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  1. Lira_Bricks

    "Search forum" overlay stuck on page.

    I have the same problem since they fixed the Technic forums by changing the theme to the one from StarWars
  2. Lira_Bricks

    Material VIP "Castle" Logo Collectable Coin

    That was my plan haha :P Waiting until someone orders it and can let me know for sure ^^
  3. Lira_Bricks

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    I didn't know they had huskies in the medieval times. Why not a goat? That would make this set really interesting for people who do not want to pay 50 euro for one on Bricklink...
  4. Lira_Bricks

    Soltown 2.0, more tables and new roads video tours

    It looks really colourful :) I also like it being in multiple levels! The bottom of the pedestrian bridge seems to be made from colourful 2x4 bricks. While that looks nice, it seems the weight is weighing it down a bit. Maybe you could use some lift-arms. Side-note: your video starts in the middle
  5. Hello, Lego has added coins to their VIP rewards: Does someone know which material is used for these coins? Is it some kind of metal or just plastic?
  6. Lira_Bricks

    General Part Discussion

    Very old train wheels had rubber traction tires that utilized the grooves on the train track. The tires were phased out on the wheels but the grooves were not on the track. When the first train tracks came out, there were also two types of train curve: one for the inner curve, and one for the outer curve. The inner one did not have any grooves. I think that is because the wheels drive in a different speed when going in a curve. Inside curve train track and outside curve train track. Some train wheels had rubber, as TechnicRCRacer said, but some also had grooves that matches those on the track: Wheel with 2 x 2 Stud Center, Traction Teeth&category=[Wheel]#T=C&C=5
  7. Lira_Bricks

    The CCBS "Improvement" Thread

    Do you mean I missed out story-wise, part-wise or set-wise?
  8. Lira_Bricks

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Maybe some employees of Lego don't want a castle theme and they did it that way on purpose ;p
  9. Lira_Bricks

    Observation, lime and gray

    Nice build! :) Is it a gray slime in grass, or is it one big green organism with gray spots? x)
  10. Lira_Bricks

    The CCBS "Improvement" Thread

    Contrary to what a lot of others are saying here, I didn't like the lack of technic elements in later bionicle themes, and never had any interest in Hero Factory. Something between "7116 Tahu" and "8621 Turaga Dume & Nivawk" or "8557 Exo Toa". All the later CCBS-themes feel like those Ben 10 Lego figures.
  11. Lira_Bricks

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    I think it is a shame there are so many castle themes... The people that like those themes might say that the differences are enormous, but for someone not into castles all castle themes look the same. Aside from the bright yellow one of course.
  12. Lira_Bricks

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Bionicle, Paradisa and rock raiders A real shame Galidor was not included, I am sure that theme would have won :(
  13. Lira_Bricks

    Best town layout software

    That only works if you want a city that fits in a grid. Does the city fit in a grid? Because if so Legodt already gave a solution :) If not, something like GIMP with every building having its own layer might work.
  14. I was more thinking about I realised that bicycles have what I was thinking about in their braking-system, and found the name of the cable that way :)
  15. Seems like my question was indeed already answered: So the answer is: fishing wire with a small straw around it as to not damage the plastic lego tubes