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  1. TeamThrifty

    [REVIEW] 42114 - Volvo Articulated Hauler

    Because the last thing those of us who earn their living as software developers want, is young whizz kids coming through making us look daft!! Pesky kids!!
  2. TeamThrifty

    MOC Fairchild A10 (WIP) pics added

    Once you've virtually finished it, prepare for a protest against it and then withdraw it at the last minute!! (its just a joke.. calm down..!!) Moc looks brilliant. Not something i'd ever build, so something so different makes it even more interesting...
  3. TeamThrifty

    Lego 2-Stroke motor

    I agree! Internal combustion engines are just air pumps in disguise... so remove the combustion element. It is a much better idea... and less injuries. Melted, burning lift arms??! No thanks!!
  4. TeamThrifty

    [REVIEW] 42114 - Volvo Articulated Hauler

    @I_Igor.. exactly. Its a real benefit to be able to read the thoughts and experiences of others, something i appreciate. It helps put my own thoughts into perspective, and has probably changed my opinion... which is very humbling! I think i'd now like to have a physical controller with no touch screen.... this is the benefit of group discussion when done properly, with reasoned debate. I'm a (slightly) wiser man...
  5. TeamThrifty

    [REVIEW] 42114 - Volvo Articulated Hauler

    There's some very interesting points above... i'll admit i'm pro C+, mainly because i see the potential. And i kind of assume phones and tablets are here to stay and most people have them. Lego are adapting to the times... BUT! I read the comments above and the points made a totally valid, so although i have a different opinion, I also agree with the opposite view!! @JayCal @ShaydDeGrai @I_Igor ... I agree with you, even though i disagree I guess what i'm really saying, is that at a selfish level, C+ works great for me... but as you've all pointed out, its not universally great for everyone. Always a valuable lesson to be gained listening to others (considered) opinions...
  6. TeamThrifty

    Lego 2-Stroke motor

    (i'm sure he means 'don't stand too close!!) spark plugs use high voltage so engines have a coil that transforms 12v into an awful lot of volts.. but V=IR, so as volts go up amps goes down and its unlikely to kill you. The CDI mentioned above would still need a coil (i've spent many hours swearing at motorcycle coils and cdi's and plugs... its all ECU's and fuel injection these days which is generally better..) But you need a coil to make a spark.. and you need a trigger for that (Points, CDI, ECU)
  7. TeamThrifty

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    C+ gets a bit of negativity... but, we're discussing a semi automatic gearbox here and @kbalage is working on a fully automatic version. This is an incredible leap forward - despite the niggles. To have the tools available to built a software package that allows a fully auto gearbox to be built would have blown my 12 yr mind!! I know its not perfect, but its actually brilliant in so many ways. The potential of this eco-system for me outweighs the niggles.
  8. I'm not a car guy or i would!! I'm a tractor lover...
  9. @DugaldIC ... This car has anti rollbars and heave springs. You won the supercar competition for this alone! Take note all supercar builders! Stop ignoring realistic suspension, its a beautiful thing when done right... such a rare thing. Cheered me up. Please can more car builders go to the trouble of including this amazing feature.. such a vital part of the real thing yet almost universally ignored in mocs and official sets.. that makes me sad!!
  10. TeamThrifty

    42113 Replacement Set Petition

    Bell 222? Airwolf?!! Ahh no.. its got guns on it. Bugger. Anyway, how does the VW group get away with it? They're made some pretty unsavoury friends back in the 30's and 40's.. if boeing are bad men, then VW are worse... (which country were the pressure group from again.... Mmmm)
  11. Yep... check out my post yesterday... couldn't agree more.
  12. Its a serious point... IP is property, using it without permission is theft. Being tired of it isn't a great response, whoever owns the website should be treating it professionally and respecting other people's IP... We're not allowed to mention Le*** because they steal TLG's IP, the scale and impact might be different, but its either used with permission, or its not. Scale isn't relevant. I don't say this to be argumentative as this isn't my opinion, its fact..
  13. TeamThrifty

    Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey 42113 Petition

    I agree, but thats not what i'm saying... Freedom of speech is different to thinking an opposing view shouldn't be allowed. Both sides should be allowed. We should defend TLG's right to release it. But we should also defend the groups right to express their view. If there was harm to be done, like they were releasing a working gun, or something racist, then of course it should be stopped. But its not, and somehow a pressure group has derailed the release. TLG didn't want the bad press associated with release, thats not the same as them having the freedom to decide... In the UK there's been examples of pressure groups stopping xmas lights because asian communities might be offended. Madness. I'm not offended by their celebrations, and as it turns out, the asian community weren't offended by xmas lights... what happened was a group of (white middle class generation Z) snowflakes decided that they would be offended on their behalf... it concerns me that baseless arguments are derailing that freedom on both sides. We have the right to be offended, and we have the right to offend!! Being offended is part of freedom of speech... as long as its not Hate or abuse or racism, because that not acceptable (don't think i'm saying it is...)
  14. TeamThrifty

    Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey 42113 Petition

    The situation is very simple as i see it.. despite the complexity in some posts - If one group shouts loudest and gets something banned, but the reasonable none-shouty 'other' side keeps quiet, then the truth is lost. Its unreasonable for the offended-snowflake-minority to 'win'. We should all sigh the petition, even if we think it shouldn't be released. This about defending TLG's freedom to operate reasonably and fairly, which they are, and the shouty-minority shouldn't be allowed to dictate their actions. Lego does no harm. Are they raging against Kalashnikov? I find their motives and choice of target highly suspect. "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."