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  1. [MOC] Yet another modular Lego store

    Very Nice. It's great how you've incorporated the various LEGO GWPs. The facade is superb.
  2. Converting 76108 into a proper Modular?

    Thank you. I like the Masonry Profile bricks, but I hate how they look when they meet in a corner. So I always hide the edges. I hope LEGO ends up producing a corner and 1x1 Masonry brick, I think it would make for cleaner looking brick-brick buildings.
  3. Converting 76108 into a proper Modular?

    My interiors are sparse at the moment, especially for the apartment. My son wants to furnish them for me. As far as the technic pins, I generally just leave them out. I like to have easy access to move buildings around and having them connected with pins made that frustrating for me. Instead I connect the buildings with sidewalk tiles. I added extra floors to better fit with the city I'm working on. The work in progress (going extremely slow due to waiting for P.A.B. and B&P orders) is going to be "Hogwarts High School".
  4. [MOC] minifigure scale creator vw beetle

    The axes doubling as door hinges and mirrors is very clever. Do you know what colors it would be possible to build this in?
  5. Converting 76108 into a proper Modular?

    Here are a couple of quick photos of my conversion. I'll have more time later today if you're interested in seeing better or more detailed pictures.
  6. Speed Champions Porsche 911 - in Black?

    I've done it in grey, made a couple of changes. I used a lot of parts from #75910 and some stickers cut from old sticker sheets to build this one. Based on the parts needed it is possible to do in red too.
  7. They won't do ideas based on existing themes.
  8. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Without having seen it, I'd say it is like 31069: Modular Family Villa. LEGO is using the term modular to mean that individual modules can be rearranged.
  9. [EV3] GLaDOS

    Nice. But be careful if/when you take it apart. Galdos isn't known to forgive betrayals, you monster.
  10. Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    There will soon be another option for building a modified Green Grocer. Dark Green bricks with a groove appear in an unlikely place, a technic set. 42069 Extreme Adventures has 24 of them used to build gerry cans. Sariels review on this set shows them. I checked Bricks'n'Pieces but as the set isn't released until August they're not listed.
  11. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    ^This thread has always been for discussing anything related to Modular Building Sets, it is not limited strictly to rumors.
  12. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    ^I feel that the beauty/ugliness of any piece of art is entirely subjective, and that it is possible to be an ugly work of art. I think a building with a unique look like that monument building could look good in someones modular city. But if it was available as a retail set and was in everyones city it would lose it's uniqueness and be far less interesting. As for a Gotham building that could work in many cities I would go with the ACE Chemical factory.
  13. [MOC] Home Sweet Home

    I love what you've done with the place. There is a creative and brilliant bit of part usage in every photo. MOC on!
  14. At the P.A.B. wall I go to one or two of the necessary parts to make the model was pretty much always sold out. I imagine this may have happened at many of the stores. At some point they must have gotten tired of having a product that was basically always unavailable. I was hoping to get a a good supply of the 1x2 grey plates that were part of the last P.A.M., I stopped in the store 4 times over the last month and the bin was empty every time. I asked every time if they could refill it, but they never had more to restock it with.
  15. Building my first city, need some advice please.

    These sound like great ideas. Expensive and space consuming ideas though. Your docked Pirate ship is a cool idea, but you'll need at least two 32x32 baseplates to fit it. Airports take up even more room. Train tracks require a lot of space too. I try not to worry about scale too much as Lego Minifig proportions are not to scale with actual people. Build what you think looks good, take it apart and start over if it seems too out of whack compared to the other builds in your town. If you try to make everything to scale you'll need a massive amount of space. Take a look at other Eurobrick users cities to get an idea of just how much space you'll need. If you don't know Jangbricks, check out his stuff. My advice is start with a focus on a particular part of your town and grow it from there. Also buy the older modulars, Palace cinema and Parisian Restaurant, as soon as you can. Also you mentioned some retired creator and friends sets, Lego keeps making new versions of these type of sets. You'll get a lot more for your money buying currently available sets than if you seek out retired ones. If you really like the style of those builds find the instructions online and use them as a starting point for MOC's with your own bricks. Good luck. And definitely read the older posts in the town forum, you'll find that many of your questions have been asked and answered over the years. You'll also see some amazing and inspiring builds.