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  1. LEGO's Facebook page recently posted an image with two existing LMF as well as two figures I don't recognize. They don't appear to be existing LMFs. 1) One is a female gamer whose purple t-shirt says "Level Up" and has dual colored arms to make short sleeves. She is holding a controller that appears to be a new mold. Her yellow hair with a purple streak appears to be an existing mold. 2) The other is a male gamer with a VR headset which may also be a new mold. He has a gold trophy in a green circle on a while torso. His arms are green and legs are black Do we think these are just promotional image or would they reflect future LMFs?
  2. I would like the next Castle line to work as a continuation of Kingdoms. The style and detail on the minifig prints and shield designs still works very well with the current LMF (aka CMF) offerings. Ideally I would want a different heraldic animal on the shields, it could be stag, raven, or wolf. You could do knights versus vikings even. I do not think LEGO should go away from siege vehicles. Instead they could do more realist ones such as seige towers and a working brick built trebuchet.
  3. Collectible Historic/Fantasy Minifigure Series

    Hobo - with stick and bag Masquerade dancer - Reuse queens dress. Dual sided head with mask printed on one side Town crier Tailor - Victorian era Medieval Huntsman with dog There are lots already mentioned that I really want but I want to especially highlight Viking w/ hornless helmet Roman senator Medieval Monk Shaolin Monk
  4. Latest CMF series impact on Historic themes

    I agree that these make great addition to existing Historic / Fantasy LMFs, but I don't plan on buying more than 2-3 of each of them. I am just not that into the elf's shield design and the wonderfully printed warhammer looks like a specific hammer. I might add one to the Evil Knight army as the pattern makes the hammer. I am sure the Highwayman will be a great army builder.
  5. I think the matador is quite possible. Regarding the blood thirsty spot aspect, they can "fix" this in the lore by having the description mention that the bulls either always wins or that they are some how well treated after the fight. Perhaps the matador always fights the same bull, losing each time. We have already had a modular designed to smuggle prohibition cookies instead of alcohol. Matadors in this LEGO world don't have to kill the bulls.
  6. Oklahoma LEGO User Group (

    Our upcoming meetings are Jan 7 and Feb 25. To find out more check out our website:
  7. EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    I won. Hmmm... do I root for Tinkerbell or 60s Catwoman?
  8. That is a bit uncalled for in my opinion. There is a lot of disappointment for Historical and Castle fans when LEGO calls this theme a continuation of Castle. Most fans understand that this is targeted for kids, but when you cannot find any use for the parts in traditional builds, it is disappointing. I doubt it would be so bad if there was one historic theme going such as Pirates or Wild West. Regarding the care and detail given to the villainous characters in a TV show, that is all well and good if you want to watch the show. I don't have to watch the show to have an opinion on them. In that case, my opinion is just based on printing on the minifig and part selection.
  9. Latest CMF series impact on Historic themes

    It was mentioned as the son of the King and Queen seen in previous CMF series.
  10. A prince sounds promising. I wonder if he will be in more casual clothes or better prepared to slay a dragon. Hopefully he will have the larger shield with great heraldry.
  11. Thanks Itaria. That's a great why to whet our appetite without spoiling anything. I am glad to know that there is stuff in this Series that fits my building style.
  12. Itaria, I know that you and I have some of the same interests in minifig subtheme. As a Castle / historic fan, is there several minifigs to be excited about?
  13. EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    An eventful walk in the woods...
  14. While I don't like Nexo Knights and it does bother me that it may be preventing a castle theme that I would enjoy, I do NOT find it a betrayal. Betrayal makes it sound like LEGO owed us a specific type of theme and they forsook their oath. I believe LEGO thinks that most AFOLs move on to Modulars, Ideas, UCS, and Dimension sets and targets kids for their smaller sets. And if they maintain the design aesthetic for these smaller themes, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Frankly there is not a must buy theme for me anymore but I can find a bit to like in quite a few themes. I LOVED Castle as a kid, but the simplistic designs of the minifigures do not pair well with modern ones. I want a Castle theme back that continues the level of detail of Kingdoms, Lord of the Rings, and the CMF series. If Castle 2020 looks on par with Castle 2013, I will probably pick up only a few and wait for clearance. If Castle 2020 looks like Kingdoms, I will horde the sets when they are first released.
  15. Latest CMF series impact on Historic themes

    If the prices of CMF's continue to rise, then I think they should get rid of the blind bag method. I am generally good at feeling the bags, but they may kill the market in attempt to get closer to the secondary market prices. The secondary market, though, tells you which figure you are getting. Yes, I want more historic (including Castle) sets, but I do not think anything can replace the role of CMFs. This is where we can new shield sizes, mace, and other molds. The printing on them surpasses even Kingdoms, rivaling Lord of the Rings quality. I also build in Roman, Victorian, historical Japanese and other time periods. And those periods will never support a wave of sets. There is not much here to get excited about for me. The shoulder gear and legs pretty close to what we already have. The sword is nice but at LEGO Dimensions prices, I can only see getting one as an Easter Egg in a large build.