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  1. hey r u that utub guy how u doin

  2. The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    I liked it. I don't know if it's the art style, the character redesigns, or just sheer joy at seeing Ninjago make it to the big screen, but none of the changes are bothering me and I have boarded the hype train.
  3. I'd be willing to wager that it might be in a style similar to the Lego Movies, as an attempt to unite those two styles more efficiently. Looking forward to seeing it.
  4. Day of the Departed was underwhelming compared to Ninjago's usual quality standards, but considering the circumstances... it was probably as good as it could have been. I really wish we had received a full season for this wave to flesh out motivations and actually have the villains scheme and plan to take down the Ninja instead of rushing in blindly. Pythor in particular just seemed like a total incompetent.
  5. Shapeways MOUP

    I believe the Titan Scale is more accurate. Owning both myself, I can tell you that the Titan Scale mask looks far superior on the actual JTO Makuta Model. That being said, if you want to use it on MoCs and stuff, you'd be better off with Villager scale since it will work better on, well, smaller scale creations.
  6. Nexo Knights

    Unfortunately, these are my thoughts as well. The context of the quote doesn't really specify whether he's talking about constraction or not, although it is a reasonable assumption to make. The quote could simply be referring to the need to design CCBS in order for it to be used in other themes as the designers see fit and not remain constrained to BIONICLE, rather than a confirmation of a new wave of constraction figures. That being said, I'm pretty intrigued. I want to hear more about these.
  7. The Original Concept of Hero Factory

    Well, the current discussion is revolving around HF's end and the mistakes that were made with the theme, so yes, the state of theme upon its cancellation is what I tend to focus on during that conversation. HF wasn't unsuccessful; it lasted for five years, and a lot of that can likely be attributed to the strong media push that you speak of in your post at the start. Every year, though, the amount of advertising got smaller and smaller. Set waves decreased in size, comics stopped being produced, the TV specials decreased in length every year, sets stopped being pushed as heavily in Lego magazines, etc. Sure, as you point out, that likely happened becuase the return was not proportional to the amount of money invested, but one could argue that had HF remained consistent with its advertising and kept its original budget, it perhaps could have elevated itself to a greater quality standard and left more of a lasting impression on people instead of going out with a somewhat unmemorable finale and the feeling that the theme had been gutted (which, per Faber's own admission, is basically what happened considering the low budget surrounding Invasion from Below.)
  8. The Original Concept of Hero Factory

    I always figured there had to be more to HF. I had a hard time believing that the successor to BIONICLE would truly feature such an uninteresting storyline. What happened to HF is very sad, but it's also emblematic of the larger issues surrounding Lego's constraction themes nowdays, and it parallels very nicely iwth BIONICLE G2's cancellation. Think about it: a theme with very cool sets and some excellent designs, but hampered by a very low budget, a small amount of marketing, and a story that was cut down before it had a chance to fully develop. If i had to wager, that may be why Faber initially posted this at this particular time; showing us that history has repeated itself, in a way.
  9. No Bionicle in 2017 confirmed

    Probably just three more Star Wars Buildable Figures.
  10. No Bionicle in 2017 confirmed

    In my opinion, yeah. The longer G2's gone on it's become increasingly evident to me that the success and popularity of BIONICLE during the early days of G1 was likely a fluke or, at the very least, a rare occurrence that will likely never happen again. It was the perfect storm of elements that took place at the perfect time under the perfect set of circumstances, and the attempts to recreate that magic by taking attributes of BIONICLE and reapplying them to the current day doesn't seem to have even close to the same effect.
  11. No Bionicle in 2017 confirmed

    I mean, despite what Lego's twitter may claim about the line's performance, I believe the only logical answer is that poor sales led to the premature end.
  12. Yeah, Brent Miller is an insanely cool guy. I consider ourselves very fortunate to have been able to talk with him; it was a fun time. Hopefully we'll be hearing some interesting news about the future of Ninjago tomorrow.
  13. Per our interview with Ryder Windham, yeah, it's the last book that he's involved in. Lego could always revive the series with a new author or contract Ryder Windham to write more stories, but at least for now, that's all.
  14. Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    I find myself agreeing with this. That being said, for the audience they're aiming JTO towards, I felt it was a pretty solid effort. All of the early BIONICLE films have equally comparable amounts of cheesy moments, poor dialogue, and corny jokes, so neither is better than the other in that regard. It's just that the movies felt like movies and JTO doesn't because, well, it's not a movie. It's an entirely different form of media and I think it did its job pretty okay for a first attempt.