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  1. emielroumen

    US Truck Kenworth

    Massive looking truck! Is the drivetrain well braced? Could it perhaps be improved by adding a bracing beam or liftarm (5 holes)?
  2. Thanks for the response. Great that it works fine in real life!
  3. Looks great! Judging the photos, it looks like the rear axle and suspension is not properly fixed in place. Is it stable enough?
  4. emielroumen

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Thank for sharing @efferman. I would love to try this XL actuator myself, but is a rather expensive part to have 3D printed. Anybody in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany that can create a small batch at a reasonable price, say 50 Euros?
  5. @896gerard: were you able to put the actuator to use on the Liebherr? Any pictures you can share?
  6. emielroumen

    DNR Shifter Issue

    Hi Studworks, are you describing the same issue in this thread? It would make sense to keep it all in 1 instead of 2 threads.
  7. emielroumen

    Limited Technic Reviews

    I enjoy reading the longer reviews with high quality pictures, videos are very nice to have but not a must. Perhaps TLG should do trial runs with certain forum members before production, as most of the sets get criticized (usually rightfully so). However, almost immediately followed by improvement suggestions and proof of concepts and enhanced building instructions: Bugatti, Porsche, Liebherr just to name a few :)
  8. That looks great! I’m tempted to get the 42100, not sure yet because of the new electronics. However this combo makes it much more interesting!
  9. emielroumen

    [MOC] Kverneland FastBale - Non stop Haybaler

    Wow, amazingly complex build!
  10. emielroumen

    [MOC] RC Audi S3 Quattro with BuWizz

    Correct, front axle indeed. I was referring to the 2 not aligned u-joints that might cause unnecessary vibration and/or friction in the drive mechanism.
  11. emielroumen

    [MOC] RC Audi S3 Quattro with BuWizz

    Very nice MOC! Minor comment about the alignment of the u-joints below the differential of the rear axle.
  12. It should not matter; the build is not symmetric.
  13. emielroumen

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    What a beast.. The grey pins in the bucket are not properly inserted it seems.
  14. emielroumen

    Leaking Batteries -

    I've noticed this on a few occasions too, although only with the AA boxes not the AAA boxes. I used the same brand alkaline batteries (Kodak MAX) in all the boxes.
  15. emielroumen

    [MOC] [WIP] Crawler crane in 1:20 scale

    Awesome build! Very nice to see you can still operate it, despite the wind!