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  1. I’m just disappointed that they didn’t give us a red (or even yellow) mini-scale astronaut rather a blue one. We’ve already had blue with the Space baby, and red or yellow would fit better with these sets. I guess they’re going with blue for the iconic/Benny factor though.
  2. Wonderpants

    2024 Space sets

    Is this the rumoured “black/possible Blacktron” set or something else?
  3. Wonderpants

    Galaxy Explorer (10497) - How well did it sell?

    Probably only Lego actually know how well it sold. We all heard about it going down to half price in Walmart, for what that’s worth. Also bear in mind that if it was particularly successful, they’d probably extend its shelf life. On the other hand, I haven’t seen it get discounted in the UK, other than once from Smyths, so presumably it’s not clogging shelves up. As such, it’s presumably sold reasonably as well, and perhaps as much as Lego expected.
  4. Aw. Mind you, that screen showing a red spaceman (looks like something from the sticker sheet in the 1980 Lego ideas book) has caught my eye. Presumably that’s a sticker too.
  5. Hopefully that green helmet shows up with a CMF or on Bricks and Pieces, or the BL price is going to be ridculous. And did anyone else notice the LL03 on the CS part? Wonder if that’s a sticker or print..
  6. Wonderpants

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Has anyone got a pic of the lower engine panel to show how this is done? I’ve seen the follow-up post saying to remove the red, white and tan parts, but it doesn’t seem to improve anything.
  7. Wonderpants

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    I’ve had this set for a few years and the large gaps in the hull plates have always annoyed me, so I’ve finally done something about it. It’s still a WIP but here’s the result of an afternoons work. I’ve made the gaps around the radar dish and between the plates and docking ring nearest the camera a fair bit smaller, and added a few bricks and plates to the back of the upper laser turret to fill the gaps in that area. https://www.instagram.com/p/CzB6DmCo23G/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet&igshid=ZGM5NmRkODg2ZA==
  8. Wonderpants

    Brickvault UCCS Millennium Falcon

    Thanks, heard back from Brickvault now so all good 🙂
  9. Wonderpants

    Brickvault UCCS Millennium Falcon

    Hi, hopefully this isn’t off topic but I’ve downloaded the parts list to see what sort of money this would cost. However, it comes in various separate files like different options for the docking rings, 75192 parts list, etc, and no guide for them. Does someone know what ones I need to use if I already have 75192 and want to order the additional parts? (I’ve emailed Brickvault already but they haven’t got back to me) Thanks.
  10. Necrobump! For those who brought the stand some time ago, how’s it holding up? Any problems with the Falcon itself?
  11. Wonderpants

    MOC T-47 Snowspeeder, 2016 Edition

    Did Brickdoctor or anyone else ever do a LDD/stud.io file for this? Would like one to go with my UCS at-at
  12. I started trying to install a lighting kit for the Titanic that uses LED light strips and bit lights, but don’t like the way you have to run the lights between connected tiles and plates, resulting in them not sitting quite flush, or the way light shines through gaps and even solid bricks. Rather than giving up altogether though, I wondered if anyone sells kits with the LEDs fitted into bricks or plates, and which ideally can be daisychained together, which might solve this issue.
  13. How smoothly do the wings raise and lower with 2 motors to each? I remember someone here trying it with 1 or maybe 2 for both and it was pretty jerky when the wings were raising
  14. Wonderpants

    [MOC] 10497 Alternate - LAAT

    Nice work, as I have 2 extra 10492s, I’ll have to build this at some point along with the Gal t Transporter!
  15. Which set is that exactly? I already have the motorcycle helmet version from Sir Danju, so only really need the air tanks. Edit: never mind, found it