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  1. MOC Silo Truck

    That looks great, I will considering buying the instructions!
  2. Doppelmayr 3s Gondola Ropeway

    That is going to be a huge and hefty LEGO building!
  3. Very impressive and feature packed bike! Did you consider the old school flex system for controlling the brakes for instance?
  4. Cool, thanks for the instructions. Made a donation to thank you + @Blakbird + @BusterHaus!
  5. LEGO MOC: Themed roller coaster

    Fantastic build!
  6. Like a M motor but 2 studs shorter?
  7. [MOC] Compact 6x6 Pickup

    Very nice MOC! Great candidate for my first of kind BuWizz build :)
  8. Performance is great but the app is indeed the limitation here. To complete my Terex I would be willing to trade for sbrick since the creator does not really provide regular updates to show progress, or share an updated timeline with the backers.
  9. Just got mine today! If I could only get the app to drive it :) I've put the Terex on hold, 1 Buwizz brick is really not enough... Might be able to power the ultimate Porsche? Trust I get access to the app soon.
  10. DBG please! Awesome MOC, can't wait to source the parts and build it!
  11. I love this MOC: the scale, build quality, color scheme, everything. I finally managed to order most of the missing parts (light-grey thin liftarms and red, most used due to price) to give this MOC a go, after studying the upperstructure in yellow and dark-grey. Still sourcing some bent liftarms I overlooked at first, hope to get the missing parts end of this week including red panels without worn stickers ;). I'm using different colors for some interior parts, trying to keep the exterior as close to the original MOC as possible. More pics on my bricksafe account http://bricksafe.com/pages/emielr/terex-rh400. Large version (base & boom done, attached to superstructure in progress on stand) Large version (study / attempt 1, yellow and dark-grey superstructure on stand) Also want to make the battery boxes removable since I only have two of the smaller AAA boxes (non-rechargeable). I might give my BuWizz a try as soon as it arrives, pity I only ordered one via Kickstarter..
  12. Like this one :) Merry Christmas!