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  1. Future of constraction

    Well, in regards to a possibility of a new constraction theme next year other than SW, are there evidence of this?
  2. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    This dragon is actually looking very cool and perhaps looks better than most dragons in this theme, because this is a interesting and serpent-looking (not related to the Serpentine) set with many good recolors (mostly sand-green) and possibly some new building techniques. That being said, most dragons in the theme looked fine in a way that could have been better if the designers managed to design them properly, but the NRG Dragon did a excellent job by adding movable dragon wings (similar to the old ones, but revamped using some Technic system. Anyway, it is gonna be a instantaneous purchase for me.
  3. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Okay. It'd be a great addition, but hopefully it don'5 become a story pack for LEGO Dimensions, but like a standard LEGO video game - kinda like The LEGO MOVIE: The Videogame.
  4. Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Cool! Is it a teaser? Assuming that G3 would be mixed with Egyptian/islander environment, it would be better than G2, but let's hope!
  5. The Last of Us

    Excellent job! I'm a fan of the game//series too, and very hyped for Part II! Your renderings are amazingly incredible in a particular aspect, especially the broken windows!
  6. Well, so glad they're releasing one more set this summer! Like what I said, the Stormie Conmander from OT will be $25 or 30 - I predict that it will be a different version of the FO one but becoming better by using the RO thigh addon or something bigger like Vader but slightly more detailed. Again, what a great surprise, the Scout Trooper with Speeder Bike will be interesting, especially when it comes to TECHNIC parts, it will hooefully introduce brown parts and a enjoyable build, as well as a similar figure attachment line Speeda Demon from 2012. Can't wait what it will look like!
  7. What with a Vader-styled but detailed version of Kylo Ren? It could be cbetter than the small one we had, but I agree with @legozebra that it's be cool to see updates versions of the TFA ones, but as for now, one can dream!
  8. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Okay - want the BMW motorcycle, but I'n unsure if it is accurate. Should I get it or buy something else?
  9. Star Wars Constraction 2016 Discussion

    Do Malbus use a custom torso build?
  10. Future Constraction Lines

    Okay, so are we getting one next Summer? If so, we'd be lucky. Especially we just have 6-7 more SW figures to look forward to, at the same time.
  11. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Is 42061 canned or are they still gonna release it?
  12. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Okay. What happened to 42061?
  13. Is it the worst licensed set ever?
  14. LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    Well, maybe they wanna revise the weird arm designs in all Action's, so they could fit perfect with the TLBM arm piece, and redesign the legs/feet. If they are all good. I would buy them all.
  15. Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Did Sci give us the prelims of this wave's flagship?