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  1. I had to disable half of my inventory .. no custom parts and no custom printed parts or stickers either ... the rules are very specific. Bricklink the way we knew it is gone now it´s a LEGO only store I just wonder what will be the impact on Studio 2.0 or any later version ? I have setup my own store for now just shipping locally and opening to the EU soon but BL was a place with all the AFOL community on one place .. LEGO is killing that dream by limiting what contents may be sold... I guess in fighting in the market they could instead of BL focus on the immense amount of Chinese fake products copying them in their own factories ...
  2. 1) Achieving VIP through online purchase through a store delivering to a different country - quite hard if you do not live in a country where the shop@home delivers ..I got the card then by traveling around Europe and asked for it in one store personally. 2) VIP points, double VIP points - discount. Polybags. Early access. Special lego RLUG member selected weekend discounts in stores. 3) I get them cheaper. 4) I want to buy polybags and things normal people can´t :) + i want the store to ship to Slovakia finally ... It just complicates my life to travel always to Czech Republic to pick up my orders ... (the Czech republic store could offer shipping to Slovakia, all the Czech stores do it .. we are like 1 market, 1 language) 5) Please send me phone number on one of your female store workers in Vienna :P :D Manuela stole my heart ... :)))
  3. Hello everyone. This is my first project/submission for the LEGO ideas site. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/92483 I am also doing the troso prints but they will be done in a week so I did not want to wait and added the prject already however I will update the pictures later. You can see the troso designs (very simple - clasic style) on one fo the pictures. Let me know your feedback.
  4. if these pictures are true lego CMF 14 .. I must say it will be the worst one so far ..
  5. Rarah

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    this is one of the things I like to do in a lego store .. it takes around one hour but .. it´s worth it.. I managed to get in around 800 small pieces with some plates, plants, mostly tiles and some jewels etc. The parts that could be clipped together were clipped. And also in the cover I managed to fit like 12 or more 1x2 brcks and some tiles :) It was so tight I had problems to close it but once I closed it non of the bricks moved even when shaking it was hard as a stone .. :D I would say a nice buy! ;)
  6. Rarah


    I would appreciate if they reconsidered the lot count to be a thing for each LUG to decide. I find that the available lots are too few for like 50 and more people to agree on .. ;)
  7. Rarah

    Middle Earth Contest Voting Topic

    Category A: #3 Category B: #2 #4 Category C: #1 #6
  8. 64. by Bob De Quatre (1 point) 68. by Evilemur (1 point) 74. by Spacy Smoke (1 point) 128. by Leopold (1 point) 155. by Joseidon (1 point) 158. by Galaktek (1 point) 175. by Galaktek (1 point) 176. by Viracocha (1 point) 236. by Kritch (1 point)
  9. Subby the submrine turtle :)
  10. 1st entry. Tronoid turtle :) a small scouting turtle drone manufactured by the allmighty M:tron corporation.
  11. Rarah

    Review: 70404 King's Castle

    I was actually disapointed by this set and the whole theme. Tke kingdoms were great and I thought wow finally castle is becoming excellent again. The medieval village, kings joust all brilliant, blacksmiths house etc ..but when I saw the new series I thought it must be aimed on even younger target than before. It simply looks too childish for me too simple and the sets have nothing special. I recently went to a local LEGO shop owner and we share the same vierw this set is ismply below average and it even does not sell good as I was told. I don´t really understand why LEGO when it comes to some high standard can drop down to a very low standard. The only good thing I found on this theme in general are minifigures which look good at least the good guys. Also the set has very few minifigs which I guess is the major problem. At least 2-3 horses for a castle would be appreciated and a count of 9 minifigs. The older set were uch more creative and playable. The review is actually good but it looks to me a bit too soft / neutral. However the pictures provided are brilliant ;) love them all.
  12. Rarah

    LUG statistics in the world

    the other thing is how well are LUGs known among AFOLs .. I know few adults who have tons of LEGO but never heard anything about any LUG, any website like this or nothing .. they are very passive just buy and have fun alone. There are a lot of such people all over the world and I would suggest the number of AFOLs all over the world is at least 10times higher than the number of LUG members .. And to be honest there isminimum effort from LEGO to promote LUGs or anything related to LEGO + adults ..I just posted the ghostbuster set on my FB page and almost instantly 4 people asked me where can they buy it which I never noticed they enjoy LEGO ;) this statistic can probably only be used to represent number of Active LUGs and it´s members.. nothing more. I am a part of a small Slovak LUG - TatraLUG but i have doubts that it was counted in .. we already had 4 exhibitions and 2 more comming this year. Number of members is around 100 .. a small LUG but very active and everyone lives close to each other. I guess we share some members with the Czech LUG - kostky but each LUG operates alone. We are probably the youngest and smallest LUG around ;)
  13. Rarah

    How many bricks do you have?

    I would just make a stupid guess around 200000 .. but i never counted it´s way too many
  14. I hope that LEGO will never folow such weak study .. I find that the yellow minifig is RACE FREE - I mean it is yellow it is unique it has it´s own race .. no black , no white, no asian .. it is simply neutral and it should stay so .. please just NO MULTI CULTI it does nto work in real life and it will not work in LEGO :D the only thing I noticed on kids playing with LEGO is - too few minifigs in BIG sets .. and not as many minifig accessories in sets (except friends) .. and offcourse what I perosnally find the only problem is the quality of lego minifigs went down a lot (legs from china ..) and the price went up .. and I don´t really think 1 USD is 1 EUR .. :/ so what costs 199 USD should not cost 199 EUR
  15. both of your names are in violation with their rules: your wrong naming: 271516087422 - Crowkillers Custom Lego Technic Porsche 997 GT3 166 Page Instruction Download 390846661323 - 2014 Custom Lego Technic American Muscle Car 175 Page Instruction Download should be like this: 271516087422 - Crowkillers Porsche 997 GT3 166 Custom Page Instructions for Lego Technic 390846661323 - 2014 American Muscle Car 175 Custom Page Instruction for Lego Technic the use of word: FOR lego .. I hope this would help if you follow the rules here all should be fine: http://aboutus.lego.com/en-us/legal-notice/fair-play
  16. Hello My name is Jozef and I am from Slovakia, I am 30y old male LEGO builder, designer and music producer I am focusing on castle and space (M:TRON etc..) I am building 2 MOCs atm and I will share them with you to see you opinions :) M:Tron fans if any will get a huge space carrier. I ma reading this forum since ages but never really added anything (I was just watching you from shadows..) I am a lego fan since 22 year now I am also a member of a smaller LUG in Slovakia TatraLUG and I had my first castle MOC on an public exhibition last weekend.
  17. Rarah

    Hello from Slovakia

    thx guys :) and Ahoj ;)
  18. Rarah

    If I ran The Lego Group

    If I would run the LEGO comapny .. I would definitelly make some themes more connected and would stop throwing out pointless totally different (from design and complexity point of view) castle themes .. The castle themes barely hold up for one year and on the other there is completely new theme .. no connection can be made .. the previus theme is killed by the new one. I see that LEGO is lost in CASTLE themes and is experimenting with it and failing a bit . The same goes like cloned mistake for space .. but space is even more broken.. Also each new castle hes less and less minifigs. The sets should have like 10-12 minifigs. Star Wars is here for some year and people can add to their collections and armiest new machines it is not killed after 1 year! What I find riddiculous from LEGO is the way they handle minifigures .. in the recent time there has been some crappy shapes and mutations of the minifigs "friends" why not connecting the minifigures to lego city and classic minifigures. It is totally unpractical as also in our family the lego friends minifigs are just left in bag and classic minifigs are used for play and they are much better. THEY CAN MOVE LEGS WHOA! :) and have genious design which will never be better. The same goes for zillions of huge lego parts which make 30% of the set and are unusable afterwards. I rather get 15 small pieces which don´t look perfect but can be rebuilt 200 tiimes and are not again put aside while playing. I find it very sad that LEGO stopped to produce small box sets that costed around 3 €. For example castle figs, these sets were great for army building and/or as a small present. Actually I know very few kids playing with LEGO and I know many many people over 20/30 who spend hundreds of € every month on LEGOs. There is absolutelly no reason for ignoring this fact.. it is a toy bought and played mostly by adults and LEGO should recognize it finally .. only sets like friends, ninjag, chima, duplo in general are for kids. Producing millions of different parts, colours and minifigure systems is a 2 sided coin .. I think that quality and count of minifigures has a huge impact on how sets sell. I agree with the point that lego sets at least those big ones could have a special code and if you register them you could have something in return. I spend a lot of money on LEGO ;) For example some special brick, shield, sword .. something unique for some omount of points would be a great reward and motivation. I would also make LEGO shop shipp to more countries as the coverage is bad atm. Slovakia is not covered while Austria and Czechs are etc .. I think it is not so difficult to allow another country at least they could use the Czech store to ship also to SK as there is no language barier and most of the Czech shops ship to SK anyway :) .. so I don´t need to order my sets to a friend in CZ and then travel for it ;)
  19. Rarah

    Starcraft Battlecruiser Titow

    gauss cannon loading and ...... FIRE!!! AWESOME work!!!
  20. Rarah

    Fantasy Space vs Real Deal Space

    will i like both :D so hard to choose .. I would like to see Aliens (as in the movie) :) in lego too :D I didn´t like any theme after unitron so I vote for classic as the new space sets sux and only star Wars has the quality I want to see new m:trons and blacktrons out there in new shape :P
  21. Rarah

    Raid VPR (Set 5981) Review

    the "B" suit fits perfectly for my blacktron commander :D
  22. I like those mushrooms .... but all those items are awesome :D :)))
  23. Been probably 19 years now I have this set next to my pc :) it´s so nice i was never able to throw it to the rest of my parts. :) http://www.peeron.com/inv/sets/6896-1
  24. Good idea!! Definitelly this theme would be popular and has big potential. Who knows maybe one day we will have Starcraft in lego form :D the sets alone are already existing in the game :))) Really this is one of the best ideas I saw here. Starcraft has enormous fan base.