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  1. 71014 Soccer Minifig Series

    Hi all! Where can I buy this set in Munich? Thanks!
  2. No wonder the street is empty...everyone is busy inside! Nice interior with great details!
  3. [MOC] 50's Style American Diner

    Nice diner! You have definitely maximised the occupancy of the diner! May the business boom! The couch seating looks great!
  4. Who else here is into all sorts of themes?

    I only collect: 1) Modulars (I have all of them) 2) Architectue (all of them) 3)Star Wars (Ep IV to VI only) Other themes I may buy depending on how much I like e.g the Deep Sea sets are great!
  5. Lego Room Build

    The room is really great! I will think most of us are jealous of you! Next up...I think you better start planning for expansion of storage space especially when you get into the swing of building!
  6. [MOC] Livingroom

    Great MOC! You have brought us back to the 70s!!
  7. MOC: The Ocean Restaurant

    It's really nice! I like the couches! and the interior looks great! The way the glasses are hung looks very "pub".
  8. +1 to The Customizer! Fast delivery! Thank you for the Toy Story lot!
  9. Whitefang, Great Review! really calling out to us to get this set!
  10. Space Pirates Contest !

    Am I correct to assume Category C is a free-for-all build as long as it is space-pirate?
  11. Leaving Lego sale

    PM you on Toy Story! Thanks!
  12. [MOC] Record Store (Modular Building)

    Nice building! I like the round cosy corner (right word?). The fa├žade looks brilliant! One thing may want to get some printed tiles for the front of each record stack. surely not all records are plain.
  13. French Palace

    Your palace has left me speechless! The gate and fence is really different and look great! I like the external wall built. Great MOC!
  14. Members on the map

    from Singapore! Please add me! Thanks!