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  1. TeamThrifty

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    Being happy is the best bargain in the world.. its priceless
  2. TeamThrifty

    1:1 Scale BuWizz powered Motorized Go-kart

    Excellent.. love the solution for the wheels. And the result works perfectly. Brilliant work! What?! Everyone's entitled to an opinion, but they should be backed up with logic. Throwing a couple negatives at something thats well conceived and implemented without an explanation is... easy and redundant?!
  3. Brilliant. The uses for this are endless... I'm already thinking about Fendt tractors that use separate hydrostatic motors for front and rear axles. Its analogous to using two motors with the speeds corrected for the wheel sizes, but more interesting is that they use 'pull in turn' to get the front axles to run faster and tighten the turning circle. All possible with the Powered Up app.. Awesome concept.
  4. TeamThrifty

    Powered Up 3.0 update

    I'm also a programmer and i love it to be honest.. but its not very accessible due to lack of documentation. Connected instantly to 42100 and was able to program it straight away, so i am a big fan.. but it desperately needs documentation. They've got a very powerful product here, but it needs to be adopted by users.
  5. TeamThrifty

    Problems with Leibherr Control+ App

    You can run Android apps on a Windows PC or laptop using an Android emulator, or use something like iPadian to run apple apps on windows... the world is bigger that the Apple tyranny would have you believe!!
  6. TeamThrifty

    Problems with Leibherr Control+ App

    Told you! Buy a windows device! Less pretty but stable and functional..!!
  7. TeamThrifty

    Generic machinery

    Love mocs of proper machinery - this has great proportions, love how it looks. And white is the winner for me.
  8. TeamThrifty

    Problems with Leibherr Control+ App

    I've posted elsewhere as to an issue i had, but i caused that... once i corrected it, my experience was flawless. Serious question here. Are these issues more common on Apple devices? I've seen very widespread issues with apple device connectivity when used in commercial environments, where windows connects and is stable, apple craps itself.. (in fairness, Win 8 when through a phase of dumping bluetooth connections but that got fixed).
  9. I've never built a B model in my life.. and i started in 1978 so i've had printed instructions! I love the purity of the A model, B models always feel compromised and don't add anything for me... I want to build it, maybe learn new tricks, then take it apart for moc's. No interest in keeping it built or building a B... I agree with the 90% of people.
  10. TeamThrifty

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    I agree with this. I was able to problem solve the issue.. and in fairness i caused it, but, many people will have done the same. What i would expect is for the app to recover gracefully from this. Or at the very least, identify the problem and guide the user. Neither of these, plus very poor documentation could cause a lot of frustration.. That said, i love the working model and i'm a fan of the new technology - once its fully resolved! - at the moment it feels like a Release Candidate. I might be being a little harsh, but you get the idea. But generally, this will be a better option going forward..
  11. TeamThrifty

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Just thought i'd add an issue i had with Control+ here in case it helps someone else... I'd initially put batteries in a hub and plugged the motors in, before i'd started the build, just because i'm impatient and like to fiddle. When it came to the first testing step nothing would connect. My bluetooth device list could see the hub, the light turned blue, but the app kept looping through 'click the green button'.. no connection, repeat. Very frustrating.. I'm used to problem solving tech issues as i work in i.t. - not so say i'm better with control+, but you'd expect me to be reasonably equipped to resolve it!! The problem was because i'd broken the process it was expecting to follow and seemingly it couldn't sort itself out. Uninstalling the app and restarting it took me through the correct firmware update, then connection, then testing with no issues at all. In short it was my meddling that disrupted the roadmap of events it was expecting. What i would say, is that first of all the app seemingly has no ability to recover from this scenario.. and its 230MB (Yikes! thats a bit phone app...) ..and secondly, i resolved it through trial and error. The documentation on problem solving is very, very weak. I could see this being a major headache for some buyers of this set.. and although i'm generally positive about control+ and this set, for the amount of money the documentation should be stronger, and the app should be able to recover - or at least tell you what the issue is. There is no on-screen information at all as to why it didn't connect. I've seen reviews where people are fuming about this, and to be fair, i understand their frustration. If you've spend £400 on a set for your kid and it doesn't work, with no documentation or on screen guide/recovery, i think you're aloud to be upset. (and the lego website was saying 5-7 days to get a response... Mmmmm, maybe the documentation isn't good enough, too many support calls?!) Anyway, maybe this will help someone else.
  12. Why not just buy the original set for 300 Eur's? Maybe there's a benefit i'm not seeing.. but seems a very expensive way to recreate what already exists?
  13. TeamThrifty

    Technic Pub

    @Cumulonimbus @Jim ...real life puts plastic bricks and minor squabbles into perspective. Really sorry to read the posts earlier in this thread. I've no words.
  14. Rules? Its a toy.... I totally get the Pure vs Not Pure. I have no problem with that at all, i love 3rd wheels and tyres as they provide options not available in lego. But i fully understand why some people prefer purity, so there's zero argument from me on that. Each to their own within this glorious sub-culture that is Lego.... But drawing up a list of rules is taking it a bit far in my opinion... rules without a threat are simply a suggestion, so are the rule breakers going to be punished in someway?! When i was 12 and axles didn't have end-stops i used to glue bushes on to stop wheels falling off. Seemed reasonable then, still does now! There are no rules.. its a toy. Some build purist, some don't.. its that simple. (or should be!)