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  1. The poinsettias are a nice touch
  2. [MOC] Butcher, market gardener and lawyer office

    Stunning. I bet after a hot shower, that toilet is a bit ...clammy
  3. MOC Gingerbread House

    You're eating his children! That looks great.
  4. Where should the next People at the ____ take place?

    It would be a fall release (I think) so Fun at the Farm (orchard) would seem to be the most seasonal.
  5. MOC : Speed Champion Green Car

    That front-end is wicked.
  6. Winter Village: Fire Station

    This is great. Yes, the cat rescue is adorable
  7. This looks amazing. It's all offices inside now (and a coffee shop and deli on the first floor). I think there's a few pictures in a few of the first floor lobbies that show what the interior use to look like.
  8. LEGO VIP program questions for you!

    1) I signed up online. I usually give my email address in-store and it's automatic online. I use the rewards benefit whenever one is available, I don't save them up. 2) Early Access and rewards 3) It influences where I buy, either direct from lego or someplace more affordable 4) Faster shipping would be nicer. Faster picking for pick-a-brick would be nice too. Interest on unused rewards or some sort of special bonus points when either your unspent rewards balance reaches a certain amount or your lifetime rewards balance hits certain milestones. 5) Customer service should be outstanding for everyone, not just VIPs.
  9. MOC End of the road....piece

    When life gives you lemons
  10. [MOC] Pisamban Maragul WIP

    This is absolutely stunning and inspiring. Now I just have to figure out how to insert a church (much smaller) into my town. The godless heathens will be converted! ...or at least have a place for AA meetings and clothes drives.
  11. MOD Friends Supermarket and Cupcake Shop

    This is great. I'm starting the planning of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor and I think I'm be returning to look at this for a few interior details.
  12. Lego Facade only 6 studs wide

    This is a great idea. I'm going to be placing my layout in a corner and I think I'll take this idea and use it for the buildings that will be placed against the 2 walls. Thanks for the inspiration.