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  1. Wonderpants


    The 1x2s are decades old at this point. Would be nice to have brand spanking new ones! As for the 1x4, that’s only in one VHTF set and with the worn logo to boot, so of limited use. 1x3s would go nicely with the 150% scale factor of 10497. Really? What sets? Might as well do a green OG helmet then. The ones in the exo suit set have the visor type helmets, making them stand out a bit next to the others.
  2. Wonderpants

    The Five Visitors

    Bravo! You’ve found some use for the brick separators. Presumably you could also use the orange ones
  3. Wonderpants


    Great idea! I’d add: - 1x6 bricks with LL918 and LL924. Still baffled why Lego didn’t include them in 10497. - 1x2 or 1x3 bricks with the CS logo. - A couple of large flat trans yellow tiles (eg 4x6 or 4x8). - A black CS astronaut. - Purple air tanks!
  4. Wonderpants

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Galaxy Explorer is done! Now to try and find a suitable moon base MOC or build my own, and wait for a sale on this so I can get a second copy and build the B and C models. Although I’m a little disappointed in Lego’s QC. I had a grey Technic pin that is meant to hold parts of the cabin together missing, and appear to have ended up with a grey 1x4 plate instead of a blue one, which means the tail fin isn’t quite finished. Plus both canopies had some scratches on them. 😬 Will have to get replacement pieces sent out.And finally, they really should have included 1x6 bricks with LL918 and LL924 prints for the B & C builds. A couple of small bricks with the Classic Space logo would have been nice too.
  5. Wonderpants

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    This was something I wondered about too. Do you think the cockpit hinge/computer display divider can be modded to give more clearance? Just bugs me a bit that the astronauts would probably have to get out of the ship to go from the cockpit to the back compartment
  6. Wonderpants

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    I’m just hoping someone does some 3rd party 1x6 bricks with LL918 and LL924 printed on them. Not including them does seem like the biggest disappointment with this set.
  7. Wonderpants

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Yeah, the GE MOCs don’t come cheap. I actually bricklinked the parts for the LL-928 MOC above and it cost over £100. Plus there’s a few issues with it, like the detailing on the front wing edge only being attached at one point, so it tends to sag or flap around, and the cockpit and rear compartment being cramped (the rover only just fits in the rear compartment). So with the official modern version on the way, the MOC and Benny’s spaceship will be getting dismantled, and maybe used as parts for a base
  8. No doubt, though I’ve have thought Benny would increase the demand for blue.
  9. Wonderpants

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Why On Earth, I imagine
  10. Wonderpants

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    One thing I am disappointed about with this set is that they didn’t give us bricks with “918” and “924” printed on them for the alt builds. I can see those parts from the original versions jumping because of this, so may be best to buy them asap if you were thinking of doing this
  11. Black and blue astronauts! With a small base set, since Galaxy Explorer is missing it.
  12. Wonderpants

    [MOC] Classic Space referenced CMF display

    Good work! It’s sorely missing actual Classic Space minifigs though, with an appropriate blue and trans-yellow backdrop
  13. It does in fact jam a bit when turning by hand, but it gets worse when just putting the bare turntable in place (ie no crane arm parts or hoses at all) and using the motor to turn it. And of course it’s worse still when the entire crane is in place.
  14. I brought the Arocs last weekend and have been building it, but the crane turntable is proving a real pig. I’ve rearranged all the hoses quite a few times and played around with the crane base build, but whatever I do, it seems to slip and grind when turning. It seems to turn quite easily by hand, and the drive train it connects to works very freely when the crane is removed, so I can’t work out what the issue is. Anyone able to help?
  15. Wonderpants

    Favourite sets that you own

    1. 6990 Monorail. Surely the pinnacle of Space sets? Sold my childhood copy for a knockdown price some years ago (to someone who took a bit of advantage IMHO), and now regularly myself for it. Still, I now have another one, and with 6921 and 6347 to boot. 2. 6932 Star Defender 200. A great and underrated set. Sleek, swooshable, and eyecatching. Will be modding this to fix some issues. 3. 6890 Blacktron Invader. As #2 4. 75192. It’s the Millennium Falcon. What else needs to be said? 5. Saturn V. A thing of beauty. 6. 10212 Imperial Shuttle Tyderium. So graceful and hardly looks like Lego. 7. 10300 Delorean time machine. Something I’d been waiting for a long time, specially given how poor the 2013 one was, and that Ecto-1, the 1989 Batmobile, etc, all got more love. 8. 10278 Mack Anthem. Great value and a fine display model. 9. 70816 Benny’s Spaceship. A modern version of a Classic Space set, a theme which doesn’t get nearly as much love as it should. Where’s our equivalent of Barracuda Bay or the rumoured 2022 Castle set?! 10. Last but certainly not least, Galaxy Explorer. The granddaddy!