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  1. I've worked in warehousing and logistics in the past and have seen these automated warehouses in real life - this moc is incredible! I used to write warehouse management software... Excellent build. Very authentic!
  2. TeamThrifty

    42130 - BMW M1000RR K66

    Here's a thought... those of us with bikes know the suspension is highly adjustable for compression and rebound damping, plus spring preload as well as rear ride height.... Pneumatics could be used alongside a spring to act as the oil in the damping circuit. I've built car suspension and used a pneumatic ram with the hose constricted to act as a damper. It works well and takes the bounce out of the spring. If new parts are likely it would be a nice feature and is a significant part of a real sportsbike. (and a headache to setup!!)
  3. TeamThrifty

    42130 - BMW M1000RR K66

    Interesting! As the owner of a real-life Kawasaki zx10r and lover of sportsbikes, to see a bike being done properly at a decent scale (ducati was shite...), makes me quite excited. I just hope they do it justice.... the stream of cars in various scales, does nothing for me at all. The change in itself is very welcome. Fingers crossed for a proper effort.
  4. I should have been more specific!! Thats £297... Bingo!
  5. Now available for £324.... £100 below rrp. Surely the loudest voices about the high price should be equally loud about this excellent turn of events... No? Is that not how it works..... Another £25 and i'll buy it. Want it to start with a '2' just cos it feels better
  6. Highly subjective. I can write code to control the motors, i enjoy it and in many ways is preferable to me... however, its not a commercial product. It is no where near as polished or debugged as the TLG app which despite the moans, will have taken hundreds of hours of dev time... and my app wouldn't be preferable to the vast majority of users in 100 different countries around the world. Its the same argument that often arises - Mocs/Apps built by us are not subject to the marketing/financial/demographic constraints that TLG are, therefore its not really a valid comparison. But, moaners love to moan, valid or not!!
  7. (just to confirm, in case there's any doubt, i agree completely!!) Correct.. I love that i can use different apps to code a controller for my mocs. Its a brilliant addition to lego. Lack of the app is pretty low key really....
  8. ..and great news! Its not £419 anymore, already available with £60 off at £359... 15% off is a good start.
  9. Ain't that the truth... again... Personally, i'm really looking forward to getting this set at xmas. And just to be a rebel, i like C+... playing with programming it myself is an important step into the modern world by TLG. Blending the digital with physical is fantastic.
  10. Why? TLG will not go after individuals... the whole premise of this thread is incorrect. Other parts are already patented and its changed nothing. Unless you're a large copy-cat company, nothing will change. This is people desperate to bash TLG for doing the sensible thing - protecting their IP. Then in some kind of tabloid newspaper fictional spin, its been decided (based on what facts?) that moc-ers can't use it or they'll end up in court!!! Ludicrous. Now if i were TLG, I would definitely introduce a licence fee for those who profit from it. Commercial use is very different to private use. You can listen to music at home with no concerns, but if you play it at a public event you're supposed to pay royalties to the artist. Software dev tools are free unless its for commercial use, at which point you pay a licence fee. You want to use lego as a commercial venture, be a grown-up and accept a licence fee would be reasonable. Other than that, nothing will change....
  11. I disagree... I'm a software developer, primarily using the c# language. This language was created by microsoft and is the equivalent of the bricks created by TLG. I'm able to use c# code to create my own software application - it is in fact my career... c# isn't mine and is probably the IP of microsoft, but i can use the 'bricks', and the resulting applications IP belongs to me even though the IP of the individual 'bricks'/code, doesn't. So TLG group should absolutely protect the IP of their brinks and if anybody reproduces those bricks they should drag them through the courts... ..but using the bricks to create a MOC is a very different thing. Now if you then use that moc to earn money, TLG may take an interest... Indeed, if i produce commercial software from a free version of the development environment is use (visual studio), microsoft could take me to court, so i use a paid-for commercial use version. Lego was just a toy, so no end-user licence agreements exist (unless there is an implicit one?). TLG may review that, and if you're using their platform to monetise it and recreate a business, they may want to stop that - or potentially introduce a fair-use policy for commercial users - and they'd be well within their rights to do that if they chose to. Again, this is common business practice. At the moment producing moc for financial gain is the wild-west... brace yourselves, there may be a new sheriff in town....
  12. Don't quote me out of context, thats the cheapest trick going. What i said was.... "this is normal business practice - you have to protect your intellectual property. Anybody who thinks differently is naïve (at best)" ..Which is correct. Every company involved in R&D patents their IP. Thats a statement of fact, not an opinion. If somebody thinks this isn't normal, widespread business practice, then by definition, they are naïve. Definition: (of a person or action) showing a lack of experience, wisdom So its not anything to spin into an angle against my words. I wasn't even expressing a personal view, simply stating what is fact.. so play your politics with someone else. Take your judgemental blinkers off and realise i was stating fact and not attacking anybody.
  13. Well said .*1000 TLG spend millions on r&d and are totally entitled to patent it. Thousands of companies patent things every day, this is normal business practice - you have to protect your intellectual property. Anybody who thinks differently is naïve (at best) If TLG have got one back after having their entire platform copied/stolen, good on them. They created the whole thing... the flipflop beam is a great example of someone standing on the shoulders of giants. Can't believe that this forum is critical of TLG protecting its own designs.
  14. Thats a bold statement. Some may consider it better in some areas, but 'light years' is a pretty unrealistic claim... but feel free to add supportive evidence! (ps Its a great moc, not knocking the builder, just questioning the hyperbole used...)