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  1. Lordofdragonss

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Both elephant and monkey look fine, but the fact they have no movable limbs makes me really sad. I CAN understand Monkey (even if it could use Golum hands just fine), but Elephant not having movable legs is just a joke at this point.
  2. Lordofdragonss

    [Opinion] Review of the new road plates system (2021)

    These roads are one of best "new" ideas Lego had for a while. Old and new have different strenghts and weaknesses, but I think new system is really good especialy that it allows to be more creative. The only thing that is a problem is that news sets with roads dont come with aditional 2x4 plates. So you actualy can't connect them nicely out of the box
  3. Lordofdragonss

    End of an Era on LEGO CMFs reviewing for WhiteFang

    Hey, I enjoy others reviews, but yours were really unique and I liked your humor! Good luck :D
  4. Lordofdragonss

    [MOC] Nexo Knights -- Lance's Lava Train

    Please don;t stop! Your ideas are great and I adore how you build your world and lore!
  5. Lordofdragonss

    Noctura's Garden

    Very cool scene. I would add some bats :D
  6. Lordofdragonss

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Wait a second...We dont get huge retail exclusive set for underwater theme?
  7. Lordofdragonss

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Almost all of this sets have so many unnecesary bricks used as a detailing it doesn't help the price, haha
  8. Lordofdragonss

    Latest news about LEGO food

    The Trolls set 41251: Poppy's Pod has a lolipop print 21158: The Panda Nursery has cake that looks usefull outside Minecraft
  9. Lordofdragonss

    [MOC] Edward's Island (Neo Fabuland)

    The MOC is great (especialy windows!)but I am most impressed of new use of STICKERS! How did you get them in such good condition?
  10. Lordofdragonss

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Hahaha that means the prices will be even higher in some places and retailers. Lego wtf?
  11. Lordofdragonss

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    It is better for production if they can split in on half.
  12. Lordofdragonss

    MOC Ninjago City

    Really cool but WAY too much grey, you could add some stickers to add colors.
  13. Lordofdragonss

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    The castle is perfect match for Ghost knight from CMFs!
  14. Lordofdragonss

    Ninjago villains and future

    Lego ususaly clashes two unrelated themes to make their bad guys, so I run few randomizers and made up these guys... Copper Spiders - Under ninjago, there is a cave full of spiders. The Snakes were complaining about them so Ninja have to check Royal Needles - There is huge forest near Ninjago. There were reports about bee creatures stealing food from the fields. Ivory Watchers - A tribe of Elephant creatures enters the ninjago. Their leader claims the end of the Ninjago world is near as someone stole THE STABILIZER. Blind Diamond- Jewelery shops in all Ninjago were robbed in ONE night. Ninja find out they have to get back something else than stolen crystals... Nightmare Sisters - A mysterious Circus appears in Ninjago City! What a lovely day for...World domination? The owners of the Circus are not what they seem...