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  1. Lira_Bricks

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I agree with most of your points but not these two :P I never bought or built the Arocs, so maybe I am missing something, but what do you dislike about the set? As for the mechanically interesting models... I have the opposite opinion: less cars and more new, special functions (without electronics)!
  2. Lira_Bricks

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    There is a thread about sticker hate so maybe some people there already shared the same opinion as you have:
  3. Lira_Bricks

    Surprisingly expensive pieces

    Not exactly what you were going for I guess, but I just wanted to share this story :3 I once got a canister of Toa Lewa from a flea market as a kid when I was naive enough to believe that the entire set of Lewa would be inside of it and didn't check it. When I got home it was just some random bionicle lego pieces. One of which was the infected mask: So of course I was sad there was no Lewa. A few years ago I decide to look up how much some of the masks I have cost, and I was surprised the infected mask is sold for around 15 euro on BL!
  4. Maybe something from the adventurers series? Although we already had some kind of tribute with 10273 so maybe not. Part of me hopes for Bionicle as big mechs like they exist in exo-force/ninjago/monkey-kid/...
  5. Lira_Bricks

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Yep, I was also thinking about the very big ones. Like this snake in 70674: You can still use those as a real butterfly and a real bat somehow.
  6. Lira_Bricks

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    The vinyl pieces feel single purpose to me. Like those airplane nose pieces although people have been able to put them to good use in their MOC's. I do like both sets in a different way (I am not talking about the stickers, as I have already shared my opinion on those) Also, about the fish, I guess children love fish-slap-fights? Fish is food and fish is linked to pirates so it kinda makes sense they both have access to fish.
  7. Lira_Bricks

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Normally they still do. What they don't do it for is different shades of brown. If there is normal brown and dark brown I cannot easily differentiate between the colors
  8. Lira_Bricks

    40580 Buildable Tahu: Bionicle returns in 2023!

    Yep, I had one Slizer-set :) With "Lava" written on its face. I still hold the opinion that the technical part of Bionicle was way more fun than the build-able figurines part. But looking at all those Bionicle MOCs, I guess I am a minority in that aspect. Not that the technical aspects where that complex, but enough to spark my interest in other Technic sets. Lets hope that they ever create a line in Technic again with technical beasts or something like that :D
  9. I am not the person you are asking the question to, but it can be connected to an air tank. This can be used to make a train drive without needing batteries or electricity, just like the old ones for example.
  10. Lira_Bricks

    40580 Buildable Tahu: Bionicle returns in 2023!

    Early Bionicle was mostly Technic, which makes this decision even weirder... Just look at the Rahi from 2001, or Cahdok and Gahdok, Takua and Pewku,... Sure, later it became more like Hero Factory where it was mostly connecting sockets to ball-joints, but I always liked the technical parts of Bionicle the most.
  11. Lira_Bricks

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    doesn't monkey kid live in container homes? Never paid attention to the lore behind it all, but I can remember some sets having container homes
  12. Seems we were looking at the same parts lol... that part from the mixer-truck and those transparent panels :') Glad I got another idea so we have something different (no longer using those pieces) Good luck in the contest! :)
  13. Lira_Bricks

    40580 Buildable Tahu: Bionicle returns in 2023!

    Seems like that idea was also pitched for Takanuva
  14. Lira_Bricks

    40580 Buildable Tahu: Bionicle returns in 2023! While I am still no fan of the set, it does look better then it did on the leaks I saw.
  15. Are arms allowed as long as they are not used to walk on? Like in the set 4792?