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  1. I'm a big fan of 3rd party wheels and have used them myself - 150mm ones. I'm always interested in how they are mounted, so please can you show details on that?
  2. I love it. Nothing else to say. Ag is my favourite sector so i'm very familiar with this machine and you've done a gorgeous job. Brilliant.
  3. Big crane would be cool.... helicopter looks really good too, not a car guy so need something to get my teeth into!
  4. I don't care about age, politics, ethnicity... i judge people on pets! If their pets are happy and relaxed then i trust them! (and that cat is matching mine for being chilled out..!) "By his pets do you know a man..."
  5. I'm a bit out of touch recently due to work demands... Do we know what the big flagship is for this year? Not the Ferrari i presume.. the 2H biggy?
  6. That reminds me very much of a sequential bike gearbox (cars are probably the same, but i've only worked on bikes). Brilliant build!
  7. Is it technic though... its a display model, its got half a foot in the technic camp and half in the diecast camp. Give me a BWE any day of the week, or the Cat bulldozer. Proper technic sets right there.
  8. And thats exactly why your reviews are a genuine loss. But you sound as though you can now build and moc (true love!?)... all things happen for a reason! Looking forward to seeing some moc's posted.
  9. From a personal viewpoint that's very disappointing.. I always found @Jim reviews to be a more accurate reflection of what the set was really like - other reviews get very focused on perceived imperfections and paint gloomy pictures of a set, which for me, wasn't the reality. What a shame, i valued the 'real world' barometer of the jims reviews. And of course the gorgeous photographs. I'll just have to watch Captain Negatives reviews and add 2 points to every score!! (strange how being so negative keeps you in TLG's good books.... ) Thanks Jim for the time and effort to bring us all those reviews over the years, its certainly been appreciated
  10. What search strategy did you try? Perhaps this is just a 'training issue'.. @Gray Gear is correct about separate threads. I opened the main thread and searched for things like 'friction' etc and got solid results for this kind of issue. Give it a go, practising search terms can pay dividends...
  11. £139.99 delivered from costco when it was in stock...
  12. Excellent project choice! I love watching the live channel from boca chica on youtube - - If anyone hasn't watched the live launches, then you really need to! Looking forward to updates on this project. (and the inevitable starship + superheavy that you'll build next! )
  13. I meant in comparison to other sets and part counts, its not the disaster its being made out to be. Double the part count and done really well would be a potentially awesome set.. Potentially. However.... for me the whole concept of a lego display model seems odd. Likewise building sets and sticking them on a shelf. I'm 98% about mocs, have been since i was 8, so the 'display' culture makes zero sense to me to start with. I'd buy these tarty supercar sets if they offered them with no bodywork and £150 cheaper. So its not my bag, but i can see why its priced where it is. Might rebuild my BWE if nothing interesting turns up... that was a PROPER technic set!
  14. Agreed. The price seems about right for the part count (+Licence).. and there's no space for anything else. I said previously that a proper 4k part count, ucs special f1 car would be exceptional. But this isn't that, and isn't meant to be. It'll be £130 when its on the shelves... and its probably worth that.
  15. I wish they would do an F1 car at the same scale and part count as the ucs series.. with proper slick tyres and wider back tyres. Do it right. I think it could be a special set. They could go the whole hog and do a realistic gearbox to fit in the confined space at the back of the car... DRS, pushrod suspension, heave springs.. removeable body work.. It would be a car even none-car people would love.