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  1. You know what? you're completely correct.. i posted my own off the cuff remark without thinking before i did, and for that, i 100% apologise. There is a tendency for some to be design police, even down to 'illegal' use of pieces (which i find mad, but i accept each to their own). But, apart from an initial title, i think what you've posted and the moc you've built is awesome. (i disagree with the scale comments by the way, i like BIG. I'm constantly hunting for 3rd party (illegal?!) Ag tyres to build bigger tractors) Don't keep your mocs to yourself as i think everyone has the right to build what they want, in the scale they want and have a platform to show them. And this is a good platform to do that... just try to let the overly extreme comments slide. Where there's a keyboard, there's a warrior... but mostly i think its not intended that way here, maybe english isn't someone's primary language so it gets lost in translation, or, like me, they typed and submitted off the cuff without considering how the recipient might feel about it... Keep posting
  2. Agreed - having seen the latest pics i like it a lot! Its different and i like different ideas and thought processes, they often spark a thought for my own mocs. There's a lot of work gone in to that. I'd love to see some vids and more pics. Dodgy opening title, but i think thats in the past now. Great work! More pics please.
  3. I love tractors - you've really captured the look of the real thing. Great to see tractor mocs. Must get mine posted.. never seem to have time! Love this moc though!
  4. Perhaps his opening gambit of how he was going change the game wasn't the best approach. If you do that, then you'd best have a thick enough skin to accept what people say. If he's said 'here's something i've been working on and i'm pretty proud of it', no one would have been cynical.. And at a more senior age, you'd think it was a life lesson he'd already learnt!! ..its a forum. there's no such thing as a friendly one!! This is one of the best, but its still a forum... Life lesson there for ya.
  5. with bending suspension.. Maybe the backend is game changing....
  6. seems odd that in 50 years there's never been a single true moc.. until a game changer. wow, there's some big claims right there! My breath is bated. Lets see it
  7. I love the sound of metal axles - i'm using some none-lego 130mm tractor tyres for a couple of tractor projects and they cause a lot of twist in standard axles. Can you send me details about these axles? Are they available to buy from somewhere?
  8. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    I'm definitely looking forward to this set.. i didn't buy any of the 2017 sets, got the BWE instead! ...but 42082 looks great. its a bit different which i like. Supercars can get a bit samey. Another gearbox, more suspension, but the form factor is the same.. A car. (and some of the moc's shown on this site are awesome, better than the official sets) so unless 42083 does something mega, it doesn't really interest me... at least, not £obscene it doesn't! A big red crane, in a different form factor.. that worth a purchase. and hopefully the functions live up to expectations. not just a big empty box. fingers crossed!
  9. I love this, something a bit different is always great to see!
  10. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I think the target audience is the key factor here. Nothing else. If its aimed at being built once and displayed then it will be half technic half creator with some suspension and a gearbox functions, but not accurate.. Porsche style. Piece count will be from styling. If its meant to be a technic tour-de-force for 'appreciators' then the suspension will be double wishbone and the gearbox will have more than four gears etc...and the piece count will be from technic wizardry. But the mighty dollar (euro) is the driving force here and make no mistake!! Its not t please afols with high expectations, its to please the bank at year end.... Which in turn does please us, as technic is profitable and we still get gems like arocs etc. I just think the big shiny super series models have a different role to play in financial picture. The normal flagships are aimed at me. several thousand creator pieces designed to look great on a shelf, not so much.. Worth mentioning, i'm not poo poo-ing this at all. Everyone enjoys techninc for different reasons. mine is moc-ing, has been since i was 8 (over 30 years ago!), i never keep anything built. Others like to build and display. But the driving force is the Lego balance sheet, its a simple as that... and if it keeps it in profit, i support it 100%.
  11. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Thats me exactly with every set i've ever owned! Glad i'm not alone..
  12. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    This set has a lot more interest for me than the Bugatti.. 4000 pieces?! Bright red and massive! Awesome start.. just hope its not an empty box. Arocs is still the daddy, but that will take some beating as it had everything and was a really enjoyable build. 42009 was a poor build for me.. not sure why. But who doesn't love a big red crane?!
  13. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    What this set needs to make it stand out, is what someone mentioned earlier - new 4wd hubs with bigger angle cv's or similar. Plus a special gearbox. For me, they have to do that to add a bit of Whiz-Bang.. being pretty isn't enough to cover the cost. Clever and pretty and wallets will open up for it!
  14. Awesome! I love GBC.. never built anything, but one of my 2018 goals is to start. I've sooo much to learn, but i can't wait! Never built anything GBC i meant, many years of technic, so hopefully the skills are transferable!
  15. i'm looking forward to 42082.. and its red. I've not had a red set since the truly awesome 8258. I will be watching the new pneumatics valve with interest though... i tend to just buy the flagships (or claas when the FS is underwhelming), so may just pick the new parts up separately. I'd forgotten how flexible 42009 was, but you're comment rang a bell... its my least favourite of the last few years.