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Found 11 results

  1. I really like this Year´s Nexo Knights Power Suit Sets. These Sets have quite some Potential for Modifications of all Sorts. A few Days ago a good Friend brought me the yellow Nexo Suit and after i build it the first Time,i instantly had some Ideas on how to modify and improve it. Despite being an armored Exo Suit for one of the NEXO Knights,i always thought it looks more like some sort of futuristic Construction or Cargo Apparatus. Maybe instead of an Axe and a Shield,how about a Claw to handle heavy Stuff and a Drill for Mining?And a Forklift Rollcage wouldn´t look too bad on it either. I added a few more Bits,modified the Arms and Legs a bit and now we have a bulky little Mining Mech. The Claw and the Drill can be moved into pretty much every Position thanks to the Mixels Ball Joints. IMG_20171031_122634 IMG_20171031_122644 IMG_20171031_122807 IMG_20171031_122818 IMG_20171031_123019 IMG_20171031_123040 IMG_20171031_123126 IMG_20171031_123257 IMG_20171031_123341 Hope you like my newest MOC.
  2. Please check out my latest MOC! Do feel free to comment as this is my very first attempt to do a MOC based on the Lego Classic Space theme. The lego Exo suit reignited my interest for Lego Classic Space theme. This MOC is built on a modular concept for easy transport and display. The size is 4 x 32 studs wide baseplate. I have also added some 3rd party lite bricks for lighting effect. Enjoy the pictures:
  3. wallacechow2005

    [Alternate MOC] MIXELS Mecha

    This time I only take use the parts from the MIXELS 41536-38 to build this Mecha. These 3 packs are good for MOC mecha or robot as many ball joints are provided. Also there are many metallic silver part and technic parts. Hope you all like my creation.
  4. Hi all Lego fans from Eurobricks, I'm new in the forum, my name is Alvin and this is my first time posting MOC in EurobricksI I would like to share my MOC, The Centurions from the 80s. It is a cartoon long forgotten but lets bring it back to the 20th Century! If you like it please support at , thanks for your time, enjoy! Centurions 30th Anniversary The Centurions The Villains 1) Doc Terror 2) Hacker Thanks for your viewing!Please support at
  5. This model is a direct evolution of the wolf. Here's a lil something I've been cooking up so far in LDD: So far the lower part should be functional. The legs are built in such manner, they are always parallel to the ground/each other. The four LAs are for lifting and lowering the entire machine: In order to walk the special system of cams is set in suc hammer that the legs are always 180 degrees apart: In order to steer and help by walking each of the feet also has a turntable in order to rotate the whole model in its...erm toes? And to keep the model balanced the (here not connected) 9L links tilt the upcomming body in such manner the weight is aways at the extended leg. The tilting is controlled by forward moving functions of the legs and cannot be out of sync: So far I used 5M motors for 3 functions: 1M motor to walk 2M motors to lift both legs 2M motor to rotate feet - they dont have to be independent as usually there is always one feet on the ground I still plan to use 5 more M motors for: 1M motor for rotating the upper superstructure 2M motors to lift/lower arms 2M motors for the arms upcoming functions (grab/shoot) So what'ya guys think?
  6. I ended up building this small section of corridor for my Lego RP account on twitter, SalvageTeam Alpha-09, and it turned out better than I expected photo-wise... More photos on my Flickr Photostream Enjoy!
  7. Hello everyone. Here we go, last hours to the end of voting for "Eurobricks' Dress my Exo Suit mini challenge". I really enjoyed this challenge and I'm happy to share the LDD file of my entry: The Exo-Homer! If you don't know what was the challenge already, check Dress my Exo Suit! There is last chance to vote in the VOTING THREAD where you can check for all cool entries! For those who are interrested in .LXF file for my Exo-Homer, please follow this link to my MOCpages and you find the link in the description of regarding MOC :) Happy building! Kris
  8. WoutStopmotion

    Exo Suit worth the price?

    So i was thinking of getting an Exo Suit... but the price is kinda much, i think. €40 with shipping included. I'm more a fan of older lego, such as Town. What should i do? Is the Exo Suit worth the €40 it costs or should i rather spend that money on some old sets?
  9. Turtle Contest Prizewinners are announced! The LEGO Group's expert judging panel Peter Reid, Mark Stafford and Karen Frost Sørensen have determined the winners of the turtle competition. They are as follows: 1st Place #136 SpaceySmoke 2nd Place #32 Yatkuu 3rd Place #4 Devid We have decided to award an extra prize (a signed Exo Suit) for Crowd Favorite to: #58 Siercon and Coral The winner of the raffle is: #17 MECHALEX. We don't yet know which turtles will make the poster, as that's now been left to the designer, so we can't announce that as of yet. Everyone whose turtle makes the poster will receive a copy of the poster. Expect an announcement with the poster winners later this month. The prizes will be sent out at the end of the month, after the Fan Weekend in Skærbæk, Denmark, when we will have Peter and Mark on hand to sign the boxes that the winners will receive. Please would winners send a PM to julochka containing your postal address and contact telephone number including country code. Thank you to everyone who took part! We have never seen such a huge number of quality entries in a contest here on Eurobricks. This was the first such direct collaboration between The LEGO Group and Eurobricks and it is great to see such a fantastic response. Julie (TLG) and Rufus (EB)
  10. nerdsforprez

    Exosuit MG 2.0

    Sadly, because I increased the legs from 3L to 4L for the liftarms on the thighs, I cannot enter the Exo Suit competition. Too bad, I think this would have been a good entry. Because I cannot enter it, I am posting it here. I have seen a lot of good renditions of the suit, but to be honest, I thought people would be modding this more! Such a fun build. If the rules change, and this is later allowed to be submitted for the contest, please let me know! Thanks! I apologize for just posting my MOC pages. For some reason I cannot upload my pics. Says I have exceeded my disk space. My photos are only 50-70 kb, so I know this cannot be the case. If anyone has some suggestions or recommendations, let me know. However, pics can be founf on my MOC pages.
  11. It's time for you to cast your votes for your favourite entries in .... The Turtle Insanity Contest! The response to this contest has been phenomenal! Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to enter. Now we need you to vote for your favourites. The top vote-getters will be placed on a shortlist to be judged by a panel of experts from The LEGO Group. Entries are indexed by thumbnail in the post below. We recommend reading through the Entry Thread before voting, as many entries have features which will not be apparent from the thumbnails. If your entry has not been indexed, then it has been ruled ineligible. Common reasons include two or more entries in one post (first only is indexed), entries clearly based on Licensed themes, or coloured backgrounds. Use this thread only for voting. Please use the Discussion Thread for questions relating to the voting rules or process. Remember, you're voting for the turtles you'd most like to be featured in the poster. Voting will close on 24 August 2014. So Get Voting! Voting Rules This public vote will be used to create a shortlist which will be submitted to The LEGO Group for judging by an expert panel. Only Eurobricks members who registered before the start of the contest (registered on or before 14 July 2014) are eligible to vote. Voting is allowed immediately and will close on 24 August 2014 at 23.59 CET. You may cast a total of 9 (nine) votes. You may cast a maximum of 3 votes for any one entry. You may cast a maximum of 3 votes for any one entrant, regardless of how many times they have entered. You may not vote for yourself. Any member who infringes these rules will have ALL their votes disqualified and will not be eligible for the voting raffle. Any attempt at vote-rigging will be dealt with harshly. Eligible votes will be entered into a voting raffle with a chance to win a further prize. The Eurobricks staff and The LEGO Group reserve the right to adjust these rules as necessary. If there is a tie, or any dispute, the EB staff decision will be final. Example vote: The Prizes 1st prize - Signed Exo Suit set and exclusive T shirt 2nd prize - Signed Exo Suit set 3rd prize - Exclusive t-shirt Runners-up (the number yet to be decided) will be included on a poster. The poster will be sent to all of those whose turtle makes the poster and will also be distributed as an exclusive gift at the Skærbæk Fan Event in Denmark in September. All eligible entries will be entered in a raffle for a signed Exo Suit set (excluding the winners who receive a set). We ask that you please keep the set built in case further photography is required. The Jury will consist of: Peter Reid, creator of the Exo Suit Mark Stafford, the LEGO Designer who created the final model Karen Frost Sørensen, Project Manager, LEGO Ideas.