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  1. Perfectionist

    More ships for the fleet!

    Hi everybody! This weekend, something quite exciting happened: for the first time I got to take my fleet to an exhibition, Brickmania Antwerpen. It was quite an amazing weekend, and I am sure a main post with many pictures of all the other exciting creations will follow suit! There were the impressive Flying Dutchman by Sebeus I along with smaller ships and an island, the frigate and stunning two-decker by Captain Green Hair alongside a brig and a fantastic sloop, two neat small vessels by Legostone and two more two-deckers by Maxim I (and much more!). I just focus on my vessels here, since the fleet looks like a fleet for the first time on this occasion! Thanks to Maxim I for inviting me to take part. An overview of the battle line. Battle sails at the front (Achille). (Concorde). Also gradually more studding sails in the back for catching up. Main engagement between the two fleets (blue vs. red, what else?). Looking down the battle line... And another ship portrait (Concorde). Still a few studding sails (on Guerrière), shielding the bomb ketch (Furieuse) from enemy fire. That is this vessel. Full sails at the back (Magicienne). And at the very back, guarding the rear of the frigate (Médée). This was also the first meeting between Captain Green Hair's famous tutorial frigate, and my equally sized (5 mids) interpretation inspired by it, Guerrière. It was nice to see some different styles used on the two ships, both of which were built around the same time (2010-2011). I forgot to mention this earlier, but I actually gave her Figurehead Captain Green Hair's face... My apologies for the super-late reply. There are no problems with structural integrity with my ships: I put them in the trunk of my car without any protection and there was virtually no damage in spite of Antwerp's cobblestone streets. Full resolution pictures will be available on my flickr.
  2. Great scot, I remember me as a 11 year old boy looking amazed at your ships. The 'recent' pics in 2016 were quite a nice surprise and I'm happy Eurobricks veterans aren't that dead yet. 

  3. Perfectionist

    More ships for the fleet!

    Hello everybody! roughly 4 years (!) after completion, I finally took some nicer pictures of all ships. Still, these ships were built to last, and they are actually like new, and still up to date in terms of techniques. I've made a new topic for Concorde just recently, but now took new pictures of all ships, including her, they will all be posted here. Magicienne, a 38gun frigate built on 7 midsections more pictures on flickr (full resolution) Concorde, a 32gun frigate (6mids) more pictures on flickr (full resolution) Médée, a 18gun brig-of-war (4mids) more pictures on flickr (full resolution) Furieuse, a bomb ketch (4mids) more pictures on flickr (full resolution) Aigle, a 10gun Bermuda sloop (2mids) more pictures on flickr (full resolution) Sirène, another 10gun Bermuda sloop more pictures on flickr (full resolution) In addition, I have rebuilt the two original frigates of my fleet: Achille, a 28gun frigate (6mids) more pictures on flickr (full resolution) Guerrière, a 24gun frigate (5mids) more pictures on flickr (full resolution)
  4. Perfectionist

    32 gun frigate Concorde (French, ca.1760-1780)

    Thanks guys, it is great to hear from you! I'll proof that I've got the rest of the fleet eventually Usually, the old ships had more than one capstan; smaller one on the topdeck would be used to lower the boats and move cargo, the bigger one on the gundeck (and below) to move the main anchor. Guns in captain's quarters were normal on every warship. 10% more firepower after all. Visit HMS Victory, for example. I used headlight bricks for the gunports; old trick that I've done for ages. It looks good, but is expensive partwise. I did this afterwards using a ruler. I was too lazy and not concetrated enough to make all knots. Admiral Croissant did though, on his "Vesta". Thank you! Soo good to hear from you :) Taking the pictures may take a while though, unfortunately. Thanks! You've inspired my frigate madness after all, though I suppose I could've started building more MOCs in different themes. But I wanted my ships to be better, and even better...
  5. Wow, that is really cool! Factories are very rarely build as Mocs, though they had a major role in the early industrial revolution in England, especially textile factories; colonies would provide the raw materials, and the assembly was done in the home country. Of course you'd need ships and commanding the seas... Your details really look quite believable, I didn't think about implementing textiles in brick before, but you've done it
  6. Perfectionist

    HMS Renown

    The vintage feel and sails really do give it an appeal. To me it feels like the flagship that Lego did never make back in the original, classic pirate days. Would be nice to compare to the comparatively smaller pirate ship maybe (which should really have been a sloop). Nice work!
  7. Perfectionist

    The 24 hour Frigate

    I didn't know you could build a good-looking MOC frigate in just 18 hours, including custom rigging. Congrats on that! I really like the fact that you're building a fleet too :)
  8. Hey folks, This creation was finished in 2012, among with the rest of my fleet of 8 vessels. 6 of these ships have been built in parallel using some exciting new techniques that I boldly labelled "nextgen" as it took build quality to a whole new level. Essential features are a innovative hull technique (that essentially show I could have done it without prefabs, retaining only the lower parts), complete accessible interior, and drastically improved sails and rigging. For some reasons I never posted any of these ships, so tonight I just took my smartphone and made a start. Concorde is a 32-gun Frigate which was modelled after French ships from roughly 1760-1780. The colour scheme, sail plan and size and gun count are roughly historically accurate. However, she still offers herself to all kinds of play and postures, because I believe a Lego creation should be good for more than just first looks. Enjoy!
  9. Perfectionist

    Achille, a French frigate carrying 36 guns

    All pictures are back! There are also more recent pictures of both Achille and the rest of my fleet available.
  10. Perfectionist

    More ships for the fleet!

    It's true, the pictures are gone. Unfortunately, may laptop was stolen a while back and with it all pictures that I had of the ships. Almost all pictures are back. The police also found my laptop. Currently the fleet is stored stored mostly in the basement, though I hope to be able to let is see the light of the day when I get the opportunity.
  11. Perfectionist

    English warship "Revenge" from 1577 in minifigscale 1:50

    Well, what should I say? You've shown me some pictures while "Revenge" was still in progress, and even then it was already completely mind blowing, built rather as a ship model made with Lego bricks than a MOC. Now even though you finished it relatively fast, the rigging and sails absolutely live up to the superior standard you've set with the hull. They are really much alike those seen on high-quality ship models. This ship is a huge milestone not only as it is the first ambitious minifigure scale ship ever finished, but also the first ever Lego ship model. I have myself often thought of a technique using tiles to resemble the curved hull planks, but after some experimenting thought it to be impossible. Now you have proven that it is, even though it didn't allow for an interior; but I believe that is a small price to pay for such a marvelous outcome. Well done!
  12. Perfectionist

    More ships for the fleet!

    Hello everyone! Well it has (again) been a while since I've mentioned that my fleet is completed. Unfortunately I haven't found the time to take pictures until last weekend. I am however not quite as good at photographing and presenting my MOCs as I'd like to be (if anyone could give me a few hints how to arrange the setting, lighting and editing that would be very much appreciated ). Once I have more and better pictures I'll make threads with more pictures for each (pair) of ships, or maybe just one with continued updates for all of them? I guess I'll have to figure that out too. I'd also really love to bring in some live by adding a crew, show several ships together, maybe fighting each other, and so on... Now what do I have? Well 8 (!) complete ships (in minifigure illusion scale) with a total of 170 guns and one mortar Guerrière, a small, but nimble frigate (24guns) Achille, a medium sized, fast frigate (28 guns) Concorde, first of a next generation of frigates (32 guns) Magicienne, a true super frigate (38 guns), also the flagship of the fleet Médée, a fast brig-of-war (18 guns) Furieuse, a purpose-built bomb ketch (10 guns and one mortar) Aigle, a navy sloop (10 guns) Sirène, built to the same plans as Aigle, but operated by a privateer Well, I guess the French crown now has superiority in these waters
  13. Perfectionist

    The 64-gun Ship of the Line Persephone

    Oh well, this is really epic! I've got to congratulate you! This is the first ship MOC that can really be called a ship-of-the-line, and to be honest I don't think we'll encounter a second any time soon. So in some way it is a dream coming true. With the many unfinished 1:40 scale ships in mind I guess the smaller scale that you've chosen was the best of many right decisions that you've made. I particularly like this picture since it reminds me so much of historic paintings! I am also most impressed by how you documented life on board a man-o-war on the second page; just like taken from a history book. The interior and deck details you've been able to add are beyond comparison for this scale (as is the entire ship actually). To put it short: your entire ship reminds me very much of something I really wanted to build, so yes: I am quite a bit jealous Also your photography is among the best I've seen. Small nitpicks I have are the relatively crude stern details which looks unfinished and the sails which are a little too white and too straight
  14. Perfectionist

    [MOCpages Find] HMS Victory

    Very nice find, thanks for sharing! To me the model looks very similar to the real thing and is well proportioned. The size and quality of the model and the fame of HMS Victory makes me think of an official Lego set; I'm sure it would be very similar!
  15. Perfectionist

    WIP: Eldorado 2013 XXL

    Do you have a more recent update including the improved rocks? I am very fond how your MOC is looking so similar in its appearance to the original set; you've captured that very well!