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  1. emielroumen

    Single Motor RC Tank

    Amazing progress compared to one of your prior creations! As per my response in that topic, you took the Lego Control Center Crane 8094 to the next level!
  2. emielroumen

    [MOC] Koenigsegg Jesko

    Really great, fantastic Lego version of the real car judging all the photos available online!
  3. emielroumen

    [MOC] Mercedes AMG GT Black Series

    Great re-creation of the real car! Would be a nice one to try to build after I finish the Sian.
  4. emielroumen

    [MOC] Backhoe Loader V3

    Looks great! Grey and black help the actuators not too stand out too much, topped of with red :)
  5. emielroumen

    Effe's MOC Corner

    1.27 kg. might relate to the weight being lifted.
  6. emielroumen

    Effe's MOC Corner

    That clarifies it a bit, nevertheless 22000/5 results in a nice 4400 parts for this great truck!
  7. emielroumen

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Wow, never would have guessed so many parts are going into this one! Looks very nice, reminds me somehow of the Lego Model Team models of yesteryear..
  8. emielroumen

    [REVIEW] 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Did you check the orientation of the differentials?
  9. Great idea! This would be a nice addition to the PF system.
  10. emielroumen

    First Technic MOC after years...

    Very nice creation! Looks so retro and cool, could have been part of Lego’s Technic Idea range end of the 80s, beginning of 90s.
  11. Very compact solution and great video to explain the working as always! Looks similar to the solution Lego designers created for the 8094 Crane (complete instructions) way back to drive boom arm extension and lift with a single motor. You can't 'reverse' either one of the functions because reversing the motor engages the function that was not engaged before.
  12. The link you included @efferman is not working, seems a small typo since I could find the instructions on your bricksafe.
  13. These customs ones are not official Lego, but compatible and not produced by clone brands. Could we do a poll to capture interest, perhaps also including the large 3D printed version Efferman has created?