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  1. Wonderpants

    REVIEW | 10294 Titanic

    Do you have the 3k piece Cobi set? Would be interested to see how it measures up alongside this beast
  2. Wonderpants

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Is that a Wicked Brick stand you’re using for 75218? Does it fit the Jerac design?
  3. Are there instructions for this? How well do the motorised wings work? I remember seeing someone else’s attempt to motorise them and they had a problem with the motors not being powerful enough or the wings flopping down when lowering or being slow when raising. edit: Never mind, just seen your video. Still slow and quite jerky movement.
  4. Wonderpants

    Classic Space is Awesome

    No grey spaceman?! (Torso was in one of the minifig waves)
  5. Wonderpants

    Benny's Space Squad 70841

    It’s a shame that Lego never followed up on the Space Squad with a set containing a red, black, and a proper blue astronaut, perhaps with a slightly more elaborate mini build to compensate for the missing 4th astronaut figure. A ground vehicle perhaps?
  6. Wonderpants

    75936 T-Rex Rampage mod

    I thought the stock head on Rexy left something to be desired, so after the stock build was finished, it was time for it to go to the chop shop. And a few hours later, Rexy has a new head! The tiles along the top of the head have been lowered to make the eye ridges more prominent, the sides of the upper jaw have been slimmed and curve towards the top of the snout, and the lower jaw has been rebuilt to get rid of the irritating grey piece and make it less square.
  7. Wonderpants

    Power Functions newbie help

    Yes, I saw that already, but I was really wondering if Powered Up, SBrick, etc would be a better bet than Power Functions, since that’s a couple of years old now
  8. Wonderpants

    Power Functions newbie help

    Thanks! Just looking for a fairly straightforward RC system (driving, steering, and maybe the crane and outriggers on the trailer) that I’ll occasionally use, so probably no need to get into complicated programming with the Powered Up stuff.
  9. I’ve been toying with adapting my 42078 Mack to be R/C, but I’m not sure what to go with. Apparently Power Functions is being retired and replaced with Control+. Would it be better to use Control+ for better future proofing, or is Power Functions still good enough, have enough of a base, etc? And then there’s apparently a couple of third party options like buwizz and Sbrick. How do these compare to the Lego options for price, versatility, etc?
  10. You travelled 3 weeks into the future to get it? ?
  11. How did someone get so many of them?! At least Smyths had the wisdom to restrict them to one per click and collect order, which stopped opportunists from grabbing too many of them.
  12. Just brought this set a few days ago and am thinking about mods. I’ve seen a lot of mods to motorise it or build some MOC trailers, but I’ve not seen any mods to give it a proper sleeper cab or address some other issues
  13. Hey man.  Not sure if you saw but I bumped your thread on your UCS Slave 1 mods and was wondering how you did it.  If you visit your thread (

    ), you can see the pics and explanation of where I am stuck.  Anyway man, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!


  14. Wonderpants

    My first Lego space display

    Hmm, I think I’d have the landing pad plate to one side. That way you have two whole crater plates to make a continuous display for small vehicles and ships. Do you find that the different Space styles (classic, Futuron, Space Police, etc) work together? I had been thinking of just using classic space sets to fit with Bennys spaceship and the space squad, but after seeing the various sets together, they don’t look too bad.
  15. Wonderpants

    My first Lego space display

    Nice work, am planning something like this myself. Personally I’d turn the base plate on the right so the raised part isn’t separating the figures on either side, and maybe use some plates, slopes or quarter circle bricks to join the two base plates rather than the dark grey plate. Something like this: