Loader

    ^ Yes, that is indeed short. Actually, "my" photo was of an ERF, just not the right one. Here it is from the front: Yes, I know, it's not the same...
  14. yohai71

    Piagio Ape

    Mate, that's one cute Lego MOC. You've done good.
  15. yohai71

    ERF E12 Skip Loader

    This is absolutely STUNNING! I've got the 42024 Lego skip loader, which I thought was nice enough- but then you come along with all you ERF's functions, and blow 42024 away... My favorite function is the rising mid-axel, that's cleaver. The only "bad" thing I can say about it is that the truck look to be a little too short, compared to the original: But that's just nit-picking, don't mind it (also, perhaps i'm used to the 42024's extra-long wheel base, done so to facilitate the batteries' box behind the driver's cabin). Great (MOC) work!