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  1. Blakstone

    Future Castle Sets?

    You have to enter the credit card when you pledge so you can see what the costs will be. That said, both are in the 10 cents a piece that AFOLs love.
  2. Good catch on Reinhart's helmet. I am surprised that the new Lincoln top hat was not mentioned for the steam punk addition of the googles.
  3. Blakstone

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    My favorite is very old school... Woden travels on Yule and leaves gifts for the kids that provide treats for his eight legged horse.
  4. I also think Castle Cavalry was intended to be a sort of bridge to the concurrent Castle theme. While that theme did not seem to gel with most of us here, that would make sense. With LEGO's increased portfolio of D2C, I hope perhaps they will feed us a nice nostalgia of a Black Falcon D2C Castle. Even if Castle comes back, I doubt it will have the target age range where the design is more AFOL friendly.
  5. Blakstone

    Knights of the Round Table

    Excellent build. Have you considered adding four more knights? I do not think that would detract from the architectural part of the build but it would make it look less rigid.
  6. Blakstone

    Future Castle Sets?

    I doubt horses will be redesigned any time soon as they were last updated with the Lord of the Rings sets. My ideal would be revisiting Kingdoms but they would certainly bring some more of the 80s factions into that esthetic. I would prefer most soldiers not have a faction emblem on their torsos. There has been some great chainmail prints in the CMF line.
  7. @Digger of Bricks I remember posting about that image years back when I saw it in Toys R Us. While we still might get a director using the megaphone from the Harry Potter series, that image is not a leak. As someone pointed out to me years back, the Statue of Liberty dress piece is a major clue that it is not a marketing piece.
  8. We never had any firefighters in CMFs. We could use both a modern one and a 19th century version.
  9. Blakstone

    [Moc] Castle of Black Falcons

    This easily could have been a set that was released during my childhood. The retro feel is excellent.
  10. Blakstone


    These are amazing MOCs. I wanted to build some Romani carts myself. This may just inspire me to start them.
  11. Blakstone

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Woohoo. I won. I hope Mantee C comes in a chicken box. Thanks CopMike!
  12. While Nexo Knights may not be the reason that Castle is gone, we know that we won't get a new Castle theme until it is gone for a while. That part is not in doubt as we had a designer flatly state it. There was a couple quick jokes in the last LEGO Movie with Castle. Hopefully the kid will play with Kingdom's minifigs in the next one. Beyond that, I took forward to each CMF series for a chance for great Castle minifigs.
  13. I would enjoy a Wizarding World of Harry Potter CMF because of the license. But out of all the licensed CMF, the only ones that were duds for me were The Simpsons. I only got a Bartman for the slingshot mold and a Maggie for the toddler body mold. The others times I say I won't want any but I got Ninjago for the bowl prints, the scarf, the scientist with the Batman t-shirt, and the icee cup. Even for Batman wave 2, the Native American, dolphin, and white tuxedos should have broad appeal. The Victorian bathing suit on the Alfreds is of great interest to me as I am building a Victorian world. LEGO must know that they need to have items with broad appeal to make a successful CMF, whether it is LEGO or not. If we do get HP, I hope there is enough stuff to interest non HP fans.
  14. My perfect tree is one that I can share with my wife and cats.
  15. Blakstone

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Since Niantic just announced a Harry Potter Go game to come out next year, I think there will be plenty of Pottermania. As someone who only got one HP set immediately coming out of my Dark Ages, I don't need new movies to buy these sets.