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    [MOC] Ice Station Icarus

    Love the whole layout and what you have done by expanding the existing colour scheme. Great details all around the MOC and the buildings are also really well done.
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    How to build 《Catapult》part 1

    Nice and compact, most models become quickly large to add details.
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    [MOC] Encounter in the North

    Trying to cross lake Lydall, a small expedition of Findia encounters a sudden mist and their boat hits an Ice berg, to make matters worse the Orcs from the Misty Mountains are attacking them, while they still have to save the rest of the cargo and crew. -- Set in the world of the Whispering Woods, see: Encounter in the North by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
  4. The busy markets of the capital of Faldia, Rindael, are visited by many different people from Hellum and the northern islands to Felisia in the south, even as far as Sinar and Kadan in the east (see map at the bottom of the post). Because the grand market is such a busy place, it also attracts a lot of unwanted visitors. One such man is Waldor, the master thief. The Lady in white just alarmed the Royal Falcon guard of the robbery, he stole her golden ring. -- Can You help the guards to find Waldor. Apparently a multitude of Golden objects can be found, held by a person: - A golden ring. - Golden coins. - A golden trumpet. - A golden key. - A golden harp. -- If you follow my MOCs and figbarfs of the Whispering Woods, you may find a lot of familiar faces in the crowd, try to spot them all. If you're not yet familiar with my other MOCs, please take a look at the album: The grand market square of Rindael by Ids de Jong, on Flickr On Friday, farmers and craftsman come from the country to the city of Rindael to sell their vegetables and fruit to the townsfolk and each other, it's also possible to trade livestock, such as cows. One such pair is currently in negotiation about a couple of cows. Friday market in Rindael by Ids de Jong, on Flickr For the Whispering Woods characters, see also: [MOC] Fantasy figs of the Whispering Woods - LEGO Historic Themes - Eurobricks Forums Map of the Whispering Woods: Map of the Whispering Woods by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
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    [MOC] Forest hideout

    The free people of Faldia have their hideouts on places where not many will come, one such hideout is located near a small stream in the Whispering Woods near the Ebba swamp, in the northen region of Faldia. -- Build for the forest fort category for CCC XX. Forest hideout by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Thanks for looking, C&C always welcome.
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    [MOC] Hirska (Demon deer)

    Bestiary entry for Hirska or "Demon deer". The Whispering Woods harbors many dangerous creatures, one such creature is the Hirska. When seen from afar it looks just like a normal deer, only when up-close one sees how big it is, between 1.5 and 2 times the size of a normal horse. It's most defining feature is the single big eye where it's face is supposed to be. Many wonder how such a creature can survive when no visible mouth is observed. Studies into the creatures are sparse, because no-one is crazy enough to get up-close to the beast. A theory of some scholars of Rindael suggest it absorbs it's nutrients from the forest soil through its hooves. It doesn't like visitors, so when encountering it, make sure you leave the area as soon as possible, when it notices you, be prepared to run. It will attack anyone with it's legs or antlers. Hiding behind bushes won't work, because it's eye will see through it, climbing in a tree sometimes helps, but please, find a strong tree, because the power of the beast is enough to fell small and middle sized trees with slamming against it with his head. -- My entry for the Fantasy Creature category of CCC XX. Hirska by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
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    [MOC] Astro Cruiser - X01

    An experimental flying cruiser that can be used in space, on the moon base, as well as on the surface. It's three wheeled designed allows it to even be operabele on the road, although flying would be preferred. For atmospheric flight it uses the experimental hover engine and the thrusters are mostly for space flight. Equipped with various long range sensors it's the ideal one-person companion craft for bigger ships, although maybe a bit overkill to be used as a personal shuttle. -- Finally took a picture of this one, which was finished for almost a year... Astro Cruiser - X01 by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Astro Cruiser - X01 by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Thanks for looking, C&C always welcome.
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    [MOC] Forest hideout

    Thank you.
  9. the Inventor

    [MOC] The grand market square of Rindael

    Updated first post, added an additional picture.
  10. At the lake of the windy mountains, far up north, a lone tower stands to guard the hideout of the band of the Wolf. After pillaging the villages down river, Asger looks as his men bring in the loot. The band of the Wolf hideout by Ids, on Flickr The band of the Wolf hideout - details by Ids, on Flickr And the band of the Wolf: The band of the Wolf by Ids, on Flickr A fearless band of robbers of the north, led by Asger (middle). From left to right: - Bjørnar, as strong as a bear, wielding a double bladed ax. - Karina, quick in the night, with her two daggers, she can strike down any soldier before they even see her. - Asger leader of the band of the Wolf, who is a master with his spear. - Ingólfr, right hand man of Asger, always keeping his calm, even when Asger is in battle, he always keeps an eye on him to keep him safe. - Agnar, fearless with a sword or a crossbow. This build started of course with the minifigs, then I build a boat for them because they somewhat reminded me of some Vikings (especially when I named them), thus I gave them a Viking inspired boat. The tower originally was planned as a tower in the lake, but I moved it to shore and added a docking area for the boat. Thanks for looking, let me know what you think.
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    [MOC] The band of the Wolf and their hideout

    Thanks, I forgot to post this newer photo, showing only the boat: Setting sail by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
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    [MOC] The Golden Crown Inn

    For Kings and commoners, the most famous and busiest tavern in all of Faldia. Not many kings have visited though, it is frequently used by the Royal Falcon Guard and the main Black Falcon army. Video: Pictures: On the balcony are Lord Biron and his wife, who are currently staying at the tavern, he isn’t really happy about all the noise downstairs though. The Golden Crown Inn by Ids de Jong, on Flickr The Golden Crown is run by the Ryan family, who are known for their hospitality. The Golden Crown Inn - bar by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Today we all gathered for the event, and we have a special surprise, the Fantastic Fauns are currently playing in Faldia, at our tavern. Please welcome them with a round of applause. The Golden Crown Inn - the Fantastic Fauns by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Aht and Minke (Fantasy figbarf – Whispering Woods I and IV) are still playing a board game at the window to the right. Aht: “I can see why you wanted to return to the city, really lively here, although I’m fonder of the woods myself.” Minke: “Yeah, when the position of captain of the Royal Falcon Guard came free, I couldn't turn it down, thanks for the recommendation Aht.” Aht: “No problem, glad I could help you.” - Also to the right are two members of the trade guild discussing some new trade opportunities with Felisia, located south of Faldia. The Golden Crown Inn - Aht and Minke playing a board game by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Many locals are also frequently visiting and get together at the tavern. The Golden Crown Inn - overview by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
  13. the Inventor

    [MOC] The Golden Crown Inn

    @BlackGloveBricks Thank you very much.
  14. Hitori Gotou or 'Bocchi' from the anime Bocchi the Rock. -- I always wanted to make some Chibi figures with Lego like those made by Javier Soravilla or Mike Dung, but seeing that Ted Andes also made some, Chisato and Takina, recently made me want to also finally give it a try. I borrowed some building techniques of those mentioned earlier and used the instructions of Javier Soravilla: for the frame of the figure. -- For this Chibi figure I had to get creative, I wanted to make Hitori Gotou, but in the show she's mostly wearing pink and her hair is also pink. I wanted to distinguish between the two. So I used "Paradisa" Pink for her body, which severely limits the available pieces and Bright Pink for her hair. Ofcourse I can't forget to include the guitar and an amplifier, I even included a distortion ds2, if you where wondering what that orange thing was. Bocchi by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Thanks for looking, C&C always welcome.
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    [MOC] Castel del Valle

    In the valley near the lake, lies a small castle. Lord Enzo is watching his son happily watching the animals near the small castle, the guards also keep an eye on the boy, to make sure he doesn't fall in the water. -- Made for the small castle category for CCC XX. -- Inspired by some Italian castles. Castel del Valle by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
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    [MOC] The grand market square of Rindael

    Thanks for the comments.
  17. the Inventor

    [MOC] Archibald's workshop

    The great wizard Archibald the second, studies in a corner of the king castle with various magical items brought to him by the kings elite men. A special treasure is needed for one of his experiments and is brought to him by the treasurer. The knight are wondering what weird experiment he will conduct now. -- Made for the castle interior category of CCC XX. Archibald's workshop by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
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    [MOC] Archibald's workshop

  19. the Inventor

    [MOC] Archibald's workshop

    @zoth33 Thanks. @SirBlake Haha, just try and steal my latest MOC too: [MOC] The grand market square of Rindael - LEGO Historic Themes - Eurobricks Forums Thanks for your compliment.
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    [MOC] The Golden Crown Inn

    @sonofasubmariner Thank you. Yes, everything is connected. Hose, Rigid 3mm are fixated on the baseplate with 1x1 clips, and all floor pieces (tiles/plates and plate with clips) are connected to the rigid hoses.
  21. the Inventor

    [MOC] The Golden Crown Inn

    Thanks all for the great replies to my MOC, glad you all like it so much. @SirBlake see my reply in your own topic.
  22. the Inventor

    [MOC] The Bull & Bone Inn

    Well, I certainly see the resemblance. I like your touch on it though, such as the skull above the bar and the dart board and carpet in front of the stage. Getting that light for the stage will really improve the looks, just like it did on my build. Thanks again for your compliments even as far as trying to build your own interpretation of it.
  23. Everyday life of a dwarf, mine some ore, wash yourself, visit some distant family, converse with the ladies, defend your mine against goblin intruders who try to steal your precious stuff and start to joy ride mine carts... - Believe it or not I even used some sand red, can you spot it? I also used my 12V train lightning again, for some extra character to the build and completely purist of course. :P Also check out the Movie version on youtube: - Build for the Summer Joust 2022 Subterranean setting category. Everyday life of a dwarf by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Everyday life of a dwarf - Gate by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Everyday life of a dwarf - Goblin slaying by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
  24. the Inventor

    [MOC] Everyday life of a dwarf

    Thanks for the comments. @MontyMatte I'm not really sure, it is one of my faster builds. I started with the gate on the 27th of June and finished the MOC and took the final pictures on the 3rd of July. Although, most of the work was done on the Friday evening, the 1st of July and the weekend. I remember not doing much else that time, so one evening and two whole days of planning/building.
  25. 2B: "Pod, these Machine lifeforms are behaving very strange." Pod 042: "Affirmative, they act rather suspicious." -- Something else from me, first time trying to build a figure, let me know what you think. After playing Nier: Automata on the switch (a really nice port I would say). I got the urge to try making some Machine lifeforms, after that I felt I also had to make 2B and of course Pod 042. Weird Machine lifeforms by Ids de Jong, on Flickr