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  1. @Smotek7 Very nice. Can you share the code to control RC servos using ESP32? Is it possible to create multiple "fake hubs" using just one ESP32 to control more than 4 servos?
  2. ChrisRodrigues

    ChrisRodrigues' Creations

    Hello!!! This is a B model (motor scraper) made with parts from LEGO 42122 Jeep Wrangler Functions: - Steering - Oscilating chassis - Bown control (spring load) - Apron control (spring load) - Ejector control - Fake V6 engine Here is a video:
  3. ChrisRodrigues

    ChrisRodrigues' Creations

    Hello!! This is my MOC Race truck. It's a B model for 42123 McLaren Senna GTR Features: - Rear leaf spring suspension - Hand of God Steering - Angled position for V8 working piston engine - Raising cab - Opening front grid and doors - Interior cab details - Pivotable 5th wheel decoration Video
  4. ChrisRodrigues

    ChrisRodrigues' Creations

    Yes, it's flexible and it stretch out when rotating like some real blades. When hit something, it folds =D
  5. Hello! After some years of dark ages, I'm creating this topic to share my models! I hope you enjoy it. The first one is a B MODEL for "LEGO Rescue Hovercraft 42120" called Rescue Helicopter Functions: - Thumb roller to rotate top and tail blades - Foldable wheels for transport - Detachable rescue hoist with ratchet - Detachable jet-ski (maybe I will rebuild it in a hoist stretcher) - 360° rotating light beam - Pilot panel Only a few parts left from the original set. I only added a cable to make the hoist. There is a video in the end showing the model Video
  6. ChrisRodrigues

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share my MOC: Lego Technic Wheel Tractor Scraper based on a Caterpillar brand It uses 550 Technic pieces and has a lot of functions. If you liked the picture please support and share with your friends the link below. There is a video on the link also Many thanks
  7. Hello world! google testing also