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Found 13 results

  1. fromthebeanbag

    Rainy Day Indoor Train Layout

    Was bored over the weekend so i setup the trains for some wet weather fun... ains
  2. Dav1d

    60052 MOC

    Here is my MOD of the Blue loco from set 60052. I tried to build it using only the bricks supplied with 60052 but gradually I used more. I happened to have two spare 2 wide blue train windows. I like these small locos - they are hard to do without a 9V train motor.
  3. fromthebeanbag

    Building a Home Office Lego Trainset

    I've just started building my first home office lego trainset. At the moment, it's just the basic track layout in the lego room.. which ironically, the kids think was built for them.. So wrong they are... :) What are peoples thoughts on using 3rd party track to get access to tighter curves and compact points.. Instead of the space wasting ones that come from lego?? Anyway, below is a quick video of the 60097 in action around the layout..
  4. This is definitely one of my simpler builds. It's nothing more than a reskin of the 60052. I chose the CSX scheme primarily because of the prevalence of blue and the excellent sticker set from The Sticky Brick for $8. This is my first re-skin attempt and it feels a little like cheating after the dozens and dozens of hours that went into my BNSF and my 4-4-0. That said, my goal wasn't something original. Rather I wanted badly to improve the toy scale looks of the original loco. In all it about 150 parts and ran about $15 including new side panels. Here's a link to the file on bricksafe if you want to build, modify or inspect my work. Hope you like! My Bricksafe Files
  5. KlodsBrik

    Review - 60052 Cargo Train

    Review - 60052 Cargo Train Lately I've been watching the "Train Tech forum" here on Eurobrick's after I came across the "weirdest/silliest train MOC's or ideas" post in the forum. Since then Iv'e been haunted by the idea of making a TARDIS train, and a CMF series 14 hotdog guy train MOC. To get started, I offcourse had to get the basic stuff needed to make a fully functioning locomotive. I came across the 60052 Cargo train with a 25% discount and found that this would have what I needed to make these MOC's a reality. To begin with i didn't have high expectations from the set itself, as the different builds look blend compared to all the MOC's Iv'e seen in the train forum. It was "just" one of those set's one get to expand ones brick collection with useful parts. Lets se if the set changes my mind during the build. As i couldn't find a review of it here on Eurobricks, I decided to make a review as well. Now, im all new with trains, so please comment on all my mistakes and errors, as the terminology is new to me. Here we go! An overview of the locomotive and all the wagons included in the Cargo Train set. Year: 2014 Theme: City Set name: Cargo Train Set number: 60052 Pieces: 888 Minifigures: 4 Stickers: 39 on one sheet price: 199.99,- US$ / 1699,- DKr LEGO Wikia Brickset LEGOShop LEGO Shop wrote: Front of the Box: Click for larger image. The box is huge for a set containing only 888 pieces. The boxart makes it look very promising with lot's of stuff going on everywhere. The usual minifig representation in one of the lower corners that's almost always present, have been scrapped, and instead wer'e showen that the box contain's the LEGO powerfunction speed controller and all the different tracks included in the set. There is also an overview of the track layout you can put together with all the track pieces included in the set, and it's measurement. Box size comparison: Before moving on to the back of the box I'd like to do a comparison with other sets,that most people are familiar with ( im guessing). A box this size containing "only" 888 pieces might sound like overkill. Here's the Tower of Orthanc (10237 - 2359 pieces), and The Millennium Falcon (7965 - 1254 pieces) lined up together with the Cargo train box. Tower of Orthanc being the same size. The Millinium falcom is somewhat smaller. Back of the Box: Click for larger image. The back of the box shows all kind of different scenarioes. It also reveals that the box will contain 8 bags og LEGO, and the rest of the power function part's included. Also, it presents you with possible set's one might want to get, to expand and upgrade one's train layout, this being the train sets: 60051, 60050 and track set's 7895 and 7499. For a box of this size containing "only" 888 pieces seem's redicioulus, and the box doesn't even weight that much, but opening the box reveales that it's stuffed. And it really is! ( I hadn't expected this as Iv'e read another review. That person claimed that their was lots of extra space in his box. It must have been really compressed, because I had problems packing all the bags, boxes, tracks and the manual pack back into the box after I had first gotten it all out. But here look look look ! The content: Yes, first of all 8 bag's of LEGO for the building instructions. These bags might not look like much, but seriously. Each one of them are barely the size of a baseplate. I first tried to fit everything from the box in my light room. But gave up. It wasn't possible without making it look like a mess. So the box content will take up some four images. More content: Here´s another bag with additional tracks, and parts for the Cargo train station. Also two other boxes and additional tracks. Still doesn't look like much. Lets open the boxes to get more LEGO revealed. They are stuffed ! Opening the boxes: Opening the boxes reveals all the baseplates for the trains as well as wagons, and the baseplates for the Cargo train station as well. The big white box also contains 20 corner tracks, and the brown box holds all the power function parts. 888 part's might not sound like a lot but considering how many big part's this set holds, im already convinced by its value ! This made me extremely excited indeed. It's really overwhelming trying to fit all these parts around ones "work space". (Note: I didn't discover that i had left the Power function battery pack in the box until during the build as it was well hidden. Well, it's sort of visible in the picture however). Bag containing building instructions and sticker sheet: Last of all, the bag containing all the building instruction booklet's (6 books. Yes, there is 6 building instructions included ) , and the sticker sheet. Time to start building ! Everything needed to build the first instruction booklet's content: The pieces in bag 1: Click for larger image. So this will build the Cargo truck. From the boxart, I wasn't to excited about it. Lots of pieces that will come in handy for other builds however. Cargo truck finished: Afterall it was a fun build and it's looking more fantastic and smooth than from the boxart I think. Also the weight and feel of it is marvelous. Im once again surprised by this set already, as this truck is really awesome! Everything needed to build the second instruction booklet's content: So all this will let one build the Cargo Train locomotive. Beside's bag 2 and 3, the power function battery part and the power function IR reciever is needed, as well as the power function train motor, the baseplate for the train, and for some reason the two splitting tracks, though the only instruction given for those, is to put the yellow bricks on them and your'e not able put them together yet. Here's a look at all the pieces in bag 2 and bag 3! Pieces from bag 2: Click for larger image. Lots of usefull parts, to me at least, as this is my first train set. so this whole experience is to me like stepping into a candyshop for the first time ever. But on top of it, the diversity is really nice and I can se all these pieces used in a lot of MOC's in the future. Lets build. Lets Build, lets BUILD !! Bag 2 emptied: Having emptied bag 2 and builded what the instructions suggested, this is what we are left with. Im assuming those are sparepart's. Time will tell. Moving on to Bag 3. Pieces from bag 3: Click for larger image. Once again lot's of usefull pieces. And woohoo. A printed tile. I was almost certain that their weren't any printed bricks in this set, but that everything had to be "sticky arted": Adding the powerfunction battery pack: Now during this build its time to add the power function's IR reciever and Battery pack. It swallows 6 AAA type batterie's ( and just a note, the controller takes up 3 AAA type batterie's as well ). You will need a small screwdriver to acces the battery pack. As train set's are new to me im loving this build so far. Many techniques are offcorse familiar, but a lot is quite different from what im used to. It might just be all these part's that it's the first time Im introduced to. Battery pack and IR reciever addded: Easy task. Though, the instructions make's their wires look as they are lined up very smoothly with the build. Im not to sure mine are ! Lets finish this train. Been awesome so far ! Cargo locomotive finished: Click for larger image. This was an awesome build, and the finished result is to me just stunning ! Looking at pictures and the boxart, they just doesn't do it justice. It looks way smaller than it actually is and the detailing just really dont get justified by the pictures. Besides, the unstickered version to me, looks very very good. Also, this might not in any way be new to all you guys and gal's that already own a power function train set, but I was really astounded by the technique that is used to turn the power on and off for the battery pack. Just two sparepart's left from bag 3, however the finished build justifies it. Now im convinced that the price one have to pay for this set, is really worth it ! Moving on to bag 4, and instruction booklet 3. This let's you build the Cattle transport. Everything needed to build the third instruction booklet's content: This will let you build the cattle transport wagon. From the look of it, the bag doesn't contain a lot of parts. Here's what's in this bag. Pieces from bag 4: Click for larger image. Again surprised. Not that many parts, but most of them usefull for every MOC enthusiast. The bull is a must. I dont own one, and have never seen it in any other set. It's really quite beautifull, and I will be using it a lot in future MOC's, im pretty sure. Cattle transport wagon finished: An easy and not that satisfying build. Nothing unexpected, and no nice new building techniques introduced. Overall a bland build that looks ok, and BEWARE its getting worse from here on, however YOU have to read the conclusion as Iv'e figured TLG out with this set ! Now moving on to the Cable drum wagon. Everything needed to build the fourth instruction booklet's content: Time to build the Cable drum wagon. Not much else to say about this. Seems like Its just a fill in to expand the otherwise lovely set to make it look bigger. Pieces from bag 5: Click for larger image. Again again, lots of useful parts. However once again a way to easy build with no big surprises, and it ( once again ) doesn't really deliver the "building experience" that I love LEGO for. At this point im afraid that all the fun with this set is over ! The Cable drum wagon finished: Do i have to say anything about this ? It look's as it does. Nothing to roll around those cable holders, and "only" one chain included that really doenst have any function as well. Its not even connected to the wagon in any way. Indeed lot's of useful parts but it just looks like a rushed build. Next build, the fuel wagon. Everything needed to build the fifth instruction booklet's content: All these pieces will turn into a fuel wagon, and a cargo truck, along with a wheelbarrow. Pieces from bag 6: Click for larger image. All the pieces. The color of the wheelbarrow is nice and again the parts for the build is usefull for any MOC enthusiast. The Fuel wagon finished: Click for larger image. However the build experience once again doesnt deliver any fun and just feels like a repetition from the Cable drum wagon build. Also the lift look's awefull in my oppinion. Something's wrong with the roof of it. Besides the way everything is organised onto the wagon looks weird, and off. But, the pieces are all usefull and that's what plusses i have to say about this. Moving on to build the Cargo train station, the last instruction book from this set. Everything needed to build the sixth and last instruction booklet: Pieces from bag 7: Click for larger image. First, the content from bag 7. Lateron bag 8 which is the last bag for this whole set. The content of these bags let's one build the Cargo train station. Do I have to say again, more usefull parts, but also some not that interesting for once. However the usefull once, wins the battle as all the pieces Iv'e seen in this set is mostly not to common pieces, and not pieces that I personally would never expect to make use of. Two more printed pieces in this bag ( but these are common pieces ) the keyboard and the computerscreen. So overall the whole set delivers three printed pieces. Lets begin to build the Cargo train station! Build from bag 7 finished: So far so good. It's looking better than expected and was a fun build so far ( much needed from the last three NOT funny and blend looking wagon's). Lets move on to the last bag of LEGO for this set. Pieces from bag 8: Click for larger image. More rather usefull pieces, and rather special one's indeed, but not the diversity that we have seen from the prior bags. Iv'e become curious as to wether it's possible to use the "old school" LEGO track's to make larger train lanes with ? Haven't tried it out, but my instinct is that it's not possible. Surely one of you train expert's will tell me all about it in a comment (please !!). The Cargo train station finished: Click for larger image. I somewhat likes the Cargo train station. It is taking me back to my chilhood where LEGO set's weren't that complex, yet had that feeling of delivering a setup for your mind to play with it, and let your imagination make everything possible. Playing with it surely delivered exactly that feeling. Now the MOC nerd in me see's tons of stuff that can be done with this, and i surely will. But the overall feeling is great. This last build somewhat corrected the experiences from the last two wagon set's. Only negative i have to say about this is that the heavy lift seem's to be a stud of in width, as it will all collaps if you aren't carefull when lifting cargo. However the moving of the whole lift is working gorgeous and it's fun to push it in one end and seeing it speed towards the other hoping it will fall of. But it doesn't, unless you are really putting some strengt into it. So this ended with a good experience after all. Are we finished ? No, there is still all this left: Minifigures and bull, frontview: I have no clue as to how common these minifigures are, but i kind of like all of them. My only issue should be that all wears cap´s. Now, im not supressing womans at all. But find it funny that the only female in the set is the one who get's to wear hearing protection. ( It should be the other way around ). In fact, all personel working close to machinery, shoud wear those. That's personal experience ! I love the bull. Might be cause it's new in my collection. But its a cool animal to have and the horns could be used for lot's of useful organic building techniques. Minifigures and bull, backview: Well, a few backprints. Still some nice ones. Glad to have all these figs in my collection. All the builds lined up: Click for larger image. Last ( not really ) but not least. Lining all the builds up around the Cargo station build. It looks somewhat a mess. But this is not how LEGO intended it to be im sure. In fact, were not quite done yet. Remaining tracks and the Power function controller: Offcourse i dont have a lightroom huge enough to layout the whole of this track. Conclusion: My first thought about this set was that it was a set like most others. Here, build these trains and make them roll around the track endlessly. However there is a lot of hidden bricks in the set that suggest something else. I have always been removing usefull parts from set's that's not visible after the set have been put together. Most of the time LEGO have included these parts ( changes of colors, tiled bricks ) to make it easier for people to read the instructions. Mostly the colored pieces are ordinary ones, and tiled pieces the same. But, with this set its so very different. Dark grey plates that you will never see. Tan bricks hidden away for no reason. Jumpers where plates would have been obvious to use. 3 blend wagons that didnt even deliver the building experience, but however was packed with usefull parts. This set to me, is screaming for AFOL's to mod and MOC it ! Im guessing offcourse, but it seems that LEGO wanted to make a set that would make it possible for everyone to start building train sets, but offcourse couldnt sell it as a creator set. So to make it reach an audience that weren't only FOL's, they decided to do it this way, and at the same time be able to justify the price of it. Follow me. All the tracks, the power function parts. The parts for the wagons, which is much needed to make trains for oneself. In fact, buying two train motors from LEGO( IR recievers and battery pack as well offcourse), and you will be able to make two additional locomotives with this set! At first, the playability value I would have given this set was aimed at kids. LEGO turned the table 180 degrees. This does have playability value for kids as well. That's to me why LEGO decided to make it this way. But the way I look at it, they really aimed for the adult market with this set and they hit point blank ! In case your in doubt, im loving this set despite the blend builds. So many usefull parts, so many things a MOC dude can do with it. Ton's of different large pieces and to top it, all the power function parts needed to start making one's own collection of LEGO trains. Scores are based on my personal experince with the set. Parts: 10/10 So many useful parts, even when considering the price of the set. Cant give it less than max. Design: 7/10 The Locomotive and the Cargo station is awesome. The score is based on my assumption that LEGO had AFOL's in mind putting this set together. Playability: 7/10 It's a train that can run on track's. For kids the score might have to be a 9, but for FOL's it cant be more than 7. But will score it all again having modified everything. Minifigures: 6/10 I have no clue as to how rare these are. They are nice, but thats about it. Price: 8/10 I got it 25% off, so that was a nice price. But honestly. I cant wait to get the funds to buy yet another one of these sets. It's so much worth it. Honestly ! Overall: 9/10 Cant give it less. This sets Screams for all FOL's to get it and start MOCcing it ! .. You should get one too ! I hope you enjoyed the review, and do give me input on where im wrong and why. As said many times already: This is my first train set. So teach the n00b please ! Please do comment and ask questions, or come with suggestions if any. KlodsBrik.
  6. These locomotives are inspired by set 60052 (Cargo Train) in some respect or another. The F-10 passenger model takes cues from two sets, one being the classic 10200 (AT&SF Super Chief) with regards to the nose design, while 60052 (Cargo Train) takes over the design for the colors scheme. The freight locomotive is more a heavy duty 60052, with parts of set 10219 (Maersk Train) thrown in to make if beefier and more prototypical to the SD-40, which is a six axle version of the GP-40 it it was created to be. F-10 passenger locomotive This model takes cues from two sets, one being the classic 10200 (AT&SF Super Chief) with regards to the nose design, while 60052 (Cargo Train) takes over the design for the colors scheme. Since the last time I uploaded this model, I have redone the roof to make the engine the same height as my other diesels, and have redone the nose and cab windows. (again). The letters LCGR go on the bottom row of studs, while the numbers 3247 go on the top four. The rear of the engine units. Loco statistics: Engine Number: 3247 Engine Type: Diesel-electric Configuration: B-B Engine Class: F10-A (cab) F10-B (booster) Designer: Electro-Motive Division (EMD) Build Date: 1961 Builder: EMD Current Owner: Lodi Clearwater & Green River Rail-Road Top Speed: 70 MPH This is the cab unit, where the engineer sits to control the train. This model no longer has an interior. Fictional background: These locos are from a experimental locomotive series called the F-10, which was built in 1961-2 on an order of 20 locomotives in sets of two (3240 - 3260) for the relatively small Lodi Clearwater & Green River Rail-Road (also known as the LCGR) by General Motors' Electro-Motive Division. These consisted of 10 A (cab) units and 10 B (booster) units, and were originally painted blue with black bases / roof lines. The principal use of the locomotives was the commuter trains radiating out from the city of Green River, Louisiana. The highest honor for these locomotives (and their engineers), though, was taking the Midnight Special from Lodi, Mississippi to Houston, Texas. The locomotives remained in service while the railroad bled money and deferred maintenance due to financial missteps and bad management to the point where a small derailment and fire led to the subsequent burning of the entire Susie Q. Bayou bridge in 1987. After that, most of the battered and weary F-10's were sold to museums or scrap, although five of the best preserved ones were upgraded mechanically and electrically in 1997. These final five serve the financially stabilized and better maintained LCGR to this day. This is the booster unit, which provides extra pulling power to the train. It does not have a cab as it receives orders from the cab engine via multiple unit control cables hooked between the two locomotives. SD-40 freight locomotive Inspired by and mostly taken from instructions by Zephyr1934 for converting the 2014 set 60052 into a model like set 10219 (Maersk Train). The wheels, however, are modified from Anthony Sava's Alco MRS-1 diesel loco, turning this GP-40 styled loco into a simplified version of the Electro Motive Division type SD-40 diesel electric locomotive. The rear of the loco features twin marker lights. As on the passenger loco, their is space for four numbers of the loco and four letters (yes, I need to update the pictures!) for the railroad near the nose of the engine. Fictional background: In August 1966, Electro Motive Division (also called EMD ) delivered a group of thirty SD-40 locomotives to the Lodi Clearwater & Green River Rail-Road. (otherwise known as the LCGR) These locomotives numbered 3260 to 3290 were immediately put to use in the Railroad's workshops, and moving cargo from any of number of smaller on-line businesses and facilities such as the relatively large Cosmo's Bicycle Factory near Green River, Louisiana. The SD-40's were seldom repainted in cash-strapped LCGR service, and quickly earned the name "Bruisers" for their battered appearance and worn black-and-blue color scheme, although the engines were repainted and upgraded in 2002. (though the name “Bruisers” seems to have stuck!) I made this logo by using the Rock Island logo and the font "Union Gray" to make the words. The name of the railroad is a salute to the band Creedence Clearwater Revival. The name of one of this band's songs is "Lodi" while another is "Green River". (as seen my the logo) I also used bits from some of their other songs in the history of the railroad and it's trains, such as the "Midnight Special" passenger train and the "Susie Q." Bayou bridge. I've yet to write the whole history of the road, but that shouldn't be too hard to do. This is all I've worked out so far, and Comments, Questions, and Complaints are always welcome.
  7. This model was heavily inspired by set 4555 (Cargo Station) from 1995 and by set 60052 (Cargo Train) from 2014. I smashed both models together and added some of my inspiration in places. (This model is also supposed to be compatible with set 60169 (Cargo Terminal) from this years summer CITY lineup.) As a side note, the sign on top of the lower floor is supposed to say CARGO TERMINAL in printed 1 x 1 tiles. The original set 4555 is one of the sets my father bought back in 1995 when 9v was King and I was just a little baby. Growing up I remember playing fondly with this set.... actually, I loved tearing it apart and making it better, which drove my Dad nuts. I think I tore his collection apart so much he decided to give me my own trains to pull apart, which are actually still together today. The rear of the model. I added new 1x6x5 panels to add a bit of texture to the otherwise smooth area. The model features expanded interior details such as the staircase to access the top floor where the conference / break room is from the lower floor secretary's desk area. It also features a swing open rear section containing a office under the stairs, with a Technic pin to lock it closed. NOTE: The rear half can only open up to 90 degrees, as the base of the model prevents it from opening any further. The gantry and the crane itself slide back and forth to provide for truck to train (or train to truck) movement of shipping containers or raw materials by themselves. The gantry can move left to right (red arrow), while the actual crane can move forward and back. (yellow arrow) Unfortunately, the LDD program doesn't allow for it to move, but it will in real life! This model is missing one crucial part: the cable for the crane. (That's this part: http://www.bricklink...e?P=x77ac50#T=C ) With the new enlarged road section, the model now lines up with the modern printed road base-plates. Here is the LDD file for my model: LDD link All comments, be they complaints, questions or compliments are welcome! EDIT 6/15/17: The model has been updated with wider two-way road section and longer crane. (the brick-built roadway now lines up with modern road base-plates) LDD file and pictures have been updated as well.
  8. The trains I'm going to show you use a lot of unique models to make this train setup possible, including sets 10254, 60052, 79106, 79111, and 10015 for the Army train, and 7597, 10014, and 10015 for the passenger train. (This is both a single MOC and several MODs at the same time.) These trains are also 100% build-able in real life... I haven't got the green one built, but the red one is 98% finished! They are done, so you can see them below! US 1870's MILITARY TRAIN & 4-2-4 STEAM LOCO Let's start with the newest train: the 4-2-4 and the US Army train. This is a more realistic version of set 10254 (Winter Village holiday train) for all the train fans who don't like the engine. I added working pistons, and a more cohesive color scheme plus two more sets of wheels on the engine. This is a tank engine, and as such does not have a tender. The rotating Gatling gun you see here was taken from set 79111. (Constitution Train Chase) This horse car was originally a cattle car from set 60052, (2014 Cargo Train) but I've re-purposed it for my Army officer horses. These cannons are from set 79106 (Calvary Builder Set) and were placed on a generic flatcar. for transport by rail. This coach was inspired by set 10015 (Passenger Wagon), and features no interior. T The jail car you see was originally from set 79111. (Constitution Train Chase) while gaining the styling of set 10015. (Passenger Wagon) This car has one play feature that is sure to blow you away: the back wall can be removed to get at the jail cell via the "dynamite" on the outside of the back wall. When pushed back towards the other end of the car, the rear wall pops out and the bad guys can escape! Here is the whole military train all put together. US 1870's PASSENGER TRAIN & 4-6-0 STEAM LOCO Next up, the modified passenger train which I have shown before on these forums, but has received a bit of a face-lift. This engine was originally modeled after set 7597 (Western Train Chase) with some design inspiration from TF Twitch's "Humble Sapphire" 4-4-0. The engine also features a boiler copied from set 79111 (Constitution Train Chase) to keep it inline with the rest of my steam locomotives. The rear of the loco features a ladder to the tender-top. These passenger cars were mostly inspired by set 10014 (Passenger wagon) but repainted red instead of green and with fancy part 30613 "Brick, Arch 3 x 6 x 5 Ornamented" on the end of the cars. I might be mistaken, but Ben Shuber may have been the one to inspire these coaches with his own red versions of set 10014. The end of my passenger train features this little four wheel caboose. It was designed after set 10015 (Caboose) with some features taken from set 7597 (Western Train Chase) Here is the whole passenger train all put together. US 1870's FREIGHT TRAIN & 4-4-0 STEAM LOCO Since I turned the red 4-4-0 into a 4-6-0, the slot has been opened up for another "American"-type. Thus, I created Yellow 4-4-0 number 2, to go along with red 4-6-0 number 3 and green 4-2-4 number 1. The engine is supposed to feature four of this part on the tender and cab walls where the green bricks are located: http://www.bricklink...09pb011#T=C&C=3 This log car was also designed by my brother, and is quite ingenious for using set 60059 (Logging Truck) but on a train base. The logs are floating place, as they would be resting on the bottom of the car in real life. It was quite a pain to position them into place as seen here. The flat car is heavily inspired by the one in set 3225 (Classic Train), except this version features two bogies unlike the original set. This vintage water tanker is a modified set 2126 (Train Cars) design with four wheels on the two bogies instead of two wheels stuck to the frame. Set 7597 was the original model for this boxcar, which has been made so the doors can't open.... though you can remove the handle on the side of the car and it will open fine. This caboose was inspired by set 10014 (Caboose), but my version lacks the top part of the caboose, which is traditionally called a cupola. Here is the whole train together. US 1870's LEGOREDO MODULAR TRAIN DEPOT This old railroad station was inspired by set 7594 (Woody's Roundup!) which I have named the Fort Legoredo passenger depot after the famous set number 6761. (Fort Legoredo) This railroad station was built in 1874 after the original station structure (built 1867) burned to the ground in late 1873. It was confusingly named Fort Legoredo at that time by the railroad in an attempt to persuade potential settlers that this land was protected by the army, when in fact the Federal government was planning on closing down the actual Fort Legoredo. (this plan was eventually gone through with, as the Fort ceased operations when it burned to the ground in 1885 and was not rebuilt) The station has since stood for 140+ years with only slight modifications, such as adding computer control systems to the upper floor in 1980 to control the switches and monitor train traffic to the still-active silver mines. The station also serves as the oldest building in the city and is featured heavily in tourism advertisements for the city and it's historical reproduction of the original Fort Legoredo. (the US Army base, that is) The station is modular, as the roof and second floor come off and the two side platforms come apart by means of Technic pins. This lower floor features two waiting rooms with a ticket office in-between them. This office features stairs to the upper floor. The upper floor features a vintage safe that is used to hold silver dust / nuggets that is still payable for a train ticket. The metal is weighed on the scale (seen next to the safe) to ensure it is the correct type. (Read: not fake). The newspaper contains the daily precious metals prices, so that is is fairly measured and properly payed for. Eventually a special train comes though the station and the dust / nuggets are exchanged for proper paper currency, with the expensive metal being shipped back east to Denver to be made into coins and bars. The anachronistic modern computer system was added in 1980 to control the switches and monitor train traffic to the still-active silver mines. US 1870's MODULAR COLLAPSING TRAIN BRIDGE This bridge was inspired by Bad Cop's Pursuit (set 70802) and the short section of railroad bridge included with that set. When I first saw it, I thought it would make a great play feature for a train bridge that is actually usable by trains. Here is the result of all that working and reworking: 12 sections of PF / RC train track (It won't work with 9V, sorry!) with 1 section "failure point" consisting of 2 tracks pieces, plus 2 studs of space to separate the moving from non-moving items and allow the hinge to do it's job. The track leading up to the "failure point" as I call it, is raised ever so gently at an angle of (at most) 1 1/3 bricks high per 1 section of track. (The angle of ascent / descent depends on which part of track you are on, but for the most part it's consistent.) The design of the bridge is modular so that you can easily disassemble the bridge for transport. It disassembles into 2 lower ramp sections consisting of 4 tracks each and 2 flat sections placed onto plates with the 1 "failure point" module consisting of a hinged (on one end) track piece in the middle. The bridge when the track is safe to cross: the pins are inserted and it should be stable. Naturally, a very heavy engine will snap the Technic rods in half, breaking the bridge permanently. Thus you can only use this engine with Small engines like my 2-6-0 + it's consist, (AKA the Lone Ranger train) the My Own Train series engines, or something of comparable weight. This is how it works: Their are two hidden Technic rods under the track that should allow trains to pass by safely overhead. Pull the Technic connector and your bridge collapses. Lift the bridge up and move the rod back in to reset the bridge for the next adventure. US 1870's TRAIN STUFF - LDD FILES LDD file for the green 4-2-4 loco only: http://www.moc-pages...1471631241m.lxf LDD file for the green loco and it's train: http://www.moc-pages...1471631317m.lxf LDD file for the red 4-6-0 loco only: http://www.moc-pages...1473035459m.lxf LDD file for the yellow 4-4-0 loco only: http://www.moc-pages...1473035594m.lxf LDD file for the yellow loco and it's train: http://www.moc-pages...1473101156m.lxf LDD file for the modular train station: LDD file for the collapsing train bridge: EDIT 9/18/16 - Added real life pictures of the train station and digital pictures of the bridge. The LDD files were added for both as well. Comments, Questions, and complaints are always welcome! Thanks for looking!
  9. After i got the 60052 set, and had my review up, I went on a building rampage. Just as in the good old days when I first got back into LEGO, I just putted brick's together not overthinking things. Im pleased with the result, though I will probably change a lot of stuff with it as I usually end up doing. This is my impression of how the Cargo Train station could look ( offcourse adding a tonof bricks to it ). Now, everything is plated up, preparing the whole of the build ( and what is to come ) to be placed on baseplates for a larger layout. Im not to satisfied with the pictures but had my lightroom removed before I viewed them. Will probably take some new shots during the weekend. Hope you like it though. Click for larger image. I already felt that this set screamed to be modified. Bricks n bolts then posted a picture of a mod ( moc ) he made himself, that inspired me a lot. And this is the outcome. Click for larger image. Only MOD of the 60052 set I've finished so far besides the cargo train station itself is the forklift. As i want my Maersk 1651 set to go with this, Iv'e made it these colors offcourse. Now, the forklift its not as functionel as the original one from 60052, but I personally like this better . I build more for show than for functionality. Track end buffer inspired py the post in this forum. Im quite pleased with how it turned out. And dammit, I forgot to include a Doctor Who reference, which is always do with my MOC's. Then again I was in a hurry if I were to get the pictures taken. Wont forget them in the next photo session. Let's get those astronauts up in the air ! Im feeling that my first train and the corresponding wagons will have to be a transport for my TLG shuttle. Build In Progress as I write this. Please do comment and ask questions if any. All feedback is always welcome. KlodsBrik.
  10. Dread Pirate Rob

    Can you build 7760 out of 60052?

    I have been in a building mood lately and have noticed a few people saying they would like to MOC but don't know where to start (and don't want to mix up the bricks from their sets). The solution to both problems is with the old 'alternate builds' from the 80s:) This great photo is by Flickr user Zoltán Becsei I'm not the first see an opportunity to make a 7760 style shunter using 60052 parts. There is also a particularly excellent one by reinstein here: but as far as I can tell no one has made a PF shunter only using the parts found in the blue diesel. So, I'm throwing out the challenge, can you make a PF shunter using only the parts found in the blue diesel? This took me about two hours to do and was much cheaper than going to the pub for my Saturday afternoon:) To help people who would like to get into MOCing I have uploaded the in-progress photos of my build into Flickr so you can see the silly mistakes I made and the things that just didn't work along the way. Laughter is positively encouraged. Here are a couple of the progress shots. So. I'm not exactly happy with the nose... but I can't see another way to do it without raiding my brickstash. Please feel free to post your builds in this thread if you are keen to give it a go.
  11. Crazywater

    PF IR Interference

    Have any of you ever had issues with signal interference when controlling your trains? Today I had 60051 and 60052 set up in a classroom environment. I had checked everything at home and all worked fine. (Worked fine at home afterwards also.) Batteries were fully charged (Lego rechargeable) and new batteries in the controller. But during the session signals to the trains were either not getting through or were very significantly delayed. Other (possibly) relevant information: There were a lot of laptops in the room (not close to the trains) but all were off or at least closed and therefore in sleep mode. There are about 6 double fluorescent tube lights on the ceiling and there was wifi in the room. Any suggestions as to probable causes and potential solutions greatly appreciated.
  12. Legononymous

    Cargo Train 60052 wheels slipping

    My cargo train drive wheels section slip on the track under a load. What's the most amount of cars these can pull or is it in the actual wheel assembly? I had it pulling two high speed passenger cars and the passenger train end car. This is a new train.
  13. Hello! I would like to get into trains but I can't decide which train should I pick. I would really appreciate if you could help me make a right choice. I have chosen 3 to limit the options: 1. 7939 + cheaper than 60052 + fully equipped (tracks, PF etc.) - looks 2. 60052 + looks + fully equipped (tracks, PF etc.) - more expensive than the rest 3. 10233 + looks!! + cheaper than the other 2 - no tracks - no PF It is a tough choice. Getting PF is not so hard, as I already have the remote so I would just need to get the motor (and SBrick will be shipped soon ) but tracks are bigger problem. What are your thoughts? Which one would you choose if you could only choose one?