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  1. I've never seen they kind of gearbox in technic before, i love new things and this is great. The top level reminds me of a selector drum in a motorbikes sequential gearbox. I'm always intrigued when someone thinks sideways and comes up with something like this. I'm really like it! Great explanatory video too. Also, just to add.... i realise its a concept and not the final polished version, but to me that less important - its seeing an idea thats new (to me at least).
  2. TeamThrifty

    [MOC] Mechanical Tower of Hanoi solver

    This kind of project is one of my favourite things to see posted, i could watch this all day. Brilliant!
  3. TeamThrifty

    [MOC] Pendulum Waves

    I love this!! Its hypnotic.. in a good way, i was so excited when it returned to the 'first phase' and started to repeat... which logically it will, but that doesn't detract from how awesome it is to watch!!
  4. TeamThrifty

    Ultimate 42082 with instructions

    Ahhh, i was hoping for a mechanical solution to the steering modes that i hadn't thought of.. partly because i need a no-slop solution, but also to be ultimate, two server motors isn't really offering 'modes', just free-form steering axles? Also, is there a central diff in there.. if not the front-only 'mode' will torque it up and blow it apart (as will slightly mis-aligned server motors in any format..)
  5. TeamThrifty

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    I know the mining truck is fake, but wouldn't a proper big mining truck make a change from another gearbox+suspension aka another supercar!?? Hoping for something unexpected in H2, like bwe was... just not another gearbox + suspension.... pleeeeaaaaassee!!!
  6. Hi, this seems a great place to ask a big question i've got.... can we have a beginners overview of mindstorms? My knowledge of it virtually zero, to the point where i don't know what the key components are, where i would start, or how to go about it - But i've seen what its capable of and am very interested in it... Now, i'm 100% sure i could buy some stuff and be up and running pretty quickly - at least i'd hope so, i'm a developer for a living ! - but a nice basic overview would be great, and maybe helps in terms of accessibility for others too?
  7. TeamThrifty

    Build The Impossible

    I would say they were... doesn't look 'fire and forget', which spoils it a bit for me.
  8. TeamThrifty

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    So 2H flagship could be a known animal within 10 weeks?!
  9. TeamThrifty

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Am i the only one waiting for 2h flagship?! I like the other stuff... but the real excitement for me is the big flagship.. ..are there any rumours about it?
  10. TeamThrifty

    Effe's MOC Corner

    @efferman I'm really enjoying this thread - i love mocs that use LA's and gearing and motors and levers... it feels like proper technic to me. Those diff carriers look great too.. may have to buy myself a couple.
  11. TeamThrifty

    Limited Slip Differential

    without electronics, lsd's are tricky, especially in lego. Torsen diffs are the best compromise.. they never lock, but are a nice solution.
  12. TeamThrifty

    Technic Model Comparison

    I'm surprised the RTC looks as big as it does next to BWE... Surprised in a good way, i like a whopper! Very interesting pictures. Still love BWE, amazing set. Got RTC, but its wrapped up waiting for xmas!!!
  13. TeamThrifty

    Compact mechanical inverter

    I recently needed an inverter.. the biggest issue i had was slop caused by the driving rings. Built a gearbox-type instead, but the number of gears needed introduced nearly as much slop... Anyway back on topic.. you can build something more compact using the old 16 clutch gears. But if its for steering like mine was, don't bother!!!
  14. TeamThrifty

    Beamless Chassis Design?

    Odd sizes...
  15. TeamThrifty

    New LEGO Forma

    Interesting that nobody seems to have mentioned the obvious angle thats repeated in the video - relaxation. Especially when, in the thread on here about why you build with technic, many people myself included, said we found it relaxing... if i were TLG, and i spotted the relaxation sub-niche, how would i target that market? Smash it with a Bugatti and an Off road crane? Nah, cos that already has a market and would be dumb. They needed a new angle, and this is it. Its not meant to appeal to the technic builders because, to be blunt, they've already got us! Its new people they're after, different angle, different demographic. We're not intended to be the buyers... Simples really.