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  1. This is exactly was its intended to be - a showcase for control+ - and as such fulfils its brief. I wasn't expecting complex gearboxes, so i'm not disappointed. It provides a big parts pack for the new control systems. MOC friendly is on its way, so thats a none issue. The smoothness and play-ability are better than i expected, and the looks are great. Its what i expected, and a bit more. I love complex gearboxes like everyone, but that was never going to be the case here, so i find it an irrelevant argument. Its like moaning that it hasn't got double wishbone suspension.. its not what the set is intended to be. I'll be getting it once the retailers do the usual discount. Great set for me.
  2. TeamThrifty

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Nah, the subjects 42100... or should be
  3. God i hope not... its lego, not Airfix. Its meant for building, enjoying then taking apart for the next moc, or to modify it... 99.9%? No chance. the build looks interesting, proper technic. Does it matter that you can't see the engine? not to me. The pleasure is in the build itself and knowing how the gearboxes work. But, i don't think of them as ornaments, so maybe my perspective is different. 8860 for definite for me! I was 7 though.. (and had 851, not 853..)
  4. TeamThrifty

    Planetary hub internals

    @Zerobricks You haven't been rude to him... maybe he was having a bad day and do some apologising himself!
  5. TeamThrifty

    Planetary hub internals

    100% correct.. (haters are gonna hate..)
  6. TeamThrifty

    Planetary hub internals

    Is lego recommended for use with RC motors in an outside environment? If it is, then you have a valid point.. if it isn't, then you're over-reacting. Quite a lot. (and the answer is a binary fact-based one, not opinion. Is lego for outside use with over powered motors. Yes or No)
  7. TeamThrifty

    MOC Container Truck with Cable-System

    Thank you both!! Now that gets me smiling - its a 1000% better in the flesh. I said i loved the design, and the real thing shows it to perfection! (why post renders when the real thing is soooo much better! ) Maybe i'm just old school by not enjoying the electronic version of lego...! Image format aside, it truly is a great moc!!
  8. TeamThrifty

    MOC Container Truck with Cable-System

    Great design, no doubt.... but its just a render, lego is plastic bricks. A physical toy. I do love the design, but... i like real lego, this is virtual lego... Just a personal thing i guess.
  9. TeamThrifty

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Certainly seems to be.... There's complaints of lack of realism because its all motors and no gears... well the real thing is all hydraulics, so nothing short of pnuematics are realistic. The thing moves slowly, not sure its an issue.. many reasons why that might have been designed in, I know i'm glass-half-full and maybe a little to keen to overlook weak points, but this is a hell of set! It needs to get some more love... My first set was 851 in the late 70's... lets appreciate how amazing it is that we have sets like this and can control it from a phone (stop moaning!! There are estimated 2.5 billion of them on the planet.. hardly edge-case, niche technology!), its got multiple axis gyro's, and all kinds of nice features, wrapped up in an awesome giant (its too big!) model... these are cool times for technic...
  10. TeamThrifty

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Its an interesting point and i totally get what you're saying... all motors and no mechanicals is a less impressive set.. but even the most complex lego gears-based set isn't realistic. The real thing will have next to no gears in it, it will be massive hydraulic pumps, drive is probably hydrostatic motors, not clutches and drive shafts. But i agree the BUILD is a better experience when it complex gears... but more realistic? The only way to do that is to go fully pneumatic and to use a pneumatic-motor for drive. All other options are as unrealistic as each other. It is a brilliant showcase and parts pack for control+, without a doubt.. and i'd welcome it if it turns out its full of gearboxes, and a 30% discount would sweet too!!
  11. TeamThrifty

    [WIP] 2019 Formula 1 car (help wanted)

    f1 suspension uses heave springs in addition to what you already have - that will increase stiffness
  12. TeamThrifty

    42099 CV joints damage after use

    (let the thread die....!)
  13. TeamThrifty

    [MOC] John Deere 6130R with implements

    As a massive tractor fan myself, i always love to see them on here - i've been slack on the lego front for a few months, but wanted to add my support and appreciation of a fine John Deere!! Great work. I'd love to build a JD, but i have no where near enough green.. so i suspect my next moc will be a Case IH. Or possibly a MF. But thumbs up for more Ag related mocs!!
  14. TeamThrifty

    42099 CV joints damage after use

    Just as well, you missed the apostrophe in " I'm ", the capital E and it would be 'in' this thread... Anyway, the point was, that hammering lego parts with none-lego torque loadings is NOT a legitimate test and will obviously cause wear. Its a none issue. Sugercane is not the cause, out-of-scope torque loading is. Many users have reported that under normal use, wear is minimal... therefore, blurring the issue with other 'facts' adds nothing