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  1. cgarison

    Powered Up FAQ and Community Wishes

    Will we get a release of the source code for PU (as well as Boost) so that people can create better apps that can work with the broad product range (MindStorm/Boost/WeDo/PoweredUp)? The lack of a a true programming sandbox and a developer SDK for Boost took away most of its value for me. Likewise, I see a similar issue with Powered Up, although my expectations are not as high with this product.
  2. cgarison

    Power Functions Locomotives

    Battery Box: I am using the AAA battery box with Eneloop rechargeable batteries for a total of 7.2V. As far as the bearings, that makes the rolling stock easy to pull, but the weight of the car is still a factor and all the rolling stock on a PennLUG display will be heavy because of the detail they add.
  3. cgarison

    Power Functions Locomotives

    On my heavy, 8 wide/50+ stud long locomotive, I am using two L-motors with 1-1 gear to the drive wheels. It is not a fast locomotive, but it is acceptable. This setup also provides more than enough power to pull more than 30 train cars that are as heavy as the BMR box car or heavier(
  4. cgarison

    [MOC] Ford C-Series Truck

    Nice build. This would look good with Cale's porcelain Mobil station.
  5. cgarison

    MOC BNSF SD-70

    Amazing locomotive. My LUG pals now have to quit complaining about my 8 wide, 53 stud long locomotives because this looks fabulous and I have to make mine longer.
  6. cgarison

    MOC: Canadian National Locomotive

    Great work and several well deserved bonus points are added for the brick built CN logo.
  7. After using the SBrick for half of a show linked to my iPhone, the one issue that I found was that the connection between my device and the train could be interrupted if I was pairing a bluetooth device on my iPad. Has the robustness of the connection between the receiver brick and the device powering the app been validated so that someone pairing a bluetooth headset does not cause you to lose connection with the train that is being controlled?
  8. cgarison

    NEW Layout at Train Museum

    Nice work!
  9. cgarison

    TRAIN TECH Help, General Questions & Talk to the Staff

    This is one of the better resources for building in the dimensions of Lego L-Gauge (, but I am not aware of anything similar in the smaller gauge of Lego track. Larger gauge layouts use brick built track to accommodate the the size of the trains being built.
  10. Nice work. With the red on the front, this could be the bloody nose Amtrak with some light bley bricks.
  11. cgarison

    Review - 60052 Cargo Train

    Very nice review. I agree the Lego did a great job making an American style locomotive that could be easily modified to suit any builders taste. The only less than optimum spot was the cattle car that struggles to make the tight Lego turns. Other than that, great set.
  12. cgarison

    Karlsruhe Park Railway

    Gorgeous. I love the scale.
  13. cgarison

    2016 Lego trains

    Yes, that is it. And it is indeed a modified Constitution, but after seeing how well the Constitution trains have held up after being modified with PowerFunctions, this would be a no-brainer for TLG to use as their Christmas train.
  14. cgarison

    ESP8266 WIFI and LEGO Trains

    I just spent a weekend discussing this at Philly BrickFest (after having a few conversations with Peter from S-Brick) which is making me feel like a behind the times schmuck because I am just now getting the devices to work on my layout with the latest iOS9 release along with the latest version of the S-Brick app. My personal goal with the S-Brick is that I will be able to control multiple motors in multiple locomotives in a single consist without worrying if the IR Receivers are getting the same signal and set to the same power levels. Using synchronized, powered units at both ends of my tender on the SpaceTrain is the only way that I can keep the inertia of the heavier car from totaling the MOC everytime I attempt to slow down the locomotive. Inertia is simply a mean and cruel witch. Back to the Bluetooth concept on a large LUG layout is that typically, the Bluetooth signal from many of the cellphones and tablets on the market are not strong enough to maintain a connection with the S-Brick devices as they travel around the layout. Also, some devices (like my iPadAir2) have a very strong Bluetooth signal which could interfere with the connection with my iPhone 6S Plus connected to my locomotive on the layout. It would be pretty nasty to have someone walk by one end of the layout with a Bluetooth connected Apple Watch and have that device interfere with the connection between the SmartPhone/Tablet controlling the trains as they pass along that end of the layout. WiFi may be the better option if I cannot work out the issues with interference on the devices. I will let everyone know my progress with my experiments on the S-Brick and hopefully I will have some solutions running by the end of the year. If I get lucky, I might be able to run some full scale experiments when we have out layout at a train show late this year or very early next year.