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  1. An inside connection I know has told me TBBR has not yet been greenlighted... Pre-production stuff is happening, but whether it goes into production or not will likely depend on how well TLM2 does. TLBM and TLNM did not do as well as expected, but hopes are high for TLM2. Plus the original deal was for a total of four movies, so... with TLM2 being #4, we shall see. Good box office will lead to more movies whether they (WB) sign off for them one at a time or sign for multiples. Keep your fingers crossed! --Mr Bill
  2. Mr Bill

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Release dates for CMFs have more or less always been January 1st. May 1st and September 1st (every four months) but honestly I have always found them on the racks in the previous month (December, April and August) often as early as the first of the previous month but never later than the third week... --Mr Bill.
  3. My guess for the second review would be the Space Shuttle because "real" space sets sell well and the crazy success for the ideas Saturn V would likely make it a winner. The others have limited appeal or licensing issues -- not always the death knell (BBT, BttF, GB, Beatles YS), but Gilmore Girls? Really? Not to mention that "newish rule" about licensed submissions in existing themes kinda voids I Am Your Father... But it WOULD be a nice set. For the third review I say Pop-Up book because it's different in the same way that designer's maze set was different. And they like "different" at Lego Ideas. If not that one then I could see the Jaguar happening as it would fit well with Caterham and with the other large cars they've done (VW Bus, Bug and Mini Cooper). I would love to see the three Fishing village sets happen. The Old Fishing Store is probably my favorite build of 2017 and I'd love to have a whole row of similarly themed buildings along my city shoreline. But I think it's too soon after OFS for another one; plus having three at once only makes them compete with themselves. What I COULD see happening is these getting their own product line with an annual or semi-annual release. The same sort of deal Mr. Reed landed with his Architecture series. At the very least, the designers could make a few $ selling the plans online should the sets never materialize. Here's hoping! --Mr Bill
  4. LoL! In my Lego City (which my wife allows me to place in about 33% of our living room) my MiniFigures and MiniDolls cohabitate. Only Jack Stone-style figures are exiled/ostracized.... --Mr Bill
  5. Mr Bill

    General Colour Discussion

    My responses to the 8 questions: 1 - I don't really find anything too odd in recolours... As a LL Master Builder I welcome more pieces in more colors as they enhance what we can do... The snot brick with stud on two adjacent sides has been a blessing! Hopefully it will become available in more colors in the coming year(s). I am still waiting for a green 1x1 with one stud on the side. It is the only one of the "10 regular" colors that does not yet have this piece. If we need it we have to figure a way to use a "headlight brick (real name: angular brick) or go with another shade of green and hope it is sufficiently hidden. 2 - Agreed. Medium Nougat is becoming a more versatile option to regular brown! It (along with dark orange #38) is becoming a fave of mine. 3 through 6 - I don't really have an opinion on. The more colors a piece becomes available in, the happier any builder should be. Our boss often hands us a part for each project and gives us the chjallenge on incorporating it into our build. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's a pain. 7 - I personally like Spring Yellowish Green... That Elf castle works well for what it is within its theme. The one color I absolutely despise is Aqua (#323). While I have used it (Queen Elizabet's gown in my Wax Museum build) I stay away from it. If I made a replica of Baskin Robbins dacquiri Ice ice cream cone it would be an exact match... I wasn't a fan of either Azur when they appeared either but I have warmed to them over time. I first noticed them with the 2011 Sponge Bob sets and Alien Conquest sets (also 2011). There are few short-lived colors from the early to mid 2000s I'm not crazy about, but that's mainly because there are not a lot of parts available in those colors. 8 - My favorite color to work with lately has been (as I mentioned) Dark Orange (#38). I recently built a Tiki Restaurant for a new area of the park using it and a roof of Sand Green. These two colors look absolutely gorgeous together. The Tiki Mask motifs I built out of Dark Tan (sand yellow #138) accent the walls very nicely. I will post more pictures as soon as I am allowed to do so. I also like Bright Green (#37), but alas, we have more regular elements available to us than are in most (any?) commercial sets. --Mr. Bill
  6. Mr Bill

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm not all that keen on the new flower part (yet). I'll reserve judgement until I see an actual part with my own eyes! I DO like this new triple leaf part that is coming in some 2018 sets, though. Doing our monthly part order for our model shop at LegoLand I discovered the "old" flower was no longer available when I was trying to boost our supply (and get it in 194 medium stone grey, as comes with Saturn V). BTW the "old" flower part's official name is "Bracelet Upper Part" which I suspect stems from its origins as a Click-Its element... Seeing the return of 107 Teal/Turquoise is the best news, though. The October parts list only had basic brick and plate, but the November list has about a dozen more elements -- almost all tailored toward Nexo, Elves and Friends! --Mr. Bill
  7. Mr Bill

    General Colour Discussion

    You'll be happy to know that according to the parts list we use in the model shop at LEGOLAND for ordering shows Turquoise (107) returns in 2018. So far only basic brick and plate are listed. Not sure what sets these will end up in (I doubt Rock Raiders is returning) but I suspect it will be Elves and/or Nexo Knights... --Mr Bill
  8. Mr Bill

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Yes. Reviewing the parts ordering list we use in the Model Shop at LEGOLAND, Turquoise (107) is back in 2018. Only basic brick and plate are listed so far... --Mr Bill
  9. Mr Bill

    Design Element number wanted

    Speaking as a designer at LEGOLAND, I am sad to report that Lyichir is correct... That part does not exist. --Mr Bill
  10. My future son-in-law works at a local Southern California Target and he tells me they have the Series 15 boxes in the stock room but can't put them out until January 1st. And another friend saw them out at another Target, tried buying them, but the register refused to ring them up; the cashier told him she couldn't sell them to him until January first... So I am optimistic for Jan 1 here in the US! --Mr Bill
  11. Mr Bill

    Animal Costumed Characters

    I know there is some debate as to whether or not the Plant Guy in Series 14 is costumed or not. Lack of a zipper says not, but the fact he's holing vines in his hands says he is. Perhaps he should be included in the poll.... I voted for Piggy Guy because BACON! --Mr Bill
  12. Mr Bill

    10251 Brick Bank

    My apologies, L@go... A friend e-mailed me that picture so I didn't know where he go it. To ensure all credit due, everyone, the new SNOT part photo is courtesy of L@go's Flickr account. I strongly urge you to check out his Flickrstream -- he's a terrific builder with some awesome MOCs... Respectfully, --Mr Bill
  13. Mr Bill

    10251 Brick Bank

    Here's what the new SNOT element that holds the Corner Bricks looks like. Mod edit: Brick Bank new piece. Interesting :) by L@go, on Flickr
  14. Mr Bill

    Which Modular Buildings Do You Own?

    I own each with doubles on Green Grocer, Grand Emporium and Pet Shop. The only one I DIDN'T buy at the time was Market Street(#10190) because at the time it WASN'T listed as part of the series (even though it fit in). Later, when it was included as part of the Mini-Modulars, I decided I DID need it. Rather than buy it at the exorbitant prices on Bricklink or eBay, I built it from parts I own and by purchasing sets containing the necessary parts (hello 4 copies of Lego Creator Seaside House #7346) --Mr Bill
  15. I'm beginning to wonder if the release date reported on some sites (February 1st vice January 1st) might actually be correct,,, in which case it'll be almost another month before we see anything... --Mr. Bill