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  1. I have a few 2L axles without the notches and they are difficult to remove yes, really glad they added that notch. Strange though they did not do it for the other lengths. These axles are not really used as decoration, so it is not like those notches would make a build less good-looking
  2. Lira_Bricks

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote Another set, but this one is a gift from the store
  3. Lira_Bricks

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote Seems they made both a space and a castle set.
  4. Lira_Bricks

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    If you count these:
  5. Lira_Bricks

    Time to rename Technic bricks?

    Not really a nice decoration for a castle wall! </joke> Strange there are three versions of that brick tho...
  6. Lira_Bricks

    [Poll] Do you like LEGO as a company?

    First comments mentioning anything "political", also the first aggressor: So here we have someone deciding to use this topic to spew hatred again. After that williejm is the first to defend the people mentioned in allanps post: And now we have the same situation as usual. The same people spewing hatred (allanp, Lego David,...) and same people defending human rights (williejm, danth, Toastie, Kim-Kwang-Seok, Alexandrina, Vindicare,...). We only need to wait for the moderators to show up, lock this thread and then blame it all on both the aggressors and the people defending human rights. Because both are equally in the wrong, right? As Johnny1360 already said... Honestly, the only reason I am here again is to take a good look at the forum, as I am planning to make a new platform for moc's since I disagree so much the stance the mods have taken here... And then I saw this topic. Still not sure if a new platform would catch up, since more and more people use other social media. Just setting up a forum and waiting is not going to do anything. Oh well, will think about it some more. I agree with you. It is nice seeing disabilities being portrayed in Lego City, but there is not a lot done for non-white, non-cis, non-gender-conforming and non-hetero people.
  7. Ever since a certain controversial set had been announced by Lego a few months back, a lot of topics are being used by opponents that complain about the values behind the set and the people it is representing. The problem is that opponents of the set will always have the first say, people that are being represented in the set really do not want to talk about it all the time. Any time the conversation is steered towards dislike for the represented people, moderators only step in once there is already conflict. But at that point it really is already too late. So my question: can comments and posts about hate towards certain groups of people be dealt with immediately? We all know how all those conversations/conflicts end.
  8. Lira_Bricks

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    People went to a topic about LGBT+ to complain about LGBT+ and bully LGBT+-people. They decided to use this forum dedicated to toys to spew homophobia and transphobia. And yes, people tend to protect and defend themselves. Pato Sentado decided to start again in this very topic here:;do=findComment&amp;comment=3431008. Where are the mods saying anything about that? Nowhere to be seen. But then people start defending themselves and Oooooh! there is a moderator! That is our problem. At least be consistent. Or well, they are consistent.... But not in a good way >.> Why did you not complain when Pato Sentado made that comment? Oh, we both know the answer already anyway.
  9. Lira_Bricks

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Comparing a Lego theme with a group of people that just want to exist. Well done. I am one of the people @williejm was talking about. Ever since the nasty things that were said about other people, I am a lot less active here. It is not really moderating if you just let the onslaught against minority groups happen, and then just lock it once it gets uncomfortable for you. Why didn't any moderator step in and say "Lego says LGBT+-rights, so stop with attacking them and the people for which this message was given"? Even then you would not have really chosen a side, but at least the vulgar things that were spewed about LGBT+-people would not have happened.
  10. Weren't magazines always like that? I remember the magazines we got as children, and as far as I remember it was equally screaming.
  11. Lira_Bricks

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Oh no not this again. Read the linked topic from this post onwards:;page=2&amp;tab=comments#comment-3409304 LGBT+-rights are human rights.
  12. Nice review and a really nice truck. I disagree with the people saying it should have electronics. The lack of them is what makes this set stand out to me even more :D While they are now both oriented to the center, the little slots (through which you can see the grey bar going through it) are not aligned the same way! :o Same with the beige pins x)
  13. Lira_Bricks

    Swear-Filter Question

    As long as it is not used to ban users I do not really care. I have been automatically kicked from another place for saying "Je kunt dat niet doen" (which means "You cannot do that") in a private chat with another Dutch-speaking person. Apparently the automatic swear-filter assumed "kunt" (which is the verb "can") to be too close to a certain English swear-word.
  14. Lira_Bricks

    Lego 10290 Pickup Truck

    Is it me or is the sticker on the doors pasted on multiple bricks? I thought Lego stopped doing that...
  15. Lira_Bricks

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Thank you :) Well... as someone who liked Bionicle, I would not have wanted that set anyway...