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  1. HUGE technic figure ROLLERCOASTER

    I love this.. nearly missed it as the title didn't grab me, but so glad i've seen it now. Brilliant!
  2. Isn't there new BT standard due out with much greater range? Might be going off-topic here.. apologies if so
  3. if you compare BT vs Wifi specifications, there's no reason to implement wifi that i can see either. Its a sledgehammer to crack a nut..
  4. If its wifi its ip address will be a private one - 192.168.x.x - so there'd be no need to reserve millions of public ip addreses? The router's DHCP will just issue an available one... surely its just a private network device
  5. Lamborghini Centenario

    This is awesome. For me its a showcase on aesthetics, i know you mention its width is slightly off... but thats small potatoes compared to the amazing result you've achieved. I've responded to a different thread saying that i find technical solutions more interesting than aesthetics, but this is a rare exception to that rule. Its magnificent. I'll let other discuss scale, for me, i love the final result.
  6. Aesthetics and Technics

    The great thing about this forum, is its not really like a forum.. well, it is as they're intended to be. But we all know the web is full of forums populated by people who can't distinguish the between 'difference of opinion' and 'argument'. Or opinion and fact. Which is why most turn into a magnet for.... a word i won't use here. But they attract a certain kind... Some comments above have been.. provocative/argumentative, when really its just a difference of opinion that should be able to be discussed between like-minded people with no negativity. Personally i love a technical challenge, and enjoy looking at other's solutions much more than i enjoy the aesthetics - whether building or looking. But i appreciate both. But you know what? these bricks with do either, and in the right hands, both at the same time. thats the beauty of it! And as for the 'illegal' cult... enough of that already.
  7. Does a new valve mean a new gen of pneumatics, or just an evolution of second generation? It is a totally new component after all.. and it sounds very useful. can't wait to grab a couple. Why are pneumatic air tanks so rare and expensive. they're a great item, but seem to have been discontinued years ago - but i could be totally wrong on that one..
  8. [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1 Summary

    I'm 100% with you on that! And also i enjoy trying to solve things.. taking inspiration from others, like from this thread/front axle, but for me 75% of the fun is in problem solving. Instructions on how to do it kind of.. unweave the rainbow if that makes sense.
  9. [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1 Summary

    Hi, i've not got a thread yet... but i have started the build. well, kind of. I'd started the suspension, then i got 42056 and decided to strip all the bodywork off and use that as a base chassis. so the current state is totally new front axle with 4x4 and suspension, flat 6 engine and everything behind the back axle removed, rollcage moved 4 studs forwards, V6 engine in front of the rear axle, XL motor mounted under and to the right of the engine with its output driving the the engine and existing 42056 gearbox... fwd/rvrs function removed and the space used for the central diff... just about to connect the diff up to the axles. I've not got a good image of the peugeot front axle yet (its the same running gear as the 908 endurance racer) so i've just got basic spring geometry with fwd at the minute. Pic of back end below... Its still very much a test mule, nothing is tidy or resolved yet, but the basic layout isn't far off. rear suspension is still standard, so thats the next job. torsion springs, anti roll and a damper between the 2 sides - very similar to your front axle.
  10. [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1 Summary

    Ha! don't worry about assumptions! My only query is the flex (or lack of) in the Z element... i'm totally happy with how more conventional anti-roll works, i just couldn't see the 'flex' in the z version... but it appears the central element does have some flex on the real thing. How does that translate in the lego version, the #2 connector is a pretty rigid piece? By the way, i started down this route as i'm currently building a Peugeot 208 T16 pikes peak moc that uses something similar - torsion bar springs and a rocker arm onto a Z-type anti roll mechanism. Your life like implementation of the suspension is exactly what i'm aiming to achieve.. adding suspension is easy, life-like geometry not so! Its great to be able to discuss it though..
  11. [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1 Summary

    I have a question about the anti roll bar (applies to the real car too, this lego version is identical to the real thing - great job!).. the Z-shaped anti roll bar creates a direct mechanical connection between left and right sides, so if one side moves, the other one has to also - this means there is no independent suspension? The more common anti roll bars have a long section that acts as a torsion spring, so each can move independently, but force is transmitted via the long torsion element of the anti roll bar.. the Z version has zero flex. left hand side goes up, right hand side has to also - i've watched Koenigsegg video on youtube, and as mentioned above, this moc is totally correct... i think i must be missing something?
  12. Torque question

    Hi, old thread but this was something i was thinking of and had a similar idea with regard to the output ratio's from each side of the central diff... interesting reading and i agree, it wouldn't work. Related reading on how Audi did it - a torsen central diff automatically varies the torque to front/rear axles... and you can get 3d printed lego torsen diff's. Now that has got me thinking for my pikes peak Peugeot moc...
  13. Thank you to Lego

    So, i'll keep this brief... in most organisations there is a very detailed grievance process, but seldom a similar Thanks process. This is a shame, generally, but also perhaps for Lego.... The truth is that nothing is perfect, but if you stand back and look at the amazing, outstanding product that technic has become.. with its limitless options and endless pleasure it provides.. got my first set in 1980, (853), 37 years later and i still love it. Perhaps even more. What else stays with you from 8 yrs old to 45 yrs old and is still brilliant? Very few things. So i've started a thread to say 'Thank you' to Lego for this amazing, life-long adventure... I hope others add their own thanks (there are already threads for the grumbles!!) THANK YOU LEGO!!
  14. I also got this for xmas (now the price has dropped!) and really enjoyed it... I think it depends on how you view sets. Some people on this forum build them and display them, others, like me want to tinker and improve them, use them as a great starting point. For me, i want to build the Peugeot 208 pikes peak car. This chassis is a great start. It needs a new front axle for 4x4, and it needs a mid-engine V6, and tonnes of other stuff... but thats awesome! I can't wait to start!!! It depends on what you want the set to be.. Perfect. Or inspiration. My first Lego car chassis was in 1982 - 8860 - Now a few years later(!) we get sets like 42056. It is a genuinely amazing set.. unless you want perfection. Look at it in context though, and Lego Technic is an awesome product, with awesome, limitless scope for MOC's etc. Its easy to be negative, and i know we're all different so i'm not dissing anyone, but for me, the sets of the last few years are truly outstanding. If technic stopped tomorrow, we'd all be devastated. Lets appreciate what we've got... and maybe say thanks to Lego now again, they deserve it!! Anyway, i also got the BWE for xmas and will starting that build this evening!! Can't wait!!!
  15. Yea, the moc itself is only the body panels from 42054, the chassis is totally moc.. i will get round to doing a thread on it and if anyone's interested its there then! I should also show how i drilled/bolted them up to make them lego compatible. Not difficult, but maybe worth sharing? Here's some links for them.. Those are on a slightly different hub, here's a link for the hubs mine are on.. but i'm sure they can be adapted using the same method that i used. This link is the tyres by themselves.. but its expensive buying them seperately