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  1. Lordofdragonss

    How can i make a nice pagoda roof on a 6x6 plate?

    I think even with gaps it looks great - but change red bricks behind rooff on blacks.
  2. Lordofdragonss

    LEGO Elves 2018

    We havent got any confirmation on ending as well. Maybe they testing waters as they did with ninjago hiatus? :D
  3. Lordofdragonss

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    I'm tottaly buying Mia house! It is a lot better than I thought. Just look how cool it looks without that clashing purple: https://imgur.com/a/UKzNvEp Both Art shop and Cupcake shop looks great, but I personaly think they are oversusing same pets over and over now. :/
  4. Lordofdragonss

    Disney Princesses 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    The sets look very weak sadly. Especialy the Jasmine palace which has like none of arabian feel.
  5. Lordofdragonss

    LEGO Creator 2019 - Rumors, Discussion, and Speculation

    Once again Creator proves to be the best theme.
  6. Lordofdragonss

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I have no idea how those spinners will spin. They are so top heavy.
  7. This is WAY better than the set itself :D
  8. Lordofdragonss

    [MOD] Naida's (Power) Gondola

    Cute! The front looks great - I would put one stud with hole for better stability between gold pieces though :)
  9. The coolest thing about this MOC is fact it makes sense universe wise! xD Really good build!
  10. Lordofdragonss

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Tha's sad, because that will make they way more expensive and I wanted them :( I really like the small set with gold versions of weapon pack. Must buy for me!
  11. Lordofdragonss

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I think it looks weird because we are accustomed to bigger ones. I think it looks better because it's more Minifig face size.
  12. Lordofdragonss

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Looks great! The "Super prezents" from Ninjago Magazines are getting better and better!
  13. Lordofdragonss

    LEGO Elves 2018

    I already have it, but it's design is mechanical. I was thinking about more organic Elves style build.
  14. WOAH, The detailing is amazing! Love that Party in the small pagoda ;D
  15. Lordofdragonss

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    I am so excited for macy again in Magazine. My Red Dragoness army is GROWING <3 I really liked magazine weapon builds. And Macy MEGAMACE is one of the coolest. Oh: And Macy looks best in Barbara Gordon hair. And Aaron hairpiece is only available in Keyring for some reason: