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    <p> I'm a Technic fan, and trains, and City ;-)   </p> <p> Last set I purchased was the Technic Crane 42082 and the Technic Zeus loader </p> <p>   </p>

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  1. paul_delahaye

    Ideas for new City sets

    Where sales outside of USA will be almost zero..... I think some kind of plate which can either accept lego train tracks or even just rails, or maybe even moulded in rails is a likely thing at some point as I'm sure they would look to have a level crossing for trains, which merges into the new road plate system.
  2. paul_delahaye

    Ordering from in the UK

    Ordered mine on the 1st as well, and it took about 2 weeks. At least I did not get hit with a Duty or VAT invoice on delivery, so we should consider ourselfs lucky!
  3. Feedback 309 orders, Member since 16th Jan 2005, Member for 5852 Days An order every 19 days....ahhhh, I'm not as bad as AmperZand but I'm not far off.... And I thought I was not using Bricklink much......
  4. paul_delahaye

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    lol, who would think a battery box review would turn into ongoing source of entertainment.....
  5. paul_delahaye

    latest lego quality standards

    I too am seeing this more and more, I got around to builiding the 2019 technic set 42092 Rescue Helecopter the other week. I was quite disappointed to find the white panels in the set a different colour. Both the Panel 1 were a milky white (I assume they changed the colour on the molding machine, but did not flush the old colour out before starting production, and both the panel 2 were bright normal white. I do need to contact Lego customer services, but I almost feel like I'm contacting them too often at the moment, it's at least once or twice a year. The last time, I was building the Big red flagship crane from the other year, and one of the bag 4's was completely missing from the set, but I had 2 of another of the bag 4's. It's awful to say, but you think they won't believe you when you contact them too often. but when you buy a lot of sets, it's definately noticable how many more issues there are now days. Posting this has just encouraged me to report to Lego ;-)
  6. paul_delahaye

    Lego Spirograph Spiralograph

    mesmorising very cool,
  7. paul_delahaye

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    Based on the 1 review left on the Lego webshop, it's not exactly going to assist sales, lol
  8. paul_delahaye

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I just can't really see a hospital, I just don't think it fits in a row of shop fronts. I think to do it properly, it needs a larger building because there are so many departments required in a hospital. The same for a school. I don't really recall the scenario where you would have a school in a row of shops. I think that might remain in the friends lineup. For me the obvious missing buildings are Post Office (surely Lego read forums and have seen the mention of a post office for the past 10 years) Vintage Toy shop (although we had a toy department in the Grand Emporium I like the suggestions above of the record shop and the ice cream parlour as well. They would work well.
  9. paul_delahaye

    LEGO Trains 2021

    I'm kind of wondering with the release of the new road plates in the City lineup this year, I wonder if we may get a version with track slots or moulded in so they can release a level crossing accessory? I'm very sceptical about any patterns people sometimes see in lego releases around the train line. Fingers crossed for something this year.
  10. yes, I'm getting a star wars banner on the technic page, I thought it was only me......
  11. paul_delahaye

    [MOC] Santa is on its way

    I love it, like national lampoons Christmas vacation getting the tree on the car
  12. paul_delahaye

    [MOC] Galaxy Cliff Lighthouse

    I can clearly see you have many many hours of love and passion in this build but I don’t get it. Structurally it’s impressive, and the weight of the wheel cantilevered over the lighthouse on the wave must have been a challenge and it would be good to see how the other end is secured but I don’t get the art side of the model. I had similar issues when I visited the art of the brick exhibition in NYC back in 2013. But always good to see how someone else is using the media of bricks.
  13. paul_delahaye

    10278 Police Station

    Order placed on shop at the wait......
  14. paul_delahaye

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I usually wait until these big sets get a 1/3rd off discount before pulling the trigger, but I've been waiting a while for 10261 Roller Coaster, and apart from a £50 dicount at Smyths toys last year, it's still not seen much discount, (Amazon ones have beel listed above MSRP) but just before Christmas, I bit the bullet and ordered it from John Lewis with the £50 off, I'm sure it's days are numbered now.
  15. paul_delahaye

    30465 Helicopter

    Definately the first good picture I've seen of the Technic Polybag and I'm pleased to see this, but I'm not 100% sure it can be claimed as the first ever Technic Polybag, I think there were a couple 20 years ago.