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  1. tkatt

    What happened to Bricks & Pieces?

    It is not available in the U.S. right now either. They have a short note about it being worked on. Hey there! We’re busy making some improvements to our Bricks & Pieces service, so buying bricks isn't available in most countries at the moment. Please check back in a few days. I copy and pasted this directly from the site. Perhaps the same thing is happening in your countries but they haven't bothered to include the note.
  2. Great review. Thank you for going to the trouble of laying out all the pieces, it really makes this set look like an impressive parts pack. Also I appreciate how in depth you went in comparing all the previous versions, I'd forgotten a couple of those existed.
  3. tkatt

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That is basically the Friends Grand Hotel.
  4. tkatt

    Bricks and Pieces Prices Trend

    I've found that if a piece is showing as out of stock your best off calling and asking about its status. Sometimes they can find the part you're looking for.
  5. That is an SBrick. Not made by LEGO, but LEGO compatible.
  6. tkatt

    (MOC) Some Arcade machines I've been working on

    These look great. I like the Claw Machine, Skee Ball, and Air Hockey table. I don't think I've seen those done so well in Lego before.
  7. tkatt

    Kill Bill Uma Thurman torso

    I found one thats close- This could work too, Especially if you remove the radio and badge.
  8. tkatt

    [MOC] Flying Monastery

    Cool build. It looks straight out of Ninjago. I like the look of the stacked containers- they make great as walls, especially at the corners of the building.
  9. tkatt

    [MOC] Yet another modular Lego store

    Very Nice. It's great how you've incorporated the various LEGO GWPs. The facade is superb.
  10. tkatt

    Converting 76108 into a proper Modular?

    Thank you. I like the Masonry Profile bricks, but I hate how they look when they meet in a corner. So I always hide the edges. I hope LEGO ends up producing a corner and 1x1 Masonry brick, I think it would make for cleaner looking brick-brick buildings.
  11. tkatt

    Converting 76108 into a proper Modular?

    My interiors are sparse at the moment, especially for the apartment. My son wants to furnish them for me. As far as the technic pins, I generally just leave them out. I like to have easy access to move buildings around and having them connected with pins made that frustrating for me. Instead I connect the buildings with sidewalk tiles. I added extra floors to better fit with the city I'm working on. The work in progress (going extremely slow due to waiting for P.A.B. and B&P orders) is going to be "Hogwarts High School".
  12. tkatt

    MOC: Minifigure Scale CREATOR VW Beetle

    The axes doubling as door hinges and mirrors is very clever. Do you know what colors it would be possible to build this in?
  13. tkatt

    Converting 76108 into a proper Modular?

    Here are a couple of quick photos of my conversion. I'll have more time later today if you're interested in seeing better or more detailed pictures.
  14. tkatt

    Speed Champions Porsche 911 - in Black?

    I've done it in grey, made a couple of changes. I used a lot of parts from #75910 and some stickers cut from old sticker sheets to build this one. Based on the parts needed it is possible to do in red too.
  15. They won't do ideas based on existing themes.