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  1. TeamThrifty

    [REVIEW] 42121 Technic Heavy Duty Excavator

    for $40 i think its an excellent set.. bargain.
  2. Relatable is imporant, no doubt... but i do wonder about cars. I'm not a car guy and felt i was in the monority being bored by another gearbox in a brick-built shellsuit... but looking through peoples responses, there are many requests for construction and agriculture, but no requests for cars. Now that could just be because there are loads of cars, but i'm wondering if they're perceived popularity is simply because they're available. If a ferrari was on the shelf next to an awesome flagship JCB backhoe... which would sell the most? (...and JCB is a perfect fit for licenced technic sets.) If the Xerion had been a 3000 piece flagship masterpiece, would it have matched the Porsche in terms of sales? Who knows, but i suspect its a pretty close run thing.
  3. Brilliant idea.. i wish i had. I put GBC but never thought about clocks....
  4. 1 Case IH / JCB / Fendt 2 Tractors 3 £250 proper flagship agricultural machine - Fasttrack, Stieger etc 4 GBC ? Programmable C+/PU for moc use 10 Hydraulic version of pnuematics GBC looks a popular request... that would be an awesome flagship....
  5. Wow.. I disagree strongly. TLG is the Mothership for me. Although other provide bricks etc, they're just churning out the development done by tlg... no tlg, no development, no flagships. That's why i support tlg regardless of the occasional hiccup.
  6. No... i complain about the endless childish moaning. A logical structured debate is a brilliant thing. My ONLY issue is the dummy spitting moaning. Its as simple as that.
  7. firstly its a bike puncture, not rocket science, so just requires some common sense and a bit of effort.. not a galaxy sized brain. Secondly it was used an example of the fecklessness that is infecting people. Its valid in itself, but was actually more about the bigger picture... Exactly. Don't fill pages saying how TLG are useless and the sets are crap and over priced and even the company cat is to blame.... because the page after page of petulant strops on this site sometimes makes you wonder about the 'A' in afol. There are many sets i have no interest in or don't like, but i very rarely even mention it. I don't cry and bitch endlessly... it really does come across badly. And then if someone dares to criticise those people?! A different opinion?!!! Wow... dummies are spat and people get 'offended' by a disagreement. Offended?!!! What happened to 'agree to disgree'.. doesn't exist anymore. Snowflake-ism is spreading and everyone gets offended by a difference of opinion. Passionately debate and defend, but leave emotions at the door...different opinions are a way of life. Its the negative message it sends to TLG that i wonder about. Imagine spending months/years developing something amazing within the many many constraints of marketing and budgets etc.. only to be greeted by endless slagging off? Who here would want to be a Lego designer? Most of you would say Yes, but how many could take the stream of abuse from this forum..... think about that next time you call for TLG to be shot at dawn.
  8. The 'event' is the massive amount of moaning every time a new flagship comes out.. Every major release for the last 3 years gets slated hugely. Too many pieces, PU vs C+, price, suspension, gearbox, colour vomit.. etc etc. My opinion is based on the endless negative posts, so is evidence based.
  9. You've assumed it was aimed at you.. in actual fact i don't recall ever reading one of your posts, and as you point out, the low number clearly suggests i wasn't referring to you.... ...its not prejudice. Definition: Opinion formed beforehand without knowledge. My opinion is formed after the event based on the actual whining and moaning. So once again we have members of the forum using overly emotional (and technically incorrect) words to undermine an alternative view, when all it really is is a disagreement. Man-up people and accept disagreement without resorting to inflammatory and incorrect words... disagree with me by all means, i accept your right to disagree with me! But accept my right have a different opinion to you without accusing me of Belittling and Prejudice.. i'm doing neither. We simply disagree.
  10. You shouldn't but there are two pretty distinct groups here - 1) people who would like an improvement in certain areas for justifiable reasons, 2) the people that fill page after page of whining about how crap it is and how terrible its all become. Group 1 i have no issue with at all. Group 2 need to get a grip and move on. Now belittle is interesting. I said that the group that want perfection to display on a shelf are missing the point of lego. Thats my opinion and is totally supportable by the fact that lego comes to pieces and is designed for moc's. Now its perfectly reasonable for you to say that you want to display them on a shelf and that we disagree... but thats not belittling. That's disagreeing. Disagreeing is fine, people do it all the time. Tagging a disagreement as belittling is escalating an emotional context that doesn't exist and inflates a disagreement to something it isn't... its favourite trick of politicians. The puncture theme adds context the world we live in where people aren't able or willing to do things for themselves. There is a genuine loss of ability in society, and that bleeds across into wanting perfection from lego. I genuinely couldn't care less about the bugs in official models. I'm buying a building experience and more parts. If it happens to look great and function great too? Bonus. People need to be realistic. Its a toy not a swiss watch or a rolls royce. If you want a perfect display piece, diecast models are ideal. If you want the building experience and moc options lego is ideal. Just quit the moaning group 2.. and there's a lot of group 2 on this forum. You'd best get comfy then sweet cheeks.... If the opinion doesn't fit with your world view, tough. If its not constructive enough for you? Tough. The opening lines of this thread are below. I responded to that. I'm allowed to whether you like it or not. 2) Lego is designed to be rebuilt to suit your own wants and desires so you should do that instead of expressing your disappointment verses Ain't nobody got time for that! Lego is expensive and should be better out of the box, and besides it's not always possible to build what I want. You think it was worthless? I think yours is sanctimonious. Unlike you though I won't be waiting for an update
  11. No. I started with 851 and 853 in the late 70's early 80's and Technic today is the stuff of dreams.. I genuinely cannot understand the moaners. If you don't like it, re-design it. There seems to be a sub-culture of people that treat lego like an airfix model to be sat on a shelf. Utterly and totally missing the entire point completely. A set is just a launching point. My building time 99% moc's.. i like a new flagship to build every year, but everything else is just me trying something, failing, retrying, failing, trying something different. That is the whole point of lego. Not sitting it on a shelf and moaning that the suspension sags a bit or something else equally trivial. If it sags, fix the bugger?! This issue doesn't just affect lego - there are courses now for adults to learn how to fix a bicycle puncture. ADULTS?! What has happened to these people that they're so incapable of anything that punctures are an engineering challenge (i fixed my own from age 6 on my bmx..), and lego has to be perfect otherwise it offends people's entitled sensibilities? Utter lunacy. I love technic, even the sets that aren't for me, i still love them. The amount of moaning some do, they should stick it all on ebay and go get a hobby they enjoy, cos the amount of whinging and whining they do, Lego clearly isn't for them... maybe they should sign up the puncture repair course and discuss how best to delete history. Poor sensitive souls...
  12. TeamThrifty

    Volvo Hauler 42114 - won't dump

    'Instructions are just another mans opinion'.... No they're not! Just follow the very detailed instructions and it works just fine. There is clearly a difference between what you've built and what the instructions said to build. Find the point that the axles and cogs stop turning... then identify your mistake. I've built many sets that are trickier to build than 42114... very odd the problems people have...
  13. TeamThrifty

    [RUMORS] Flagship - CAT D11T

    ... trod on some only yesterday!!!
  14. TeamThrifty

    [RUMORS] Flagship - CAT D11T

    It does... i've said it so many times, Lego is designed to be taken to pieces and built into different things. Or a better version of the current thing. I started building in the late 70's where sitting it on a shelf to look at was a non-existent concept. Everyone built their own stuff... not sure when it got called a 'moc', but to me thats Lego. If you don't build moc's.. as is the current vernacular! ...then you have the wrong hobby. Get some airfix or tamiya and glue stuff together. That looks great on a shelf, lego on a shelf is like keeping a tiger in a cage.. give it freedom!!