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  1. Nice work! I would really like to build this :D
  2. YAY! for a new Technic ship :D Need to get all these 2x. I liked most of them and the bike will be cool to have as i have seen a few of them around here :)
  3. Will have to build this! Great work :)
  4. This would be nice for grownups that can't read the Don't Touch Signs :P
  5. Making that head (with red eyes) follow people would be so fun and devious! :D Great work and i want to raid your Technic collection :P
  6. Amazing car! Straight up to the build list!
  7. Good work on this model also. Great competitions you have :)
  8. Thank you for this great recreation :D One of my favorite sets so this is a must build :) Will add a metal hook :)
  9. Nice work :) Will def try to get this built when i can find another 42043 :)
  10. I want that blue/green/teal one :D Very nice work :)
  11. Super quick review and some pictures when i get them uploaded :) The worst part was dissembling the 42009! The model is big in size and you can get the 3 Creator cars on it (Mini, F40 VW camper) but as said earlier the beams that tilt the upper deck are a bit to narrow. It can also hold the Mini and F40 on the top deck with no problems. I also missed some axles but the 42009 i used was bought second hand so there might have been some parts missing or my cat has "borrowed" some parts to put under the sofa. When i get a hold of another 42009 i will build the flatbed. Have built 2 of his MOC's now and i can warmly recommend them :) Unimog/Jeep and this
  12. Already been, Nice place once you get used to the fighting