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  1. The HOG looks great, even though it is fake! Closer to the original, great looking retro build. I might have to look through the bins of old parts to actually build the original again after all these years.
  2. Awesome creation! Minor remark: ensure the universal joint connectors are aligned for the best / smooth gear train. It seems the 2 leading to the front axle are offset a quarter turn.
  3. Looks great! Can you include a hand-of-god knob, even if fake, to stay true to the original?
  4. Repeating my prior statement. Although this is a real achievement, I find it now is more turning into a marketing vehicle (pun intended) to sell the actual kits at almost 5K EUR.
  5. It looks neat! Although I consider it cost prohibitive due to the excess of electrical, proprietary components.
  6. As promised, here a 2 photos of the printed copy. I had it printed in A5 format, half the size of A4, after I test printed 2 pages at home in the same format. It looks great, and it is a very nice almanac for offline use! Since it was a full color, double sided print with glossy heavy cover (300 grams paper), it was around 40 USD shipped. Thanks again for creating the book @2GodBDGlory.
  7. @2GodBDGlory: great work! Downloading a copy as we speak, and will have it printed soon.
  8. Great article @Milan about the Lego storage and build area journey! I’m still struggling to have all the parts readily accessible. Looking at your setup, I will most definitely benefit from more cabinets with the plastic drawers, in stead of larger (unorganized) plastic boxes.
  9. Thanks for sharing! I would be happy to make a contribution for a beer or *$s coffee, leave it up to you. Please PM :)
  10. This immediately came up in my mind too! Great improvement of an already nice model!
  11. Really amazing, what a creation. Well done!
  12. Very nice room! I planned on using similar shelves, but have not yet bought them. How do you keep the models dust free?
  13. Extensive review, great looking models and really neat packaging!
  14. Thanks for the (free) instructions! I need to get on BL for just a few parts it seems, although I might alter the appearance a bit to make it work with bricks I have at my disposal.
  15. The boxer engine looks great! Perhaps somebody can pick up your request and make an alternative model using the same parts?