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  1. Torax

    The Old Ball and Chain

    Pure win! Nice idea, I sure would like on of those rooms. Congratulations for winning! :)
  2. Torax

    Review: 2067 Evo 2.0

    Guess I'll have to buy it then! ;) Thanks for the review!
  3. Torax

    Review: 2067 Evo 2.0

    Is that 'real' yellow, as in the classic minifigure head yellow, or is it Keetongu/Mata Nui yellow? Thanks for the review!
  4. I'd like to sign up for the next LDD Relay competition. :)
  5. Torax

    Hero Factory Contest Voting - Villains

    1 point to Tear Down by lisqr 1 point to Blaster by The Lanterne Rouge 1 point to Magma by Darkblane Good luck to all!
  6. Torax

    Hero Factory Contest Voting - Vehicles

    3 points to Hot Rod by The Lanterne Rouge!
  7. Torax

    Hero Factory Contest Voting - Henchmen

    Lightning by _shaddow_ 2 points Benton Destruction by Milargo 1 point Good competition!
  8. That's fairly close. I might do some sculpting, though. This is also really good. I'd have to cut it a bit. I'll do some experimenting!
  9. Hello all! I am working on (or at least thinking about) a BioShock MOC. The most challenging part of my project is to make the Big Daddy, so I scouted around the internets for reference pictures. I found this, amongst others: And my questions to you all are; Did anyone from around here make this? Have any of you made anything similar? Do you have any tips on how to make the Big Daddy? Making a custom minifig is my last solution, as I have tried making it brick-built, but it turns out far too big. The Big Daddies are about 7', so a custom minifig will do great. In other problems, has anyone got very detailed (preferably blueprints/maps) of the Lighthouse from BioShock and the different levels? Appreciated! Long live BioShock! Cheers.
  10. Torax

    Would Anyone Buy These Bricks?

    I need lots of faded 1x2 white bricks, are there any there? Where are you located? Forgot to look at your profile box. ;) Would you be willing to trade?
  11. Torax

    MOC: Swamp

    You're a genius! I love the RoboRiders, and this is just a great idea; beffignthem up and making them look more awesome, as if they would have been released by TLG now, and not in the 90s. I would love to see more of this type of MOC, have you made any more?
  12. Thank you for wanring me in time! It'd be nice, though, with an LDD application for PSP. Hard to use, but nice.
  13. Hm. But this is making me wonder...
  14. Hey all, I have a question. Does LDD or similiar programs exist for PSP? If so, where can I download them? Will I have to do anything to my PSP to make the program work? I have the latest update on my PSP and it's a PSP 2000. Any information is welcome. Cheers, Torax
  15. Nice minifigs! <Freakout will follow, be warned.> Waitaminutehere! Erathia project? No way! Isn't Erathia off HoMM 3??? Wait, I just saw your post and the screenshot. Now I really now what you're doing. (Exactly what I thought.) I love it. Are you going to create castles as well? I will certainly look for more MOCs from that wonderful lovely game! Man I love that game! Can't wait to see the project! Peace out! Edit again; Aaaaaand... I saw the rest of your fantastic minifigs. I have played HoMM3 since I was 7, and I love it, and I love your minifigs. You have given me an idea...I want to MOC all the castles from the game! Keep on making these!