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  1. Front

    Under high pressure

    When I hear the Finnish accent in the video, everything made sense.
  2. Front

    MIXELS Series 7, video

    I just built all nine the other day, very impressed by those Mixels sets.
  3. The mask was not supposed to have a round 1x1 plate fitting into the scope, but I had huge problems getting the mask pretty with just a hole, so designer Chrisian proposed the use of the plate just before we initiated mould construction. That simply enhanced the mask 100 % i my opinion. Erland Technical Element Design (TED)
  4. The new gear shifter driving ring is dark grey and not red. The colour of this piece is selected freely, as it does not look like anything else. But it makes sense to change the colour from the old red version, as they can't replace each other in a build. And I think a neutral colour like dark grey fit a driving ring better than e.g. an orange or green one. Red is also used on the new gear wheel, to not confuse it with the old dark grey one, and fit the colour of the 8 teeth sliding wheel. Erland Tech. Design.
  5. Front

    1H2015 Video Reviews

    The 3M driving ring does work with all old parts (z16 gear, extender and the differential with similar clutch geometry). The new gear wheel does not work with the old 2M driving ring. Erland Part Design
  6. Front

    1H2015 Video Reviews

    The new gear wheel now has a "true" Technic hole in the middle. The old one did not. This also means that the outer diameter around the hole has grown, preventing the old gear driving rings to engage the new gear. A standard Technic hole means more options for building with the gear wheel. And it can't be turned wrong in the gear-shifter assembly. Don't expect the old gear wheel to "hang around" for long. The click function between the driving ring and the 3M axle connector has a more firm and precise feeling. The old had four clicks to go from one side to the other, two clicks to reach neutral. The new one need just one click to reach neutral, two clicks to go from one side to the other. Erland Part Design
  7. Front

    LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds

    I have a lot of friends that are biologists, and many like birds. A great gift for friends. Now I just need to design a dragonfly that can become a set. Link to dragonfly in flight.
  8. Front

    The CCBS "Improvement" Thread

    There could still be two shafts, if the support for those was a single central wall, and not two walls.
  9. Front

    Bionicle Protector Alternate Builds

    Build a motorized shooter that includes 6 sixshooters. That is 36 round 1x1 plates fired within half a second, by the push on a button. :-)
  10. The first masks I did part design on at LEGO was the two orange 2008 mask, including the mask for Pohatu. So it was kind of cool to be able to work on the 2015 Pohatu mask as well. It was my only job on Bionicle this year, at least the only part I engineered. For that reason this is my favorite 2015 Bionicle set. Generally I like the smaller of the six "big" sets. The big (and pricier) ones tend to look a bit clumsy. In this set, mask and the weapons are great :-) Erland Part Design
  11. Front

    1H2015 Video Reviews

    Looking forward to a review and opinions on the new gear shifting function. Erland Part Design
  12. Are we only getting two new parts, the panels ?
  13. Front

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Well the masks have been moulded in the production moulds, but they are probably not fully adjusted at the connection point. At least the mask I worked on, Pohatu, needed a lot of adjustments, and I know hat some of the others masks needed adjustments as well. Often when you make a design with a new connection type, you start out with something conservative, that can be adjusted by just milling a bit more material away from the mould. Avoiding having to manufacture new mould parts just because you did not get the dimensions right in the first go. Erland Part Design
  14. Front

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    The mask-head connection has been tightend up during development, and I'm pretty sure that the masks (at least most of them) are prototypes that are not fully adjusted yet. Erland Part Design