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  1. Chimaninja454

    Greek National Highway Road

    Nice recreation as always. Keep it up!
  2. Chimaninja454

    Future Constraction Lines

    Oh sorry, I meant that we’d get some kind of TECHNIC pieces with small ball/socket joints, and yeah, the Mixel joints are used only for System though.
  3. Chimaninja454

    Future Constraction Lines

    Yeah, I meant this, but one part of the rumors is confirmed. Most kindly, NK will be replaced by a new theme this summer.
  4. Chimaninja454

    Future Constraction Lines

    Well. As the rumors states, we’ll get lots of TECHNIC pieces, which would hunt at a possible new action figure building system, probably a hybrid of Mixel and TECHNIC pin/axle holes. If that happens, it’d be an interesting breakthrough, but that’s not discussed before.
  5. Chimaninja454

    Future Constraction Lines

    Yeah, you’re right. At leasy we can still get our hopes up. Btw, Merry Christmas to everyone at Eurobricks!
  6. Chimaninja454

    Future Constraction Lines

    From what I have seen, one user told me that there are unfortunately no CCBS theme in the 2HY catalogue. Not sure if it is true though.
  7. Chimaninja454

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    I interesting list. Sadly, these MoDs are Airjitzu-style flyers like the most recent Spinjitzu Masters, but I wonder if these flyer sets are getting repetitive though.
  8. Chimaninja454

    Lego BrickHeadz 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Well, could 41597 be a bigger version of BrickHeadz? If so, I would want that...
  9. Chimaninja454

    Greetings Good Sirs (and Women)

    Welcome to EB on behalf of the Action Figure Team. Glad you have the same interests like us, with the exception of Trains, which I’m not interested in that. Aside from that, happy building!
  10. Chimaninja454

    Snow golf accident

    Awesome as usual. It reminds me of a scene from the Pingu series which was an integral part of my childhood. Other than that, the penguin you created is looking very adorable, but I’m also in love with those neat, but icy dioramas.
  11. As far as we most likely know, yeah, Vader, Boba and Maul are pretty much already confirmed to be released at the same time, considering its timeframe of every 4 months during each planned wave. (Sorry it is kinda off-topic here, but most likely it is related to any 2018 stuff).
  12. Got the Praetorian Guard last midday. He is a decent set and most likely the most interesting set of the current wave. However, the arm-swinging gimmick looks a bit awkward, but still better than K-2SO’s function which is very similar to the one Skull banshee uses, but it definitely has some interesting new parts, including the knight-like pauldrons and small sword pieces, but it has also got some recolors which make up for a good set, but this colour scheme is really evocative of my days into HF, in which Furno was my favorite protagonist. Overall, a solid set with an interesting torso build and average playability. Still hoping to get Cbewie and Rey, but : be willing to wait till clearance, along with other themes if I wasn’t in such bad places, but I’m also thinking about getting the Scout Trooper and the Speeder Bike considering its accuracy and a good display vakyez
  13. Chimaninja454

    First Generation Bionicle Rebuilds

    Excellent MoCs, especially Tahu and Onua, because it's very clear that their personalities are very well-executed because it gives off a niche vibe that combines greebles with a detailed, cohesive and genuinely stellar real-life design. Going off to your other MOCs, I must say that I'm a fan of others as well, of course. :-)
  14. Chimaninja454

    Future Constraction Lines

    Yeah, it would be an interesting theme if ir was a potential Slizers reboot, or something similar, because the 5v5 idea looks very intriguing. But I must say I agree with @TheGreatSpirit that we should take it with a grain of salt. Hopefully these small ones will be Protector/Creature-sized because it will make a way for eight interesting small builds. As @Azani has pointed, that's most likely what constraction needs in order to make it more succesful.