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  1. Bartram

    MOC: Brickhills Avenue

    Excellent job!! Love the detail inside the electronics shop and all of the various appliances!
  2. Bartram

    [MOC] Diving for Pearls

    Very cool idea! The buoy looks awesome too, especially the two (three) toned colouring you used for it!
  3. Bartram

    Modulars - how many of each do you have?

    Ooh, okay, that seems to make sense. I appreciate your explanation, that's exactly what I was curious about in regards to the general shelf-life of the modulars. Might have to go pick one up sooner than I thought! Thanks for the observations!
  4. Bartram

    Seasonal 2015

    Got my train yesterday when I picked up the PC!
  5. Bartram

    MOC: Chinatown Residential Buildings

    Nice work! The green elves fence looks great with the red. The clothes line is cool too!
  6. Bartram

    Modulars - how many of each do you have?

    Is the thinking that the PS is going extinct ASAP? Or is there any indication when it might be discontinued?
  7. Bartram

    Modulars - how many of each do you have?

    Just got into the modulars this week, with the Palace Cinema. Got it for myself as a birthday present Hope to get the Pet Shop as well next month, before it gets discontinued. A bit bummed I missed out on the FB, and I don't even want to think about the GG and CC right now... the prices are ridiculous!
  8. Bartram

    What Modular Should I Buy?

    I actually just got the Palace Cinema today, it was my first modular. I'm likely going to be getting the Pet Shop next, just to grab it before it retires and the price increases. I like the PC, it's a pretty big corner building and the outside is intricate. The inside definitely isn't as detailed as some of the newer, smaller sets, although I think the size and outside detail makes up for that. Plus you get a car too :P
  9. Bartram

    (MOC) Outdoor Hockey Stadium

    Awesome job on this one! Looks excellent
  10. Bartram

    Official Lego Movie

    Great voice cast! Looks interesting, especially the stop motion style!
  11. Bartram

    FAIRPLAY-33 ocean going tug

    Amazing work! Love the detail
  12. Bartram

    Ford E-350 Camper

    Wow, that's amazing! I lose the accuracy and detail you've put into the model. Way to go.
  13. Bartram

    WIP MOC - Lego City

    Can't wait to see the finished beach! :)
  14. Bartram

    MOC: Smart transporter

    Looks excellent! I love the front of the truck.
  15. Bartram

    Winter Village: tram station

    Excellent work on the train! The lights are a nice touch also.