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    Pirates, naval history, ships in general, large warships, the age of sail, and the age of steam in ships.


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  1. Captain Sinclair

    [MOC] HMS Victory

    Sorry it took so long, I had to render it as the original entry port is missing. When I was looking at the actual entry port, I realized that the awning looked exactly like a particular type of LEGO mudguard and I essentially built around that. I also found that the 1x3 curved slopes fit nicely as some of the surrounding decoration and that 1x1s with the horizontal bar made good scrollwork at the bottom. There would have been a crown directly below the awning, but I could not fit that in without it looking awkward.
  2. Captain Sinclair

    [MOC] HMS Victory

    What do you mean by entry point? Are you talking about the hawseholes?
  3. Captain Sinclair

    [MOC] HMS Victory

    As requested, here are some pictures of the interior: Forward part of the lower gun deck with 32-pound cannon as well as the bitts and the manger, intended to be used to clean mud off the anchor lines as they came in through the hawseholes, but was also used to store the officers' livestock on occasion. Aft part of the lower gun deck with aft capstan in use and the elm tree and bilge pumps. (Sorry for everything being messed up, it just came out of the box) Forward magazine, handling room, and lightroom. Main hold where all the food and water was stored (Large casks are for water, smaller barrels are for foodstuffs). The large mass in the top center is the mainmast with the various pumps around it, and the shot locker is behind. Aft part of the hold, where the shot locker is more clearly visible at the bottom, with the spirit room in the center and the flour room aft of that. It took about a year to construct, and I think I started it in September/October of 2021, and I then displayed it at Brickfair 2022. I probably will not be adding sails as that would require adding substantially more rigging as well as making the sails themselves, as well as the fact that I am concentrating on building the HMS Warrior and researching for the USS Monitor, both of which I am hoping display sometime later this year
  4. Captain Sinclair

    [MOC] HMS Victory

    Hello. This is my 1:45 scale MOC of the HMS Victory with a full interior, and standing rigging. She is 9 feet long and about 5 and a half high. She has 104 guns mounted, of three different sizes, representing the 32, 24, and 18-pounders she carried. I don't really like the quarter galleries and quarterdeck, but it was immense fun to build and research. All the interior layouts are true to the original vessel, as well as the crew. These pictures don't show the stays, which I had not fitted yet. Sorry for the terrible pictures.