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    <p> I'm a Technic fan, and trains, and City ;-)   </p> <p> Last set I purchased was the Technic Crane 42082 and the Technic Zeus loader </p> <p>   </p>

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  1. paul_delahaye

    Help Identify 1960s LEGO Storage Box

    I’m pretty sure I read somewhere, that these boxes were very varied, I’m sure I read they were almost customised depending on what the retailer/market wanted, so often there is no such thing as a standard parts list.
  2. Very nice, definately the B model Lego could not be bothered to make! Good job
  3. Not sure why, but I really was expecting that Material handler to be blue, not black and red? Shame they did not release the small cylinder in black, seems a bit lazy. Other than that, I like it. the base looks a little thin on bricks, but still a good set. Helicopter, I need some time to study, hopefully this will be function over beauty.
  4. paul_delahaye

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I like the train station, bus looks like a really nice addition, also the train maintenance vehicle. probably would have been better as a suplimentary set to reduce the price of the station set, but ok I can live with this. I can't recall I've ever seen a toilet on the move down a rail line, but there is certainly a level of humour included. The passenger train I like the design, colours are quite vibrant and the chin on the front of the train? but I like the doors and the stepped carriages. I wonder if it will include headlight bricks as they look like they are glowing in the pictures. Obvioulsy the usual lego ploy to get us to buy 2 of these to make a complete train. Freight train, despite being a bit of a random mix, I'll be adding this to the collection as well. Will have to see how the launch prices look. I still do live in hope for a smaller engine set at some point. Fingers crossed.
  5. paul_delahaye

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    yes, really liking the amsumement part truck with spinner ride. I love the Mixer sets from years ago, and whilst not to that level, I think this is great step forward. The last few truck transporter sets have been a bit lacking for me. Interesting to see the artifical leg on the grocery store man. and all the new vegitables, looks like a good summer. Whilst I'm liking the farm, that tractor looks like a real filler piece in the set. I sometimes think they would be better off leaving it out and creating a seperate tractor set as they have done before.
  6. Certainly in the UK, and likely other countries, they are bringing in a law in April linked to a tax on plastic packaging, of £200 a ton (when a business imports more than 10 tons a year, this is based on plastic packaging supplied with products. Lego will clearly fall into this category, and for the right reasons, it makes sense to switch over to cardboard.
  7. advertised as 4WD in the product name, but lacks 4 wheel drive as a basic function? I suppose the person in the copywriting department at lego correctly identified it as having 4 wheels...... I suppose no different than a helicopter with spinning rotars than won't fly..... would have liked to have seen a couple more simple functions here, even just a support leg on the trailer, etc.
  8. So took my son to Legoland this weekend, could not help but notice on the drive up the hill towards the carparks, the large brick built letters as you enter the park, are now arranged in the order "e l c o m e W" Clearly they had to move the W for some reason, but surely they understand the purpose of the spelling of the word Welcome as you arrive? As I have nothing better to do I've sent Legoland an email to understand why?
  9. paul_delahaye

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Please let it be an accessory for full size train, like a hand pump cart, and not another microscale built train.
  10. yes, for the sake of about 20 additional pieces, they probably could have added a simple tailgate on the trailer that opens when it tips, and a simple adjustable height hitch on the tractor. pretty sad looking set, but ironically one of the only sets which is not a car or bike.
  11. paul_delahaye

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    Legoland Windsor had a load of the new 60327 horse box on the shelf yesterday,
  12. paul_delahaye

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    My original coaster is still in the box waiting to be built, but I'd be for a new coaster, but I'd want it to be different colours, at the end of the day it's unlikley Lego will promote a new coaster which can connect to an old coaster, otherwise people would complain that the original coaster is no longer available, and they would not want that negativity. My preference would be a slighly smaller, but themed coaster, I really liked the run away minetrain which was on Lego Ideas a couple of years ago, this kind of idea was good, but likely if it has a loop it will be a bit more extreme in design.
  13. I was hoping for this model in Blue, would have contrasted nicely with the new grey cylinders. Depends on boom length which look longer than on normal excavators, it might need dual cylinders for the main boom lift?
  14. paul_delahaye

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Now that there is no longer a need for a IR Receiver, it means that Lego should be able to go back and make a smaller Diesel style shunter engine cargo set. There is no need for the 32 stud long style trains every time. I wonder if we will ever see a return to this style of engine in a set?
  15. paul_delahaye

    12v layout

    So love seeing these Vintage trains still running how they were designed to be run. Mine are all boxed up sadly, but love seeing them. Just wish Lego would bring back a few of the ideas from the 80's for their current train range.