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    LEGO Kraken

    This was just too good to not post. Our News Scout SirSven7 found this Gem on the popular image hosting site Flickr. I'll let the picture do the talking. LEGO Kraken by MadLEGOMan Be sure to comment on the image in flickr and invite the creator to join Eurobricks [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]
  2. I present to you the very short review of the Chrome Storm trooper polybag promo from Toys R Us. BASIC INFORMATION: Set Name: Storm trooper (Toys R Us polybag promo) Set Number: Item# 4591726 (alternate# 2853590 Number of Pieces: 5 Minifigs: 1 Price: Free with a SW LEGO purchase of $11.99 or in some stores $2.99 Theme: Star Wars Year Released: 2010 RESOURCES: (high res pics available here, also by clicking the images in the review) THE REVIEW: Bag Front: This is going to be one easy build, he comes completely assembled, and notice no official set number. Bag Back: It's a choking hazard trust me, I translated all 30+ languages. (not really, but that's kind of overkill) Minifig Front: He's a Storm trooper and he's chrome. Awesome! The grill for his mouth is actually very detailed but hard to photograph. Minifig Left: It may be hard to see but there are grey spots and blue markings just like a regular storm trooper, notice the unchromed part? Minifig Back: Pretty well detailed I must say. Again the printing is the same as a standard storm trooper. Minifig Right: More unchromed plastic, it's obvious how his arms were positioned during the chroming process. Taken Apart: Legs work back wards since he came assembled. Tada, the leg prongs are chromed as well, not too shabby. Legs 1: Here I show the unchromed part of the legs when you bend the legs. Legs 2: This is the legs bent back the opposite way. We all know he was standing at attention when chromed. Arms Back: As seen above his arms were placed back wards during chroming and now you can see the part that did not make the chrome cut. Is it better than the magnet fig? Most of us probably made a point to get a magnet since it was an easy way to get a chrome storm trooper, if we only knew what was coming. Comparison 1: The legs got the same treatment on both figs. This is good news. Comparison 2: Again the exact same spots are missing chrome. Besides these similarities, I actually think they are the same fig. The printing on the back of the polybag fig (smaller gun) is a little more accurate, but not by much. Totals: Design: 10/10 It's a chrome storm trooper, what else could be done. Parts:10/10 You may not get much, but most of us didn't pay for it either. Build: 10/10 This was really easy to build Minifigs: 10/10 Come on, of course this is a ten, he's chrome and a storm trooper, case closed. Playability: 10/10 Good old LEGO works with all LEGO, plus he's chrome. Price: 10/10 FREE!!!!, or $2.99 which is a steal compared to the $9.99 magnet. Total: 60/60 A perfect score. OK, Honestly these ratings can't really be applied here because it's not a set, but for the price or lack there of, I love this fig. I did get more than one but I'm not going to reveal how many because I love this fig, and unfortunately I did not get as many as I'd like so I won't be selling any. Even though they have already tripled in price on bricklink.
  3. Quite simply if you have posted a MOC in the Pirate MOC forum and it does not have one of these images in it [pid][/pid], please post it in here.
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    HELP! ! !

    Well, that's kind of the point of the forum in general. There are multiple different subforums for different themes or lines, if you just want to post a picture of all your sets together I'm sure there is a topic out there for displaying your collection. Otherwise if you're looking to post individual sets doing a review is always a good way to do that. If you've built your own creations or MOC's then those are always welcome, just try to put them in a forum where they might fit in best like a pirate MOC in the Pirate MOC Forum for example. Happy browsing.
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    (MOC) Royal Guard Legion

    Very impressive work. I appreciate the pictures to compare them too because I didn't even know there ever was a red tie fighter. So it was cool to see the original artwork next to your well executed model. You have quite the collection of imperial guards I might add.
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    Youtube is suppressing videos and much more...

    This is an argument brought up all the time in what are generally considered "public" forums. The thing you are forgetting is YouTube is privately owned. They have the right to censor anything they want for any reason. Don't forget you are able to load the videos to youtube for free. You have the ability to choose a different video hosting service, but you won't since youtube dominates that area of the Internet. With that said I think it's lame what they are doing but I've heard the freedom of speech thing here on the forum 100 times. Freedom of speech doesn't apply when the forum "youtube" is privately funded and operated. I mean you have the right to type what you want, but youtube has the right to censor that for whatever reason they feel, since they are paying for the bandwidth that houses your comment. Freedom of speech is more related to being able to say what you feel without being persecuted for it. Censorship in a private forum is that forum owners right. The only way you'd have a dog in this fight is if you were a stockholder and it said somewhere in some agreement that your comments and videos would not be censored. I'm willing to bet if you read the youtube users agreement it clearly outlines their right to do whatever the heck they want.
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    Your Definition of Dark Age

    Call it Normal.
  8. Z that looks awesome. I love the strain glass windows and the floor Crest. Very cool.
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    The use of set number 10xxx

    I think unless we get someone directly from LEGO is just going to be a bunch of speculation. Have they really used all 999 of the 10,xxx numbers? I think if they are actually running out they can easily move to another number scheme without anyone making a fuss.
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    Your Definition of Dark Age

    For me a dark age doesn't have to be a time frame from child to adult. I'd say it's anytime you stop caring about LEGO, to be blunt. Now I don't mean you literally don't care about your collection, but it just doesn't seem very important and you are ok, with letting your LEGO sit unattended while you carry on with your life.
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    Your LEGO regrets

    My two biggest regrets are #1 not buying the UCS Millennium Falcon and #2 is letting my activity here dwindle. EL has always been my solid point for my LEGO hobby. Even when I couldn't my new sets I could enjoy LEGO here.
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    MOC: Food Truck

    You nailed this concept spot on. I worked at a place that had a food truck and I swear this looks just like it, everything from the height of the food, the position of the guy inside, everything. With a little more sticker action this could be an official set.
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    [MOC] walk of shame.

    That's a great little scene. When I read the title I was thinking it was a girl coming out of a college dorm, but I guess that's my dirty mind. I really like the color combinations on the leaves, it really gives it that natural fall look. Very clean.
  14. A placeholder post is not necessary since you don't post your entry here, you need to follow the link. Thanks
  15. It's not your opinion that's the problem. Aanchir actually described everything that's wrong with this topic. I'm not going to lock this because there has actually been some discussion that has surfaced from it, but it's far from a review, more of a rant. Let's try to keep the discussion on topic and discuss the sets not each other.
  16. Please refrain from bumping old topics that are no longer relevant.
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    Review: 7103 Jedi Duel

    This set is an old one but has two great minifigs. I actually picked this up off of ebay a while ago and paid well over the original friendly price tag. That was before I knew they were remaking Yoda and Dooku, oh well, live and learn. On to the good stuff. BASIC INFORMATION: Set Name: Jedi Duel Set Number: 7103 Number of Pieces:81 LEGO box, 81 Peeron, 82 Brickset, 74 Bricklink Minifigs: 2 Price: $10 USD (or around $45 on ebay) Theme: Star Wars Year Released: 2002 RESOURCES: Peeron Bricklink Brickset flickr (High res pics available here) THE REVIEW: THE BOX, now with more self wear, and ugly sticker price residue Front: Good old LEGO making the set seem better than it is, with glowing light sabers and all. Side: Includes a great picture of Yoda and Count Dooku getting along. At least long enough to pose for this picture. Back: Shows some alternate models you can build and a preview of other sets, including 7113, which you can expect a review on shortly. Instructions: Front: It contains the same image as the box and is quite old and used as you can see. This is one of the few instructions in my library that has been used well. Back: Showing Yoda on his old IBM checking out the new models at Random page: Yoda is just checking out the specs on the rotary girder. LEGO insert: Front: Anyone remember Jack Stone, because I actually don't. Back: Lots and lots of LEGO advertising going on here, and being that I wasn't collecting in 2002, the Life on Mars sets look appealing. MINIFIGS: Front: This is the main reason I sought out this set at such a high price: Yoda and Dooku, two fig's that are were hard to come by a year ago. Dooku's Light saber is boss, being it's the only minifig to get it. Yoda was on my list of minifigs to get and of course he comes with the “I'm too short to actually walk” legs. Both worth the original $10 in my opinion, in fact in my opinion they are worth $45. The chrome light saber hilts are a plus too! An interesting fact is there were 2 prints of Dooku's face, a dark beard which I have in this set and a lighter beard which more closely matches his hairpiece. The lighter version is displayed below courtesy of bricklink. Back: Nice little print job on the back of Yoda's robes and I'll save you the extra picture because there is nothing under Dooku's cape Ships/stuff: #1 Count Dooku's little speeder is a nice change from the plain Jane speeders, it has two nice printed pieces and is cleverly built. It's got a different design that the original speeder we are used to seeing scout troopers on. It's small but functional, it even has clips for weapons on the side, plus the air intake on the top is a nice touch. I'm not sure if this was the intent, but Count Dooku's cape fit's nicely under the air intake so it looks like it is flowing in the wind. I feel the printed pieces bring this speeder together and it's a nice one off bike for Count Dooku.The rotary girder as I like to call it is simply there for extra pieces; it appears that you can have it break down probably from the force. It's a nice touch but I would have preferred more minifigs, but for ten bucks you can't complain. Enjoy the following different views. #2 #3 #4 The girder itself: I felt it deserved some pics alone so you can see the multiple ways it can move. #1 Here you see how if you move up the handle, it allows the crane piece to fall over, why? Not sure, probably a tragic victim of the force, enjoy the next few pics showing it's versatile movements. #2 #3 #4 #5 LOOK, It can move the other way. OK, I'm sure you think I'm on a picture quota. I'm done with that piece, I just didn't know how else to show you the availability of movements it had. Final Product: Dooku shows up and Yoda immediately shows him his force power by moving the crane slightly to the left. That'll show him. Count Dooku is frightened for his life and turns right around (as does the crane) and the sound of Yoda's light saber is too much, Count Dooku retreats like the coward he is. Totals time Design: 7/10 I like the ship, even though it's pretty simple, but the crane to me seems useless. It was probably just to fill up the parts list. Parts: 8/10 I give it such a high score because of the bent light saber hilt, this is the only set you can get it in (until the remake), and it's a marvelous piece. The printed pieces are nice but nothing to write home about. Overall the parts are good for the original money. Build: 7/10 Nothing too challenging here, very few pieces with a few technic ones thrown in, but easily done in about five minutes. Minifigs: 9/10 Again, I am rating them so high because of their rarity. Even though they have been remade for the clone wars sets, they are still the originals and that means a lot to some people. Two is definitely not four like today’s battle packs, but back then before any thought of a battle pack, this was a great way to get two rare minifig's. Playability: 10/10 Ten because it makes sense. It's a scene from the movie, so you already know what to do, but the speeder bike works well, and the crane is just a fun piece you could force throw at Dooku. Price: 8/10 I think the $10 sets have always been a bargain, but one more minifig would have been nice, not sure who. Anyway, I was willing to drop $45 since they are collectors items so $10 is a bargain. Total: 49/60 It's a simple set the way they were back in 2002. It features a few good pieces but I think most people bought this set for the minifig's. I really like the smaller set's that LEGO used to do for the Star Wars line, now it seems like everything but the battle packs starts at $25. With that said, if you're a collector you should definitely get this one and if you happen to run across it cheap, pick it up.
  18. Jabba's Sail barge, or my final frontier. This set was one that I knew for sure I had to get, simply because of the large minifig count as well the variety of minifigs. Lando, Han, Luke, flesh bikini Leia, and Jabba. Every one is a total success. Not to mention the 2 ships you get and the fun little sarlac pit. I was lucky enough to come out of my LEGO dark age right as this set was available, so I picked this up at retail, and I'm happy I did. This set is near and dear to me because it is the first "large" set that I bought after getting back into LEGO's, it was almost like an acomplishment. BASIC INFORMATION: Set Name: Jabba's Sail Barge Set Number: 6210 Number of Pieces: 781 LEGO box, 781 Peeron, 747 Bricklink, 781 Brickset Minifigs: 8 Price: $74.99 USD, £59.99 UK Theme: Star Wars Year Released: 2006 RESOURCES: (high res pics available here, also by clicking the images in the review) THE REVIEW: The Box Front: The box, although hard to see, has some raised areas to add to the detailing of the box. It's hard to explain but imagine running your fingers across the top of the box and feeling subtle raises every now and then, kind of like the ship is protruding from the box, but just slightly. The box is also large, comparable in size to the Imperial Star Destroyer which has almost double the piece count. Side: Its a good thing this box is so big since almost the entire side of the box is full of minifigs, a nice selection too. My personal favorite is Princess Leia Back: The amount of real estate on the back of this box is immense. LEGO recognizes this as they have a bunch of features from the set, two alternate models, as well as advertising for some different sets from the same release. This really makes me wonder how much it costs them to print these pretty boxes? Instructions Front: Surprisingly this instruction booklet is smaller in size than the Imperial Landing Craft set I just reviewed. It is rather thick, but I found it odd that LEGO would make it in the smaller format. Maybe they spent to much on the box? Back: If this would have been a larger booklet, I could see the parts list being back here, since it is not, we get advertising for other sets from the same release. Parts List: You may think this image is a little hard to see, you'd be right. The background they choose is way too dark for the amount of darker bricks that are involved with this set. Never fear, as I have the high res image linked to this smaller one, so click away and get your part numbers. Random Page: This page shows how dark the background is compared to the image of the actual ship. In a well lit room it's bearable but personally I think the dark backgrounds need to go. All Pieces: 781 pieces, wow, I'm going to need a bigger studio soon! Random pieces of interest: My wife has previously built this set, and therefore the stickers have already been applied so I have no picture of the sticker sheet, if you'd like to see it, you can follow the bricklink link here. Also no printed pieces so I chose some that I thought were interesting or rare. Sails: The sails for the sail barge are very similar to the pirate ship sails in material and quality, just a different color and shape of course. I recommend storing them in the instruction booklet when not in use. Extra Pieces: Jumping forward in time, we find a few leftover pieces that you will most likely find at the end of your build too. Minifigs Jabba, R2-D2, and Boba Fett Front: Due to Jabba being so big, I broke down the minifigs into two pictures. Here we have Jabba the Hut, R2-D2 in butler form, and good old Boba Fett, but of course without leg or arm printing like seen in the infamous Cloud City set. Boba Fett in my eyes is one of the coolest fig's LEGO has produced, simply because of his awosome jetpack/helmet combo. Jabba, R2-D2, and Boba Fett Back: Nothing too special on the back side shot. A nice view of Boba Fett's jet pack, unfortunately no back printing on R2-D2, I am still waiting for that. I'm also waiting for Jabba to go on a diet. Han Solo, Slave Princess Leia, Gamorrean Guard, Lando Calrissian, and Luke Skywalker Front: A great selection of minifigs here. Han Solo in his "fresh out of the carbonite look" brings his casual feel to the set. Princess Leia in the sexy metal bikini that any young boy will certainly remember and not to mention in her only flesh appearance in the metal bikini, previous yellow versions are available though. A standard Gamorrean Guard, which has a drop on head much like Chewbacca. Lando Calrissian in his undercover guard outfit, check out that sweet axe. Finally Jedi Luke Skywalker in fine form, with all black and no cape since he is a prisoner for most of this scene. Luke is by far my favorite Jedi that I have, there is something about the all black that makes me think sith. Han Solo, Slave Princess Leia, Gamorrean Guard, Lando Calrissian, and Luke Skywalker Back: The backs of these minifigs are all fairly standard, no printing, but we do see the small single stud backpack piece that Leia is wearing, this is where the chain will be attached so she can't escape from the mighty Jabba. Lando, Lando, Lando: I did my homework on this one. In the previous review from 2006 there were a few requests for a close up of our favorite backstabbing friend Lando, so here he is. What a sweet helmet! Sail Barge Build Process Main Step 9: Step 9 shows the beginning of the ship, basically in skeleton form. Main Step 11: I specifically choose to show this step since it shows that the bottom of the barge will be easy to slide around on carpet thanks to the smooth round boat stud pieces. I may not be a kid anymore, but I was and I know that this will greatly improve the mobility of this playset, good thinking LEGO. Main Step 20: This step shows some more details as well as the exact position that LEGO recommends you place one piece of Leia's chains. I actually like this because I for one like to build a set once with 100% direction, then after it is all done, I can scrutinize it and customize it. Main Step 22: Here we have the placement of Jabba, Slave Leia and some odd trinkets that only Jabba would need. There is a closeup of the container with the frog in it at my flickr account. Due to limited space in a single post, this picture didn't make the review, and after taking it and processing it, I wasn't too impressed. Main Step 28: Step 28 shows a few archways going up as well as the placement of Jabba's favorite food, Chicken drummies. You will also notice the prison cell at the left of the ship. There is one on either side of the ship, but you'll notice I don't pay them much attention, that is because they are so small it is hard to get a fig in there standing upright, and once you do, he's almost impossible to see. Main Step 35: Second level flooring and some safety railings are the main changes in Step 35. Jabba clearly cares about safety and he couldn't bare to have any workplace accidents. (end sarcasm) Main Step 38: Step 38 is important because it is one of the only times you build on the right side of the ship. Almost every instruction page refers to the left of the ship. Here we are putting on the rear panels of the ship. Note the similar holding cell door, this also folds down like the other side. Main Step 40: The rear paneling is now added to the left side of the ship. Looks pretty good. Main Step 41: The main doors of the ship are added after quite a few sub-steps that I am leaving out due to the image limitation in posts. The right side gets the same treatment and can be seen at my flickr account if you'd like to see it. Main Step 43: The main gun and R2-D2 are added to the main deck of the sail barge in step 43. A close up individual picture of the gun is available on my flickr account if you'd like to see it. Completed Sail Barge (left): The completed sail barge in all it's glory. I jumped forward a few steps but that's so other build shots can be included. If you'd like to see the frame for the sails, they are here, as well as the frames with the sails attached. Completed Sail Barge (right): The right side is identical to the left except for the angle of the sails. Completed Sail Barge (back): This shot gives you a good view of the frames for the sails. You will also notice how thin the barge is, this is convenient for sliding it around on the carpet. Completed Sail Barge (front): Not alot to see here except LEGO's brilliant idea to use Pirate ship hull pieces upside down for the front of the barge. Brilliant!! Desert Skiff Build Desert Skiff Step 47-8: This first image shows the chassis or main frame part of the desert skiff coming together. Desert Skiff Step 47-9: The hideaway plank can be seen here for the first time. Desert Skiff Step 47-11: The main flooring is added on top of the hideaway plank, everything is completely hidden. LEGO did a good job designing this if you ask me. Desert Skiff Step 47-15: With the addition of some safety railing and a few sticker pieces, this skiff is almost ready for some action. Desert Skiff Complete (plank out): The completed skiff with all the characters needed to re-create some good fun from Return of the Jedi. Desert Skiff Complete (plank in): I'm not sure why Han has that smirk on his face still, Luke could be sleeping with the fishes, in the Sarlacs stomach. Sarlac Pit build Sarlac Pit build step 6: The Sarlac Pit is fairly simple and a quick build. Here is the pit about halfway through the build. Sarlac Pit complete (mouth open): The Sarlac Pit is completed and looks pretty good if you ask me. The teeth on the edges are a great touch and the mouth resembles the beak like mouth of the Sarlac. Sarlac Pit complete (mouth closed): Here is an alternate shot with the mouth more closed showing off the beak like mouth LEGO has fitted the Sarlac with. I kind wish there were tentacles but I'm not sure where I would put them, so I think I am asking for too much. Complete Set Skiff and Sarlac It looks like Luke is about to avoid certain death. Minifig Launcher: Oh no! Boba Fett has made his way to the minifig launcher at the front of the ship. I guess that jet pack is not all that reliable. Minifig Launcher 2: By pressing down on the black handle, you can effectively launch Boba Fett off into the Sarlac pit, but between you and me, I couldn't get this to work all that well. Boba seemed to have too good of a grip, and sometimes wouldn't go anywhere. Windows open One feature of this set which I think is a little weak is the windows that you can open on either side of the barge. Every window you see open is able to be opened, the others are secured shut. The same goes for the right side of the ship. I kind of think this is only for display purposes because the windows are so small, you can barely see inside, plus with the sides completely folding down (see below) I just don't really see the point. I guess it does stay true to the original design though. Sail Barge right side open: With the barge turned around and all the doors open, we can see the backside of Jabba, the stash of blasters, as well as a cell door that can be opened just like the left side. Close up 1: Turns out Boba Fett didn't make it to the Sarlac Pit, he made a detour to hang out with Leia, wouldn't you? Close up 2: Luke has been re-joined with his light saber and it looks like he is ready to go to town on Jabba and his minions. Final: The complete set all together. I really like this set and all of it's separate parts. Everything works well together and can easily be played with separately. Totals: Design: 9/10 The design of this set is great. It looks accurate, it's functional, and offers great playability. LEGO really did a great job of keeping to the original design yet scaling it down to LEGO size. I love how it's playable yet not too big at the same time. The only reason it didn't get a ten is because the set is a little fragile, in fact those pesky sails up top, they love to come off. Even if they don't you can't really play on the upper deck without removing them. A small flaw in such an awesome set, which is why it only got docked one point. Overall I like the design, it was well thought out and even though the sails are a hassle, I really like them, they instantly remind you of the Sail Barge and there is no mistaking it. Parts: 8/10 Hmm, lots of brown in this set. For overall rarity, I don't think anything is extremely rare, but the pirate ship hull pieces are definitely nice. I think the parts are perfect for making this set, obviously. Since I don't really MOC I can't say what these would be good for, but with any LEGO set, the pieces are always good for something different than they were designed for. Do be honest I never really buy a LEGO set (at least today) for parts, I first look at the figs and then the ship/base or whatever comes with them, if I like the whole package, I'll get it, but the figs are most important to me. As an owner of the original Black seas Barracuda, it is nice to have more boat hull pieces, hell maybe one day I'll do a Pirate ship MOC? Build: 8/10 This build took me the better end of four hours with pictures. With pictures it was probably more like four and a half. The build is fairly straight forward, I would say easier than my previous review of the Imperial Landing Craft. Although I don't look for ease of build when buying a set, after building a more complicated set, it sure is nice. The barge is sturdy for the most part, except for the sails up top. If I was a kid and wanted to play with this regularly, I'd be removing them and have Boba Fett do a fly by. To say it's a 10/10 build, you would have to change the sails somehow sturdy up the rear of the barge, as those panel pieces have a tendency to fall off if bumped too hard. If I was the type to play, this would get to me, because those things are barely hanging on. I think the only way around that would be to mold new pieces that are more solid and have more studs to connect to the base of the ship. The windows are for show only as they do come on the original barge. IMO they are just useless on the LEGO model, you can barely see in to them, and with the feature of the whole side opening up like a door (I love this), there is really no need. The sarlac pit is simple but cute, I couldn't expect them to have a gigantic one for the amount of stuff you already get. The plank on the skiff is one of my favorite designs that I have seen in a SW LEGO set so far, it is really simple but works perfectly, I don't have the original skiff, but after doing this review, I'm going to go dig up the review so I can compare them, oh here it is. OK, first off Clone O'patra did a great review, but I must say the Skiff in this set is a big improvement over the original, the plank is wider and the overall design is better and just newer, SW LEGO sets seem to get better as the years go on.So I will stay with a 8, as the sails and the rear panels are my only real complaints. Minifigs: 10/10 I think this selection of minifigs is just awesome. It's nice to get such a variety of minifigs in a single set. I'll be honest, I bought this set for the minifigs. As a collector, I had to have the flesh slave Leia, and it also had Boba Fett who was on my list. A few fig's I didn't specifically buy for but was thrilled to get would be Jabba, Lando, another Han, and of course the ever useful R2. Nothing is duplicated in this set, plus you get some minifig's that don't come around that often. Lando immediately comes to mind as he has only been in one other set (Cloud City) up until the release of the Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser. Flesh colored slave Princess Leia makes her only appearance in this set (bingo), although there are previous yellow versions. Even though it wasn't a deal breaker, I'm happy I have a Jedi version of Luke, in fact this is my only one. As a kid he was my hero of course because he was the Jedi. The guard is nice from a collector's standpoint but I don't really like the gigantic body that functions as a head and body. Chewbacca's isn't as large and seems tolerable to me, but this guys is quite large, plus the body is green yet his arms are brown, I thought that looked weird.Overall you get 8 minifigs that are all different and definitely worth getting this set for. Playability: 8/10 It's fun to play with, and can be played with but you have to be a little careful. All the features are fun enough, but the rear panels being so fragile, and the sails constantly getting in your way kind of lower the overall playability of this set. I do love the doors though, it's kind of like the Imperial Star Destroyer set which allows you to open the entire set for a play land. The sail barge offers close to that kind of playability, but it's much more mobile. I can see myself using this for a Vig whenever I get around to making one. It has space to store minifigs or extra guns and opening parts all over, so it definitely has stuff to do. The inside is a little hard to "play" with but if you are careful, it can be done. The skiff also adds to the playability, but in my eyes is more of a display piece, since you can't really do anything but stand figs on it and go Yay, that looks good. The absence of smooth pieces on the bottom make it less than ideal for sliding around carpet. The sarlac is just a show piece, although I really like how they cleverly designed the mouth so a minifig fits right in. Price: 10/10 This is one of those weird price ranges that LEGO has seemed to abandon. Right in between the medium and large price range we get the Sail Barge price range. I feel that the amount of fig's and the size of the ships make this a win win on the price. I have no complaints, and truly wish LEGO would bring back this price point. It makes you feel good knowing you bought a bigger set than a $50 set, but doesn't hurt as much as the $100 ones. I for one want LEGO to bring this size set back. Total: 53/60 Even though the score may not be the highest, I think this is a must own set for any Star Wars fan. I personally display my LEGO's 95% of the time so the playability issues don't really bother me but I felt I needed to factor them into the review. From my own history of playing with LEGO's I can tell you this wouldn't bother you as much as you think after reading my review. A great selection of minifigs and 3 separate builds make this set well worth the money, I for one wish I had bought a couple, maybe to sell, or just for parts. The more I think about it, LEGO couldn't have really released this set without all 3 parts, they all go together. If you had the skiff and sarlac pit alone, that would make sense but just the barge and sarlac, or just the barge and the skiff, would feel a little empty if you ask me. The parts may be a little low for the money, but the quality makes up for it in the end. What you build makes up for it. The set is large enough, and I like all the small trinkets you get, a couple of guns and enough minifigs to play with just one set. This is another set I am happy I was able to buy retail and will never get rid of it. If you can find it anywhere near the retail price, I'd pick it up. It's a fun set with lots of great features, and I recommend it.
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  20. Christmas came early this year for me as I was selected to review a few upcoming Hobbit set. According to my latest LEGO magazine these are available for purchase Nov. 27th, so here is an early preview. BASIC INFORMATION: Set Name: Escape from Mirkwood Spiders Set Number: 79001 Pieces: 298 Minifigs: 4 Price: $29.99 USD, $34.99 CAD Theme: The Hobbit Year Released: 2012 RESOURCES: (high res pics available here) THE REVIEW: The Box Front: In typical LEGO form the box is fun. It shows all the aspects of the set and it is exciting. The surroundings are similar to The Lord of the Rings boxes as you'd expect. One special thing to note is the red label indicating that this is a Special Preview Set. This is not a sticker, it is actually part of the print on the box. Back: There is a lot going on the back of the box, which is great because that means you get a lot for your money in this set. The box pictures do a better job than I could of showing how to free the dwarfs from the webs, and how the mini spiders can jump out via a flick fire type lever. There is also a section for the weapons, a picture showcasing the glow in the dark pieces on the spiders and mushrooms. Side: The side of the box features one of the figures in actual size, which is common among LEGO sets with minifigures in them. The writing is the title of the movie in many different languages. There is also a phrase that says "Kili the Dwarf" in a multiple of languages. Instructions The instructions display the same image as the box which is standard LEGO procedure, but again being that this is a special preview set, it has the phrase "Special The Hobbit Trilogy Preview Set!" This was also printed on the instructions like the box. Very interesting, plus I think this is a good hint to the fact that we will get sets from all 3 films. All Pieces I am one of those who bypasses the numbered bags for the good old pile of bricks approach. I think this is because this is how it was when I was a kid. I like how dark these sets in terms of pieces. The dark red is something I have practically none of, so it's a welcoming color to my collection. Weapons Pieces I chose to show the weapons separately because I was pleasantly surprised with how many weapons you get for the size of the set. The dagger might look familiar as it's the same piece found in the Prince of Persia sets. Extra Pieces As always we jump forward in time to show the extra pieces in this set. I was quite surprised to see one of the printed daggers coming in as an extra piece. Besides the dagger we get a few nice dark red pieces and some teeth and a bone. All pieces i welcome as they are not the most usual of pieces. Minifigures Front: From left to right we have Legolas Greenleaf, Tauriel, Fili the Dwarf, and Kili the Dwarf. I am pleased with the quality and amount of printing on these figures. I've never been a fan of the small legs since they don't bend but they really do position the dwarfs at the right height so it's hard to complain. Alternate faces: I applaud TLG for giving every figure in this set a two sided face, I love the emotion they are putting into minifigures these days. Back: I really like the hairpiece on the dwarfs , it's long yet it doesn't fall straight down, it's almost like it's waiving in the wind a little bit. Conveniently this allows for the arrow quiver to fit under the hair if you so choose. Build Process Spider Build: It starts off with a small 4x2 base. Nice dark brown with 4 legs spots open, wait don't spiders have 8? They certainly do, the tooth piece works very well as a skinny spider leg. A few steps later and we are done. The two white studs glow in the dark. I like how the abdomen was not forgotten and this really looks like a spider. LEGO has come a long way and the newer sets just keep getting better and better. Rinse and Repeat The set comes with two Mirkwood spiders which are identical. Two is always better than one though. Building the set, structure 1 The first few steps yield us a black and red rock like structure that houses one of the bows and some bones from a previous kill. The dark red really goes well with the black. The skull is the regular skeleton skull. Building the Set, Structure 2 We are starting to build the second larger structure and the technic piece with the red piece on it will later be used to eject the spider onto any passers by. I apologize for my horrible fingerprint on the 2x1 cheese slope. I feel so embarrassed. Building the Set, Structure 2.1 More dark red, black and some dark browns. The technic pic is so this piece can combine with the main structure soon. Is the leaf in dark red new? If not I don't have any and I love them! Structure 2 When you snap the two pieces together you get a rock structure similar to the first one but larger and with a few more features. I think a growing theme in the Hobbit line will be mushrooms, the white stud at the base glows in the dark. Right under the mushrooms is where the small spider is able to be launched out with a flick fire motion. Structure 2 alternate view On the back side of this structure we have the brown release lever which breaks the structure down to release the dwarfs from the spiders web. Spider launch feature The red pin can be flicked like a flick fire missile and the spider under the mushrooms will fly at any un-suspecting passer by. The spider isn't all that hidden, but it has a nice little home to live in until it's time to attack. Complete Set Here we have the whole set together. This set layout reminds me of the Ewok Attack Set from the Star Wars line this year. It has a small structure and the focus is on the minifigures. Here the dwarfs have been spun into webs by the Mirkwood Spiders. The netting is very thing and I think does a good job of resembling webbing. next I'll show you how to get those poor dwarfs down. By pulling the brown pin out the majority of the structure will fall down, giving access to the trapped dwarfs. The top portion swings down on the technic pin and the dwarfs are now accessible. Hooray! Final: The set overall is a great addition to any Lord of the Rings set, or future Hobbit set. I think the pieces that come in this set are in some unique colors and I like the generous offerings of minifigures. Lets hit the totals. Design: 8/10 I like how it looks. The darker colors really fit the theme. I obviously have not seen the movie yet, but being that it's the same theme as Lord of the Rings, I think they did a good job with the figures, weapons and creatures. It really has that Lord of the Rings feel. As much as these types of sets would be good in numbers or to compliment a larger scene, I sometimes find myself looking for more. I know we are within a certain price point here, but a base plate would be fantastic. Parts: 8/10 I give this an 8 because I feel like it has some not so normal parts and some really nice dark red pieces. This is the kind of set that when broken down, is still a good set. This is because of the pieces. Sets like this that don't have a lot of mass but have a lot of details are usually good parts sets. Build: 8/10 I'm sticking with the 8 ranking because this is a little fragile when building. It's not like it falls apart in your hands, but there isn't a main study piece or structure to build off of. You definitely need a flat sturdy surface for this build. The instructions were great as are most of TLG's offerings, I did however find myself having to backtrack a few times because I had misplaced a piece, or forgotten it all together. This may be because I'm getting old, but when I went back, I was surprised where the piece was. I wouldn't put too much weight on this since it very well could have just been my error. Minifigs: 9/10 I love the details on these minifigures. The printing on the legs really gives their outfits hat extra needed flare. The hair pieces are great, although the elf ones cannot really be re-used, unless you are creating an elf character. With that said, since TLG was going for an elf character, they nailed it. The ears line up just right, although you can't turn their heads otherwise their ears will not line up. Also a 10 escaped this category because short minifigures still have stationary legs. This has to be one of my biggest complaints about LEGO period. It bothers some more than others, but I would love to see legs that are short but can still move like regular fig's legs. Granted the height of the legs for the dwarfs is pretty spot on. Playability: 8/10 Even though this set has some great features, it feels like it's lacking overall structure. I know it's a stretch especially in the $20 range, but some sort of base plate would have helped this set out a lot. The spider webs are a nice touch, but to me these seem like more of a display option that a play one. The flick fire spider and the pin to drop the structure down are the kinds of features that LEGO has been incorporating into sets for years now. It's these small details that make the set what it is and in my eyes a play set. Price: 8/10 At $30 I think this worth buying. It seams a little expensive but when you get down to the nitty gritty, it's not. You get 4 very nicely detailed minifigures, some great weapons, some cool pieces in dark red as well as other nice parts that can be used for MOC'ing, almost 300 pieces in total. It's a stretch but I would have loved a base plate in this set to tie the two structures together. Total: 49/60 82% is not bad, not at all. My overall view on this set is positive. If you liked the Lord of the Rings line, you'll like this set as well. It has a good balance of minifigures, parts, and features. I'm sure some of my minor complaints will be null if you collect the entire line and build a big scene out of them. I try to judge sets by themselves but sometimes it helps to look at the bigger picture. Whether you only buy this set, or collect all of the Hobbit line, this is a good buy. The set is priced accordingly with other LEGO licensed sets. So again if you get nothing else from this review than the last sentence, I say this is a BUY!!
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