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  1. ...getting anything for your hobby is a bonus though, surely? Its not a career... i write software for a career, and believe me, we go to enormous (and expensive) lengths to protect our IP, but anyone competent can use reflection tools to de-compile a dll and see the source code. Its reality. As is the chinese copying stuff... i bet 50% of people on this thread have bought something from china on ebay because its cheaper. I have. things like a radiator for my bike - £500 from kawasaki, £80 from china.. thats IP theft if we're being honest. And most of you will be the same....
  2. @brunojj1 You deserve to be able to charge whatever you want for the time and effort you've put in, 100%.. but anything in the public domain is likely to be copied and stolen. Unless you're a multi-national with an army of lawyers, there's very little you can do. Some crowd funding theory is naive at best.. chances of any kind of protection of IP being achieved? Zero. As soon as you sell a single copy of the instructions (or your album, or movie, or software) then there's a chance someone will steal it.
  3. Depends on where you call home!!
  4. You don't want to do that!! Are you mad?! it would spoil a lot of fun for a lot of people... me included!!!
  5. You can't protect IP against theft. Thats it, simple as that. If your plan works, let TLG know how (and microsoft, and every musician and every movie producer...). Sony had a good go at it, nailed Napster, but Piratebay is still functioning and many other torrent sites. How many people on here are still running dodgy copies of windows or office? Plenty.
  6. TeamThrifty

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Cats and Lego. Awesome combo.. except when they steal a piece and run off with it....!
  7. TeamThrifty

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    It does, you're totally right. I had no interest in a BWE set.... until i saw it. Its a truly awesome set and was an interesting build.
  8. TeamThrifty

    Pneumatic Axle Brake Design

    Surely this is the point of technic?! Complex problem solving is where the pleasure comes from... whether its minor or major function. I've seen moc's (crowkiller maybe?) where there were pneumatic drum brakes on each wheel... he was congratulated on that (and rightly so), no one said it was too complicated then....
  9. TeamThrifty

    Pneumatic Axle Brake Design

    i think its a safety feature - if the air system fails, the brakes default to on. better than the other way round! arriving at a corner and finding you have no brakes...
  10. TeamThrifty

    [MOC] Rope Braiding Machine

    I love this! Genius.
  11. TeamThrifty

    Hello Everyone

    ..i keep mentioning this on my posts! Its not for me either, lego's for taking apart and trying again!! Instructions are a personal choice, some people love generating them - and god bless 'em! - but most don't, i doubt there'll be negative comments on here about that. At i'd hope not.. Nearly forgot... welcome to eurobricks!
  12. TeamThrifty

    Pneumatic Axle Brake Design

    This is how real air brakes work though... no pressure and the brake is applied, for realism, it think this is the right solution...
  13. I'm a developer so i'm problem solving all day, but as i'm also the business owner, there's a lot of pressure and stress... as a few people have said, it is relaxing, allows your brain to shutdown from all the daily crap. I struggle to 'do nothing' for relaxation, so having this hobby that i've loved since i was 8, and it turns out to be a great stress buster is the perfect result. Also, you can solve a problem by solving a different one. If i've something work related that i'm struggling to resolve, solving some lego problems means the work solution is often easier to find.
  14. Thats me! 100%. Only took pics and posted my last moc as i was bored of the last 5% and wanted to take it to bits and start my next 'puzzle' An interesting angle to the question would the motivation for people who build and display original sets, vs moc-ers.... problem solving, mechanical puzzles and a love of engineering will be very common amongst most moc-ers i suspect, but does the same fascination for problem solving exist with display-ers? Not to judge or criticise, but may be interesting...
  15. report it to TLG also, see the reply @keri206 received from them above in this thread...