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  1. Excellent! Happy to pay a small fee for proper build instructions by the way.
  2. Wow. Very good looking in this color scheme. All the details are incredible.
  3. Not a true solution, but if you make sure you gear down after passing through the turntable, the effects are minimal.
  4. Just bought it too, secondhand in the Netherlands for 70 EUR including shipping. Can't wait to build this model! Instructions would be appreciated.
  5. Nice to hear! I thought about it during the build of Sheo's Terex. However, I couldn't make it work as it required quite a few changes and I just wanted to finish that beast.
  6. Alternatively, an old style differential can be used too to eliminate some slack.
  7. Thanks, that would be great :)
  8. Awesome creation. The hard shocks however are not the cheapest.. Would you consider a version with yellow or red (small) hard shocks?
  9. Cat 7495 electric rope shovel 2018

    Practical solution! (I only noticed as the photo was zoomed in on the bucket when I opened it on flicker.)
  10. Cat 7495 electric rope shovel 2018

    Great shovel and terrific pictures! No nitpicking intended @Konajra, but it seems that the bucket attachments left-right differ half a stud.
  11. The size is just incredible. I just finished my version of Sheo's Terex, but that one seems relatively small compared to these giants.
  12. Impressive collection of models by a great designer! I build models 1 by 1, at most 2 by 2, to keep the costs manageable :) Great to see that@JDL1967 has all the excellent trucks assembled and on display, and @Blakbird has a collection I would love to see in my house too!
  13. No bump intended, I’m going to have a go at this one soon. Great feedback, smooth shifter, excellent building instructions. All the missing parts should be arriving this month. Just the tear down of the Ultimate Porsche and a few additional parts before I can start with the build.
  14. I’m starting to regret I traded my BuWizz Kickstarter pledge against 2 sbricks, although they serve me well in the Sheo’s Terex and my other 2 in Jurgen’s Telehandler (thanks @Kelkschiz for reaching out). Seriously considering to buy BuWizz V2 now I see all these new enhancements.
  15. And it's done! I tried to keep the exterior close to the original by Sheo. I hope you like this (practical) modification. If I had an unlimited budget I would have ordered all components new and followed the building instructions. At rest, power switch in off position. The ridge between the engine doors is connected to the switches of the battery boxes. View from top, removable tray with 2 AA battery boxes. View underneath, power switch in off position. This red liftarm goes is connected to the ridge between the covers so you can switch power off from the top. And steps that can be manually operated and locked in place. See BrickSafe folder for more pictures.