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  1. Exxon Version of 6371

    I like the way the cars back then actually had a fuel filler, now days we are lucky if we get doors! How times have changed.
  2. I too am based in the UK, and love Technic, but as a collector, As we know Technic sells well in the UK, but having attended many of the public shows in the past 5 years, Technic has rarely featured as a display piece. Yes many builders use technic components in their builds, but these are usually only strutually or for functions. Used to be a chap who was local to me who used to do massive Technic builds, Simon was his name I think. I definately saw him at a few of the shows with some mighty impressive technic and robot constructions, but I've not seen him around for a couple of years now. Paul
  3. 12v box redesigns in 1989, collectores pls help

    Always great to see these old boxes, I own most of them in one form or another, most are tucked away in the loft. I sometimes wonder if LEGO realise just how spot on they had trains back in the 80's. OK, running reliability was not as good as the 90's 9v era, but the image, build quality, and all were just so good. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I I ever venture into the loft in the next few months, I'll take the camera up with me. Paul
  4. looks like the change to the Axle cone was around 1982, so likely a late 82 or 1983 run there must be more examples,
  5. Thats good to know regarding the glass, I'd purchased some replacement windows from Bricklink, but had not got around to switching them out. I might hold fire now it appears they may have been a regional variation. I seem to recall reading another topic in the past few months regarding a regional variation on set 7730 with the yellow.4 x 4 x 2 round cones 3943a which came with set 7730. Depending on the country they either did or did not have the axle hole in the middle? Again, I'm thinking it's more likely early produced sets likely did not have the axle hole, then the injection mould was replaced, or modified, probably so the part could be used in another model which required the axle hole, and when they ran the second production run for set 7730, they produced the yellow cone with the Axle hole and substituted it. Chances are if we look around 1981 / 1982 there was probably a set in another theme which also used this part?
  6. Interesting topic, I've just about got myself a full collection over the past 10 years of 4.5v/12v grey era sets. Most are in good to very good condition, I always waited to get sets with full original stickers, etc. It's been a labour of love. It's best to not even think how much I paid for a clean example of 7750! But I have noticed a couple of variations. My set 7745 I got new for Christmas as a child back in 1985/1986 (can't remember which Christmas). I was also given the same set at a later date by a friend, which was missing quite a few parts which I've slowly replaced with period parts over the years. The one observation, his set came with black wheels, held onto the black 2x4 train brick with black centre pins. Bricklink item 4180c01 However my set which was brand new, (possibly a later run) came with black wheels, on a black brick, but held in with Red centre pins. I can only assume LEGO ran out of black centre pins. But there is no menion of this as alternatives on the Bricklink pages. Another thing which I'm unsure about, I purchased from ebay a tidy example of 7730, again this was not a cheap set, but in good overall condition, boxes, instructions, full stickers, etc. The only thing I noticed, and it seemed strange to me, on the White caboose/guards van the little raised part at the back which comes has 3 of 1x2x1 white windows. All the windows which came with my set I purchased, had no glass in them? All the records on Bricklink, etc. suggest they should have had glass in the windows. 27c01 Whilst I accept it's possible 1 of the panes of glass could fall out over time, I find it hard to believe all 3 panes would have fallen out. Unfortunately I'll never know whether these came like this originally, or whether they were lost over time. Paul
  7. 2018 Creator Sets

    Odd, my ninth search result brings up Events - Reserved Fall Hayrides at Buckley ... I'll keep trying
  8. 2018 Lego Trains

    At last found the images, to be honest, I like both of the sets as a whole, the express train is going to have to be a double purchase, to get a full train like the HE. But I like it, doors would have been nice, but unless a new part would spoil the look of the carriages. I'm liking the cargo train, a nice selection of carriages, and a lot of play value, there is even a money crate to rob! The play value there will keep next years Police line up very busy! Roll on the summer!
  9. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Great video, although he may need to brush up on his Modular Building history, giving Cafe Corner had a giant HOTEL sign hanging off the wall
  10. So I've just finished the build. And I'm underwhelmed. As you are building it, it does not seem that big, but at some point, it's suddenly huge. I do think the build was a bit dull, I never felt excited, like I was building a specific part, like on some previous builds. Functionality, it's ok. but like many have said, 2017 has not been a good year for Technic, Roll on the build of 42070 on Friday!
  11. European truck, 3 axles no question on a 40ft container truck
  12. [MOC] Modular- Jeweler

    I had never really thought about a Jewellery store as a Modular, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Lego for one has lots of jewel elements, and they love the whole story playing part of a potential theft/robbery which could be portrayed. Your store looks nice, maybe a bit golden yellow for my tastes. but I get why you picked this colour
  13. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    I won, after last years bad luck Prize D, yay
  14. TLG to Axe 1400 Jobs

    I agree with what everyone says, however we have to remember, this is decsion they have made, is after there half year results? This is a little bit of a brash decision, when the second half of the year is when they likely do there greatest turnover (larger sets released, christmas sales, black friday sales, etc.). It's not like they will re-employee these people if there second half sales pull back their years target! This is just an excuse to remove some cost from the companies bottom lie. It's not a conincidence either that they now have a guy sraight from McKinsey running the show, this is exactly the sort of reason someone with his background comes in, to reduce the operating costs. It's so predictable, we should have placed a bet at the bookmakers on this happening. However, you do start to wonder how many of the 1400 employees that have been let go, were these employees in some small way partially responsible for the double digit growth Lego have experienced in the past 10 years? As with many big companies who are going through a bad patch, these companies rarely listen to the logic of the employees on the coal face who see and experience first hand the issues which are pulling the company down, instead they wait and bring in expensive outside consultants to come in, tell them what the employees have been saying for the past 5 years, and then the new management act on the consultants ideas like they have never heard them before. I think we have nearly all at some point in our working lives experienced this.
  15. Your worst lego injuries?

    It was a 2x2 round plate, light grey..........from a Model Team set, it was just resting in between my lips/mouth, waiting for the step in the instructions, when I happened to inhale, and Wham, straight to the back of my throat, I could not breathe, literally choking, luckily my partner was in an starting whacking me back and dislodged it, and it came back up! That was my Lego injury, the throat was grazed for weeks afterwards!