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    <p> I'm a Technic fan, and trains, and City ;-)   </p> <p> Last set I purchased was the Technic Crane 42082 and the Technic Zeus loader </p> <p>   </p>

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  1. paul_delahaye

    paperplan shooter Lego set 9686 education

    It's a nice start, but check out this plane shooter from a couple of years ago...
  2. paul_delahaye

    New Technic magazine

    Fantastic, lets hope they role this to the UK, looking forward to some more technic polybags/foilbags
  3. Nice job, always check out your videos to see the functions in use. Bit of a shame they did not include another pneumatic cylinder on the lift function, shame they opted for a linerar actuator here. This really would have been a great set to launch a new lighting system to add to a set as an expansion kit. I do like the little addition of the 2 pulley wheels on the lift at the back of the truck, so you can run the lines around these to pull in different directions, just like in ice road rescue/highway through hell or whatever it's called with Jamie Davis towing. Only thing I cringed at was the placement of that hood/bonet sticker on the right hand side, I can see Sarial really dislikes applying them ;-)
  4. paul_delahaye

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    Pretty sure toy regulations for a while now have required battery compartments to be secure, so kids cannot remove the battery without using a tool. Pure safety I thought. Not that when we grew up, we were harmed by opening our own battery compartments? I'm almost surprised that this was not a requirement from day 1 as Lego would always follow child safety rules.. But the design of the new hub. definitely has the ability for a lithium pack to be retrofitted in future. It may need removing and placing in an external battery charger for recharging which would be a pain.
  5. paul_delahaye

    42128 - Heavy-Duty Tow Truck

    Seeing the video with all the functions, this is a really stunning set, great old school technic functionality throughout, although I'm still amazed we have not seen a set yet to use up all those spare dumb battery boxes they must have left over from the ospray ;-)
  6. paul_delahaye

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    So the good news is this is just a waiting game in the UK. You know full well Smyths or Amazon will knock a 3rd off the selling price within 6 - 9 months of launch (this seems to be their business model in the UK), so as long as you have patience, this will be a £185 set
  7. paul_delahaye

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    The joke from the Smyths toys video is the bit at the end where is says "A real conversation starter" I can't imagine it will be the longest conversation.... Wheels looks a tiny bit small to me, maybe not, but just my thinking. Real shame we have had so many car/road vehicles this year, it's definately been a slow year.
  8. paul_delahaye

    Help get LEGO to re-release retired sets!

    For me, I'd far rather see them invest time and money into developing new products. Althought there is a nostalga to Cafe Corner and Market Street (both of which I own so I don't have the desire to see them rereleased), I think the new modulars are light years ahead of where they were 10 years ago, with great uses of new parts and detail. This would be a bit like asking Lego to re-release the old castles from the 80's, times have moved on and in most cases I'm sure eventually they will release a set which has for example that expensive black door from Cafe Corner or one very similar.
  9. paul_delahaye

    LEGOcon - 26th June announcement

    I think Lego Con was a con, I probably watch 25% of it, jumping parts, It just did not feel slick like watching an apple keynote. Interesting idea, but they could have done with actually having some decent new product announcements to shout about. Interesting to see if Lego think it was a success and whether they do another?
  10. paul_delahaye

    42131 - CAT D11T Bulldozer

    If I was Lego, I would purposely leak an image of a bulldozer, and then at the last minute, release a completely different model like the most impressive backhoe we have ever seen to throw the copycats off their game!
  11. paul_delahaye

    [REVIEW] 42121 Technic Heavy Duty Excavator

    I can see how a second copy of this set could be converted easily into a Pipe Layer, similar to the Volvo one. I like it and just waiting for the normal 3rd off on Amazon to pick up a couple of copies.
  12. paul_delahaye

    REVIEW: 71030 LEGO Minifigures - Looney Tunes Series 1

    Giving that many of the review sites appear to all be missing the Wile E Coyote it must be a production issue, likely at the end of the packing line they realised they had a whole load of Wile E Coyote left over and were scratching their heads..... I can only assume someone filled the picking/packing bin with the wrong figure. Not an ideal start. Will be interesting to see who wide this issue is. Many kids could be disappointed if this is Lego's way of making a rare charactrer!
  13. Apart from bits of old cardboard looking naff under the feet of the tables, have you considered replacing the plastic tube ends in the table legs with version. They are quite low cost and you've already spend money on nice tables, could be a better solution. Appreciate it's too late now to solve the warped baseplate issue.
  14. paul_delahaye

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    We are looking at a Green and White remake of the 42070 which was not a great seller from memory, just modernised for Control+ and a license to increase the price a bit more. mmmmmm not even a crane in sight. We always live in hope these prelim images are not the final thing....but too often they are close to reality. American Tow Truck could be the star of the technic lineup this year.
  15. paul_delahaye

    42131 - CAT D11T Bulldozer

    If that image on the web is real, it does not look a very big Dozer for a 4000 piece set. The yellow tracks kind of lead the image to be a possibility. but it looks quite junior in design/image. Im not sure. Might be a year when the non flagship set is the best set of the year.